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Into the Obscure (A Dark Extraplanar Adventure) (Inactive)

Game Master Daxter

The terrible plane of Abaddon lies in wait...

Current Characters

Giseil Voslil
Aelaeron Beast-Caller

played by psychicmachinery (138 posts)
Drovya Gregorovitch

Init +4; Perception +10 (+12); hp: 72 (72); AC 20/12/19; F+9, R+4, W+7; CMB +10, CMD: 22; Arcane Pool 4/8; Conditions: Drovya is wearing Talon's cloak, +1 to all saves.
Male Half Elf Bladebound Magus 8

played by psychicmachinery (807 posts)
The Elusive Trout

Female :D Check out my fetching opercles!

played by Halflingtime (3,221 posts)

played by Halflingtime (13 posts)
Garuneh Lasandarman

Super Awesome Vudrani Druid 3
Init +2 Per + 10| AC 14/12/12 HP 26/28 | F +4/R +3/W +7 | CMB +2 CMD 14 | Surge +7 7/7

played by Axolotl (789 posts)
Haka Thunderfoot

Arcane Duelist 8 | Init +6 | Perc +12 | AC:24/ T:17/ FF:17 | HP 58/58 | CMB +4 / CMD: 19 | Saves F +7/R +13/W +8 (+2 Fear)

played by Khelreddin (356 posts)
Cayden Cailean
Hanethes Starsprings

Male Half Elf Rogue 8 (HP 51/51; AC 23/15/18; F+6, R+14, W+5 (+2 trap, enchant, fear), Init +5, Per +13 (+4 trap))

played by stardust (425 posts)

has awesome hair
Init +6 Per +9 | AC 17/T 17/ FF 15 | HP 58/58 | F +8/R + 5/ W +7

played by Axolotl (689 posts)
Wen Histani
Rohini Soni

Female Changeling Cleric of Desna 8
HP 45/45; 7/9 channels; 6/9 bit of luck; Init +0; Perception +9; AC 18/11/18; F+8, R+4, W+14; CMB +4, CMD: 15

played by Voomer (568 posts)
Friendly Fighter
Talon Skyfall

Init: +2 Perception: +6 HP: 15/15 AC: 15/12/13 Fort:+4 Ref: +4 Will:+3 Effects: None
Steelbreaker 1 Demon of Kintargo

played by Daxter (883 posts)
Blue Hesmene

played by Halflingtime (27 posts)

Previous Characters

Ramoska Arkminos

(495 posts)
Liberty's Edge Deadmanwalking

Male Human Expert 2/Cleric 1
(10,056 posts)

(352 posts)
Sabriyya Kalmeralm

(505 posts)
Arasmes Silvertongue

Male Human (Keleshite) Inquisitor 6

played by Deadmanwalking (189 posts)
Grey Maiden

played by stardust (591 posts)
The Fifth Archdaemon
Grand Lodge caffeine_addict

played by Andrew Van Werkhoven (268 posts)
Morin Tidelock

Rogue 3 | Init +4 | Perc +8 | AC:20/ T:16/ FF:14 | HP23/23 | CMB +5 / CMD: 15 | Saves F +4/R +8/W +2

played by Khelreddin (447 posts)

AC/Touch/FF: 21/16/16; F/R/W: +6/+9/+4 Max HP 47; Current HP 47

played by Nazard (177 posts)
Durkon Thundershield
Rogar Stonecrusher

Male Dwarf Hospitaler Paladin/5

played by Andrew Van Werkhoven (25 posts)

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