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Ironclaw: The Will to Power

Game Master UltraFennec

An Ironclaw: Squaring the Circle game set in the environs of Triskellian, with potential to expand further. Focused on the intrigue and violence surrounding the conflicts between the rising Guilds, with a lighthearted base tone.

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Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

Alright, Spark of Fire it is then. I'll chip in the extra d8 from Reeling for you... 1d8 ⇒ 5 ...I think you got all the dice luck today!

Okay, the weapon entry doesn't list whether it's resisted or defense, which usually means it defaults to vs. Defense, so he'll attempt to dodge! Hopefully that d4 Cover die will help this time, lol.

1d10 ⇒ 51d4 ⇒ 3

He fails to Dodge because you rolled seven versus his five! So you have two numbers higher than his roll, so that's two points of damage base, and your weapon is +0 Critical, so two successes gives you another point for three total points of damage, which is +1 because he's Hurt for FOUR points! He soaks, with an extra d6 because he's Hurt already and has Diehard!

1d10 ⇒ 11d6 ⇒ 61d4 ⇒ 21d4 ⇒ 4

That soaks two points, which *would* make him Afraid...but he thinks that's a totally bad idea, and activates Toughness to declare your excellent flamestrike Weak, which means he can soak it AGAIN because he's just that dang hardy!

1d10 ⇒ 11d6 ⇒ 41d4 ⇒ 31d4 ⇒ 3

And barely squeaks by another point of damage soaked, which puts it down to one point, Hurt, which isn't worse than what he already has so he's still Reeling and Hurt, but not On Fire!

The sputtering spark roars into flame as it blossoms into PAIN at the Zhonggese mystic's expert direction, but the Lin Kuei assassin is far tougher than anticipated. His fur's only *singed* by it, he's not even on fire! How tough is this guy?!

Pretty darn tough apparently, as he shakes his head (Recover!) puts up a fist and strikes out at Ceallach in a complicated, feint-heavy pattern while the books continue to fall off their perches (quite annoying the Sage despite the danger he's in!). The blinding speed disguises most of his motion, and it isn't long before the wolf may find himself overwhelmed!

The dreaded Hell Punch! Quinn, if you wanna do a...Mind and Melee roll, you can recognize the signs of the attack from folklore and such. The assassin's roll will be Speed, Mind, Brawling, and Stealth, with his Career enhancing Brawling and Stealth and Species enhancing Stealth as well.

1d10 ⇒ 51d10 ⇒ 91d8 ⇒ 41d10 ⇒ 71d10 ⇒ 41d10 ⇒ 4

...holy crap, okay. LUCKY FOR CEALLACH the Damage is Flat 3 and Weak, so he can Soak it twice. However, no Armor die, as this is Penetrating as well. Because this is the Hell Punch, he can sneak after hitting Ceallach! Speed+Stealth!

1d10 ⇒ 81d10 ⇒ 81d10 ⇒ 3

So he gets to move 19 paces as per the Gift description, so he'll turn and ninja-run out the back, and ends his turn Reeling but hidden somewhere outside! You need at minimum two successes on Mind+Observation to have a general idea of where he is, and three or more to figure it out specifically. He gets a d12 bonus if he's found full concealment, and possibly another if he's managed to get into a crowd, which I will determined randomly once people start getting outside to look!

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

The cell is pretty much exactly how it was left. Two bats, one increasingly agitated and the other serene as can be. Two fancy chairs, one table between them, and some more chairs scattered about facing, for those "conferences" that involved more politeness and less doom from on high.

The stage was set.

Male Raccoon: d6 Witch Finder: d6

Can Nicky come out and play?:
As Delroy entered the Cell, he nodded to the captives within, "Mădălena? I hope you do not mind my requesting Nicuşor's company for a moment? Thank you so much." He smiled warmly, then turned to the questioning room, so he could have some time away from Mădălena, He watched Nicuşor closely, wondering if he sees this as a reprieve.

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

He troops out without bothering to wait for her response, and seats himself somewhere fluffy and convenient without waiting for *your* response either.

He's fidgeting a lot, but it seems mostly fear and nerves, not the typical "oh man I hope they don't know I did it" kinda look.

Male Raccoon: d6 Witch Finder: d6

The opening examination. Chit chat.:
Delroy closed the door once everyone had entered, then he sat opposite the table from Nicuşor. "You look harrowed, Sir. I hope the Constables have been kind to you." He looked to the others in the room, patting his purse, "Who has a cigar? I am fresh out… Is there tea on?"

Delroy brushes his hands over his lapels, then smooths them out as he resumed eye contact with the Bat. He clears his throat, pauses for effect, (Gathering his thoughts, actually, but he looks good doing it.) "Now that we have Marsilio's testimony, Mădălena has a much greater chance of a gallows trip than before… Oh, thank you."

He nodded to the Constable with a cigarillo to spare, which he lights from the candle on the wall sconce. He removes his robes, exposing his wax boiled leather plates strapped about his body. With a shake of the robes, he then drapes them over his chair before sitting down once more. "Right now I see no reason not to charge you with aiding and abetting a Necromancer, which would leave you and her sharing a cell for the last of your days… I do not envy you that."

Delroy had leaned forward in his chair, resting his elbow upon the tabletop, thumb and forefinger cradling his chin in thought. "Although…" He stared Nicuşor in the eyes, his own shaded by the wide brim of the hat he wears, prominently displaying his badge.

Male Wolf

Body:1d8 ⇒ 4
Will:1d8 ⇒ 6

Body:1d8 ⇒ 2
Will:1d8 ⇒ 6

The not on fire assassin fails to actually damage the wolf warrior in any way but his pride. Punching someone in the nose is not very nice you know. His stinging snout aside, Ceallach roars and charges after the tiger with abandon.

Mind:1d4 ⇒ 2
Observation:1d8 ⇒ 2

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

Dice for RANDOM:
Full concealment? 1d6 ⇒ 2 A crowd? 1d8 ⇒ 4

Ceallach finds himself in a slowly drying alleyway, the water and some muck squelching underfoot as he runs out toward the street and finds quite the crowd moving toward the Sage's home. The noise must have caught the attention of those nearby, but they're hindering your pursuit!

Your Run is only one pace less than he actually got to move from the Hell Punch, jeez, you must have barely lost him! Also, he found a crowd so he gets his Low Profile die! 1d12 ⇒ 1 Well that failed and he's Minor so he doesn't have Favor because I just decided that now. Still need two or more successes.

G-g-gallows? *GULP*:
"I've b-been sharing a cell with my sister for a day, it's nnnnot conducive to...ahm, being calm. Nor 'unharrowed.'" Nicuşor crushes his flame-red headcrest in his paws, with the side effect of covering his body with his wings. "And I'm going with her! Light I should have fled when I had the chance..."

Male Raccoon: d6 Witch Finder: d6

Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice…:
Delroy nods in understanding, "Would you like some tea, Sir? It really was careless of the Guardsman to put you together, was it not? A warm drink might help your nerves."

Delroy waited for Nicuşor's answer, and any possible fetching of tea after telling the Captain, "I am certain we can trust him with a cup."

"I have spoken to Marsilio, as you know. What he has told me has made me understand the unbearable conditions of your detainment, something no nobleman deserves. Perhaps we can work something out?"

He waited for a sign of interest from the Bat, looking contemplative.

"Now, if you tell me more about your sister, I might find reason enough to have you separated… Tell me the right things, and I may make sure you share one less thing than a cell. She blames you for this, you know? Help us make her charge of Necromantic Practice stick, and we will let you walk out of here free… Save for what debts you incurred for the damages caused to the Three Spears. For my part I will include in my reports the fact that you had to be hard pressed by the Finders, saving you any potential embarrassment in your family."

He let that sink in for a moment, sitting up quite straight with his best posture, "Do consider the difference between Generosity and Impotence, Sir, before you answer."

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

More like the Hall of Shush-tice:
He looks into the middle distance for awhile. "Free? Free... Nicusor takes a sip of his tea and sighs. "It's an impossible thought for me...but...she would blame me, the c%!+."

He launches into a quick rundown of their history as siblings, his education in Dunwasser (and his magickal training there with the Elementalists), her appointment as the House's Guild liaison and re-entry into his life, and their subsequent descent into the seamy underbelly of Triskellian politics. He talks about how "Madja" first used black magic to question a dead thief who stole from a Courier guildmember, and later to injure and even kill similarly unfortunate folk who crossed Guildmasters or their allies and backers in less publicly avowable circles, mostly criminals admittedly but that has to count for something.

So what you've learned, essentially, is that the more power Maddy Z has acquired, the more she's used it, both in social spheres and in the less savory circles she's involved in.

-Nicusor doesn't know where she got her powers from.

-Madalena isn't above murdering people who cross her or her allies.

-Ever since she came to Triskellian she's been obsessed with gaining power, and dragged him along with her.

-Madalena was appointed to represent the House to their lieges and other Houses after the sudden death of her predecessor.

-She's been the favorite her whole life, while he as her twin has been relegated to the background often.

-She's cruel, vindictive, and arranges for political opponents to have accidents that strip them of position and power, or kill them, though she's very good at covering tracks.

-She's basically been an abuser toward her brother since they were old enough to act independently, and over the years the variety and severity of her attempts to degrade him have only increased. It's only tapered off recently when he became skilled enough to threaten her with his power.

Male Raccoon: d6 Witch Finder: d6

Delroy looked to Alejandro for confirmation when Nicuşor despaired of his freedom. He was going to have to polish up on his Barrister's Lore.

"It is strange that we captured her for use of Unholy magics when she may have got away with Murder." He then rubs his face from top down, quite ambivalent on the entire matter at that point.

'Maddy' is quite dangerous and it will be good that she may soon be no more. But why could she have not been found for her other crimes… Yes, Delroy was having a 'why me?' moment.

"Thank you, Sir. I am sorry this has befallen you, and I hope to be able to sway the Court's opinion. I do believe we can separate you from her for at least some small measure of peace until the trial, We should have more than enough to justify one."

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

Nicusor Zvonimir...begins to weep. Quietly, of course, wouldn't want his psychopath of a sister to hear. Very quiet indeed. " really believe it is so? I would give up all I owned, all my titles, my lands -*snuffle*- anything to be free of her again." He pulls out a hanky and makes sure his face stays clean and relatively noble-handsome. "The peerage...they think I am spineless and will see this confession as...well, a petty attempt to hurt my bright, shining star sister. And it is, it is." More snuffling. Gets himself back under control, mostly. "I don't even care if they find her guilty or not. Get her away from me and I would *willingly* be indebted to you despite our natural differences in status."

Now THAT is when you know he's desperate.

Tiger Taoist, Sworddancer

Mind, observation: 1d8 ⇒ 61d4 ⇒ 3

Quinn follows the other tiger outside.

Male Raccoon: d6 Witch Finder: d6

Delroy smirked faintly, Not because The Bat was so despondent, but because he had a possible solution, "Who cares what they say. They do not know the ways of the Order. They were not here to see what the dastardly Golden Raccoon had to do to you." Again, The raccoon smiled, "For that you would be in my debt, surviving to tell your family such stories about me. 'T'would take the blame away… For that your debt to me would be to live your life anew. Do not allow me to catch you at such deviltry again. I will speak to the court on your behalf, against some of my better judgement." He turns to Alejandro, and nods, 'we're done here.' "I do so hate regret." He then nodded to Jackrum, "Do you have a spare cell? If so, let us make good on our first bargain. Give him the peace he will need to beseech the Light."

Female Red Fox

The assassin seemed to flee, so Javiera poked her head out into the alleyway, to see if she could figure out where he had gone off to. Cursing the fates, she swore she would get some training to spot people, and things, since it seemed to be something she was lacking at the moment.

mind: 1d6 ⇒ 3

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

Oh dear. Nobody's finding him. Guess you'll have to bull through the crowd and disperse them to remove his bonus d12 and force another attempt...or a chase scene!

Male Wolf

What can a wolf do when he can't find his quarry? Get very mad.

"Move you buffoons! Get out of the way or I'll eat you!"

Ceallach lets loose a mad howl, filled with bloodlust!

Mind1d4 ⇒ 4
Presence1d8 ⇒ 7
Howling1d12 ⇒ 11

Female Bat : Star Elementalist

Natalia moves out the back, and peers about.
"I really should take to the air," she grouses.

Mind: 1d6 ⇒ 4
Observation: 1d8 ⇒ 6, 1d6 ⇒ 1

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

Natalia, as the last person to act on the last Hero turn, has gotten a general idea of where this guy is...and it's in that giant crowd...somewhere. You'd think he'd be easier to spot given his size and outlandish dress, but...

For his part, Gang Fei continues to hide and move in the part of the crowd that doesn't care about least until Ceallach takes matters into his own hands and starts raving in a way that may end up with police involved. His ferocious howl outstrips any resistance they might put up to running in terror, but let's see just HOW badly they're frightened, hmm?

They resist Ceallach's Scare with their Body and Will (and Presence, if they had any). 1d6 ⇒ 61d6 ⇒ 4 And there's our attempt to cleave to bookkeeping properly! I'm going to go a bit gonzo and assume you rote the rest of your Sweep-able targets, and now they're all Afraid and backing away very quickly, parting like the sea before that one guy with the stick.

Gang Fei must resist as well, being juuuuuust inside your range. 1d10 ⇒ 71d10 ⇒ 8 Freaking awesome, you got him too! XD He's a Minor character and has no Personality to resist you with, nor any Presence training.

Those howls...he'd heard them before. As a young lad the Lin Kuei had been harsh taskmasters, and for every recruit that made it through the initial training, one had died cruelly. In this way the orphans and unwanted of the Empire were "taken care of," though not in the way set out in the laws and scriptures of the gurus.

The ones that survived, they left in the barbarian lands with a knife and a sack, told to make their way back to the hidden temple compound by their own wits, or perish. In this way, the Lin Kuei hardened their trainees and weeded out the unfit and the desperate.

He'd been eleven when he'd woken up in the forest with the Master standing over him, explaining the trial. In an instant they'd been gone, and the night, formerly so comforting, had been nothing but the howls of wolf packs claiming their territory.

That howl echoed down the years, and reached Gang Fei's ears still.

There, feel special. He's Afraid, and without the crowd to hide him, he's moving on quickly. But NOW you know just where he is! A really good Sprint roll could catch him with sufficient Speed, or if you wanna make SURE you can do a Run stunt, but it'll leave you Reeling. He's Afraid so he has to move out of Ceallach's line of sight, and can't attack, but he can still Counter and otherwise defend so he ain't safe yet!

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

So uh...yeah. Another turn. He's taking his actions to FLEE! But you could catch him, if you run fast enough, or fly, or whatever, and PUNCH HIS FACE OFF.

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

Could he see the Light?:
Captain Ricciardi chews on his bottom lip with his prodigious buckteeth, but in the end agrees with your judgment and goes to find another place to stash the unhappy man-bat.

While he's gone, Nicusor attempts to explain how the whole "justice" thing works with nobility. "I'm not sure I can express my thanks properly but to prepare you for what will come. Justice..."high" justice, the right of the nobility, is quite different from the "low" justice handed out to the rest of the world. It is, perhaps, second in farce only to clerical law." That earns a wry grin from Alejandro, and the shade of a smirk from the bat.

"With Marsilio Carafa's confession, you have enough to keep both of us held until a trial can be arranged, at which point we will be put under the watchful eye and care of another one of the Major houses, the Bisclavret, the Doloreaux, or the Avoirdupois. You can be certain they will be maneuvering amongst themselves to make a statement about the Rinaldi through their vassals, and their will be bribes paid to determine who we end up with.

"After which the trial will commence essentially whenever it is convenient for all those called from the peerage to act as tribunal and jury, of which only one will be representatives from the other two Houses, and of course none from my lieges, to prevent questions of improper jurisprudence you see. At which point the Peers will hear any witnesses and evidence one cares to present, and then they will retire to make their judgment known. There are, frankly, no appeals whatsoever in the High Court. If one is to die, one dies. If one is to be free, one is free, and influence and coin both speak far louder than the law."

Male Raccoon: d6 Witch Finder: d6

Pawns and Knights and Bishops, oh my!:
Delroy listened carefully to the lesson given by Nicuşor, "It almost sounds as if the matter is entirely out of my hands… I might not be called to Witness? Perhaps Lady Ivanova then? Her quarrel is more with dear Maddy anyway. Your impropriety before Lady Rosza Juette de Vieuxpont, now…" Delroy shrugged, "I will study the Order's law books, and see if I may have to make traveling plans."

"You are strange, Sir Zvonomir. So crass before, defiant… And rude. Until now. I must confess I am even now tempted to believe it is a ruse. That you have something yet to gain and you are trying to deceive me into facilitating that end. All your emotion may have well been an attempt to manipulate me."

Delroy nodded to the Bat, slowly, lifting his hand a little as a polite request to be allowed to continue. His tone was contemplative, rather than accusatory.

"It would be wrong for me to allow that initial impression to sway me. Just remember one thing, I had a secondary reason to request you be separated from Maddy. Her influence on you, negative to yourself or others being the first, But also to keep you two from planning something together." He looks askance at Jackrum with a bit of a smirk.

"I should hope you have not been trying to outsmart me when I really wanted to help you. It was the dignity you now show that makes me voice my doubts… If your turn is true, Sir, I will never have been more honoured to be proven wrong." With that, Del bowed properly, then just shrugged and chuckled a little, "I will not forget this case as long as I should live, I think."

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

Improper, me? ...I admit it:
He bows his head and scratches nervously at an ear. "No, no, you are the one making the accusation. Certainly you will be called upon. Your superior as well I should think, though there may be another able to verify the evidence as such, in which case he may not be welcomed. How many mages one could find...and likely one sympathetic to the House's viewpoint, is pertinent. Cousin Ivanova will of course be needed as well, it is her status that affords this happen at all I should think."

When you list his "redeeming" qualities the man cringes and shies away a bit. "I admit I've been guilty of all those things, and I shan't promise a complete reformation that I could not possibly predict...nor am I confident I could be capable of it. I tried to put on the brave face I used to have carried away." He seems embarrassed a bit, but not devastatingly so. There's still a rich playboy underneath all the bluster and emotion.

To wit, he finally shrugs and chuckles nervously while saying "Well, she was quite fetching, for an ermine, and she was skyclad and on top of me. I reached for the first thing I thought would remove her from me."

His nervous laughter dies out slowly, and he becomes somber once more. "Thank you, for trying to help. I hope I can laugh about all this once more...far, far down the road in years."

Male Raccoon: d6 Witch Finder: d6

A strange respect:
"It is hardest to be honest with one's self. It is harder still to fake it. I think you have what you will need to survive that challenge well."

So what's next? I think Delroy is done with Nic?

Tiger Taoist, Sworddancer

Quinn gives chase after the assassin, by running! spd, body: 1d8 ⇒ 31d8 ⇒ 6

I know dash is half of my my spd, so do I roll a d8 and take half the result, roll a d4, or is it just 4?

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

A Dash is a flat number, half your speed. You'll need at least a good Sprint to catch him. A Run stunt is also a flat number, a high one, but it will leave you Reeling afterward. More speed, but that's pretty much all you do then is Recover and Run. Or you could Sprint (with an included Stride for an extra pace), Refresh your taoist magic, and fire it off every turn. Sorta like a secret agent movie where you shoot a lot as you run. Your choice whether to advance with less risk or go all out.

Male Wolf

I'm basically looking to run till i'm close enough to hit him with charging strike.

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

Ceallach, your previous movements actually put you only two paces behind the guy originally, so you should be able to Refresh and hit him with Charging Strike since he was stealth-moving on his turn before you parted the crowd-seas. I screwed up the order of actions earlier so you're like...within Dashing distance. So Charging Strike is a go if you Refresh it first.

Quinn, you're good to go if you Sprint+Stride a total of at least 5 IIRC. Either that or you can attempt a spell again if you Refresh first, then cast.

Everyone else, you could close to melee with a decently high sprint+stride. *should* be able to fly and do other things now with Flying Fighter so if you want the easy-eye-view...

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

Um....yeah I think we're done here...I can't really think of anything that you can do beyond this except maybe inform Maddy of what's transpired, but that might be more trouble than it's worth. So from could go with Luigi I suppose stuff, or go find Gwenn...or something else.

Female Bat : Star Elementalist

Once outside Natalia pauses to refresh her magic, then takes to the air, hoping that she can keep up with the crowd. She eye the unfolding scene below her, and plots her next action.

I think that is all I can do right now, this turn.

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

Yes, but next turn you don't have to worry about Flying Fighter and can actually ATTACK! and possibly get higher so you can glide-fall on the turn you Refresh your magic, lol, without dying.

Male Wolf

Ceallach roars a challenge to his fleeing foe, and then sprints after him, claws ready for savage death-dealing.

Speed:1d6 ⇒ 1

Unfortunately a few stragglers keep the wolf from moving in close enough for a kill strike, and he is forced to continue running after his prey.

Failed to move enough paces, so I will be stuck a pace behind him for now. Refreshed as first action, so no more actions!

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

Those baztards.

Tiger Taoist, Sworddancer

Sweet, so my run is 20 paces, so...

Quinn runs all out to get ahead of the other tiger and box him in, running how ever many paces achieves that best. If she can encourage him into a dead end of an alley, awesome, otherwise she try to place herself between him and escape, or at least force him towards better (for us) ground.

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

I'm assuming that Javiera is keeping up.

Quinn, you easily outpace the sneaky assassin guy but you are Reeling because Run is a stunt. The crowd is blocking most of the side paths in their rush to get away from the wolf, and the ones ahead of you mean he'll probably have to go through you if he wants to get away.

Which he will, though he hasn't caught up to melee range with you yet. He Aims and launches the poison dart in his fan at YOU! He'll get an extra d8 because you're Reeling oh no! 1d10 ⇒ 21d8 ⇒ 31d8 ⇒ 51d8 ⇒ 7 A solid two successes thanks to risking the time to stop and Aim! Can you beat a 7 with your Dodge?! Remember you can use Personality if you need to!

If you fail to Dodge, you'll need to soak Damage Flat 4 Weak, which means you're rolling your Soak twice against it...but if you become at least Hurt, you'll also become Sick, which means you get Knockdown when Reeling...which means you'll immediately become prone on the ground because you're already Reeling!

Male Raccoon: d6 Witch Finder: d6

On the road again:
Having made his farewells to his fellow officers, Delroy walks out of the Constabulary alongside Luigi, mulling over all that had happened within. "Well, Luigi, I am quite worried for your family; Who might be involved with the Illair Lions? Until I understand the spell of Locating, I must do this the hard way… But those that helped me make that arrest…" Pausing, Delroy chuckled a little, "Have probably taken care of that assassin by now, actually… I do hope so. The interrogation took far too long… Would you like to come with me to see Rochaurdan? He might know enough to narrow down the list of potential targets."

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

On the Roooooooooooooooooad:
Luigi chuckles nervously in the evening air, rubbing his forehead and barely keeping pace. "To be honest, I'm quite anxious to see Nonna again assure myself she's well. She's not one to make wild claims without reason."

He falls in step with a deep breath, obviously trying to keep his mind off the subject. "Who...who doesn't get involved with the Ilaire family? They're the most highly placed in general trade in the city, mayhap the entire land! I couldn't tell you about their affairs in detail, honestly, you may remember I've been sequestered off just about everywhere *but* here...I suppose the lions themselves might know, but will they *tell* you?"

Male Raccoon: d6 Witch Finder: d6

Bad touch:
Delroy shrugged a shoulder, "Rochardan seemed to like me. A lot… He has invited me to his home, in fact. I should be able to get him to tell me if he is not yet dead. I must go be sure the rumors of the ability to kill with a touch have not been enhanced… I would come with you to visit Nonna, but a Life does hang in the balance, potentially. Do be well, so I may see you again soon."

Once Luigi had said his peace, and farewell-for-nows, he runs off for the Illiar estate, hoping the invitation to visit will be honored. A shame though, he likes Luigi's Nonna.

Female Bat : Star Elementalist

Natalia again tries to move the air about the fleeing tiger, hoping that it would slow him down for her allies to catch and finish him.
From above, she concentrates briefly, and attacks..!

Refresh the Gift of Flight, expend the Gift of Flight to stay flying, Ready Move Air, Attack with Move Air.
Move Air: Speed, Weather Sense vs 3; Resisted by Speed, Dodge vs 3; Damage +0, Push 1
Speed: 1d8 ⇒ 8
Weather Sense: 1d8 ⇒ 3; 1d6 ⇒ 5

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

1d10 ⇒ 5 DODGE?! Noooooooooooooooooooooope. You GOT HIM!

Tiger Taoist, Sworddancer

personality, then dodge: 1d12 ⇒ 81d6 ⇒ 11d6 ⇒ 11d4 ⇒ 1

Well, I beat a 7, but with only one success, I still get hit correct? Just in case.

Body twice, armor twice: 1d8 ⇒ 21d8 ⇒ 81d6 ⇒ 61d6 ⇒ 2

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

No, you rolled higher than his highest die, which means you beat the attack. You only start counting successes if you GET hit, and then only the successes that are higher than the highest die you rolled to avoid the attack.

Because I forgot earlier in the rush to get things DONE for the refresh, Natalia's Air Blast is 1 point of damage, which he's already at from being Hurt, so mostly what'll happen is that he gets Pushed 1 away "space," which since you're above him Natalia I'm gonna say is into the ground, so he's prone. But have you caught him yet?! Well, yeah, pretty much, since he's Reeling and prone now so all he can do is get up and recover from Reeling.

The tiger assassin is unhurt by the violent blast of air, but he IS on the ground and pretty much surrounded...sort of. So instead of getting up, he'll Recover...and attempt to kill himself rather than be taken alive!

He Quick-Draws his sleeve sword, and attempts to stab himself in the throat! 1d8 ⇒ 31d8 ⇒ 41d8 ⇒ 71d10 ⇒ 81d12 ⇒ 9

SOAK! 1d12 ⇒ 31d4 ⇒ 21d4 ⇒ 2

...Um. Well. Uh. I...guess he just Overkilled himself. :I That's a +2 Impaling weapon...

The tiger's aim is true, but so forceful the that slim sword actually manages to *decapitate* its owner with a *thrust* rather than a hacking cut. There' awful lot of blood. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than expected, and his head is rolling down the street...

Tiger Taoist, Sworddancer

Awww, he died :( Well, time to find out why he was hired.

Quinn goes back to ask the monkey why he thinks he was targeted.

Quinn knocks again on the door.

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

You receive a greeting! Sort of. A screech of fright is more like it. "AGH! Oh, oh, it's you. Um...yes...come inside? We should...speak."

He leads you inside!

Male Hooman Utter Fool/4

Inside is the same place you just were! But more disheveled and singed, though not quite on fire like it was a moment earlier.

The monkey sage leads you in to take a seat on his cushions and such after meticulously putting them back where they belong. After much harrumphing and fiddling with some tea (and requesting help from the wizards to quick-boil it), everyone has tea and is of course then serene and happy.

"I must thank you, I suppose, for saving my life. While I was fully prepared to reach my end here, one must not look away from the opportunities presented to them. I do not think the Lin Kuei will seek my death again, at least not soon. They will have already assumed that one failed long ago, and the political faction that seeks redress for the exposé I put upon them can only float so much money to pay the forest ghosts."

He sips more tea, taking a long, deep breath and letting it out through his nose slowly. "As for opportunities, I must reveal something that I believe Lady Kuin had hoped to keep secret...but my recent researches into it make me believe it should not be kept hidden."

He rises and goes back to the bookshelves, pulling from behind the singed scrolls a large, dark red bound tome, setting it on the table.

"Lady Kuin brought this to me some time ago, though I know not where she found it, but it speaks of great and terrible things in your past, strange magicks that even the Empire has not heard of, and a number of...devices I believe would be best left to those who know well how to use them. To that end, Lady Kuin, I must insist that it be placed in the care of the Dunwasser Academy. It is...full of dark things, and there is nothing in here that could bring your family prominence without taking their souls in exchange."

Male Wolf

Ceallach gapes as the tiger man kills himself.

"Ya ruttin' bastard, what'd ya do that for?! Now I can't kill ye meself!"

Female Red Fox

Javiera sheaths her blade and shook her head. She wanted to bring him in to be tried for all the murders he had committed, and instead now, his blood ran through the streets.

"Is anyone Hurt?" She asked, looking at her fellows, and the crowd. "Someone want to bring the head and the body to the contables? I am sure they'll be glad to have such a menace out of their town."

Tiger Taoist, Sworddancer

Quinn answers Ceallach, "He did it to not be taken alive, and probably just to deny you the pleasure." she smiles at him as she says the last part.

Back at the hut with the sage, "Is there information that can be used to counter such magic and devices, or just crafting it?"

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