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Ironclaw: The Will to Power

Game Master UltraFennec

An Ironclaw: Squaring the Circle game set in the environs of Triskellian, with potential to expand further. Focused on the intrigue and violence surrounding the conflicts between the rising Guilds, with a lighthearted base tone.

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I'm here, but still in home-limbo. My computer's in a box and internet service has not been transferred to the new place yet.

I'm definitely still interested, but I will probably have to be a later entry. (I could be called in as someone that one of you "used to work with" or something.)

same here! though would need to admit that would need to refine my char and his background. not the most "noticeable" or polished to give good impression

Hello, I'm SkyBane from Sanguine's boards. Please excuse the lack of avatar, as I couldn't really find one I liked for this character.

1)How much combat do you want to see?

A middling amount, as long as it makes sense, Im happy with any amount of combat.

2)How much social RP and/or intrigue do you want to see?

A good amount of this, I find it makes things more interesting than just pure combat.

3)How much "puzzle-solving" do you want to see?

Puzzle solving can be fun, but only in small amounts, if its spread out enough, Id love to have this.

4)How much "grit" do you want to see?

Just enough to make the lighter tone more believable and fun.

5)How much "epic fantasy" do you want to see?

I love epic fantasy, and would prefer this type of game, the more grand adventure the better, in my opinion.

6)How much personal RP and interaction do you want to see?

Personal RP is a lot of fun, and being a part of it even better. Part of Ironclaw that's so fun is that the goals system allows a means for advancement through this. Its only good when its natural between the characters though. I say let it evolve as much as possible.

1)How much combat do you want to see?
• I don't hold a preference for an amount of combat, though I am considering the character I wish to employ and I begin to think:the less the better but that's all personal preference considering how much fun he could be in combat. Hard to quantify simply given the fact I want to see it happen at least once.

2)How much social RP and/or intrigue do you want to see?
• That's the bread and butter of Role Play to me.

3)How much "puzzle-solving" do you want to see?
• Sometimes you want some peanut butter on that bread.

4)How much "grit" do you want to see?
• Crunchy peanut-butter is fine as a treat.

5)How much "epic fantasy" do you want to see?
• I ran out of stupid food metaphors. I like a balance between grit and epic. One making the other look grander by comparison.

6)How much personal RP and interaction do you want to see?
• Like number 2, this is basic RolePlay, being in character and just interacting, working out our next move, making plans. 6 and 2 are tied for me.

When Blondes are born within Raccoon families, it often follows that even as kits they have an oddness to them, one that seems to attract Thaumaturges in search of potential students. Delroy was born to a family of raccoons which lives within the Muire woods, making their living by acting as middlemen for the Blaireu. At a very young age he was taken, sponsored into an apprenticeship with the blessings of his Parents appropriately coerced and compensated, mostly because he was not Blonde (And thus obviously not odd, and dangerous without training and everything else they tell the poor mother), yet the dowsing rods found him anyway, having toddled off into the woods somewhere with a pair of wriggling lizard-tails flopping from his face, one per nostril, still twitching over a delighted smile. He had crawled out of the crib and straight towards the wizened Wizard who would have otherwise had to search for the boy. The lizard tails told him the rest. The boy had stopped to do this on purpose. He had a reason.

This was Adoulphous' reasons for taking the boy. "The boy" (As he says) "showed a strange acuity in seeking me out. I did not arrive by road, but found him in the woodlands surrounding the Raccoon's village, wandering my self-same path. Within his nostrils were two lizard tails, the hard to find kind that make the really pretty quill-body. I took them, and the boy picked up a stick and struck my mid-line impolitely. Here now I recount the sound he made: "Gersht." He saw I was a wizard and he 'killed' me with an imagined sound given voice but lacking power or focus, His mind has the power to summon its will upon the world. And he is not limited in thinking to what is and is not. The boy ponders what could be, and thus will be my finest apprentice."

Adolphus just liked what he saw in the kid and knew what to say to get what he wanted. Usually they'll stick the perspective Grand Masters with the worst apprentices that can be found but Adolphus talked of strange circumnstances and foreboding phenomena linking to a link between them. Short of an extravagant fee, a Master's only hope of GrandMastery is to apprentice one student for free. Their Parents may pay the remainder, or rely upon an 'internship' program for the Journeyman phase of schooling. Delroy's parents took this option and are delighted that their Son now holds a Civic office within the Cathedral at Triskelion, a State trained and sanctiond Witch-Finder, Under contract with the Holy See.

Delroy has yet to get in touch with his family though nothing is stopping him at the moment having been given a grace period to adjust to his duties. The young Raccoon is too busy soaking in the City life for the first time in what feels like years. The Abbot attending his non-secular study has commented that Delroy may need to be overseen, as he is 'worrysome in his impulsiveness' Meanwhile, Delroy had been taught to embrace the chaos around him for in its patterns can be found the secrets of Thaumaturgy.

Arkloyd wrote:

1)How much combat do you want to see?

• I don't hold a preference for an amount of combat, though I am considering the character I wish to employ and I begin to think:the less the better but that's all personal preference considering how much fun he could be in combat. Hard to quantify simply given the fact I want to see it happen at least once.

I actually played a Witchfinder in my first IC campaign I ever played. The thaumaturgy magic means you like the staff, and that means your guard + parry is ridiculous if you invested in melee marks at all, given you also get cover when you guard from your magic gifts. One of the gifts that alters melee dice to a stat other than body also improves this to obscene levels.

Your spells are really only good against other spellcasters though, but then again that's implied by the class name.

All in all, its one of the tankier classes in the game, surprisingly.

Welp, I'm thinking that it's about time to add my last two players, given that it's around a month since I opened the recruitment thread. Who's still here, and who can realistically be able to enter play soon?

I'm still present. I've got a character ready, though I tend to develop most personality and history through actual play. As for availability, I've been checking at least once a day for an answer to my recruitment post. I'm on the IronClaw forums if you ever need to reach me.

ready and accounted for GM guy.

Didn't realize you were checking so often Ark. I've been waiting for all the stragglers to finish up before making a decision...but I think it's time I stopped doing that. People have been waiting long enough.

Well, I just got here, having seen your announcement on the Sanguine forum, so I haven't been waiting too long. Have you checked Delroy's sheet yet? Let me know what I might need to expand upon.

Delroy's sheet looks fine as far as I can tell. A few more pieces of background that could be usable for plot hooks might help, but maybe I've been spoiled by our weasel Dilettante...

@Everyone: I'm giving things...oh, let's say another day or two. Then I'm going to select two people to stick in the game at a point I have in mind...hopefully it won't be very long before we can get the party there.

I'm thinking that James Reaver, otter pirate, and Delroy the Witchfinder should come on down as the next contestants on The Price is Right!

And if Ark needs/wants help creating a messageboard alias for Delroy, he need only PM me.

If I'm coming on down, does that mean this is the price is right? And you're also secretly Bob Barker? Wait... does this mean I have to kiss you and play mildly amusing pricing games?

No, thank the lord.

Aww, dammit, I'd been looking for an Ironclaw campaign but gave up :(. I guess you have all the people you need, right?

We're full up at the moment, sorry! D:

If you haven't checked the Sanguine Games forum, there's some people there that might have openings, and of course I'll be posting here if spaces open up.

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