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Inner Sea Sandbox: Suspicious Minds

Game Master Garden Tool

A sandbox-style Inner Sea campaign featuring a suspiciously-non-good-aligned party of five antiheroes.

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Dark Archive

Male Human Magus 3

Yep. Let's move.

Male Human Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger) 3

Onwards and upwards.

Dark Archive

Several dark-skinned locals do their best to sell you fruit or trinkets on your way out of the city.

Marching orders along the trail to the monestary? Formation, etc?

HP: | AC: | T: | FF: | CMD: | F: | R: | W: | Perc: | SM: | Init:

Syndir was used to such pushy behavior from vendors so he had no trouble ignoring them as they made their way through the market.

I imagine that Kamlann and Farid would want to be up front marching order wise with Syndir and Seamus a few steps behind and to either side of Jelani

Dark Archive

Male Human Magus 3

Sounds about right to me.

Male Human Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger) 3

Sounds good to me.

Male Human Barbarian 1/Rogue 2 HP 31/34 | AC 14 |(Free Re-Roll)| FF 12, T 12 | F+6 R +5 W -2 | Init +6 | Per +5 (+6 Traps) | SM 0 | CMB +3 | CMD 15 | Speed 40'


Male HP:9/17, AC15/To11/FF14, F4/R2/W9 Half-elf (Half Garundi) Diviner 2/Cleric of Nethys 1

That sounds excellent to Jelani, with an addendum that he is going to cast Mage Armour when the party is about a half hour from the monastery, just as a precaution.

Dark Archive

Noted; mage armor is up, then, when the following takes place:

Within an hour, you're out of the city - a wondrous location, in and of itself. Poverty and wealth are both evident at every corner. Similarly, old architecture and new contrast, throughout. Within three more, you're upon the monastery. The hike through the hills was nice enough - save for the occasional whooping, howling sounds of strange animals... always seeming all-too-near. You've been following a little-used trail which branched off from a main road (probably used by the miners, for there are many mines scattered throughout the Bandu Hills). The trail terminates at the monastery, which takes the shape of a tall pagoda. A serene and elegant structure, worthy of Sheylnite worship.

A second glance renders it immediately evident, however, that something is terribly wrong. A beautiful granite statue that sits in the center of the courtyard depicts a fierce ghaele azata holding a great sword and a long scroll. The statue's head has been pulverized, and lies in fragments on the paved block upon which the statue rests.

Two shapes float in the small, round reflecting pool directly in front of the granite statue. After a moment, you register the shapes - a pair of bodies dressed in yellow-gold robes, the color of the sun.

On the fifth floor of the seven-story pagoda, several of the beautiful, colored windows that dress the tower are broken. Glittering yellow glass (each floor is adorned with windows tinted a different color) litters the ground at the base of the pagoda.

No monks are in evidence, though the garden is in relatively good shape. One horse occupies the tiny stable adjacent to the pagoda - it leans against the planking, and appears to be starving, or dying. It bears no apparent injuries, but it is clearly suffering. The monks are behind on their tributes by less than a week, which suggests that whatever happened here happened recently.

The monastery is silent, and not a single light flickers through the colored windows.

Male Human Barbarian 1/Rogue 2 HP 31/34 | AC 14 |(Free Re-Roll)| FF 12, T 12 | F+6 R +5 W -2 | Init +6 | Per +5 (+6 Traps) | SM 0 | CMB +3 | CMD 15 | Speed 40'

"Late payments are the least of their worries. Who wants to check the building with me and who will see to those bodies?"

Dark Archive

Male Human Magus 3

Kamlann's scimitar is out as soon as he recognizes the bodies for what they are. "The dead aren't a concern unless they get back up again," he says flatly. "If whatever did this is still here, though, that is a concern. Leave the bodies - don't split up until we've checked every corner."

HP: | AC: | T: | FF: | CMD: | F: | R: | W: | Perc: | SM: | Init:

Syndir pulled his temple sword from his haversack and belted it on when the prudent Kamlann drew his steel.

Agreed. We can do nothing for the dead now.

Male Human Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger) 3

Seamus draws his pistol and moves towards the two floating bodies. Ain't nothing to be done for them but there's always the chance they could do something for us.

Scanning the area carefully for danger he then pats down the corpses, looking for anything of value as well as any kind of keys or other items that might help them inside the temple.

Perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10

HP: | AC: | T: | FF: | CMD: | F: | R: | W: | Perc: | SM: | Init:

Syndir nodded thoughtfully at the pirate's pragmaticism and scanned the area while Seamus worked.

Perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16

Male HP:9/17, AC15/To11/FF14, F4/R2/W9 Half-elf (Half Garundi) Diviner 2/Cleric of Nethys 1

Jelani's instincts and foresight had told him something was wrong. And it very clearly was. There was perhaps another preperation he could make, but there was a time limit on the spell.

If only he'd been able to master the scrying spells.

Male Human Barbarian 1/Rogue 2 HP 31/34 | AC 14 |(Free Re-Roll)| FF 12, T 12 | F+6 R +5 W -2 | Init +6 | Per +5 (+6 Traps) | SM 0 | CMB +3 | CMD 15 | Speed 40'

Farid heads to the building and searches the doorway to ensure the ransackers did not leave behind any traps.

Search 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14

Male HP:9/17, AC15/To11/FF14, F4/R2/W9 Half-elf (Half Garundi) Diviner 2/Cleric of Nethys 1

On second thought...

If Seamus was going to drag the bodies out of the water, Jelani would at least have a look at them. He might be able to know at least, what killed the monks.

Heal check: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20

Dark Archive

The map is updated with your positions - make sure you're looking at the Shelyn monastery tab. While Farid is searching for traps and Kamlann and Syndir are standing guard, Seamus and Jelani are looting and examining the corpses, respectively. I'd like Kamlann and Syndir to confirm their positions on the map and adjust them as desired since no particular positioning was specified by the two of you. (Schrim is behind the monestary at the top of the map).

While Kamlann and Syndir are doing that, I need Jelani and Seamus to give me Will saves. : D

HP: | AC: | T: | FF: | CMD: | F: | R: | W: | Perc: | SM: | Init:

That looks good to me.

Male HP:9/17, AC15/To11/FF14, F4/R2/W9 Half-elf (Half Garundi) Diviner 2/Cleric of Nethys 1

Will Save: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (16) + 9 = 25
Just to toss a reminder in here, if we are being ambushed, Jelani gets to act in the surprise round.


The Pseudo-doctor had just arrived at the monastery when he discovered some bodies. He knew he should feel something about this, but when you no longer have any sort of bowels, your ability to feel much of any sympathy is severely hampered, amongst other things.

Schrim heard voices speaking, and strained to hear what they were saying. When he heard one say "the dead aren't a concern unless they get back up again", he decided that perhaps he shouldn't make himself known to them quite yet. Hiding behind the monastery, and waiting for them to discover something important or through their noise attract whatever had done all this killing, he stood incredibly still. Not having to breathe or shift weight had some advantages.

He was a bit concerned for his friend as losing him might make it difficult for him, but it seemed like there might be little he could do at this time.

Dark Archive

Male Human Magus 3

Kamlann would have circled the other way, but that's adjusted now.

Male Human Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger) 3

Sorry for the delay, the game didn't have a "new" indicator next to it in my list so I just thought we were still waiting on something. Of course it was me.

Will save: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (20) + 3 = 23

Dark Archive

By some odd quirk or effect, Jelani and Seamus seem to "see" the corpses floating in the water as they must have been in life - healthy, fit, and vibrant living people. The effect is clearly an illusion, or some other trick of the mind. An effect inherent to the pool, perhaps? Whatever the ruse, Jelani and Seamus are too experienced and savvy to believe it, seeing right through strange the illusory trick.

The bodies clearly belonged to monks or priests, by their garb - colorful robes and Shelyn's iconography. As Seamus begins to pat them down, Jelani is seized by a powerful divinitory premonition. Something is about to happen. Something dangerous.

???: 1d20 ⇒ 20
Jelani's initiative check: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 2 = 17

Suddenly, the unmistakable sound of shattering glass erupts from the sixth floor of the pagoda. Farid doesn't even have time to look up before he is struck - not a killing blow, by Shelyn's grace, just a glance - by a granite statue that topples out of the broken window some sixty feet above.

1d20 ⇒ 18 (modifier withheld)
falling object damage 3d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 1) = 9

As the sculpture smashes into the ground beside him, Farid is clipped by some part of the object - an arm? Despite his good fortune in surviving, Farid does suffer a painful and shocking head wound.

It is at that very moment that one of the corpses floating in the pool reaches up to clutch Seamus' arm.

undead monk's grapple check: 1d20 ⇒ 13 (modifier withheld)

Distracted by the calamity of the falling sculpture, Seamus realizes the danger that he's in a moment too late to prevent it. One of the undead things in the pool has grabbed him, and the other has shambled to its feet.

Jelani, forewarned by the favor of Nethys, is the first to react. One of the undead horrors emerges from the pool, dripping wet and scowling.

You can't five-foot step out of 5-foot deep water and onto land, so the undead are done. Farid is now standing in rubble, not that it should matter much since leaving difficult terrain incurs no penalties. Farid has received 9 points of damage. Jelani can take a single action in the surprise round. While he's doing that, everyone (including Jelani and also including Schrim, who can hear the commotion and the splashing) can roll their own initiatives. As you act, you can start rolling any Knowledges you'd like to try.


Hearing the commotion going on, Schrim decides quickly that it would be good for him to see better what is going on so he can come to a conclusion on how to proceed.

Schrim moves to AG12 as a double move

HP: | AC: | T: | FF: | CMD: | F: | R: | W: | Perc: | SM: | Init:

Everything seemed to be happening at the same time. One of the corpses grabbed Seamus and ...a statue?..fell near enough to Farid to clip accident there...On guard people!

Initiative: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15

Syndir waggled his fingers and hissed sharp constanants as he fell into his swaying Pai Jong stance.

Standard Action - cast Mage Armor and Swift action to activate Snake Style

Dark Archive

Male Human Magus 3

Initiative 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7

Male Human Barbarian 1/Rogue 2 HP 31/34 | AC 14 |(Free Re-Roll)| FF 12, T 12 | F+6 R +5 W -2 | Init +6 | Per +5 (+6 Traps) | SM 0 | CMB +3 | CMD 15 | Speed 40'

farid was gravely injured in the fight with Denegar. He would have healed 3 HP during the trip here the night before placing him at 9. Therefore he is at 0 HP and while not unconscious is dazed. I think he has a healing potion but I am not sure, will have to look in his inventory.

Male Human Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger) 3

Init: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (7) + 2 = 9

Male HP:9/17, AC15/To11/FF14, F4/R2/W9 Half-elf (Half Garundi) Diviner 2/Cleric of Nethys 1

Jelani backpedaled as soon as his instincts kicked in, moving away from the undead...

Standard action to Withdraw up to my speed. (Moved 30ft)
I'll just use the initiative check you rolled for me Garden.
Knowledge check (Religion I assume): 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (3) + 9 = 12

HP: | AC: | T: | FF: | CMD: | F: | R: | W: | Perc: | SM: | Init:

Seeing his friend rocked by the fallen statue Syndir moved to help them.

Remaining move action to W-20

Dark Archive

The journey aboard the ship took several days. Farid (and everyone else) should be at full hp.

Schrim, I need initiatives, not actions. Also, you won't be going in the surprise round. The same goes for Syndir - hold off on your actions. I only need a surprise round action from Jelani, as per my post.


Fair enough, we can just use that action for later unless I get attacked too.
Initiative:1d20 + 11 ⇒ (5) + 11 = 16

HP: | AC: | T: | FF: | CMD: | F: | R: | W: | Perc: | SM: | Init:

Oops! Sorry Garden Tool. Got carried away...

Dark Archive


Farid's initiative check: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (12) + 3 = 15


Undead @ 20
Jelani @ 17
Schrim @ 16
Syndir @ 15+
Farid @ 15-
Seamus @ 9
Kamlann @ 7

That's it for the surprise round. Jelani has no idea what these are with that Knowledge check. Onto the next round, starting with the undead.

The horror which has climbed out of the pool charges Jelani with an angry growl. Swiping at the priest with one filthy claw, the humanoid undead thing opens a nasty gash in Jelani's collar.

Undead's claw attack: 1d20 ⇒ 17 (modifier withheld)
Undead's claw damage: 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

Jelani, I need a Fortitude save when you get a chance. That claw is filthy, and your injury is at risk of becoming infected.

Meanwhile, the creature in the waist-deep pool continues to clutch at Seamus, attempting to smash his head against the edge of the pool. The undead creature largely succeeds - with much splashing and struggling, the monster begins to gleefully thump the pirate's now-bloodied head against the stone lip of the pool. The undead monk laughs as it does so - not the behavior of a mindless creature...

Undead's grapple CMB check (to deal damage): 1d20 ⇒ 14 (modifier withheld)
Undead's natural attack or unarmed strike damage: 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

Wow, max damage both times. Whelp, Jelani is first to act in round 1. Everyone please remember that attacking a creature that is standing in waist-deep water from the land gives that creature improved cover (+8 AC, +4 Reflex). Get in the water with it and you're fine.

Male HP:9/17, AC15/To11/FF14, F4/R2/W9 Half-elf (Half Garundi) Diviner 2/Cleric of Nethys 1

HP: 12/17
AC (AC/To/FF): 15/11/14
Current Effects: Mage Armour (~1.5 hours left)

Fortitude Save: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (10) + 4 = 14

Jelani cursed his unpreparedness. He wasn't ready to deal with undead. He should've seen through the illusion more quickly. He needed to create time for his allies to act.

Taking a quick step back, away from the undead creature, Jelani grasps his amulet, calling to mind words of power. Delicate arcane tracings are woven quickly, and suddenly a hole appeared just underneath the enemy's foot.

Jelani will 5-ft step directly away and cast Stumble Gap using his Arcane Bond, targetting the undead which attacked him. Reflex save is DC 14.

Dark Archive

Undead's Reflex save: 1d20 ⇒ 8 (modifier withheld)
stumble gap damage: 1d6 ⇒ 4

With a growl of surprise, the undead monster stumbles forward in pursuit of the half-elven priest, and trips over the shallow groove made manifest by Jelani's spell, falling flat on its face.

The monster falls into space P26.

Schrim creeps around the building. (Taking the actions he described earlier.)

It is Syndir's turn.

HP: | AC: | T: | FF: | CMD: | F: | R: | W: | Perc: | SM: | Init:

Retconned position since earlier post didnt happen.

Syndir waggled his fingers and hissed sharp constanants as he fell into his swaying Pai Jong stance.

Swift action to activate Snake Style. Standard action to cast Mage Armor. Move to Q,25

Male Human Barbarian 1/Rogue 2 HP 31/34 | AC 14 |(Free Re-Roll)| FF 12, T 12 | F+6 R +5 W -2 | Init +6 | Per +5 (+6 Traps) | SM 0 | CMB +3 | CMD 15 | Speed 40'

Farid Round 1 - HP - 16/23

Farid is angered by being struck yet again without a chance to retaliate. He rushes headlong into the building to look for the bastard that dropped the statuary on him.

Farid will also grab his new crossbow from his backpack.

What do I see as I enter the building?

Dark Archive

Opening the door is a move action; you have one action left. Map updated.

Male Human Barbarian 1/Rogue 2 HP 31/34 | AC 14 |(Free Re-Roll)| FF 12, T 12 | F+6 R +5 W -2 | Init +6 | Per +5 (+6 Traps) | SM 0 | CMB +3 | CMD 15 | Speed 40'

Farid will move into the building then, don;t want to be hit by any more falling objects.

Male Human Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger) 3

Seamus tries to shake his head clear as the undead creature held to him tightly. Slipping a hand free, he pulled his scimitar quickly from his waist and sliced at the creature holding him, trying to slide the blade between himself and it.

Quick Draw to pull out my MW Scimitar. (Or move action if you'd prefer, either way shouldn't matter.)
Standard action to attack with a light or one handed weapon while grappled.
Scimitar attack (with grapppled penalties included): 1d20 + 5 - 2 ⇒ (17) + 5 - 2 = 20, Damage: 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6

Dark Archive

Farid, go ahead and move your "mini" wherever you're going.

Struggling wildly, Seamus' scimitar connects with only water. The blade makes a big splash, but does no harm to anyone.

Reminding everyone again - attacks from land against creatures half-submerged in water have to deal with improved cover (+8 AC, +4 Reflex) per the rules for water-based combat.

It is Kamlann's turn.

Male Human Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger) 3

I only bring this up because my hitting an AC 20 seems to have been a miss due to water. But if I'm being grappled by the creature, either he moved into my space or I moved into his per the rules but either way wouldn't this negate the cover bonus it receives from being in the water? How can I be on land and he be in water and yet he's got his arms wrapped around me? Just wondering cause if that's the case, there's no way I'll ever be able to deal with this.

Dark Archive

Male Human Magus 3

Grappling doesn't work like that in PF. However, Kamlann's heading that way.

"No, damn your eyes!" Kamlann shouts at Farid, but he turns and heads toward Seamus. [B]"Stay close!"[b] As he moves, he intones a protective incantation.

Standard action to cast shield, swift action to channel an arcane point into his scimitar, move action to get into the water. Posting from phone means I can't move myself on the map, but I think I can get to X27.

Dark Archive

@ Seamus: The sharing-spaces-in-a-grapple mechanic is a 3.0/3.5 artefact. In Pathfinder, "grappled" is just a condition. He's standing in the water and he's got his hands around you - you both occupy your own spaces and you both have the "grappled" condition. Strategically, the situation you're in is pretty crappy. Tactically speaking, your best bet is probably not to fight back, but to get free. Being unable to enter the water and even the playing field means that you can't get around the improved cover problem until you can move again.

@ Kamlann: I moved your guy to X27.

As Farid enters the monastery, he immediately picks up on a rotten smell. Furthermore, the whole place seems to have been tossed - ruined oil paintings and shredded silk banners litter the walls and floor.

Outside, the risen monk wading through the water ignores the newcomer, and continues to cackle as it grinds and thumps Seamus' head against the stone corner of the man-made pool.

Undead's grapple CMB check (to deal damage): 1d20 ⇒ 19 (modifier withheld)
Undead's natural attack or unarmed strike damage: 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4

The second creature continues to claw at Jelani. Hissing a short and unintelligible phrase that might be "die priest," the creature scratches and slashes at the half-elf with its filthy nails. It doesn't bother to get up, instead attacking from the ground with desperate fervor. It almost seems to want to climb Jelani.

Undead's claw attack: 1d20 ⇒ 19 (modifier withheld)
Undead's claw damage: 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2

Undead's claw attack: 1d20 ⇒ 16 (modifier withheld)
Undead's claw damage: 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

@ Jelani: Wow; that's 12 damage you have now, I think. I need a pair of Fortitude saves (one for each seemingly-infected claw) on or before your turn.

Male Human Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger) 3

Understood on the grapple stuff, reread the Pathfinder stuff on it. I think the other part of my confusion was in the placement of the corpses and my searching. I assumed I would have had to climb into the pool to search them, I didn't realize it was possible from the edge. Everything's squared away now and I'll figure out how to deal with it on my next action.


Schrim trotted up to the corner of the building to get a look into what was happening beyond. It seemed as if some of the dead monks had issue with intruders and something had fallen off of the roof. The melee that had broken out in the courtyard looked serious, but there was no telling what kind of response he would receive if he went out there. But there were a fair amount of monks here, it might make sense to ally with the intruders if they were winning.

He decided to move on out into the courtyard and gauge their response from there. He also tried to keep an eye on the roof, in case someone was interested in squashing him as well.

Double move to AA22
Perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (11) + 8 = 19

HP: | AC: | T: | FF: | CMD: | F: | R: | W: | Perc: | SM: | Init:

Moved you on the map Schrim.

Syndir regarded the crawling corpse with disgust. He was shocked to see it able to scratch at Jelani despite its vantage point. He drew his temple sword and sliced at the vile creature.

Sword Attack: 1d20 + 4 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 4 + 2 = 9 +2 is for flanking

Damage: 1d8 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5

Male HP:9/17, AC15/To11/FF14, F4/R2/W9 Half-elf (Half Garundi) Diviner 2/Cleric of Nethys 1

Remember that a prone creature is at -4 AC against melee. Also, Syn... you aren't flanking. Unless you wanted to step into the Stumble gap square.
Fort Saves: 2d20 ⇒ (6, 4) = 10 for a total of 10 and 8. Oh boy.

Jelani winces in pain, holding his staff in front of his as he backs as far away from the prone menace as possible.

Withdraw action to T25, moving around the undead's threatened area. Stumble gap and Syndir between me and him now :D

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