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Inner Sea Sandbox: Suspicious Minds

Game Master Garden Tool

A sandbox-style Inner Sea campaign featuring a suspiciously-non-good-aligned party of five antiheroes.

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Sunny nods (And taking ten) gets her animals moving in the direction of said establishment.

"So, d'you be a local here abouts, then?" She asks conversationally. "I've just come ashore an' am kittin' m'self up. I be lookin' t'maybe find some one of a like mind an' reach an' accord. Whut say you?" Suny sees about the 'stabling'/'keeping' of the hounds while she awaits Syndir's reply.

Hi Garden Tool, I picked Great Fortitude because I think it fit into the backstory best. He has survived in harsh desert temperatures after his escape from slavery and no doubt he would have had to build up "great fortitude" to do so. I did not choose Iron Will because I wanted him to have a weakness. He is gullible and Iron Will would seem to be the exact opposite trait of someone who is gullible. I will likely choose Die Hard as my next feat unless I see something I like better (but that was part of the reason why I took Endurance as it is is a pre-requisite for Die Hard).

Putting the finishing touches on Jelani.

Picked my skills, picked my last character trait, picked my nose a lil bit.

Dark Archive

Alright, folks. After some truly difficult deliberations, I've decided upon a roster:

Syndir Apep (Stiehl9s) - A high post count and participation level. A grave backstory with a possible tie-in to Farid's (more on that, later). A solid blaster/brawler build (Snake Style will really help to keep you alive) and a PrC goal I'm excited to see in action, for once. Welcome to Golarion.

Jelani Guldis (FireclawDrake) - The submissions are low on healers and buffers, and the divine caster presence has been even lower. Exocrat's bard/cavalier was a really strong contender for this role (seriosuly, Exocrat, this was a tough call), but I just really like the dualistic "mystic theurge of Nethys" angle. Welcome to Golarion.

Seamus Haggrathy (Jonasty1031) - I've wanted to see the gunslinger (and the firearms rules in general) in action since the playtest. Your presence and activity has been good, and your backstory is a fun little trope. Also, your character makes me think of the movie Hook. (F_ck yeah!) Welcome to Golarion.

Farid Heydar (Dennis Harry) - Decent post count, enjoyable character concept, and probably the only contender to combine and fill the "skill monkey," "trapfinder" and "wilderness guide" jobs. Welcome to Golarion.

Kamlann (Shisumo) - A great player, by my experience, and one with a respectable post count. Also, a player I trust to run an evil character responsibly. Plus... with a monk/sorcerer and a skill-centric rogue on the front lines, the party needs a stable melee primary. Welcome to Golarion.

@ Everyone: Really good submissions, all. Exocrat, DBoyC83, and Sunset, especially - and you three are on as alternates.

Congrats to everyone and thanks much for the opportunity Garden Tool. I look forward to gaming with you all. I'll have the profile and full character sheet up soon.

Congrats on the roster, looking forward to seeing this group in action!

Enjoy. =)

Very well - have fun, everyone!

I'm going to stop monitoring this thread, so if you need me as an alternate please PM me.

Thank you for the opportunity, Garden Tool. I am still hammering out the details of Jelani's backstory, but it should be done this morning.

Aye, congrats to those who've passed muster! (^_^)

I'll be happy to fill in any gaps due to fallen etc players/characters, give m'self a PM much like Cala.

much cheers t'ye and yours. *Bows*

Dark Archive

The Discussion Thread is live, and spectators are welcome there.

Awww crap. Forgot about that bloodline not being allowed... I even took out other stuff cause I was trying to comply...Crap.

##I just looked and If I swapped Primal bloodline for Orc that would have complied and still worked. Damn!

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Awesome! Looking forward to bringing Kamlann to life! I'll have him built sometime tonight, and a more detailed background for him hopefully by the end of the weekend. :)

Great. Thanks!

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