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Inner Sea Sandbox: Suspicious Minds

Game Master Garden Tool

A sandbox-style Inner Sea campaign featuring a suspiciously-non-good-aligned party of five antiheroes.

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Dark Archive

Let's get right down to business.

I'm a longtime DM/GM who is relatively new to Play-by-Post games, and to the world of Golarion. I've dabbled in both recently (I'm currently running one home game set in Absalom, and a play-by-post game set in Eberron, which you can view here.)

I'm enjoying my play-by-post game immensely, and I feel I have the time for a second. I post mostly in the daytime (Eastern Standard Time). I'd like to run a game set in the Inner Sea region in order to get some more play experience in Golarion. Submission details are as follows:

Recruitment Details:
Alignment: Any alignment is fine, but I expect evil characters to be played responsibly. If you think being evil precludes you from being a team player, making friends, or maintaining party cohesion, then please do not submit an evil character.

Content: The Core Rulebook, the Gamemaster's Guide, the Advanced Player's Guide, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, all three Bestiaries, and the Inner Sea World Guide are the ONLY sources we will be using for this campaign. NO OTHER sourcebooks, adventure paths, or supplements are open to discussion. This includes traits and magic items. Please don't ask for exceptions - none will be granted.

Style: This game will be a RAW game. I'm an experienced GM, I've been playing 3.5 since day one. I've been playing Pathfinder since the playtest. I roll on the table and I never fudge rolls or make exceptions. I don't pull punches, nor do I "play to win." PC-NPC transparency is in full effect. If a PC can do it, an NPC can do it (and vice versa). I don't have any houserules per se, (but see the "houserules and rules interpretations" spoiler, below).

Classes and Races: All "playable" races are legal, with one exception: the Strix (a race very much not intended for PC use). All archetypes and classes are legal, with one exception: the antipaladin (too disruptive to party cohesion).

If I choose to accept a PC-submitted paladin, evil characters will be taken off the table. If I choose to accept a PC-submitted evil-aligned character, paladins will be taken off the table for consideration.

Point-Buy: Point-buy is set at 20. Spend your points or lose them.

Starting Level: Starting character level is 3rd.

Starting Wealth: Starting wealth is 3,000 gp, (but see the "houserules and rules interpretations" spoiler, below).

Templates: Templates with a static, non-scaling +1 CR adjustment are legal. If you start with a +1 CR adjustment, you'll begin at character level 2, not character level 3. Age categories (middle-aged to venerable) are legal options at character creation, as is the Young template. If you choose to apply the Young template to your character, you will NOT be compensated in any way, even though the template subtracts one from a creature's CR.

Concept: Although I am very lenient in the array of classes, archetypes, races, and templates that I'll allow at my table, I do appreciate well-built, interesting, and sensible character concepts. I will likely choose lovingly-crafted or genuinely interesting PC submissions before I accept excessively-templated or min-maxed submissions.

Play to win, by all means, but please don't submit a CE half-red dragon orcish alchemist (ragechemist) 1/barbarian 1 with a +1 seven-branch sword and the minimum Wisdom and Charisma scores.

Carrying Capacity and Ammo: Carrying capacity and encumberance rules are in full effect, but I do not bother tracking nonmasterwork, nonmagical ammo. Do count the weight of one full quiver against your carrying capacity, if you plan to be firing ammunition, however.

Houserules and Rules Interpretations:
I have one "house rule," if you could call it that, with regard to starting gear. Aside from that, I'd like to mention a couple of my rules interpretations, below. All things considered, I run a very RAW game.

Starting Gear: Starting gear is 3,000 gp, but there are some items that I do not require players to subtract from that amount. In other words, you get some items for "free".

Nonexpendable mundane gear is free, as long as it costs LESS than 1,000 gp. Mundane gear means "nonmasterwork, nonmagical items". Nonexpendable gear means anything that does not have charges, limited uses, and is otherwise not expended, broken, or consumed when used. For example, manacles and silk rope would be free, but a spyglass would not be (too expensive), nor would a healer's kit (limited uses).

Furthermore, the mundane aspects of your magical arms and armor are free. This means that you DO pay masterwork costs (150 gp for armor, 300 gp for weapons), but you DO NOT pay for the base cost of the item (even full plate armor). For example, the cost of a suit of +1 full plate would be 1,150 gp (a 150 gp masterworking cost, and a 1,000 gp cost for a +1 enhancement bonus).

EDIT: Firearms are the exception to this rule. The cost of a firearm, even a nonmasterwork one, must come out of your 3,000 gp budget.

Death, Dying, and the Prone Condition: The rules don't say how or when a character falls, after going unconscious or dying. So, my interpretation is as follows: if you get put to sleep, are rendered dead or dying, or otherwise go unconscious, you fall prone at the start of your turn. For example, if an enemy puts you at -2 hp on his turn, and the cleric heals you for 6 hp before your nest turn comes around, you'll still be standing when your turn comes up.

Corpses and Difficult Terrain: The rules do say that the bodies of larger creatures (or groups of smaller creatures) should constitute difficult terrain, but they don't say how many creatures it takes. My rule of thumb is as follows: One Large or larger corpse makes difficult terrain, two Medium corpses make difficult terrain, four Small creatures make difficult terrain, and eight Tiny creatures make difficult terrain. The corpses of Fine creatures do not create difficult terrain. For the purposes of this ruling, any helpless, prone character counts toward this "difficult terrain" determination.

If you're a player in my existing Eberron play-by-post, you're welcome to submit a character here, as well. Players who are polite and well spoken are preferrable to players that are not. Players should be able to post at least once a day, especially during the daytime on weekdays, when I am most active (Eastern Standard Time). Please don't submit a character concept if you cannot post at least once per day.

Submissions should include: overall concept, approximate alignment, probable class and race, intended party role, region of origin, and anything else you'd like to include (like PC goals). I run a pretty sandbox-y game, so the characters tend to determine the tone, direction, and starting region of the game.

You don't need to submit a statblock yet. I won't be starting until Monday, at the very earliest. I'm looking forward to your submissions, everyone. I'll check in tomorrow morning, if not tonight.

Any clue about the game itself? Sandbox or quest driven. Travel or locality oriented. Aquatic or land based. Does the free equipment rule apply to firearms? And what is the rarity for the silly things?

Also how are you resolving the current kerfuffle re: flurry and the Zen archer?

I'm thinking of playing a seperatist cleric of Zon-Kuthon/Shelyn. She started off as a cleric of Shelyn, worshiping the goddess of beauty and pleasure, but due to a series of traumatic experiences had a crisis of faith. She turned her pursuits to research, and discovered that Zon-Kuthon and Sheyln are siblings. Decided to create a new faith based upon the worship of Zon-Kuthon god of pain and Sheyln goddess of pleasure as aspects of each other. She has been branded a heretic by both churches and has been kicked out, but seeks to spread this new faith she's developed across Golarion. What do you think? Does the concept seem feasible? If not, I'll come up with something else.

I have a concept to submit, I will dug it up and submit it after the hockey game tonight.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Well heck, I'm not gonna pass this up, if you're willing to put up with me some more.


I've been wanting to play a monk/paladin, either of Irori or of Shelyn, but I suspect either one would be a bit too much like Flametouched. Well, maybe not the paladin of Shelyn... Hm. Regardless, the other idea is an elf or human magus (Aldori duelist), though that idea would be a bit harder to pull off without access to the agile enchantment.

*ponders some more*

Actually, I really, really liked the initial development I'd started on the evil House Orien magus, so I'd play with that some more. So here's my two ideas:

1) Asha Ghadvhi, human (Vudrani) flowing monk/paladin of Shelyn. Dancer, warrior, "wanderer of the earth" type. Combat/battlefield control focus, minor "face" and healing options. LG, obviously.

2) Kamlann, human magus (a hardhearted killer, he protects his shipments with utter disregard for any who get in his way, something of a Man With No Name type); primary melee and backup arcanist. Basically as before, only I think maybe I'm going to have him be an Aspis Consortium enforcer in Golarion. LE.

Dark Archive

@ Poor Wandering One: Good question about the firearms. Firearms come out of your starting budget, even if they are not masterwork. The rarity of firearms varies by region, but they're fairly uncommon.

As for flurrying with a longbow, the RAI is exceedingly clear, I think: it works.

The campaign itself will take whatever direction the party makeup suggests and the party actions direct. Sandbox-y, in other words. I'd rather not run an aquatic campaign, however.

@ Casey Hudak: Generally speaking, I prefer to keep sex out of my games, so if that's where you're leaning with the pain-pleasure sibling-gods thing, I'd ask you to keep that in check. Otherwise, the concept is perfectly sound. "Heretical priest" is not a character concept I've run before.

@ Shisumo: I'm flattered that the idea of playing another game with me appeals to you so much. I guess you're not taking it personally that I'm pounding so hard on you guys over in Eberron. : P

As for your concepts, I like both. I'd be fascinated to see how one would approach a paladin/monk build. I've tried before - it's rough. I really, really dig the idea, though. Those two classes have so much conceptual synergy.

I dig the Aspis Consortium angle on your second suggestion, too. I'd enjoy playing around with that faction. Kind of like a guild of "anti-Pathfinders."

Thumbs up to both concepts.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Garden Tool wrote:
@ Shisumo: I'm flattered that the idea of playing another game with me appeals to you so much. I guess you're not taking it personally that I'm pounding so hard on you guys over in Eberron. : P

Like I said, almost-dying is just a good roleplaying opportunity. ;)

As I did before, I'll wait to see who and what else gets put forward before I start refining either concept too closely, but if I get in, I'll probably be staking out the frontliner spot either way... ;)

As an observation - I would find it very difficult to come up with a character unless there was some degree of understanding initially of how the game would start out. Without that clarity you'd likely end up with a series of characters made in a vacuum that are potentially very disparate in their goals and drives.

Would you be interested in collaboratively deciding on theme before character pitching? - if so then I might be interested, if not - then I'll wish you very well and keep to the shadows.

Dark Archive

@ Mark Sweetman: I'll not dictate a theme, though I tend to select compatible character concepts from those proposed. Thus, I may very well be able to create a theme out of the eligible character proposals.

Granted, this may be harder to do in Golarion than in the very, very small world of Eberron, (with which i am very familiar).

Generally speaking though, I take the "everyone gets a turn in the spotlight who wants one" when it comes to disparate PC goals.

That said, if anyone would like to propose a theme, other players might jump on board (if the idea is appealing). Alternately, you could build on a theme, based on the general direction of those concepts that other potential players propose. For example, you might propose a character concept that nicely ties together two or more of the existing proposals, making each one more attractive to me, when it comes time to put a party together out of the proposed ideas.

Farid Heydar:
Farid Heydar
Failed Son


Qadira is a kingdom with the power of a sprawling empire at its back. It is a land of richness with rivers of gold flowing through it from all corners of Golarian. Indeed the kingdom holds more wealth than any other three kingdoms on the Inner Sea. As much as it is a land of wealth and plenty it is also a harsh desert realm. It is a land where the weak are enslaved and if they are lucky simply die.

Merchants and merchant caravans travel far and wide across, through and beyond Qadira. Little seen and even more little thought of are the nomads of this land. The people who have for millennia lived off of the land and its harsh environs sometimes hostile and sometimes friendly to the trade caravans these people are not respected but they are feared by those caravans who fail to bring enough protection along the road with them.

Farid Heydar is the first son Behrouz Heydar and his only son, Farid’s mother having died in childbirth. Behrouz is a powerful warrior in the tribe and was overjoyed that at the very least his dearly departed wife brought him a healthy son. Farid’s youth was a difficult one, learning how to live in the harsh desert environment. Most important was the way of the blade, in this place those who cannot fight will die. The barbarian tribes do not live in the cities of Qadira, they live strong and proud away from the rules of the government and so must their children. Farid was enamored of the trade caravans that came and went to the oases controlled by his people. Those with appropriate protection were either ignored or traded with those without were fair game. Farid longed to live in the cities he could see in the distance along the travels of the tribe away from the oases.

Behrouz sensed this weakness in his son but ignored it believing that over time Farid would come to accept his fate as all men must. Indeed Farid did show promise with the blade and perhaps would one day be worthy of the deeds Behrouz accomplished before him. As the years went by though Farid did not change his longing never went away and the desire to live among the tribe became less and less. At 14 it was time for him to pass the tests into manhood. One full week with only a waterskin smallclothes and one weapon did the new crop of men need to complete to survive.

Farid returned to the tribe after only two days, he abandoned his fellows and refused to return to the trial. Behrouz was enraged. He sought to slay his son that had brought him so much shame to him. The tribes elder, Aurang Atash decided instead to banish Farid. Aurang knew that such shame would undermine Behrouz’s attempts to claim leadership over the tribe. Behrouz in anger gave Farid all of his possessions and vowed to reclaim his honor lost by his only son. Farid was cast out of the tribe and told that to return would result in death.

Farid clearly misread how important the test was. He did not want this life though he also did not want to be banished. He fled the tribe moving towards the nearest city Katheer. For the first time Farid entered the city he so longed to go to. As a barbarian youth who could not read and was improperly dressed he was not allowed to go into any area of the city where the wealthy and privileged lived. Indeed he was forced into the squalor of the slums, not the reception Farid expected. The travelers told of the rivers of gold and silk and spice to be found in the cities - what was this smelly dirty place he had entered! With no way to go back and no ability to be accepted into the hierarchy as a barbarian Farid did the only thing he could, he resorted to stealing.

Stealing was similar to raiding in many ways one took what they wanted from those who could not hold onto what they had. Initially Farid would challenge his opponents but this did not last long as he barely escaped with his life a few times. Farid was amazed at the fighting prowess of the city people he thought them all to be soft! Some carried no blade and some were almost as skilled as his tribesmen. It was often in the intervening months that Farid had to nurse his wounds for days at a time before venturing out again. He was a loner as even the street rats did not want to associate with a barbarian from the wastes.

Farid continued to learn the ways of the streets slowly, he learned that it was wiser to sneak and steal then to openly challenge all comers. Indeed Farid had started to finally learn his way around when the city guard began a sweep of the slums. Slavers were looking for merchandise and no one cared where the slaves came from especially considering the poor were of little regard to the rich. Farid who was still not streetwise enough to avoid the sweepers was picked up by the guard and led away in chains!

The slave caravan brought Farid to the city of Sedeq to the slave markets. Farid was miserable, how could he have fallen so low? Why did he fail to pass the test of manhood he should have listened to his father but it was too late for that. He was sold to a property master along with an older gentleman who was a convicted criminal. This criminal saw in Farid a target ripe for exploitation. Amin Sattar was his name. He knew that he lucked out, a young back to aid him in his endeavors he could teach this youth much, not only that but to be sold to a noble house, it would be easy to break out! Moreover the barbarian youth would be able to aid Amin in surviving in the wastes between cities, a requirement to get away from enslavement.

The nobleman was successful merchant from the city of Gurat. After a few months of back breaking labor in the house of the nobleman Darius Zia, Amin was able to convince Farid that they should escape together. The penalty of being caught escaping was losing a hand and Farid was not interested in having that happen. However, in the night a few weeks later Amin carried Farid’s sleeping form to the very walls of Darius’ grounds. It seemed that again Farid had no control over his life. He was forced to flee with Amin. Luckily Amin knew what he was doing and both were able to escape with their lives (and hands) intact. Farid even as a callow youth of almost 16 knew that they needed to get out of Gurat completely.

Farid and Amin with but the clothes on their backs snuck out of Gurat in a caravan by hiding in baskets of silks. The road was long and winding and both Amin and Farid were able to steal what they needed to survive and get away from the caravan. Freedom had never been so sweet! Farid was able to help Amin survive in the desert. Using tactics Farid knew from his youth they raided small caravans with a combination of stealth and steel. Farid and Amin’s long journey fially brought them to Lopal where Amin promised to teach Farid what he knew of the streets. Indeed for two long years Amin was mentor and almost a father to Farid. After accumulating a great deal of wealth together and establishing themselves in the local thieves guild Amin taught Farid one last lesson, trust no one. Amin vanished in the middle of the night, leaving Farid his sword, his buckler some clothes and waterskin. He left a note that presumably mocked Farid but the barbarian could not read it. Farid attempted to track Amin down but it seemed he had fled the city.

Farid became even more bitter and disillusioned. He was almost ready to kill himself when he realized that revenge was a stronger emotion than pity. Farid was determined to gain vengeance against Amin and eventually against Darius for enslaving him. Farid took six months to “reacquire” the wealth taken by Amin so he would appear more respectable and took on a job as a merchant guard for caravans. He was able to travel back and forth across Qadira with less difficulty than he would have on his own he was also able to perfect his sleight of hand skills on those around him. After three years of travel Farid was no closer to finding Amin.

Finally a month ago Farid was given a tip, Amin was rumored to have drifted to the Inner Sea region and Farid would follow…


Farid is an angry young man. He has very little trust in his fellow man. He blames others for the mistakes in his life not recognizing how his own choices have led to his current situation. Farid has absolutely no respect for law and bends or outright breaks laws when he is able to. Farid has gotten a bit wiser (though not much) and is much less impetuous than he was just a few years ago. His driving goal is to gain vengeance – after that is accomplished it is pretty clear that Farid has no idea what to do with himself.

He has a low Wisdom so is fairly gullible but he has a pretty good Intelligence score so he is also smart so can figure out puzzles and problems with the proper amount of time. Farid cannot read and it bothers him so he pretends that he actually understands what things say when he does not (he can distinguish prices though). Farid seeks vengeance against those who have done him wrong and will stop at almost nothing to get it.

He is tough and as a barbarian from the desert wastes has pretty strong survival skills. Farid is not very cultured though he is becoming more streetwise especially since Amin’s teachings. Farid has a somewhat lively personality but he would not really stand out in a crowd. Farid has decent strength and is fairly agile.

As a barbarian he is somewhat reckless though he will not rage in combat unless he absolutely has to as he realizes that blind rage reduces his ability to think quickly in a situation. Farid trusts no one as a result of his betrayal at the hands of Amin and his (imagined) betrayal at the hands of his tribe. He holds a grudge against his people and would love to pay them back for his ill treatment (that he refuses to acknowledge that he brought upon himself).

Chaotic Neutral

Here is the background/concept for the character. He is a Human Barbarian/Rogue.

As far as group concept goes I think this character can fit into pretty much anything as his driving goal is a quest for acceptance (though he sees it as a quest for vengeance).

Dark Archive

@ Dennis Harry: Extensive! Also, valid, with a clear party role.

Appreciate the response Garden Tool - but will respectfully sit this one out.

Wish you and your applicants many happy adventures.

I am very interested in a game like this, but only have a vague idea of concept thus far: I was thinking a mystic theurge with one half being a cleric of Nethys, and the other half a diviner. Focus on controlling combat and buffs rather than damage.

If anyone wants to work on a background together with me, please PM me and we'll discuss, otherwise I'll post a full character in the next few days.

@Garden Tool: Are you looking at any section in the world in particular to start or will it depend on character concepts?

Ill be coming up with a character soon, probably an oracle, who will be party face and healer/support caster

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 4

Would you allow a NE summoner with a NG eidolon? The concept is a girl (young template) who has a "guardian angel" eidolon who is trying to set her on the right path.

Although she's evil, she wouldn't be disruptive. Instead, she's manipulative and generally mean, and can't really tell right from wrong; being a team player is in her best interests, actually, since she can get benefit from the protection and generosity of others. She basically just wants things her way. On the other hand, her eidolon is virtuous, kind and generous.

I was thinking of having an alias for each, but I fear it might get a little too schizophrenic. Don't mean to "steal the spotlight" with two aliases, but it could be interesting. :P

Anyway, would you say it is a viable option for your game, despite the alignment restrictions in RAW?

Saw fireclaws post after i made mine, might do twf half elf ranger instead

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I have seen a party with a magus, primary healer and a mystic theurge do quite well in covering the mystical bases. A party like that with a dedicated skills type would do pretty good, I would think.

I first played AD&D in the spring of 1979, when I was all of 15 years old. With the exception of a hiatus while in college and then again while overseas, I've been a steady role-player since. I've spent a lot of time on both sides of the screen and used any number of rpg systems.

The games I've enjoyed the most favored role-playing more than combat (though not neglecting the latter) and I like it when there is a bit of mystery to resolve (who are the bad guys, why are they doing bad things?) And I've been known to do odd things with characters like have my halfling cleric carry around an orphaned half-orc baby she'd sworn to protect.

I'd like to play a wizard or cleric depending on the party's needs.

Dark Archive

@ FireclawDrake: As it says in the original post, the starting region will depend mainly on the party makeup.

@ Aroach1188: Either would do. A cleric/diviner Theurge won't have tons of room for "party face" contributions, probably. The oracle concept ought to be just as good as the ranger, depending on what sort of an approach you take to spells and combat.

@ Pedro Coelho: As it says in the original post, I play a very strictly RAW game, and I won't be making any rules or content exceptions. Eidolons must have the same alignments as their masters, per RAW. It's a neat idea, though. I regret to have to shoot it down.

@ Tippo Dakar: I definately approve of characters with extra quirks and personality (provided they're not terribly disruptive).

An open game?

Awesome. I have a char in my head for the ULTIMATE BLASTER!

I don't have time for a char submission yet bur here's the build:

I'll put a face on him soon.
But basically he's a Pyromaniac, but a nice one. A bit crazy.
Think Fizban from Dragonlance.

Garden Tool wrote:

@ FireclawDrake: As it says in the original post, the starting region will depend mainly on the party makeup.

@ Aroach1188: Either would do. A cleric/diviner Theurge won't have tons of room for "party face" contributions, probably. The oracle concept ought to be just as good as the ranger, depending on what sort of an approach you take to spells and combat.

I think I'm going to play the theurge as an arrogant type. He's studying magic because he thinks himself a personification of the "all seeing eye" of Nethys. I won't be focusing in healing spells, whatsoever, and any healing my character would provide would probably be emergency. Instead, I imagine him controlling the battlefield, moving around debuffing enemies, assisting allies. Support role moreso than an aggressive caster (though a few offensive spells wouldn't go amiss).

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Would you tilt more toward wizard or toward cleric to begin with?

Name: Shadow
Race: Kitsune
Class: Ninja
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Region: Qadira

The waves were crashing hard. His fur was damp and his face was matted with tears. The boy's mother, a slender and graceful woman with such remarkable features that calling her anything less than perfect wouldn't do her justice, looked down at her son sadly. What the little boy didn't know was that this was to be the last time he would ever see her again. The boy's mother knew it, but the boy didn't.
"I love you" She said, finally. She sat down, held the boy and gave him a pat on the head.
"Stay alive and use your head, my baby boy." She whispered in between sobs, pressing the boy hard to her body.
"You need to look like mommy does, like a hu-man, go ahead and try for me." Her sobbing had lessened as she had become extremely absorbed in the moment, knowing it could be the end for her son as well.
Not entirely understanding what she had meant, but feeling very scared, the young fox-like boy did what his mother had asked of him. With his life on the line, he gave her her final wish.

The young man remembers none of what had taken place that day, but today walks a different road. In the Meraz Desert, his face behind a veil, the young man walked. The men accompanying him, together like a pack of dogs, they called themselves 'Merc-un-air-ees' but the young man wasn't sure what it meant. The men had picked him up a while back, it was actually right after the young man had gotten beat up by a group of older boys, in desperate shape and leaning against a wall in an alley between two buildings the young man had shifted back into his true form. Looking like a fox with auburn thick tufted coat of fur that had thin streaks of black and gray mottling running from the top of his forehead and along the back of his head and neck. The fur around his eyes were black like around the eyes of a raccoon and his eyes shined golden. (It should be mentioned that the angle of the sun at that very moment cast an ever so tempting glint of light across the dark alleyway, the golden shine of the young man's eyes, through no fault of their own whatsover, were the critical component in the fatal attraction of the gang of older boys)

Even though it may have been a moment of bad luck, it was the beginning of a new chapter in his life. As he was getting a thorough thrashing, a couple of stubbly and angular looking men appeared in the mouth of the alleyway, blocking the light. Well, those men snatched out the young man from under the grasp of the boys. They then proceeded to scare the rascals away without causing them any harm, the mere shaking of a fist and a stern 'OY!' was enough to send off even the most vicious of the bullies.

After that he lived in a small hovel with the men, 6 of them, for a few months.
"OY, you'll be lookin' after our stuff, hmm,eh?" The finicky one says. "Otherwise you'll be stayin' out of sight of people, hmm,eh? OY, stay in the shadows boy, hmm,eh?"
That's what he did, they enlisted in him all sorts of menial tasks of keeping up tiny hovel, grooming camels that occupied the stall next to the hovel. Every once in a while, sent to follow a man or a woman, just to watch. They knew his secret, his animal heritage, and even one of the men explained it to him.
"Yer a..uhh, Kat-Soo-Knee, I seen yer kind!" The stocky one says and then spits on the floor. "Keep it clean in here boy, clean it up! Then back to the shadows, boy!"
The shadows, always in the shadows, my name isn't boy. It's...shadow.
So that was all he got, just a name. He did for them what they had asked however, they kept him alive, safe.

Then one day they packed up all the camels and started walking. Brandishing long blades and sticking to a strict regimen of hard jerky, stale water, and the road, the gang carried on. The Zho Mountains obscuring the line of the horizon kept attracting his eye. He had never seen mountains before, he was always used to looking down for any scraps of food on the ground that the birds hadn't already scrounged away.

So they walked, men came up to them as they walked with caravans, some men with blades. The men with blades were always turned away, this wolf pack kept together, but mainly kept the boy safe. Finally, they had finished their walk and made it to Katheer. The capital, overlooking the Plains of Paresh. But, life stayed the same. Surrounded by races of all kinds, cultures of all kinds, they had manage to find a small hovel and set up a camel stable.

Shadow now tends to the camels that come and go, the men have begun to send him on more errands however, once they had been there and settled in to the city. Follow this person, find this out, trick this person into being your friend. Get this woman drunk, play on her emotions and find where her husband keeps his fortune. Shadow became their novice and accomplished their tasks without fail. He was proud of his position in life and he always kept his fox-like secret.

At a very young age, Shadow went through a traumatic experience and lost his mother. Without hope and without anyone to love him, a group of mercenaries picked him up from out of the gutter because they saw that he was a Kitsune and knew of their naturally likeable and limber nature.

Shadow is very loyal to his friends. He has a precise manner about him, which is contrary to the easy way in which he speaks. He has learned to blend in to the crowd, it is something he enjoys doing because he likes to meet many people. Plus, many times it is his job to mitigate the guard of a rich man's wife, or an aspiring revolutionary, harlots and wordsmiths alike. Shadow has many acquaintances because of the nature of the work he does for his gang. But friends he has few, only the six brothers he lives with, brothers in bond. Many of the traders in town come to their camel stables so his social network is pretty large and at times for good humor, he likes to do impersonations of the people he meets for his friends. Something he has also become fairly good at. The men love him as a son and give him respect, but often times Shadow lurks in the ... well, shadows. Lately, however, he is feeling very mischievous and considers lurking the shadows in his true form.

Goals: He likes the shadows he likes the contracts. But, he enjoyed the walk to the city and liked the chance encounters it provided. He is a true adventuring spirit and has a passion for his talents.
Party Role: A loyal friend, he will stay to the end. Mischievous at times, but all around a good guy. He will keep an eye out for his group in many ways and tries to remain aloof of the enemy. Not one to rush into anything unprepared, but always willing to follow an orderly plan of action.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Please consider:

Cala Thanstrom:
Harton Thanstrom was as wealthy as any other merchant in Absalom and through the first part of his life enjoyed a greatly successful shipping business. Then his ambition got ahead of him. Through a series of merciless business decisions and social slights, he managed to ruin his chances of ever becoming significantly involved in Absalom’s politics. No house would have him. As his contacts dried up and suppliers began having mysterious “shortages,” the bitter trader turned his keen business mind to the black market and his political and social ambition to a desperate gambit.

He combed the streets of Absalom, searching for the perfect woman. Eventually he found her, a proud Shoanti woman making her way as a mercenary. Harton found her to be quick of mind, strong, and deft – a combination he prized highly. He took the woman to wife and hoped for a son. He got a daughter, but his ambition would not be swayed. As soon as he discovered the infant held promise, he sent the mother away.

Cala grew up as the focus of the man’s greed and arrogance. He thought he could redeem himself through her success, and pursued his gambit: if his daughter could pass the Test of the Starstone, surely he would be respected. Not to mention the usefulness of being the father of a god. He spent his dwindling fortune on tutors, charms, all manner of alchemical and magical enhancements, prayers, and everything else he thought would give her an edge. Not knowing what the test would entail, he had her learn everything.

Thus her girlhood was spent in an endless series of lessons, sparring sessions, late nights over moldy tomes, and early mornings in the gymnasium. But through it all she retained her spirit, and made friends wherever she could, ingratiating herself to her instructors, maids, and bodyguards alike. She never grew to resent her father, seeing him as the source of all the wonderful people who paraded through her life.

But then the fateful day came. His purse nearly dry, Harton needed his daughter to pass the test. He took her to the Starstone Cathedral and urged her to cross the pit. They’d been over it a thousand times. She could easily make the jump. But instead she just stood there, looking helpless. It was only then that Cala realized exactly what her father wanted from her. Her entire life had been building up to this moment, and she had never doubted it. But now, looking at it, she didn’t see how it would be possible. And she didn’t want to die for her father. Not like this.

Day after day they returned. Harton became angrier and angrier at his daughter’s refusal to cross. He tried everything. Make her feel guilty. Make her feel sad. Threaten her. Fire the staff. Stop eating until she did. Everything. Two months passed. Finally, Harton reached his wit’s end. Using the last of his resources, he acquired a potion. He marched his daughter to the Cathedral one last time.

By this time, their routine had become known, and a small crowd had gathered to see if she would actually do it. But Harton had other ideas. He turned to Cala and said “You should be ashamed of yourself. Because if even a fat old man like me can make the leap, so can you.” He drank the potion and ran in a lurching gait toward the pit. He meant to jump. He saved it for the last few feet before the precipice, trusting the magic of the potion to carry him across.

But all the crowd saw was the obese man’s legs go out from under him, then lead the rest of his frame right over the edge. And like that he was gone. Cala turned away, tears streaming, the essence of the grease spell still lingering on her fingertips.

Now she makes her living by her sword and her wits, serving as a house guard. She mourns her father still, because she knows he was dead long before she killed him. Though she was raised to revere the ascended gods, as she hoped to join them, she now finds her sympathies most often lie with Desna, and she attempts to impart a sense of hope and luck to her comrades in arms whenever she can. When she’s ready, Cala will use her hard-earned gold to begin wandering, as she has read of many of the beautiful things the world has had to offer, but has seen few.

The one wonder she has seen, the Cathedral of the Starstone, Cala has vowed to never look upon again.

Cala is devoted to her friends and eager and curious about the world around her, though she is careful to not trust anyone completely. She was granted amazing potential through her unique childhood, but her desire to put it all behind her has made her believe that she is not exceptional, and that everyone is as capable as she.

As a result, she's likely to head into danger beyond what she and her group may be able to handle, and she'll seek out challenge wherever she can. Her first instinct is to always help her friends and to smooth over conflict if it can possibly be avoided. Failing that, Cala is a skilled combatant capable of focusing her ire on the toughest of foes.

Nuts and Bolts:

Neutral good.

Advanced template.

Human (Chelaxian/Shoanti). Order of the Dragon Cavalier 1 / Bard 1, going for Battle Herald. I'll look later to see if any archetypes will fit the character.

She'll take Leadership if allowed and if she makes it that far.

My goal for this character is to boost the party as much as possible and increase the odds of success against any encounter.

From a mechanical standpoint, I want to use the Advanced template to bolster a very MAD build and make it enjoyable.

Hopefully she's not too Mary Sue-ish.

FireclawDrake wrote:
Garden Tool wrote:

@ FireclawDrake: As it says in the original post, the starting region will depend mainly on the party makeup.

@ Aroach1188: Either would do. A cleric/diviner Theurge won't have tons of room for "party face" contributions, probably. The oracle concept ought to be just as good as the ranger, depending on what sort of an approach you take to spells and combat.

I think I'm going to play the theurge as an arrogant type. He's studying magic because he thinks himself a personification of the "all seeing eye" of Nethys. I won't be focusing in healing spells, whatsoever, and any healing my character would provide would probably be emergency. Instead, I imagine him controlling the battlefield, moving around debuffing enemies, assisting allies. Support role moreso than an aggressive caster (though a few offensive spells wouldn't go amiss).

Alright, ill take a shot at the oracle then, i probably wont be fully healing based, will do buffing as well, in addition to being the party face

@ Garden Tool - is the plan for this game to run the distance? as in going well into high levels?

If so color me interested. Ive got an ida on a monk/sorceror headed towards Dragon Disciple that Ive been itching to play. Can stat up later this evening.

Dark Archive

@ STR Ranger: Regretfully, I'm not at all familiar with Fizban or Dragonlance. I can understand "crazy pyromancer," though. I'm sure the build is solid. Did you have any thoughts regarding alignment, region of origin, or character goals?

@ 'Shadow': As it says in the original post, no content outside of the CRB, GMG, APG, UC, UM, and Bestiaries will be considered. This includes the Races of the Dragon Empires sourcebook, and the kitsune.

@ Exocrat: Geez. I did say "any +1 CR template," didn't I? I'm pretty hesitant about allowing the advanced template for a PC. I was thinking more along the lines of templates like "wererat." That said, the build is solid and I rather like the backstory. Unfortunately, I just don't think the advanced template is PC-appropriate at all. Is there any way you can spin or justify the build another way?

@ Stiehl9s: I have no plans to end the campaign at any particular level (I'd like to see high-level play, once the PCs have earned it). I am considering using the "fast" XP track, since play-by-post games are often so very slow.

In all my years of playing 3.0, 3.5, and Pathfinder, I've never seen a dragon disciple played; so... that'd be neat. Any thoughts on alignment or region-of-origin?

@ Garden Tool - Stiehl9s here.

Glad to hear that this game has long staying potential. Im not a fan of one-shots at all.

my Dragon Disciple idea will come from (and be written over) this character that was in a game that fell apart. He'd be from Qadira but could easily have reason to be anywhere. Im open to changing alignment as well to suit party cohesiveness.

Dark Archive

@ Stiehl9s: Looks good. I notice that all your classes, feats, and spells come from the Core Rulebook. Just out of curiosity, was your last game CRB-only, or do you just prefer to keep it simple?

That is correct. Id probably look into some archtypes. Can have full stat block done this evening. Im EST btw.

Dark Archive


At this point, I have a have a handful of valid concepts submitted, so I'd like to ask all current-and-future potential players to do two things:

1.) Participate in the thread, on an at-least-one-post-a-day basis. That way I can get an idea as to how often and how reliably I can expect any given player to post; and

2.) Start fleshing out your character concepts, if you're serious about submitting. Pin down an alignment, some stats, feats, spell choices, etc. Give me a mechanical feel for the character, in other words. This will give you something to talk about when participating in the thread, and it will give me something concrete to consider when choosing and finalizing the PC roster.

So far, I count eight valid submitters:

Casey Hudak, Shisumo, Dennis Harry, FireclawDrake, Aroach1188, Tippo Dakar, STR Ranger, and Stiehl9s.

Frankly, Shisumo will likely have a place on the roster if he wants one, since I know already that he is a reliable daily poster and a good player. "The devil you know," and all that. That leaves four spots.

NEW SUBMISSIONS ARE STILL VERY WELCOME for now. If your concept is determined by me to be valid (or you've read the requirements carefully and you feel confident that it's "inside the lines"), then start fleshing it out, mechanically. Make sure you read and understand the rules regarding starting wealth (see the original post) before you dive in.

More than anything, though: I'd like to see my current potentials and all new submitters post at least once per day from here on out. Post-reliability, politeness, and a team-player attitude (out-of-character, at least!) are more impoprtant to me than stats are. Have at it, folks.

Liberty's Edge

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Ooh, I could play a devil? ;)

Garden Tool wrote:

@ 'Shadow': As it says in the original post, no content outside of the CRB, GMG, APG, UC, UM, and Bestiaries will be considered. This includes the Races of the Dragon Empires sourcebook, and the kitsune.

Ah, i misinterpreted, all "playable" races.

I'll mod in a little bit and repost new application.

Dark Archive

@ Shisumo: Congratulations; you've been pre-approved to play a mindless lemure!

@ Yolk: No problem; looking forward to your resubmission.

I was working on the build a bit last night. I will post it later on tonight when I get home. I am not sure whether I would want to continue as a Barbarian/Rogue as I advance or shift into a more Rogue heavy build. I think it depends on the party make-up. If we seem to need more melee I would do half and half. Otherwise I would focus on Farid as a skill monkey and his rage would only come in desperate situations.

I post most every day (or at least check threads every day) so the post requirements are not an issue. I would give you a heads up if I am away so you can DMPC the character as well.

Shisumo wrote:
Would you tilt more toward wizard or toward cleric to begin with?

Given that my character's faith is the impetus for his study of magic, I'd find it difficult to justify advancing his wizard levels too far ahead, especially since he considered the study of magic as a type of sacrament. However, I'll probably be bumping wizard first at odd levels (meaning since we're starting at level 3, I'd be Wizard2/Cleric1).

I was thinking of selecting my opposition schools as necromancy and evocation. My only concern with a build like this is that we will be severely lacking in AOE-type damage. Shisumo mentioned earlier that a Magus helps make for this and I agree, though other options are obviously available.

I'm gonna be re-reading my Inner Sea World Guide to get an idea of where my character would be from. I'm a little rusty on anywhere that isn't Ustlav or Varisia, as that has been the focus of the last two APs I've DMed.

I usually like starting out with being acquainted with at least one member of the party, however I realize that my character is almost definitely going to have a charisma penalty, and he's not the most friendly person.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Dennis Harry wrote:
I was working on the build a bit last night. I will post it later on tonight when I get home. I am not sure whether I would want to continue as a Barbarian/Rogue as I advance or shift into a more Rogue heavy build. I think it depends on the party make-up. If we seem to need more melee I would do half and half. Otherwise I would focus on Farid as a skill monkey and his rage would only come in desperate situations.

So far, we haven't really had any other skill monkey proposals, so that's likely a point in your favor...

FireclawDrake wrote:
I was thinking of selecting my opposition schools as necromancy and evocation. My only concern with a build like this is that we will be severely lacking in AOE-type damage. Shisumo mentioned earlier that a Magus helps make for this and I agree, though other options are obviously available.

If I make Kamlann, I would definitely have at least one or two AoE effects available (burning hands, if nothing else); on the other hand, if STR Ranger winds up getting in with his "ulimate blaster," I imagine that problem would be taken care of anyway. In other words, I don't think you should sweat it.

I'd like to throw my hat into the ring, this game sounds like it has a lot of potential.

Seamus Haggrathy:
CN Human Gunslinger 3 (Mysterious Stranger)

Backstory: Seamus Haggrathy used to be a pirate of the Shackles. Robbing and pillaging with the best of them, he plied the waters of the Inner Sea always looking for the next ship to plunder or town to raid. It seemed a life blessed by Besmara herself and he gave thanks to her daily for it. But the Pirate Queen is a fickle goddess and the weather can turn with little warning, especially when you make a mistake in your course.

It was a bawdy night of debauchery in Port Peril where he met the comely lass that would be his undoing. The wine flowed freely, along with his coin, and soon he had retired to a quiet corner outside to relieve the young woman of her "valuables". Waking the next morning he found himself lying next to the girl from the previous evening, her throat cut and her blood all over him. What was worse was the stark realization that sobriety lent him, that he had in fact lain with the daughter of one of the most feared of the Free Captains in the Shackles and that it now looked to anyone with half a brain like he had killed her after a night of passion.

He instantly knew he had been framed for her murder but he did not know by whom. Given his lifestyle, he had made quite a few enemies in his time at sea and the list of suspects was a long one. Knowing death to be in his immediate future, Seamus did the only thing any self respecting pirate would do. He ran.

Fleeing the Shackles in the first ship he could find, Seamus made for Absalom. The largest city in the world was an easy place to lose oneself and Seamus signed on with one of the many adventuring groups that seemed to infest the place, so long as it was heading further from the bounty that had by now been put on his head in the Pirate Isles. He didn't know how long it would take, but some day he would find out who had done this to him and make them pay. He would find a way to return home.

For now though, Seamus found the life of an adventurer to be one he could easily adjust to. His skills were just as useful as they were on a ship and the plunder was as good, sometimes better, than what he was used to.

Personality: Seamus is a pirate at heart and he still carries his Shackles accent as well as mannerisms. He sometimes tosses in nautical references or phrases into his speech and isn't one to shy away from a good time in a tavern after a long stint in the wilds.

Role: I see Seamus as a ranged combatant generally. The firearms make him a dangerous opponent no matter what. Also with using the Mysterious Stranger archetype plus Bluff/Intimidate as class skills, this will allow him to be a secondary face character as needed.

The only thing I'm not fully decided on yet is the race. Human is my default choice but I might change it. Alignment and class, are all set.

for Garden Tool:
So the concept is very heavily influenced by the fact that I love the Shackles as a location and pirates in general. The new AP Skull & Shackles is a big influence as well, just finished reading it and really got my creative gears turning.

I mention this to let you know that the backstory and concept are influenced from these things but are in no way a request or indication of where I want the game to go. I'm not asking to use material from them or to have you lead us there. This concept works fine with traveling to the River Lands and fighting a mad king or any other adventure you might have in mind.

As far as posting, I can easily post multiple times per day Mon-Fri. Weekends are usually a bit more tricky for me but once a day is a guarantee at least.

Dark Archive

@ Dennis Harry: Alot of the proposals flying around are spell-centric, with perhaps a leaning towrad melee (Shisumo's magus, FireclawDrake's mystic theurge, STR Ranger's oracle, Tippo Dakar's "wizard or cleric," and Stiehl9s' dragon disciple). Nobody has proposed anything that sounds anything like a skill-monkey or problem-solver, so that would fit well (but then again, so would a truly dedicated front-line melee linebacker).

@ FireclawDrake: It's still early, but your participation has been among the highest in the thread so far, and you seem to know what you're doing. I'd be interested to see this cleric/diviner of Nethys. Mystic theurge is an extremely appropriate prestige class for a worshipper of Nethys, and a dedicated spellcaster would pair well with Shisumo's magus or paladin, or with a barbarian or dragon disciple.

Dark Archive

@ Jonasty1031: I like the backstory a lot - it's a classic trope and it's easy to sink plot hooks into. I like the build direction, too - nobody has proposed any ranged damage output yet. Even those spellcasters proposed so far are less "boom" and more "buff. Dabbling in "face" skills is a plus, too.

Keep active in the thread, please, and let's see this gunslinger.

I was going to mention that my DD would have some AoE spells to help balance the party but considering STR Ranger's 'master blaster' like Shisumo pointed out he'll be inclined to push ahead with Monk over sorceror. Then again if we get melee heavy Syndir can favor Sorceror over Monk as well.

Bunch of cool concepts so far!

I'm interested in putting forward a LE career criminal. A good reference point is Gentleman Johnny Marcone from Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series. Yes, he's evil but he's an evil who seeks to impose order upon chaos. I'd not lift the character lock and stock from the book but certainly the overarching concept would be the same.

Based on the responses I would probably go Rogue/Barbarian. Barbarian's have decent skill points versus other classes (except Rogue) and the extra Barbarian HP would balance out the Rogue's lower HP total. This way I can be the skill monkey but also be a front liner of course my AC would not be the best but a high Dex should offset my lack of solid armor.

I will finish my build tonight and post for your review Garden Tool. I have never played a Rogue before so this should be fun. Just a little background on me. I DM'd a 3.0/3.5 and have done so since inception. I am in a number of PBP games here on the boards and I run a V20 Vampire campaign on the boards as well. My Golarian knowledge is not the strongest but once a region is selected I can get up to speed on it.

Active I can do lol. I'll start fleshing out the mechanics for the gunsligner to give you a better idea of what you'd be seeing.

Nostrus: Just piping in to say that I'm a big fan of the Dresden books and am really interested to see how you translate Marcone for this game. :-)

Dark Archive

@ Everyone: A word about my GM style and party roles, while we're tossing ideas around. The following is just something to consider when building characters and filling niches for my games:

Just because the party has no dedicated "locks and traps" man doesn't mean that you won't encounter locks and traps.

Just because the party does have a dedicated "locks and traps" man doesn't mean you will encounter more locks and traps.

The same can be said about AoE damage and swarms or large groups of weaker monsters.

The same can be said about face skills and social encounters.

(And so on, and so on.)

The point I'm making here is that encounters and challenges will not be tailored to the party in my games. I will not be considering the party's strengths and weaknesses when populating the world with encounters and locations. That said: I run a fairly sandbox-style game, so if feel that your party can't handle a specific type of adventure - avoid it! If your party consists of a bard, an enchanter, a rogue, and a ranger with favored enemy (elves), don't jump on board an adventure that you know includes fighting a lot of mindless oozes that can't be sneak-attacked or mind-affected. That's how it works in real life, after all.

The British SAS aren't deployed to explore the deep sea. NASA does not dispatch astronauts to occupy foreign countries. You see my point.

Having said all that, I'll be trying to draft a balanced party from the submissions coming in. While it's best to be prepared for anything (you can't always pick your battles), don't sweat it too much if there's a niche that nobody feels like filling. You need to want to play your character the way he's built.

Dark Archive

@ Nostrus: I am not at all familiar with that character, or with the Harry Dresden series, but a "carreer criminal" says rogue or bard to me, which - if your PC makes the roster - could take some of the burden off of Dennis Harry's barbarian/rogue, if that character makes the cut (or fill the skills-and-melee role, if he doesn't).

@ Dennis Harry: Your presence has been pretty strong in the thread, and a barbarian who can do more than smash sounds like something I'd want in my party, if I were playing. Also, I'm somewhat new to Golarion as well, so you're one less player who'll notice if I get something wrong. : P

Let's see this Farid.

Name: Ash
Race: Elf
Class Ranger
Region: Andoran

Ash had spent much of his time in the Verduran Forest, an apprentice to the Wildwood Druids of the area. Passed around among the group, Ash was not the most gifted in the ways of the druid, he had another calling. Running off for hours at end in the forest, he followed the animals and hunted for his food, often time bringing back an evening meal for the druids.

Many of his human friends had grown old and died while Ash still stayed young. After a while of being with the druids, the men who had let him stay had all passed on and the new group were feeling that his stay had run its course. Giving him a bow and a pack they sent Ash on his way.

Making a menial living as a trapper along the Andoran coast, Ash has taken to enjoying the sea breeze and finds himself staring longingly at the ships that pass by on their way to Absolom. Much of his early life had been in the forest, but the idea of setting voyage across the inner sea with a ship and crew had become somewhat of a fond daydream.

Ash is a very curious individual who enjoys the open air instead of being confined to buildings. His arrows plunge deep into his prey, he is good at the hunt, skinning pelts for a living he makes sure his arrows strike with mortal lethality so as not to poke too many holes in their furs.

Ranger extraordinaire, tracking expert, aspiring adventure. Ash has taken to not forming too close of bonds with the people he meets in life as they all seem to grow old and wither before his eyes. It hurts him to lose people he loves.

This is the concept, I didn't want to flesh it out much further until I got your feedback, this is my replacement for Shadow.

Garden Tool: In the creation section, you mention that Firearms must be purchased, they can't be taken for free like other mundane weapons. Does this also apply to the 1 free firearm you get as part of the Gunslinger class or in addition? My thought would be that it's only if I were to buy additional guns but I would still get the free one for my base class feature.

Granted, I'm probably gonna buy a different one and sell the original anyways cause I like some of the other ones better but thought I'd check while I'm planning.

Grand Lodge

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Garden Tool wrote:

@ Exocrat: Geez. I did say "any +1 CR template," didn't I? I'm pretty hesitant about allowing the advanced template for a PC. I was thinking more along the lines of templates like "wererat." That said, the build is solid and I rather like the backstory. Unfortunately, I just don't think the advanced template is PC-appropriate at all. Is there any way you can spin or justify the build another way?

Yeah, I wondered. None of the other +1 CR templates seem worth giving up a level for except Ogrekin, and that doesn't interest me.

So, I'd like to stick with the same character, with no template. Cavalier 1 / Bard 2.

Decided to go with Human for the race, it fits best.

Preliminary Mechanics:

Str 12
Dex 15
Con 12
Int 12
Wis 12
Cha 16 (14, +2 Human bump)

Feats: Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Reload (TBD)

Skills (and ranks): Acrobatics 2, Bluff 2, Climb 2, Craft (alchemy) 1, Handle Animal, Heal, Intimidate 3, Knowledge (engineering) 1, Knowledge (local) 1, Perception 1, Profession (sailor) 1, Ride, Sleight of Hand, Survival, Swim 3

The ranks might change slightly depending on what I take for favored class bumps, don’t know how HP is being done yet. If we’re rolling, then I’ll need to see how well I roll.

Equipment will take me a little longer to figure out how I want to get this guy set up.

I’ll throw together an official character sheet and profile if accepted. Garden Tool, please let me know if there’s something more you’d like to see.

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