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Dark Archive

@ Arknight: The custom race examples are just examples; they are not playable (or even existing) races for the purposes of my game or my Golarion. I apologize if this seems arbitrary, but this has everything to do with PC-NPC transparency. The PCs build on the same foundations that the rest of the world builds on: the available races, classes, and character options.

In a broader sense (thought it doesn't really apply here) I've always thought it adds a sense of satisfaction to the game when you succeed with only the resources you were given.

With that said, there's nothing stopping you from playing a lizardfolk. There are guidelines for which monstrous, more-than-1-Hit-Die races are appropriate for monstrous PCs - and the lizardfolk qualifies. As a CR 1 creature, playing a lizardfolk would cost you one character level. So, you could play a LG lizardfolk paladin 2. If you choose to go that route, you'll have two racial Hit Die and two Hit Die from class. You'll "maximize" the hp from your first class Hit Die, and you'll get your first ability score increase right away, since you'll have a total of 4 Hit Die. The downside is basically that one level of a PC class is generally better than two levels in "monstrous humanoid," although as monstrous humanoids go, the lizardfolk's natural armor alone is a good "buy" for your one-level investment. You'd have better Fort and the same BAB as a 3rd level paladin, a few more hp, and extremely good AC. In exchange, you'll delay your mercy, fear immunity, spells, mount, channeling, extra smiting, and so on. You'll also have poorer Reflex and Will saves. You will not speak Common unless you buy Linguistics ranks.

From lizardfolk, you would gain:

2 racial d8 Hit Die (which amounts to 9 hp, before Con)
2 skill points (plus Int) for each of those two Hit Die
Climb, Craft, Handle Animal, Heal, Profession, Ride, and Survival as class skills
+5 natural armor
+2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Int
two claw attacks
a bite attack
a +4 racial bonus on Acrobatics checks
the Hold Breath special quality
a swim speed of 15 feet and a +8 bonus on Swim checks
base saves of +3 Fort, +0 Ref, +0 Will from racial Hit Die
you'll speak Draconic, and have access to no other bonus languages

A quick note: I highly recommend that you submit a character who can speak Common. Unless you have a high Int (unlikely), playing a lizardfolk only nets you two extra skill points. You know what to do with them.

If the racial Hit Die turns you off of the idea, there are plenty of other monstrous races in the ARG.

A bit slow going with my character creation, but still very interested in the game and keeping an eye on the thread. At least I've finally settled on race and my second domain.

Garden Tool wrote:
@ Dark Netwerk: Sounds good - I've not run for a bard in some time. Keep participating in the thread; check back once a day or so.

Yeah. I don't think I've ever played a bard... Well maybe back when it was a prestige class.

Of course, the Archaeologist archetype does get rid of one of the 'iconic' bard abilities (performance), so I'm not sure I'd still be able to say I've played a bard should I get picked. It's more of a rogue with spells (and a nifty luck ability).

I guess I could go Archivist to keep some of the group performance stuff as well as the traps bit, but I recently saw, in passing, one of the Indiana Jones movies on the TV, so am still leaning towards the Archeologist. Maybe pick up some ranks in Profession (teacher), if there is such a thing.

Dark Archive

@Dark Netwerk: I don't think I've seen a Bard run since second edition. I'm looking forward to seeing them, even if I'm not invited to join the party.

Dark Archive


For reference (to all the newcomers thinking about posting a submission), our prospects so far are:

Arknight, with an unnamed monstrous paladin (solid combatant)
bigrin42, with Kargath (combat-controller combatant)
Celeador, with Elsir Thran (problem-solving arcane spellcaster)
Dark Netwerk, (with a yet-unnamed arcane spellcasting healer and scout)
Joy, with Embrianna (skilled and knowledgable healer and divine spellcaster)
Kybryn, (with a yet-unnamed arcane spellcasting combat-controller and problem solver)
Nazard, with Xara Ozolins (arcane spellcaster with a skilled scouting companion)
Shisumo, by invitation (with a yet-unnamed combatant and scout)
Stiehl9s, by invitation (to be determined)
twilsemail, (to be determined)
Zack Muad'Dweeb, with Hakonyr (skilled scout and combatant)

If your concept is listed above but misrepresented, let me know.

This list includes only submitters who have posted at least twice, across two days (today and yesterday). Presence and participation really count. I know it's a slightly-unusual recruiting method, but I really prefer to spend some time in the recruitment thread, monitoring post count and getting a feel for enthusiasm, reliability, personality, and character build before selecting players. I'll also be taking into account how completely each poster seems to have read the guidelines and campaign details...

As I've said, I'm thinking of closing recruitment on or around Monday. I will not be able to post this upcoming Friday, but I will check the thread near the end of the day or during the weekend. If you're looing to play, post soon and maintain a presence in the thread.

We could use more combatant and healer submissions. Scouting options appear to be pretty well covered - I can't choose all rogues and rangers!

TO THOSE POSTERS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSIDERATION: Feel free to begin fleshing out a few details if you have not begun to do so already. More information means more for me to consider. As it stands, I've got a lot to choose from (post count and attitude nonwithstanding) when it comes to scouts and skilled-and-spellcasting-problem-solvers. More information can only help.

@ Shisumo, Stiehl9s, and twilsemail: Any concrete thoughts on a build or (more importantly) a role? twilsemail, are you considering a lycanthrope based on a CR 1 animal? Something entirely different?

Garden Tool wrote:
@EVERYONE: I don't mind saying that Shisumo and Stiehl9s are here by invitation, so don't be confused if I select them despite a low post count in the recruitment thread. Both are extremely reliable players.

Speaking as someone who has seen more than one pbp campaign derailed by unreliable players I think that is fair. We can all say we are reliable but how can you tell?

Anyway here is Bedu. He originates from Rob McCreary's game (before he joined Paizo) and is possibly my favourite PC I've played on the boards, since 2007. He is an arabian-style dwarf bard packed with brains, skills and a facile tongue, however he has been meagre at combat at best.

I shall pray for the enlightenment to best show off his many talents.

Cheers and good luck to one and all

Dark Archive

@ French Wolf: Assuming that you bring Bedu up to the specifications in the first post, a skilled dwarven bard is acceptable and appropriate.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Given that you said to check back in a day or so, here I am. I'll get my dwarf disabling fighter character (Kargath) put together over lunch today.

The Exchange

Will do. His crunch is more than a little out of date, and the Iskandria game had tons of intrigue so the background showed a bit too much paranoia for a team player.

I'll work on it over the next few days, taking my time because I have a busy schedule until Friday evening. Okay?


P.S. Do the factions of the Pathfinder Society (and their traits) matter in your game?

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Garden Tool wrote:
We could use more combatant and healer submissions. Scouting options appear to be pretty well covered - I can't choose all rogues and rangers!

Yeah, that's the problem. I noticed that too, but I'm already playing a beatstick and a healer in my other two games with you, so I was hoping to change things up a bit.

Well, my first idea is a dhampir ninja, whose focus would be scouting and melee combat - backstory would actually not involve a vampire, but rather a close encounter between her mother and nightwave. (She's hasn't been trained by a secretive clan of assassins or anything like that; instead, she's got a strange connection to the Plane of Shadow in addition to being semi-undead.) But I'm also thinking now about a melee-focused inquisitor, someone who could theoretically cover the melee, scouting and healing roles if I built them right...

GT: Nothing to apologize for, I completely understand :)

I agree that a character level is worth 2 monstrous levels, so I'll see what I can work up. :) If nothing else, I'll do it as a Half-Orc with some appropriate alternate racial traits.

Dark Archive

@ bigrin42: Sounds like a plan, and a necessary role.

@ Shisumo: Good job stumping me on what the hell a nightwave was. Had to look it up. Sounds like you're looking at some melee and scouting combination, then, either way you cut it.

Dark Archive

Garden Tool wrote:
@ Shisumo, Stiehl9s, and twilsemail: Any concrete thoughts on a build or (more importantly) a role? twilsemail, are you considering a lycanthrope based on a CR 1 animal? Something entirely different?

I've been reading everything I can on Groetus thus far. There's not much to read, really. Initially I'd seen him as a force of Entropy, now I'm not sure if that works out as well as I'd thought.

I'm sitting the fence between Chaos (Protean/ Madness (Nightmare) or taking the Separatist Archetype and taking one of those two with Decay.

I see the cleric as viewing Groetus as a force of Entropy. Yes, he will destroy all of existence. He will do it when the time comes and it will be glorious. In the mean time, the world needs to keep on ticking.

I'm not sure if Lycanthrope (Wolf) winds up being LA+1 or LA+2. I think it'd be LA+1.

I'm working on fleshing out a charater sheet and a character history. I'll post more as it develops.

Okay, you aren't starting until at least Monday, I got that. Let me rephrase the question. I was in a bit of a hurry during the first post and maybe I didn't get my point across.

You don't require stat blocks to begin, are you going to want us to do them before you make the decision on who you want, or are you going to make the decision based on our concepts and we will have a couple days to do our builds? Also, will you allow us to change our builds after we are picked and before we start to allow greater team synergy (such as not duplicating knowledges)?

Garden Tool wrote:
@EVERYONE: I don't mind saying that Shisumo and Stiehl9s are here by invitation, so don't be confused if I select them despite a low post count in the recruitment thread. Both are extremely reliable players.

I've played with him before, so I can't blame you there.

I've got a build for something that is interesting to me. It's a NG Grippli Duelist build with Daggers for his preferred weapon. He would be a native that traveled through connections with the Pathfinder Society on a trade mission to Absalom. He stayed longer than he intended, due to the wonders of the city. There he received specialized defensive training in a monastery there. He was accepted there for a while because of his unique physiology, and left on amiable terms when he finally decided it was time to go home.

He gets along well with all kinds of people, and he would work well as a scout with a decent perception score, darkvision and speed. He will also have defensive support with some striking capability, especially at later levels. I will start with two levels of monk and one level of fighter, eventually going with the Duelist prestige class. I chose the dagger because of it's versatility in combat. Gripplis also get net proficiency, so he will be able to do a bit of battlefield control with that as well.

Anyone else notice that Garden Tool is an anagram of Great Noodl? :)

Anyways, I've reconsidered my concept. I'm now considering a big, smashy thing smashing things with a big smashy thing. Or maybe not so big.

Either way, it'll have more of a survival (read: combat) focus. Will expand on this later.

Here's the initial background for Kargath. Don't bother checking the crunch yet - it's just a template from a previous dwarf that I'll be filling in during lunch. Just wanted to give you an idea of who Kargath is and what his motivations are.



Scarred and weathered beyond belief. That's about how most would describe Kargath. A network of crisscrossing scars line his face and arms, evidence of hundreds of bar fights and street brawls. The dwarf' stares at the world through one bloodshot gray eye. The other eye socket is empty, the scarring around the socket a testimony to the fate of the eye. A bulbous nose, broken many times, protrudes from Kargath's face, and his grin is missing teeth. Still, the dwarf appears friendly enough...right?


Kargath is a brash and in your face kind of dwarf. He says what he wants, when he wants, and anyone who wishes to take offense can take it with his boot up their arse. Known for his propensity to start a fight at the drop of a hat, Kargath is also known for fighting dirty. They say you shouldn't bring fists to a knife fight, but no one ever said that to Kargath more than once. The dwarf learned fighting in back alleys for quick cash, and there are no rules back there. He has been known to say more than once, "Ye can keep yer stinkin' honor and yer flatulent nobility, I'll keep yer cash." Still, for those he considers friends, Kargath will go to great lengths, and he is amiable enough for the most part. Just don't call his mother an orc unless you are mounted on a fast horse...with a half a league head start.


Born to a wandering clan of the Shattered Range, Kargath was hailed as good luck for the clan from birth, due largely to a shock of bright red hair. He grew up in the caravans, traveling from village to town, town to city, always on the move with a caravan of metalsmiths and merchants. His "lucky" hair made him the pride fo the elders, and the bane of all the other dwarflings. From an early age, he learned that being different made some others eant to hate you, so hate you they did. As a dwarven lad, fighting was normal, even expected. It was the way dwarves sorted out clan pecking order and ascendency. However, for Kargath it was more than normal, it was a way of life. The dwarfven boy fought daily, and eventually he learned if you didn't act as if the fighting bothered you, if you embraced it and took joy in it, it became a thing of beauty.

When he came of age, he took his traveling inheritance and left the caravan, never to return. His arms were strong from working the metalsmiths' bellows and from wielding the forge hammer. His knuckles were craggy and swollen with hardened bone from near constant use against other dwarven skulls. His first visit to a human town ended him in jail - no real surprise to anyone, except maybe Kargath. He simply didn't know when the scarper from teh city watch and was left standing in a bar atop a pile of local ruffians, laughing to the high hills.

He learned when to run though, and eventually he learned that when his money ran out, there were always those who would make a wager on a fighting match - in the arena or out, it didn't matter. Kargath relished these fights and won far more than he lost. His cash stockpile grew and then was frittered away on food and ale. He didn't really care. Money was there to be spent, after all, and he could always make more.

He lost his eye to an orc, one who preferred to play with his food before he ate it. He took Kargath's eye in a move that the dwarf would have described as beautiful, if it had been anyone other than an orc that had done it - and if it had been done to anyone other than Kargath, of course. He broke both the orc's legs for that, and stomped on some ribs for good measure before rushing off to practice the move. It became one of the dwarf's favorite moves. So much so, that many of his recent opponents had laid down "rules" against eye if they had the right to put rules on fighting!

Then, as he was holding and iced compress to his nose to stop the thing from bleeding after a particularly long match with an ogre wrestler - a former slave from Cheliax - in a small town down by way of the Mwangi Expanse, he overheard a group of men, dwarves, and elves talking about their haul from the last dungeon they raided. Apparently, if you were on a "job" or a "quest" you could make good money beating things up and taking their loot. Kargath grew excited and joined the crew, buying ales and asking them to "sign me up!"

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Garden Tool wrote:
@ Shisumo: Good job stumping me on what the hell a nightwave was. Had to look it up. Sounds like you're looking at some melee and scouting combination, then, either way you cut it.

Yeah, pretty much. If I go with an inquisitor, I think it would be a human inquisitor of Desna, focusing on her opposition to Lamashtu (and, by extension, a demon- and monster-hunting type). The travel element of Desna's portfolio would work well with a Pathfinder as well. Might try to see if I could make duel-wielded starknives a viable combat style...

@Garden Tool

With a last attempt at making my original concept work, I have another proposal (if not i'll have to rework my concept entirely, which is fine). Would you be alright with the Fey Creature Template? It's a +1 template that scales to +2 at level 10. I just wouldn't take the upgrades at level 10.


Dark Archive

@ bigrin: I've updated the roster-in-progress. Stay active, read up, and work out some details.

@ twilsemail: A wolf lycanthrope amounts to a +1 CR adjustment for a second-level or lower PC. Thus, you would have two character levels and a +1 CR template. Unlike Arknight's situation, you'll gain no racial Hit Die, so your BAB, base saves, and hp will suffer.

You gain quite a lot of features for your 1-level investment, however, including +4 AC and DR 10/silver(!).

I read the advertisement, and this game sounds great. I am thinking of doing an NG elven cleric of Nethys with the magic and rune domains. The reason he would be venturing into the wilderness as a pathfinder is to rediscover old magics as it advances the cause of his deity.

He is originally from Absalom, and his main party role would be as a healer. I will make him more light armor based with a higher Dex score, and act as a backup battle caster if needed. I'll work up a full background and character sheet this afternoon if this sounds acceptable.

Dark Archive

I think I'm going to go with a mildly heretical view (though with no organized church, it's hard to be a heretic) without taking the separatist archetype. Groetus is, after-all, a neutral god and not an evil one. He doesn't want to end the world, he just wants to make sure it's taken care of when it does end.

Name is forthcoming, though the concept is working itself out in my head. I kind of wish Groetus had Religious traits sitting around somewhere.

My party Role will likely be a bit of a survivalist (skill). He'll likely know his way around a dungeon and a church (skills).

In combat he'll be alternating between battlefield control and hitting things in the face. I'd prefer to stick with the first bit.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

All right, let's see what we come up with here.

The character is Nicoleta Mishrava, a Varisian from northern Ustalav whose family caravan was nearly wiped out in a demonic attack that managed to punch through the defenses around the Worldwound. She grew up to become a protector of others who might suffer the same sort of loss, as well as a hunter of the demons and abominations Lamashtu has loosed on the world. She has allied with the Pathfinder Society to use its resources to help her find and combat these evils, wherever they might hide...

Mechanical notes: Nicoleta would be an inquisitor of Desna, using the preacher archetype and the dual-talented human racial trait. Probably the travel domain, though I am still pondering that. Dual-wielding masterwork cold iron starknives, with a mix of sneaking/scouting and Knowledges for skills.

I had posted earlier as Kozaric, this is my human rogue I would like to submit. I will up date his gear and stats to third and change his traits.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Addendum: inquisitor!Nicoleta is CG, and - if factions wind up being relevant either mechanically or for flavor - would probably be part of the Silver Crusade.

Since inquisitor!Nicoleta's background is just a variation on what I was developing for my ninja, I'm going to run with that and put forward ninja!Nicoleta, a dhampir ninja. Their backstories are similar, except ninja!Nicoleta's caravan was basically entirely wiped out by a nightwave that appeared, more or less without any warning whatsoever, out of Lake Encarthan while the caravan was camped nearby. Only Nicoleta's pregnant mother survived, and her unborn daughter was strangely affected by the experience. The pale, light-wary girl was shunned by the townsfolk living nearby as she grew up, and her mother was killed when the locals accused her of witchcraft after a bad harvest. Nicoleta was left to fend for herself, but found she had unusual abilities that helped her survive on the streets of Caliphas. Eventually she joined the Pathfinder Society, in hopes of finding some way to "cure" the "curse" on her.

Mechanical notes: ninja!Nicoleta is CN, would focus on scouting and melee combat via a katana, and also has some minor social skills if needed.

Here is an early view of the character. Before favoured class bonuses and equipment buy. In the flavour of Indiana Jones, I decided to be a whip user (improved trip & weapon focus).

I chose knowledge skills that I can relate to antiquities in some way (e.g. arcana for ancient mysteries, religion for mythic history, local for legends, history for.. well.. history, and round it out with engineering and nobility) and took profession (teacher).

I see him as a knowledgable professor, but a little distracted, particularly when he hears of new potential dig sites or unexplored ruins. He often leaves the class to the assistants so he can pursue these leads. Of course, when he gets back, he'll give a lecture on the discovery.

Question: I picked up some ranks in linguistics. What languages would you suggest as being appropriate to the concept? Azlanti is the obvious one, and maybe Osiriani. Being in the Mwangi expanse, it might make sense to have Polyglot (unless we can hire translators). Any further suggestions?


Prelim Stat Block:

Male human Bard 3
CG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +2 ; Senses Perception +7
AC 16, touch 12, flat-footed 14 (+4 armor, +2 dex)
hp 24 (3d8+6)
Fort +3, Ref +5, Will +2
Defensive Abilities Trap Sense, Uncanny Dodge
Spd 30 ft/x4
Melee Whip +4 1d3+1 20/x2
Str 12, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 8, Cha 16
Base Atk +2, Cmb +3Cmd +15
Feats Combat Expertise (PFCR 119), Improved Trip (PFCR 128), Weapon Focus (Whip) (PFCR 136-137)
Skills Acrobatics +8, Bluff +7, Disable Device +7, Knowledge (arcana) +9, Knowledge (engineering) +8, Knowledge (history) +8, Knowledge (local) +8, Knowledge (nobility) +8, Knowledge (religion) +9, Linguistics +7, Perception +7, Profession (teacher) +3, Sleight of Hand +6, Spellcraft +6, Stealth +6, Use Magic Device +9
Languages Azlanti, Common, Osiriani
Combat Gear Whip, Chain Shirt

Dark Archive

Time to catch up.

@ twilsemail: Sounds good. And you are correct in that Groetus does not technically aim to "end the world," nor is he evil (just unpleasant to some). A cleric of Groetus like the one you describe would probably be received as a raving madman, which is a pretty standard reception for clerics of Groetus.

@ Oterisk: When is your vacation scheduled for? I don't expect completed stat blocks on Monday, just to close recruitment. I'd like to start as soon as possible after that point, but players who need time to work out their characters will be accommodated - you're stuck with your character a long time, getting it down the way you want it is important.

Would I delay the start of the game for one or two days in order to pick up a player I wanted? Yes. Regarding your concept, it definately sounds like a lot of fun and could easily be worked into a Mwangi game. Keep active for as long as you're able.

@ MacFetus: Noted. Any other ideas about this character?

@ bigrin42: I like it a lot. Out of curiosity, will this character be a fighter?

@ Kybryn: Here's how I'd run that, reading the guidelines for monstrous PCs as literally as possible. You'd have two sorcerer levels, plus your template, to start. At 10 levels of sorcerer (when the rest of your party is 11th level), your CR will increase, putting you at CR 11 (while the rest of your party is CR 10). When you gain enough xp to reach level 11, you will instead remain at level 10 until you gain enough xp to reach level 12 (at which point you will reach sorcerer level 11).

Follow that? Basically, you'll "miss" a level when your +1 CR kicks in.

@ Lil B: That concept sounds just fine; remain active in the thread and check back once a day or so.

@ Shisumo: Excessively cool fighting style (and I really enjoy the inquisitor class). Chaotic Good?

EDIT: Question answered via ninja-ing - Chaotic Good it is. Or a ninja.

@ Kozaric: Human is good. I prefer humanocentric parties when I run Golarion (although exceptions abound).

Disable Device and Trapfinding are also very good.

Question: I don't recall any Wall of Names from my readthrough of the ISWG, and the Pathfinder Wiki turns up nothing on the subject. What is it? Is it a Pathfinder Society thing? A way to honor fallen Pathfinders?

@Garden Tool: Aye. A dwarf fighter of the Brawler archetype. Fists and close weapons all the way.

Dark Archive

@ Dark Netwerk: Ancient Azlanti (a dead language), Aklo, and Polyglot, plus Undercommon and the other Darklands languages.

Just to make sure: are you aware that the whip cannot harm most armored or nonhuman creatures? I can see that you're mostly using it for crowd control and are otherwise built for traps, skills, and scouting, but it's a common oversight that I want to make sure you're aware of.

Dark Archive

@ bigrin42: Very cool. A character that merits the bravery class feature for sure.

@Garden Tool: Yeah, I'll definitely have other weapons besides the whip. Also plan on getting Whip Mastery at 5th so it can start to do lethal damage and still hit through armor.

Thanks for the language suggestions. I might just go directly with those.

Grand Lodge

@ twilsemail: I have played a CG Human Cleric of Groetus before. Something to consider is that the Cleric truely believes that one day everything will end, and it will be by the will of Groetus. As a CG Cleric, knowing that the end is near, the cleric would "preach" what is important is how people spend their last few years on this world.

@ Arknight: I really like the idea of a Lizardman Paladin, it has great flavor. Stat wise, your AC would be fantastic, and you would have a ton of HP. The RP alone would be a great reason to take it.

I had a read through the aborted game where I used Xara before. It's been a year, so I wanted to refresh my memory on what I played her like.

Xara is quite the afficianado of sarcasm; she calls it like it isn't, at least in words alone. She also enjoys lewd innuendo, though only at the expense of the bad guys, usually as she's fighting them; trash talking more than being crude. She is brash and confident, and while her language could be a little cleaner, she's otherwise pleasant to have around.

I actually leave two weeks from today on Aug 7th and won't be back until the 25th. It's the first time I took a vacation in two and a half years not counting day trips, so it's not like it is a common occurrence. I will be able to post some during that time, but I am almost certain it won't happen for about a week in the middle as I will be camping in the Rocky Mountains and white water rafting down the Snake River.

So it's not a matter of a day or two. If it takes me out of contention, I understand. Sometimes you just have bad timing.

I will get you the reference for The Wall of Names later this evening. Basicly it honors pathfinders that die in the line of duty.

Dark Archive

@ Nazard: Not what I would've expected from the profile art, which makes it all the more fun.

@ Oterisk: That really overlaps the start of the campaign, which is unfortunate. PM me when you've returned, and perhaps I'll consider adding a sixth player if you're still interested. You caught all three text flags and I can see from your profile's post history that you're present on the boards every day - campaign or not.

A friend thought I would fit great within your PbP campaign and recommended I post. So I present Ojore, a True Neutral Mwangi (human) of the Zenj plains tribes and Lion Shaman.

Hailing from the great savannahs of the Mwangi expanse, Ojore came to the Pathfinder camp as both an emissary and observer to see what these foreign men would do in the Mwangi. His people were impressed with these "finders of the path". They spoke true and did no harm by intent. This made them very different from those of Chelaix who came first. They were observed to do much good and were deemed worthy of support, winning a place with the Zenj.

During his tenure with the Pathfinders Ojore made fast friends and strong bonds grew. He accompanied some of their expeditions doing many heroic things and growing in strength, and eventually winning a place with them. When he was invited to join the Pathfinder Society his elders gave their blessing, only asking the Orore be allowed to remain within the Mwangi.

Ojore and his lion companion will contribute to the party in a number of ways.

With a good outdoor skill set and the ability to track, even by scent, he will be quite handy to have in any natural surrounding. He can serve as both scout and guide and at 4th level his scouting can be enhanced with a fly speed, or climb speed, or swim speed. His perception will be at least +8.

He is a local and speaks Polyglot.

He is built to be a front line fighter and with a round to buff can deal out significant damage (2d6+6 or more) behind a respectable AC of 20 or so. His lion companion is no slouch either. With spells like Flaming Sphere and Summon Nature's Ally he can be doing a lot of things in combat all at once. At 6th level he will fight as an 8th level lion.

He is a spell caster and can cast summon nature's ally on the fly. He can buff and heal as well.

His goals are to grow in power both as a druid and a Pathfinder while overseeing the Pathfinder's organization to make sure they do no harm, intentional or otherwise to the people or lands of the Mwangi.

I am working on the crunch and will have no problem being 100% complete by the weekend and will be close by COB today. I can post multiple times a day.

I hope you find reason to select me. I think I have now included everything you asked for I had to read everything a few times to make sure.

I can definitely vouch for Oterisk's attendance and solid RP ability.

Grand Lodge

@ Garden Tool, I thought about what you said concerning the simple hook that I placed into my Character and background. So I would like to run something by you. Rather than playing a Elf Diviner, I would like to play a Human Diviner, using the Advanced Creature template. My history would be something along the lines of this. My character comes from a small community of Azlant that managed to survive the Starfall though Stasis magic. Each generation, few of the communities youngest are sent out into the world to gather knowledge of current events and then return to the cabal. Occasionally a youth will also be sent to a specific location or ruin, with instructions to gather a specific Azlanti artifact or relic still prized by the group's elders. In this case, my character has been sent to the Drowning Stones to recover a powerful staff, that was once held by a Azlant Arch-Mage. Thoughts?

Dark Archive

@ Celeador: As the first post clearly specifies, there will be no advanced-templated PCs. Also, a preserved Azlanti is something I'd prefer to build a campaign around.

What I said about your previous backstory wasn't a criticism. Well, technically it was, but not a negative criticism. There's nothing wrong with "simple, understated, and mealancholy."

@ Skorn: Sounds good, and Stiehl9s' recommendation definately doesn't hurt. Make sure you read and adhere to the specifications in the fist post.

@ Stiehl9s: Any thoughts on a build, yet?

Garden Tool wrote:

@ Skorn: Sounds good, and Stiehl9s' recommendation definately doesn't hurt. Make sure you read and adhere to the specifications in the fist post.

Updated. I think everything is there more clearly now. Please give it a read. If not let me know where I am weak.

I will certainly keep in touch. This game definitely is very interesting to me, and I love sandboxes, and I love duelists. My build is mostly finished anyway, so I'll be off to my regular weekly RL game soon. I will probably flesh out a history for my guy so we can have perhaps a nearby Grippli village and some extra NPC's we can work with if you like as well.

Thanks for the plug, Steihl9s!

Dark Archive

@ Ojore: Good. Looking forward to your build.

Grand Lodge

@ Garden Tool: My fault, read though, but I missed the part about no advanced templates.

Working on her background and wondering about skills. Will it be alright to change around skill points after you pick the party, but before the campaign actually starts?

Dark Archive

Embrianna: Yes. I don't require 100% finalized submissions by Monday, that's just when I plan to close recruitment.

Garden Tool wrote:
2goth4U: A "locks-and-traps" rogue is a fine choice for the campaign, and "get rich quick" motivations are always easy to write in. Keep participating in the thread; check back once a day or so.

in a day or so? but you appear to value frequent posts as well

clarification please

Dark Archive

@ 2goth4u: Once a day or so, not in a day or so. This campaign has an average-of-one-post-a-day minimum requirement.

The Exchange

Garden Tool just a quick heads up on where Bedu is headed at the moment. If any of this strikes anyone as being sub-optimal then let me know.

Looking at a plain old bard (no archetype jumped out much better) with skills across the board in knowledge, languages and magic. He will be a "face" character.

As for combat Bedu is going for the ranged archer bard (using treantmonk's guide for the initial idea) and feats to match. When things get up close and personal he can have a battleaxe and heavy shield. Unfortunately the light armour means he would rather not get into that position too often.

I'll put down spells but hopefully we can tweak them when and if chosen. Usually I would choose grease for offense, cure lights for everyone and silent image to give me some long term fun.


@Garden Tool

This is Kybryn. I've created a new alias for Daria, and updated her information to match her official race: Elf (Fey Creature Template). I'm cool with the way you'd like to go about applying the template. One thing for consideration is this: on page 219 of the ARG, it describes the power of APL vs CR modifiers. By level 11, a +2 CR is effectively a +0. That bridge is far, far away, but it's something to consider.

I added a personality section and updated the other questions

I fleshed out most of her stat block.

I'd appreciate another look, as she's much more developed now.


@Garden Tool

Wall of Names:
This curving wall of black glass sits atop a small hill ringed by trees. Inscribed with hundreds of names, this monument is where the Society records the name and date of every Pathfinder killed in the course of pursuing greater knowledge for the organization, along with brief descriptions of the goals for which they died. While Pathfinders generally prefer to spread tales of living heroes via the Chronicles rather than worship martyrs, many visiting Pathf inders make it a point to stop and pay their respects when visiting the lodge—both to acknowledge those who paid the ultimate price for knowledge, and to
remind themselves that there’s still plenty of blank space on the wall if they’re not careful.
From Seekers of Secrets pg 36.

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