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Into the Obscure (A Dark Extraplanar Adventure) (Inactive)

Game Master Daxter

The terrible plane of Abaddon lies in wait...

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Female :D Check out my fetching opercles!

Sorry, Talon, your awesome crit misses, but you still damage it!
Talon and Drovya shred the worm like something from a fine art, leaving gorges of damage; they are greeted with sinew and cartilage as they hack the creature apart. However, it clings to life.
Contributing to the chaos, Hanethes shoots at the worm once more. He misses through the bladed curtain, however.
Rohini tried to alleviate some of Talon's pain, though she had minimal luck.
The worm withdrew, licking at the worst of its wounds.
I know what Kanthuun's going to do, but what is Haka doing?
I moved you, Kanthuun, in anticipation of needing to be in range for EPS.

Arcane Duelist 8 | Init +6 | Perc +12 | AC:24/ T:17/ FF:17 | HP 58/58 | CMB +4 / CMD: 19 | Saves F +7/R +13/W +8 (+2 Fear)

Haka continues his encouraging drumbeat, but focuses his attention on the wall of blades. He raises a hand and extends it, palm out, as if commanding it to stop.

Continue Inspire Courage, cast dispel magic on blade barrier.

Dispel magic: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27 Should dispel it as long as the creepy kid is 27th level or below. Let's hope he is, for many reasons.

3,501 to 3,502 of 3,502 << first < prev | 61 | 62 | 63 | 64 | 65 | 66 | 67 | 68 | 69 | 70 | 71 | next > last >>
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