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Inner Sea Sandbox: Suspicious Minds

Game Master Garden Tool

A sandbox-style Inner Sea campaign featuring a suspiciously-non-good-aligned party of five antiheroes.

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Current Characters

Dark Archive Garden Tool

(1,331 posts)

Silver Crusade n o 417

Human Teacher
(124 posts)

m Orc 8 Fighter / 2 Champion
(1,561 posts)
Liberty's Edge Shisumo

Human (Minkai) Samurai (sword saint) 7 (Order of the Warrior)
(4,217 posts)
Friendly Fighter
Farid Heydar

Male Human Barbarian 1/Rogue 1 HP 20/23 | AC 14 , FF 12, T 12 | F+6 R +4 W -2 | Init +6 | Per +4 | SM 0 | CMB +2 | CMD 14 | Speed 40'

played by Dennis Harry (455 posts)
Sunlord Thalachos
GM Fireclaw

played by FireclawDrake (1,454 posts)
Paracount Julistar
Jelani Guldis

Male HP:9/17, AC15/To11/FF14, F4/R2/W9 Half-elf (Half Garundi) Diviner 2/Cleric of Nethys 1

played by FireclawDrake (115 posts)
Aram Zey
Dark Archive Kamlann of Egorian

Male Human Magus 3

played by Shisumo (132 posts)
Dr Davaulus
Schrim Daskovi


played by Oterisk (42 posts)
Shackles Pirate
Seamus Haggrathy

Male Human Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger) 3

played by Jonasty1031 (152 posts)
Lord Raheem Pandisar
Syndir Apep

HP: | AC: | T: | FF: | CMD: | F: | R: | W: | Perc: | SM: | Init:

played by Stiehl9s (413 posts)

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