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Inner Sea Sandbox: Suspicious Minds

Game Master Garden Tool

A sandbox-style Inner Sea campaign featuring a suspiciously-non-good-aligned party of five antiheroes.

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Dark Archive

Now say: "Thank you, Nethys."

Dark Archive

Male Human Magus 3
Jelani Guldis wrote:
After you drop to -11, you and everyone else is healed for 5 hit points from Jelani's channel, resulting in your stabilization Kamlann.

Whoops, so I am. Missed that rather important post. Thanks, man!

HP: | AC: | T: | FF: | CMD: | F: | R: | W: | Perc: | SM: | Init:

It didnt take a genius to put the crossbow man at the top of the stairs and Kamlann's condition together and realize the bounty hunter had caught up to them. Now that he was back to his spry self he figured he owed these men. So he bolted for the stairs in an almost sideways manner.

Swift action to activate Snake Style then move as far as he can towards the shooter.

Dark Archive

Using your remaining movement and a second move action gets you fifteen feet up the twenty-foot staircase. The shooter is prone at the top of the stairs, putting just five feet of wooden staircase between you and him. Note that you won't be able to five-foot step it next round, because the stairs are difficult terrain when you're ascending.

Farid is up.

HP: | AC: | T: | FF: | CMD: | F: | R: | W: | Perc: | SM: | Init:

friendly reminder:
Snake Style - Gain +2 on Sense Motive checks, and deal piercing damage with unarmed attacks. While using the Snake Style feat, when an opponent targets you with a melee or ranged attack, you can spend an immediate action to make a Sense Motive check. You can use the result as your AC or touch AC against that attack. You must be aware of the attack and not flat-footed.

Male Human Barbarian 1/Rogue 2 HP 31/34 | AC 14 |(Free Re-Roll)| FF 12, T 12 | F+6 R +5 W -2 | Init +6 | Per +5 (+6 Traps) | SM 0 | CMB +3 | CMD 15 | Speed 40'

Farid will drop his axe as a free action, grab Kamlann as his standard action and drag him back into the alcove as his move action. Syndir can handle himself but this man may die if shot once more.

Dark Archive

Up close, the manhunter Dendragon is ruggedly handsome, bald, well-equipped, and (evident despite his prone posture) quite tall. Ignoring the goings-on on the platform below, Dendragon engages Syndir in almost companionable conversation. 'e makes friends fast, doesn't he? Smart, for a pirate."

The manhunter laughs, as though he'd made a joke. Then, he simply opens fire on Syndir with shocking rapidity. As a warrior, Syndir would be hard-pressed not to repsect this man's speed...

Dendragon makes a full-attack action, using Rapid Shot. He is able to reload his (beautiful) heavy darkwood crossbow as a free action. He is benefitting from Point-Blank Shot this time around.

Since Snake Style goes off when you're targeted by an attack, I'll apply it against the very first attack Dendragon makes against you.

Dendragon's first heavy crossbow attack: 1d20 ⇒ 4
Syndir's Snake Style Sense Motive check: 1d20 ⇒ 17

Smoothly wringing his body to one side like a sidewinder, Syndir evades the first bolt with apparent ease.


Dendragon's second heavy crossbow attack: 1d20 ⇒ 16
Dendragon's heavy crossbow damage with Point-Blank Shot: 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15

Perhaps Dendragon was leading Syndir with the first shot, because the second takes Syndir just where the marksman wants him. The bolt grazes Syndir's neck, and may have glanced an artery, judging from the volume of blood...


Dendragon's Rapid Shot crossbow attack: 1d20 ⇒ 18
Dendragon's heavy crossbow damage with Point-Blank Shot: 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15


That puts Syndir at -12 hp. Dead, in other words...

Syndir - only just freed from the curse of the burdensome stone - is shacked again... this time, by the curse of death. Dendragon has slain him on his feet. To all appearances, Syndir's death is painless and instantanous - this warrior clearly knows how to kill a human foe. Two bolts take him in the throat, and it is over.



@ Everyone:
Ouch! Everyone the discussion thread, please. O_o

Male Human Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger) 3

After watching Syndir drop, Seamus's face tightened. Quickly pulling his broken double barreled pistol out along with 2 of his powder horns, he tossed them to the ground next to Kamlann as he nodded to Farid, his voice low. Here's hoping I make it back for these but if not, think of 'em as a parting gift for all the trouble.

Seamus then shoved both his hands up around the corner before stepping out from the alcove, his pistol dangling from a fingertip. Alright, ya' made your point! These men don't owe me nothing and I ain't gonna let 'em pay my butcher's bill for me!

Seamus can't help but tense slightly at the thought of a bolt piercing him from Dendragon.

With Quick Draw for the pistol, I should be able to get rid of the items as a move and free action, leaving me a move action to move out and give myself up.

Dark Archive

With Kamlann negative, it's Jelani's turn.

Male HP:9/17, AC15/To11/FF14, F4/R2/W9 Half-elf (Half Garundi) Diviner 2/Cleric of Nethys 1

Jelani waits to hear the bounty hunter's response before acting.

Delay my initiative until just after Dendragon's.

Dark Archive

Farid, you're up, then.

Male Human Barbarian 1/Rogue 2 HP 31/34 | AC 14 |(Free Re-Roll)| FF 12, T 12 | F+6 R +5 W -2 | Init +6 | Per +5 (+6 Traps) | SM 0 | CMB +3 | CMD 15 | Speed 40'

Farid enters the Temple looking for a back way up those stairs.

Dark Archive

Grunting with apparent effort, Dendragon stands up from his prone position. He pounds on one knee, as though it were sore or stiff.

"Butcher's bill, eh?"

Dendragon takes a somehow-sauntering hustle down the stairs, toward Seamus.

"Come now, Seamus. You know you're innocent of the girl's murder just as well as I do. Only bill you're paying is the Captain's. Tough luck, that."

The pirate-hunter closes the distance, stopping just in front of his mark. Those present notice that Dendragon uses no proper name for the captain in question.

"Good news is, the Cap'n knows you're innocent. You'll not need me to explain how or why he knows such a thing, I think. Should be obvious enough. The bad news is, he sent me after ya' anyhow."

Dendragon squints. "But not to kill 'ya, chum. Just to look like I've done. A little skirmish. A little blood on the docks, a little blood in the water. A little gunfire, a little shouting."

"It's gotta look good. It's gotta hold up against a cursory divination, at the least. Which means we ain't done until you're floatin' in the water there with a bolt protruding outta' ya." Dendragon nods toward the sea, behind Seamus.

"But the great news is, I've got a job offer for you. One of those 'offer you can't refuse' sort of arrangements. Now hold still, old salt."

Dendragon places the crossbow against Seamus' shoulder.

That's a move action to stand and another to close the distance. Jelani can take his delayed action now, then it's Seamus' turn.

Dark Archive

@ Farid:
A cursory patrol reveals no apparent back- or side-entrances or exits from the shrine. Oddly, there is no attendant here. The cursed stone rests on the altar.

Male Human Barbarian 1/Rogue 2 HP 31/34 | AC 14 |(Free Re-Roll)| FF 12, T 12 | F+6 R +5 W -2 | Init +6 | Per +5 (+6 Traps) | SM 0 | CMB +3 | CMD 15 | Speed 40'

Can Farid hear Dendragon talking outside?

Dark Archive

Yes, easily.

Dark Archive

Male Human Magus 3

Kamlann's unconscious mind drifts around the word 'OUCH.'

Male HP:9/17, AC15/To11/FF14, F4/R2/W9 Half-elf (Half Garundi) Diviner 2/Cleric of Nethys 1

Jelani is not going to act yet. He is curious to see what the job offer is.

Dark Archive

Then unless Farid would care to act (which he may, given his recent inquiry), we can probably drop initiative as it's been about a round since anyone took any truly hostile or combat-relevant actions.

Male Human Barbarian 1/Rogue 2 HP 31/34 | AC 14 |(Free Re-Roll)| FF 12, T 12 | F+6 R +5 W -2 | Init +6 | Per +5 (+6 Traps) | SM 0 | CMB +3 | CMD 15 | Speed 40'

With Syndir dead by the bounty hunter's hand there is no way Farid would not freak out and attack Dendragon. So if it is Farid's action he will be attacking.

Male Human Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger) 3

Seamus went back and picked up his discarded items from next to Kamlann. Holstering them and stowing his horns, he went back to Dendragon. Stepping back up to the crossbow, he locked eyes with the bounty hunter refusing to turn away. Seems I don't have much of a choice but to trust you right now. I'm either about to die or about to wish I had and if I have a choice, I'll take the latter. Do it.

Seamus waited for the hit.

Dark Archive

In that case: it is Farid's turn, and Dendragon is on the platform (less than a move action away from you).

Male Human Barbarian 1/Rogue 2 HP 31/34 | AC 14 |(Free Re-Roll)| FF 12, T 12 | F+6 R +5 W -2 | Init +6 | Per +5 (+6 Traps) | SM 0 | CMB +3 | CMD 15 | Speed 40'

Farid hears Dendragon's words as he frantically searches for a way to get behind the man. As it dawns on Farid that there is no back way he realizes that the voice of the Bounty Hunter has come closer to within striking distance.

Hefting his axe he releases the rage he has kept in his heart his entire life. His humiliation at the hands of his own father, his ill treatment as a slave, being on the run for so much time. Combined with the death of the one man who treated him like a true friend Farid has had enough.

He charges and attacks the Bounty Hunter.

Farid Rages +4 to Strengthe and Constitution

Greataxe Attack 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10
Greataxe Damage 1d12 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12

Well THAT was an unsatisfying result...

Male HP:9/17, AC15/To11/FF14, F4/R2/W9 Half-elf (Half Garundi) Diviner 2/Cleric of Nethys 1

Jelani sighed. Some men just couldn't control themselves. Jelani touches a hand briefly to his Nethysian neck piece, calling for his God's aid in this tactically delicate situation. The words of a spell spring to mind, and Jelani quickly intones them. Something to even the odds maybe.

Jelani is using his Bonded Item to spontaneously cast Stumble Gap on Dendragon's square. DC14 reflex save. Since the spell doesn't specify who decides which square they fall into, I assume it's the caster. If this is the case, I'd prefer if he fell into a square which would make Farid block his escape route up the stairs.

Dark Archive

The tall, broad-shouldered bounty hunter seems almost to catch the haft of Farid's greataxe, shoving the weapon aside without a hint of concern.

"Listen, son- oop.."

Dendragon's casually-condescending address is cut short as he is forced to hop awkardly around a sudden depression in the surface of the wooden platform.

Dendragon's Reflex save: 1d20 ⇒ 15

The manhunter gives Jelani a look which perfectly expresses a "come on, now" sentiment.

"Alright," he says. "...if that's how it is."

Dendragon holds up one finger to Seamus, as if to say "just a second."

Dendragon takes a five-foot step back to the edge of the wooden platform and takes a full-attack action with his darkwood heavy crossbow using the Rapid Shot and Point-Blank Shot feats.

Dendragon's first heavy crossbow attack: 1d20 ⇒ 15
Dendragon's heavy crossbow damage: 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12


Dendragon's second heavy crossbow attack: 1d20 ⇒ 15
Dendragon's heavy crossbow damage: 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15


Dendragon's Rapid Shot heavy crossbow attack: 1d20 ⇒ 3


The first two bolts hit home, and the third nearly does. Dendragon raises an eyebrow at Farid, watching him expectantly.

"Alright, then?"

Farid takes 27 points of damage, which (with rage) puts him at 0, unless I am mistaken. It is Seamus' turn. The space in front of Dendragon (between Farid and himself) contains the stumble gap. The current initiative order is as follows:

Farid @ 16
Jelani @15
Dendragon @ 7
Seamus @ 3+
Kamlann @ 3-

Hey, look - I rolled below 8 on the damage die, just the once.

Male Human Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger) 3

Seamus watches the others struggle and simply stands and waits. It was easy enough to earn your freedom, he'd seen this many times on pirate vessels. He'd been press ganged himself on more than one occasion. But he knew only too well what happened to defiant men who couldn't bend and roll with the sea's swells. They inevitably fed the sharks.

Male Human Barbarian 1/Rogue 2 HP 31/34 | AC 14 |(Free Re-Roll)| FF 12, T 12 | F+6 R +5 W -2 | Init +6 | Per +5 (+6 Traps) | SM 0 | CMB +3 | CMD 15 | Speed 40'

Farid staggers backward using his axe to prop himself up.

"You killed my friend you bastard. You think I will just stand here and do nothing". In unbelievable pain Farid fights just to hold himself up. No further action besides plucking some bolts out.

Male HP:9/17, AC15/To11/FF14, F4/R2/W9 Half-elf (Half Garundi) Diviner 2/Cleric of Nethys 1

Jelani shrugs. Pride, it seems, would only get you killed in this case. Jelani gives Dendragon a shrug in response to his look. He comes up behind Farid, placing a hand on the young man's shoulder. "Come now Farid. All you're going to do is get yourself killed as well. My magical energies for the day are nearly expended." Once again, Nethys' healing flows forth from the young priest/mage.

Channel (should catch everyone present, including Dendragon and Kamlann): 1d6 ⇒ 3

"Correction: they are expended."

Dark Archive

Dendragon winks at Jelani. "Good to know."

Then, returning his attention to Farid: "And yes, actually. To answer your question. Yes."

The bounty hunter pops a rolled-parchment note - too small to properly call a scroll - onto the end of the bolt loaded into his. Without taking his eyes off of Farid, Dendragon simply and unceremoniously shoots Seamus in the ribs.

Dendragon's heavy crossbow attack roll: 1d20 ⇒ 11
Dendragon's heavy crossbow damage: 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10

Male Human Barbarian 1/Rogue 2 HP 31/34 | AC 14 |(Free Re-Roll)| FF 12, T 12 | F+6 R +5 W -2 | Init +6 | Per +5 (+6 Traps) | SM 0 | CMB +3 | CMD 15 | Speed 40'

Farid scowls at the man and studies his features adding his name to the list.

Farid simply watches the events as they unfold as he has no love for this fool of a pirate and is sincerely regretting not just ratting the man out earlier in the evening.

Male Human Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger) 3

Seamus clutches at his side at the bolt sticking out. Biting the inside of his mouth hard till he can taste blood, he coughs a bloody phlegm to the wooden boards as he stumbles back from Dendragon. Hopefully it looked like the man had hit a lung with that shot.

Turning to "flee", he tumbles off the dock with a splash into the water. Floating there face down, he hopes his performance was enough to sell it for the bounty hunter as he holds his breath and waits.

Bluff check: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 11

Dark Archive

Dendragon takes a long look at Farid, raising an eyebrow as if to ask "we going to have any more problems?"

After waiting a beat, the bounty hunter turns to leave. "Have a nice trip," he says.

You have no idea what he's talking about.

Male Human Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger) 3

Unless someone does something that would not allow for it, my plan is to hold my breath and float in the water for one minute which should be easy enough with my Con score. I'm sure plenty will be going on in the meantime so adjust around my post as necessary.

After a minute Seamus raises his head out of the water and spins over to float on his back. Tempting to just swim float here for a while. Cluthing the bolt in his ribs, he makes his way to the dock before hauling himself painfully up on to the wood.

Gritting his teeth, he pulled the bolt out of his side and bit back a curse. Pulling the blood stained note off the bolt, he unfurled it to see what the bounty hunter had pushed him into.

Male HP:9/17, AC15/To11/FF14, F4/R2/W9 Half-elf (Half Garundi) Diviner 2/Cleric of Nethys 1

Jelani cocks an eyebrow. "Nice trip?"

Male Human Barbarian 1/Rogue 2 HP 31/34 | AC 14 |(Free Re-Roll)| FF 12, T 12 | F+6 R +5 W -2 | Init +6 | Per +5 (+6 Traps) | SM 0 | CMB +3 | CMD 15 | Speed 40'

Farid glares at Dendragon's back and rushes up the stairs to check on the status of Syndir!

Dark Archive

Syndir is quite dead. You can leave his corpse, or conspire somehow to bring it with you, but the "trip" is spelled out on the waterproof note.

The note says, quite simply: "the Wicked Wench, pier nine, midnight."

Midnight ought to be just shy of two hours from now - plenty of time to get to pier nine... if you so choose. You were looking for a place to lay low (and you curse the expenditure of coin for one of Gann's safehouses). There is the problem of Kamlann, however. Perhaps the shrine's attendant could help...

You could simply leave Kamlann, of course... but you aren't sure if he'd be more angry if you dragged him onto a boat to gods-know-where or if you left him unconcious on a pier for the guard to discover. More muscle is usually better, as a general rule.

All things considered - and Dendragon's interruption of the evening's plans nonwithstanding - it seems that you're onto something strange, together. Something strange and potentially lucrative...

Male Human Barbarian 1/Rogue 2 HP 31/34 | AC 14 |(Free Re-Roll)| FF 12, T 12 | F+6 R +5 W -2 | Init +6 | Per +5 (+6 Traps) | SM 0 | CMB +3 | CMD 15 | Speed 40'

Farid will walk Syndir down the stairs into the Temple and call out for the attendant.

"Please my friend is in desparate need!"

She was just here before and there was no back way out so perhaps she is just hiding with magic? think the young rogue.

Dark Archive

Somehow having navigated the maze of tapestries, the shrine's attendant looms cautiously behind one of the tapestry-walled "rooms" that make up the cells of the shrine.

"More need than I can meet, dearest."

The fine-featured matron peers at Farid. "Might be that Gozreh could heal your harm, though..."

Dark Archive

With Farid inside and Syndir and Kamlann down, it's going to fall to Jelani and Seamus to make a decision about what to do and where to go next. Perhaps the attendant could heal Kamlann, at least - or maybe she could help you with some other sort of spell.

Male Human Barbarian 1/Rogue 2 HP 31/34 | AC 14 |(Free Re-Roll)| FF 12, T 12 | F+6 R +5 W -2 | Init +6 | Per +5 (+6 Traps) | SM 0 | CMB +3 | CMD 15 | Speed 40'

Farid grimaces. "I and one of my companions need your healing Mother. What donation would be sufficient? Also is there no way for the Gods to heal my friend?"

Male Human Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger) 3

Seamus looks to the fallen man before turning to Jelani. I'm heading to the Wicked Wench at midnight. It's probably a safer spot than where we're at now. Granted I don't know if the rest will want to go. But that's where I'll be headed.

Seamus moved over to Kamlann and hauled the injured man into the shrine area. Laying him on the ground he turned to the matronly woman. You seem to have some contact with Gozreh. Any chance you can help this man here? This is a debt I don't want over my head. I need him on his feet if possible. I ain't got much coin but I'll give you what I can.

Dark Archive

The matron looks from Farid to Seamus to Kamlann. She produces three tiny vials from her cloak, and lays them upon the srhrine. "I can heal you for a tithe - aye - or part with these sacred waters, which'll do the same."

Without discussing a price, she lays a hand upon Kamlann. She mutters something - a beautiful string of nonsense words - and some of Kamlann's wounds close up.

Kamlann heals 1d8 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6 hit points.

"There now, dear. He's mostly fixed up." She presses one of the vials on into Seamus' hand, and defly (but openly) empties the entire contents of Kamlann's purse into her own pockets after peering at it for but a moment - it seems she took four platinum, over twenty gold, and a very few silver. She gestures to the vial with a nod.

Though he got a good price for the (apparent) services rendered, Kamlann's coin is now gone - if the potion brings him to positive hit points he'll be waking up without so much as two copper to rub together.

"That'll get him back on his feet when you're ready, and this'll cover the charge. A bit short, honestly, but it'll do. If you lovelies need patched up, too, leave your coin on the shrine and take a vial. Fifty or five - gold or platinum. Or different sort of price, if you care to name one..."

The weathered-but-beautiful matron smiles, and sits down on the edge of the plain stone altar in a very ladylike fashion.

Male Human Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger) 3

Seamus empties the vial in his hand into Kamlann's mouth, hoping it would be enough to get the man moving. He then throws 5 platinum pieces on the slab and grabs one of the other vials, stuffing it into his pouch. He nods to the woman. Much abliged.

hopefully After Kamlann awakes, seeing Syndir on the floor, Seamus looks to Farid. Is there anything to be done for him? If you want to bring him, we can carry him, but I'm guessing our safe house option might be blown. I'm heading for a ship and a meeting at midnight. If you want to tag along, I'll help you carry him and if not then we can part ways but that's where I'm going.

Roll for the vial for Kamlann, assuming it's the same as what you used. 1d8 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8
Subtracting 50 gp for another vial for me.

Male Human Barbarian 1/Rogue 2 HP 31/34 | AC 14 |(Free Re-Roll)| FF 12, T 12 | F+6 R +5 W -2 | Init +6 | Per +5 (+6 Traps) | SM 0 | CMB +3 | CMD 15 | Speed 40'

Farid hands over the platinum piece that he received from Dendragon for whatever healing she will offer.

"May I leave the body of my friend here that he may be buried by your God? If his Gods reside in this city I am not aware of it".

Dark Archive

Kamlann heals four less than that (1d8 + 1), but that's a total of 10, assuming your roll of 3. He's still negative, isn't he..?

The attendant passes a vial to Seamus, but closes Farid's hand over his platinum coin. "Love, that won't buy you much more than a place to rest - and I think you ought to be moving on. I'm not made of magic anyhow, dear. It's the vials or nothing, I'm afraid."

"Gozreh can see to your dead, to be sure, though. Gozreh's burial grounds have given many a warrior a place to rest eternal."

Outside the shrine, Jelani nonetheless hears the "preistess," and catches her meaning.

Male Human Barbarian 1/Rogue 2 HP 31/34 | AC 14 |(Free Re-Roll)| FF 12, T 12 | F+6 R +5 W -2 | Init +6 | Per +5 (+6 Traps) | SM 0 | CMB +3 | CMD 15 | Speed 40'

Farid frowns, "Damned expenseive place to live".

He turns to Seamus, "I have something to get done but I will meet you at midnight at this Wicked Wench. The closer I am to you the closer I may be to that Bounty Hunter".

Dark Archive

Male Human Magus 3

Actually, no, I'm up. Actually, I think I was up after the priestess did her thing, but I'm definitely up now (and would have drunk the potion anyway).

Kamlann's eyes flutter, and although it does take a moment for them to manage it, they also come into focus on the room he's lying in. With a groan, he sits up, trying desperately to figure out where he is and what happened. Farid, Seamus (also wounded by that damn crossbow), the cleric of Gozreh (?) and... no Jelani or Syndir. "Lord of the Nine," he grunts, "how many of us did that demon-blooded bastard take down?" He looks down at the scimitar in its sheath, and frowns in shame that he did not even have his blade drawn before being cut down so quickly.

Dark Archive

"I don't know, dear, but you best be on your way."

It sounds as though Seamus is headed for the pier and Farid plans to meet him there after taking care of something else? Which party or parties will Jelani and Kamlann be joining? Also, are we leaving Syndir's corpse here for the attendant to "bury" in Gozreh's own way?

Male Human Barbarian 1/Rogue 2 HP 31/34 | AC 14 |(Free Re-Roll)| FF 12, T 12 | F+6 R +5 W -2 | Init +6 | Per +5 (+6 Traps) | SM 0 | CMB +3 | CMD 15 | Speed 40'

Farid will take Syndir's backpack with him, no reason to bury him with it or give it to the priests. farid does not see any other option than to leave his friend here.

Garden Tool:
Farid would like to hit the Inns and see if anyone has heard of or even better yet seen Amin. He will give himself enough time though to get to the Wicked Wench to meet with the rest of his new "companions". If possible he would also like to pick up a small crossbow, bolts and some contact poison for the next meeting with Dendragon...

Dark Archive

As I mentioned, midnight is a little less than two hours away. Gathering information with Diplomacy takes 1d4+1 hours. You could literally stop into a couple of nearby inns and ask a random mix of barkeeps and patrons a question or two with Diplomcay requests, but the results are not likely to be useful without a gather information attempt.

EDIT: Ad hoc XP awards in the discussion thread.

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