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Into the Obscure (A Dark Extraplanar Adventure) (Inactive)

Game Master Daxter

The terrible plane of Abaddon lies in wait...

Katapesh has been very cold of late. Granted, it's still pretty warm, but by local standards, the drop in temperature has been alarming, as if Sarenrae herself had begun to withdraw with the death of one of her most esteemed servants, Father Bahjat, on the last day of Sarenith.

It has been a five days since that tragic event, and the succeeding head of the local church, High Priestess Tikhade, has borne witness to an urgent divine mandate to save Bahjat's soul from oblivion in one of the most inhospitable realms in the multiverse... Abaddon.

The Goddess herself cannot interfere directly without invoking the wrath of Four Horsemen and, from could be understood of the message, causing a nondescript but massive disaster. However, mortals entering the plane so known for its gourmet soul commerce would not be so strange.

The soul theft would create a panic if discovered by the general public, so the clergy of the Dawnflower's faithful have subtly used the same connections that they've employed in their fight against the slave trade for generations to gather potent adventurers to aid them in their divine errand before time runs out.


The brave would-be rescuers have spent their first day on the plane, already losing one of their own. With heavy hearts and itchy arms, they now work to stop a vindictive vulnadaemon from claiming a way into the material plane. With luck and the help of a new comrade, they hope to clear out Uraffa's nest so that they can carry out their mission unhindered.
The brave souls have now slain Uraffa and rescued two wayward outsiders. Their quarry is so close, but so far as they enter a repurposed settlement-turned-warcamp. Drovya and Hanethes have suffered from the fragmentation of the mind... what can be done now?!

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