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Inner Sea Megadungeon: Delving the Drowning Stones

Game Master Garden Tool

A site-based adventure featuring one of the Mwangi Expanse's largest ruins: the Drowning Stones.

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Dark Archive


Initiative starts when any character, PC or NPC, moves to take hostile action. The GM will roll party initiatives. We will go in initiative order (readying and delaying is fine), which is part of the reason that it's important to post at least once per day - somebody may be waiting on you!

Please break down your actions clearly (define your standard, move, and other actions for what they are), and clearly define and label all die rolls. Please insert a line break (press Enter) between rolls; do not make multiple rolls on a single line.

Do not make rolls for NPCs. If you provoke an attack of opportunity, the GM will resolve it. If the outcome of the attack that you provoke has any bearing on the rest of your actions (if any) that round, you can halt or "pause" your turn until after the GM has resolved the attack of opportunity.

Reactive Rolls:
The GM will roll routine reactive checks in combat (to include most saving throws). On a case-by-case basis, the GM may request that players make saves or reactive checks, especially when the outcome is (or appears to be) very significant.

GM Die Rolls:
The GM rolls "on the table" (secret rolls nonwithstanding) but does not declare or show modifiers unless the results of the roll would make the modifiers immediately apparent (as is the case with damage rolls). Thus, you'll see what an NPC rolls for his attack roll or skill check, and may know if he succeeds or fails, but you won't know by how much, because the total is never revealed to you. This is the way most GMs handle "on the table" die rolls, and the virtual environment facilitiates it just as easily.

OOC Discussion:
Please tag all OOC discussion with the ooc formatting tool. Reserve lengthy discussion for the Discussion Thread. Feel free to talk tactics and compare strategies all you like, there. Also, spectators are perfectly welcome in the discussion thread unless spectator activity gets out of hand (which I doubt it will).

Caution and Character Death:
Dead is dead, unless it's not - resurrection magic (and all other spells from the playable sources mentioned in the Recruitment Thread) are perfectly legal and a part of the game. The GM will never pull punches or bend the rules, even if it would be more dramatically appropriate for an outcome to go one way or another. As in life, your success depends heavily on both your own actions and on luck. Play smart, and don't fight a battle you don't think you can win.

We will be using the Fast XP Track due to the slow nature of play-by-post games. XP will always be split evenly among all party memebers regardless of contribution or participation. Thus "splitting the party" never results in "away" members gaining more xp and pulling ahead. The group levels together, always.

This game is meant to go on until it reaches its natural conclusion. I hope to span many, many character levels over the course of this campaign. At very high-levels the site-based nature of the adventure may be subject to change.

Keep the tone to an "R" rating. On the other side of that particular coin: a little "silly" never hurt anyone, though this should be a fairly serious game in its overall tone.

Everyone stand by, the opening post will set the scene later today, or tomorrow. Please DO NOT POST until then.

Dark Archive

”You know the assignment, so. Um. Alright; introductions are in order, I expect. And then we should get moving. And by we, I mean you…”

The voice belongs to Venture-Captain "Dandy" Dandle Highwind: a cultured, educated, practical, and world-weary middle-aged Chelaxian with piercing blue eyes. Despite a wealthy upbringing and an exhaustive education, Dandy is straightforward and mostly lacks the pretentiousness typical of the Chelaxian high-born. Despite all appearances, he is also an accomplished archer.

The Venture-Captain dabs his forehead – it’s early morning and the wooden planks and field tents that make up the Pathfinder Society waystation do little to stifle the oppressive heat of the jungle. Fortunately, the camp is situated in a relatively safe location – a huge clearing, with the off-putting but Society-friendly Rumawa tribe patrolling the jungles that surround the site.

”Right, so. I don’t believe any of you knows our dwarven friend just yet. This is Mister Kargath Thunderstrike. Mister Thunderstrike will bravely be electing to replace the late Mister Deegan in the role of physical applications lead and has a lot of experience with both single combat and small-unit field tactics. He should work out nicely.

Kargath tries to remember the last time someone called him “Mister Thunderstrike,” and comes up blank.

”Also new to the Expanse is our esteemed diviner, Mister Elsir Thran. Formerly something of an… administrator, Elsir has decided to try his hand in the field, and we are glad to have him.”

Then, raising his eyebrows at Elsir: ”I have to say, though. You picked a hell of a place to start.”

Dandy continues.

"In any case, Mister Thran will be your go-two knowledge base and arcane expert. This is something we’ve not had a need for in past endeavors, but delving the Drowning Stones will not amount to just another jungle hop. Please don’t be hesitant to make use of his skills.”

”Now then, Misters Thunderstrike and Thran. You’ll be joining what’s left of our field operations team. The gentleman to my right is Mister Nesipho Inkosi, and to his right is the esteemed Druid Ojore. Both men belong to the Ilanga tribe, with whom the Society has established an excellent relationship. Mister Inkosi has been with us a very long time – almost ten years training and serving with the Society. Ideal field agent. A locks and traps man, a great fighter, magically adept, cunning in the extreme, and very knowledgeable when it comes to the Expanse. The wise Druid Ojore has similarly made the Society his ally and did recently join us in a conditional capacity. As long as our work keeps us within the Mwangi Expanse, Ojore is on board and effectively acting as a Society Pathfinder in all respects. In turn, Ojore acts as an Ilanga liaison, and helps us to make sure that the good work we do does indeed serve this ancient and storied land.”

”Aaand lastly, Inquisitor Nicoleta Mashrava has been quite instrumental in establishing and maintaining contact and positive interaction with some of the local tribes – the Rumawa and the Ilanga included. Actually, the Stones were until recently quite infested with the ulat-kini – those unfortunate humanoids which adventurers often call “skum.” Inquisitor Mashrava has come a long way to be here and has – with the help of the Rumawa tribesmen – done quite a lot to trim their numbers back to virtually nothing. She’s a skilled infiltrator and close-quarters combatant, and also a dutiful servant of the Lady Luck. Misters Thunderstrike and Thran, I hope I don’t offend your religious sensibilities when I say that out here, you’ll learn to pray to whomever listens. I recommend you spare a prayer for Densa when you can, because sometimes luck seems to be all that holds this place together.”

Dandy pounds his fist against a wooden post, which immediately breaks.

”Oh. Mm.”

The venture captain squints as he peers around for a member of the maintenance staff.

”Any questions?” he asks, distractedly.

Silver Crusade

Female Human (Varisian) Inquisitor (preacher) of Desna 3

At her name, Nicoleta Marshava smiles a little awkwardly but does not speak up. The dusky-skinned Varisian woman looks terribly out of place in the midst of the Mwangi, although her light clothing appears to be comfortable and allow easy movement. She seems twitchy, rarely still - even while nodding through the introductions, she shifts from foot to foot, and she twirls a starknife from hand to hand with unconscious, practiced movements.

When Dandy asks about questions, Nicoleta shakes her head; she knows the assignment. Her only reply is to resettle the pack - surprisingly large for such a small woman, and she hefts it with astonishing ease - and look toward the others.

GT: If I recall correctly, Desna is a fairly commonly-worshipped goddess in the Mwangi. Is that perhaps the form of outreach Nicoleta's provided to the local tribes?

'Mister' Kargath Thunderstrike looked around at the others, and wiped sweat off his own face. The face, scarred from hundreds of fights, seems as dominated by the piercing gray eye as by the puckered scar tissue surrounding his empty left eye socket. The network of overlapping scars appears on every visible patch of skin. The knuckles of his hands, sticking out from well-made and functional half-gloves with spiked metal studs on the strikeplates, are gnarled and huge.

Kargath grinned at the group around him, showing almost as many gaps as teeth. "Ye'll know when ye've offended me, Cap'n, when ye feel me boot up your arse! 'Role of Physical Applications' indeed. Well met, all. I' be a good thing t' be workin' here, the heat be damned!"

Dark Archive

@ Shisumo: Could be, yes. Some tribes worship a mash-up of Gozreh and Desna which they call Shimye-Magalla. Presumably, others worship similar "almost but not quite" versions of those gods, and others.

Male Human Human HP 156/156 | AC 24 T 20 FF 16 | CMB +12 CMD 30 | Saves F+13 R+19 W+12 (+2 vs Mind-Effecting) | Init +23 | Perception +27 | Darkvision 60' | Constant Sanctuary vs Fey DC 17

Nesipho listens closely as the Venture-Captain speaks, squatting on his haunches, the butt end of his short spear planted firmly in the ground. After the introductions he rises to his full 5'2". A surreptitious look toward the dwarf and a faint smile is telling that he is glad not to be the shortest for once.

"Venture-Captain, you say the", his voice is one of disgust as he speaks the next word "amazala numbers have been cut back to virtually nothing. Do you have any idea how many are left in the area? And what can you tell us of their tactics should we encounter any of them?"

Polyglot amazala translation:
piles of trash or rubbish

Dark Archive

The captain addresses Nesipho, straight away.

"Well, that's an unfortunate detail. They're quite savage, and members of their tribe claim to be in thrall to an obscure demon lord called Sifkesh. There are dozens left, but the situation is nothing like it was. We believe there is or must be a temple or shrine somewhere within the ruin, though initial divinitory research indicates that the complex is quite large, and possibly connected to the Darklands - so that could be anywhere."

Venture-Captain Dandy chews his lip.

"As for tactics, they're not stupid. Extremely hardy and quite stealthy for such a hunched and bloated breed - especially in the water. Some of them may even practice some form of bonded demon worship - clerical or otherwise, I couldn't say. No doubt the tribe has turned wholeheartedly to Sifkesh in this trying time. Be wary of demon's tricks."

Silver Crusade

Female Human (Varisian) Inquisitor (preacher) of Desna 3

"They like to jump out of ambush," Nicoleta adds, chewing her lip. "Especially out of water. Be careful near streams or pools." She frowns at the mention of Sifkesh, and her grip on the starknife she is twirling suddenly tightens.

Garden Tool:
Going beyond Nicoleta's knowledges there, I know, but since you said she's been fighting them, I'm assuming she's experienced some of their preferred tactics firsthand.

M: Human Mwangi Druid 1|| HP 14/14 || AC 17, T 13, FF 14, CMD 17 || F +4, R +2, W +4 || Per. +6 Init +2, Sense Motive +7

Squatting beside Nespiro in exactly the same position, holding a near identical spear is another mwangi local. Ojore differs from his brother in build, being both larger and heavier, but is easily recognizable as being related to his older sibling. His dress is vastly different though. He wears hides and feathers and has little about him to mark him as a pathfinder or indeed anyone that has even seen civilization.

He also stands when introduced, and being tall for his people, towers over his brother by a good 4 inches. When he stands you note the strange glinting breastplate he wears. It is some kind of hide but seems to be made up of individual large green scales expertly worked together into armor.

In slightly broken common he addresses the group quite formally. Gozreh bids me travels with you. I will support this team and fight there is need. This I promise. Finished with his words he squats back down, quite comfortable and waits to see what questions others will ask.

Did I miss the assignment? lol

Grand Lodge

(Male Half Diviner (Foresight) 3 AC 13 / HP 19 / F +3 R +5 W +5 / Init. +15 / Perc. +12)

Hear his name spoken for the first time Elsir looks up from his examination of the camp "Ah yes thank you Venture Captain, it's good to be here." Reaching into the leather satchel handing from his thin shoulders Elsir retrieves a handkerchief and begins to dab the perspiration from his forehead. "After reading reports for years and examining cultural artifacts, it really is fantastic to, as they say "put boots on the ground, yes? Now my good man, what can you tell me about this site? And please spare me no details" With that Elsir, reaches into his satchel again and retrieves a small notebook and ink pen and prepares to take notes.

Knowledge pertaining to Drowning Stones:
Knowledge (geography) +8 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 8 = 12
Knowledge (history) +8 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (13) + 8 = 21

Dark Archive

@ Ojore: There will be a convenient "recap," but the assignment amounts to what the campaign description said. "Explore the dungeon," in short. The Society isn't sure what to expect, so their instructions for now are "observe and report."

Venture-Captain Dandy shakes his head. "That's a question with a disappointing answer, Elsir. Very little is known about the city that we now call the Drowning Stones. Though the city is old - how old we do not know - and sinking into the soft earth of the shallow swamp it occupies, the Rumawa tribe considers it to be holy ground. There is a fortress at the center of the city - this was the highest part of the city and the only structure that seems to remain more or less above-ground dry."

"Now the Rumawa have their own names for the site, but they vary. Names meaning things like "sacred site" or "honored place." What the true name of the city was - along with it's history and origins - is lost to us. It is often called the Drowning Stones because the huge standing pillars that comprise the central forum seem to be sinking into the swamp, along with the rest of the city."

The captain holds up one finger.

"What we do know - or strongly suspect - is that the Drowning Stones themselves may mark the entrance to some kind of temple or holy place. To hear the Rumawa tell it, anyway. Otherwise, this'll be the very first true exploration of the ruin, so there's not much to say. Elsir, you're an academic and an administrator above all else, so we're going to elect not to send some fragile scholar with the team. You'll document the events and the sights."

This meshes up with all that Elsir already knew or suspected.

M: Human Mwangi Druid 1|| HP 14/14 || AC 17, T 13, FF 14, CMD 17 || F +4, R +2, W +4 || Per. +6 Init +2, Sense Motive +7

Standing again Ojore asks And the path to this place? You have a map? Is there a recommended trail or path? And what is known of the dangers along the way?

After listening carefully he will continue. Will we be establishing a outpost there or base came? Are you assigning us porters?

Dark Archive

"The Society has provided a guide in Inquisitor Mashrava - she is indeed a survivalist and has made the trip many times. So too can the Society provide porters as needed, but not now. As for the path, there is a... trail... if you could call it that, and you know better than I, Druid Ojore, do that no place in these jungles is truly safe. It's safe enough, though, and it'll only get safer as we mop up more of the surviving ulat-kini."

Displaying a curiosity and understanding of engineering and architecture that his previous look and behavior had hidden, Kargath asked "What be th' rate o' sinkage? Be th' temple, or fortress, or whatever architecturally sound? I know we be workin' on hearsay and stories, but mebbe there be somwha' o' a hint on i'? Is th' sinkage laterally uniform, or be i' conjunctive?" Seeing the looks on some of their faces, he clarified, "Is i' sinkin' straight down, or all wobbled like?"

Silver Crusade

Female Human (Varisian) Inquisitor (preacher) of Desna 3

Nicoleta half-smiles again, but it disappears faster this time than it did before. It is hard to tell if it is a question of lack of confidence or simple discomfort at having so many people looking at her.

Dark Archive

Venture-Captain Highwind gives Kargath a thoughtful frown, as though considering the dwarf for the very first time.

"Indeed, Mister Kargath, the sinking appears to occur at a uniform rate, which further cements the idea that this fortress sat at the highest place in the city, and was thus a place of some importance."

Male Human Human HP 156/156 | AC 24 T 20 FF 16 | CMB +12 CMD 30 | Saves F+13 R+19 W+12 (+2 vs Mind-Effecting) | Init +23 | Perception +27 | Darkvision 60' | Constant Sanctuary vs Fey DC 17

"It seems to me that the first order of business then should be to clear the nearby areas of any remaining amazala. Old ruins can be dangerous enough without extra critters running around, or a swamp trying to suck the lot of us down with it." Despite his obvious Mwangi heritage Nesipho speaks the common tongue with only the slightest hint of an accent.

"Captain or Miss Mashrava, is there a means of approaching the stones from high ground or from the cover of the jungle that we might get a better view of the surroundings? Or spy out any obvious places where something wishing to lurk might be spotted?"

Dark Archive

"You could climb a tree," Dandle suggests with a smile.

"But generally, no. As I said, the pillars were built on the high ground at the center of the city. You could avoid and disregard the trail. Though the journey itself is short and straightforward, we do have maps, if you choose not to walk what little path has been cleft through the wilds."

Silver Crusade

Female Human (Varisian) Inquisitor (preacher) of Desna 3

"Going overland will slow us down, though," Nicoleta murmurs, studying her feet. "It might help us avoid ambushes... but mostly because it would increase the chance that we and the skum would just stumble blindly into each other instead."

"There be no need fer avoidin' ambushes. Ye just gotta hit 'em harder'n they hit you. After th' first half-dozen heads on spikes, they tend t' leave ye be. I be fer takin' the road."

Dark Archive

As an aside, Dandy murmurs, ...gosh, 'road' is an awfully specific term...

M: Human Mwangi Druid 1|| HP 14/14 || AC 17, T 13, FF 14, CMD 17 || F +4, R +2, W +4 || Per. +6 Init +2, Sense Motive +7

I agree. We should take the trail where we can. If there are ambushes along the way, then people know we are coming. We need to know that, and should deal with them now instead of later.

Dark Archive

Highwind claps his hands together. "Well, it sounds like that settles it, then. Any other questions?"

Male Human Human HP 156/156 | AC 24 T 20 FF 16 | CMB +12 CMD 30 | Saves F+13 R+19 W+12 (+2 vs Mind-Effecting) | Init +23 | Perception +27 | Darkvision 60' | Constant Sanctuary vs Fey DC 17

Taking a second look at all the scars crisscrossing Kargath's arms, hands and face, "Ben biraz daha Sizinki değer daha derimin değer düşünüyorum ve ben sadece geri vurmak almadan onları vurmak için tercih ediyorum."

Dwarven translation:
I think I value my skin a bit more than you value yours, and I'd prefer to just hit them without getting hit back.

"I think I'd prefer coming across them blindly then having them ambush us. But Miss Mashrava has been in there before and knows the situation, I will follow her lead in this, whether to take the path or go cross country."

"I have no further questions Captain."

"Hah! Good one, you!" Kargath reached out and slapped Nesipho genially on the arm. "But where be the sport in tha'? Still, Ye jest point me in th' direction ye want me t' clear, and I'll get ye there."

Silver Crusade

Female Human (Varisian) Inquisitor (preacher) of Desna 3

Nicolate shakes her hand in answer to Dandy's question. In a low voice, she says, "We should probably take the path." She looks as though she might want to say more, but the words fail to materialize.

Dark Archive

Venture-Captain Highwind nods.

"Right; so. Um. Let's see. Right of Conquest is the rule of the day out here in the Mwangi - you're entitled to what you find out there, barring objects of particular historical, literary, or linguistic significance. Said significance to be determined by Society experts, of course. Strictly speaking, the ruin itself is a Society delve, no third-party activity shall be permitted in or around the site."

Dandle fiddles with the wooden post that he broke.

"To recap, your objective for now is to enter the ruin proper, see what there is to see, and - er, clean up all you can. Evaluate and eliminate threats for the eventual historical team that we'll send up once the site is tidy and monster-free."

"As always, feel free to return to the waystation whenever you feel unsure about what to do or how to proceed, or should you encounter something within the city ruins whose value or significance you're unsure of... though as a general rule I'd advise you all to defer to Mister Thran's expertise in such a case."

Finally, Dandle folds his hands in front of him. Somewhat solemnly, he concludes:

"And, per usual, a recovery team will be assembled in the event that no member of your delve returns within the space of a single month. Good luck, Pathfinders."

Your slowest party member moves at 20 feet, which amounts to 16 miles per day, or 12 miles per day through the jungle with a road or trail to follow. The site is 24 miles off, so that's two days, making camp just once, inbetwen, then camping again at the site before entering. Potentially, travel time could amount to less than that if a forced march is an option for you guys. Aside from that thought, I have two questions for everyone:

1.) What is your marching order for the trip?
2.) What weapons or objects do you have drawn, readied, or equipped? Include things like weapon cords and locked gauntlets. If you don't declare it, you don't have it in-hand.

Silver Crusade

Female Human (Varisian) Inquisitor (preacher) of Desna 3

I don't see the need for a forced march. Two days is just fine with me.

Given that Nicoleta moves at 40 feet, which is twice the party's average pace, I had thought to have her take point, moving 40 feet as a move action and then using the "intentionally searching for stimulus" Perception action on her other move action - hopefully allowing me to take 10 (or at least get an active roll) even against traps, ambushes and so on. Regardless, she carries her quarterstaff (used as a walking stick most of the time) in one hand and her loaded crossbow in the other while traveling.

Kargath is best near the front, though his stumpy legs might have him dawdling near the end of the line occasionally. He always wears his cestuses (cesti? cestuseseses?), taking off practically never.

M: Human Mwangi Druid 1|| HP 14/14 || AC 17, T 13, FF 14, CMD 17 || F +4, R +2, W +4 || Per. +6 Init +2, Sense Motive +7

With Nicoleta at point, Ojore and his cat can take the rear guard. But please use him to assist with survival roles as needed (he assists on a 2) and can also cast Guidance on you, giving a net +3 on the roll. He can come up to help any time. He will travel with shield on one arm and his club, weapon cord attached, in the other. His spring loaded wrist sheaths are loaded with wands of Cure Moderate Wounds and Cure Light Wounds. The last three hours of travel he will cast Longstrider on himself and increase his move speed to 30.

Male Human Human HP 156/156 | AC 24 T 20 FF 16 | CMB +12 CMD 30 | Saves F+13 R+19 W+12 (+2 vs Mind-Effecting) | Init +23 | Perception +27 | Darkvision 60' | Constant Sanctuary vs Fey DC 17

Nesipho walks alongside Elsir when the trail allows, or just behind him when it won't. He chats with him quietly in elvish, prodding him with questions about magic, history, cataloging, elvish culture, and anything else the elf is willing to discuss. He carries his short spear in one hand and a wand (wand of shield) in the other.

When the elf grows weary of speaking Nesipho drops back to chat with his brother about the tribe and their parents, and his study in druidism.

I also see no reason to do a forced march at present.

Dark Archive

@ Ojore: Where is the lion? Or have you not called your companion yet? (Also: Some druids name their companions, and some don't. Does the lion have a name, or shall he simply be 'lion?')

Let me address a couple of "jungle issues" before they come up. First, the average temperature is in the mid-80s during the day, which means that a temperature spike could potentially send the temperatures into the 90s or above - and that means Con checks vs. hot weather. These could last for hours at a time, maybe more. I don't script this stuff, but I do have an ad-hoc system of my own for random little events and interactions. Weather features in these a lot. It's not a routine thing - in the Amazon, the temperature rarely hits as high as 94 degrees - but it may happen.

Second: I've touched on this before, but I'll go over it again. I'm not tracking food (or arrows) until the party gets cut off or stranded. It's not fun and therefore not worth the trouble to track it on a routine basis. This means that as long as you guys are safely free-roaming and the waystation or some other proper source of supplies remains intact, you're good.

But the moment you get trapped by a rockslide? The only food you have is what's included on your character sheet, plus food for one trip back to the closest supply point. If you're listing rations on your character sheet, your PC is carrying more than just the expected amount of rations. This system is slightly unrealistic (how does every PC know exactly how much food to bring under normal circumstances?), but it means less inventory micro-managing (while still allowing for the implementation of the thirst and starvation rules).

M: Human Mwangi Druid 1|| HP 14/14 || AC 17, T 13, FF 14, CMD 17 || F +4, R +2, W +4 || Per. +6 Init +2, Sense Motive +7

My animal companion is fully detailed on my character sheet in a spoiler titled "Animal Companion". I know, tricky. :) His name is Shange. Buying more food now. lol

Silver Crusade

Female Human (Varisian) Inquisitor (preacher) of Desna 3

If we do have to make Con checks against the heat, we're allowed Survival checks to grant bonuses to ourselves and our allies, right? Is that something we can take 10 on?

Dark Archive

@ Ojore: I meant where, in-game, but I see now that your post says he's with you. I missed that.

@ Nicoleta: You can't take 10 on any check that has a penalty or consequence for failure, so no (unless the Survival skill text says differently).

@ Everyone: Updated the thirst & starvation recap to include a caveat that I forgot.

The moment you get cut off from your supplies, the only food you have is what's included on your character sheet, plus food for one trip back to the closest supply point (the assumption being that you had enough to get back, and would not have otherwise run out of food if you hadn't been cut off.

Silver Crusade

Female Human (Varisian) Inquisitor (preacher) of Desna 3
Garden Tool wrote:
@ Nicoleta: You can't take 10 on any check that has a penalty or consequence for failure, so no (unless the Survival skill text says differently).

That's a common misconception, but that's the rules for taking 20, not taking 10. You only can't take 10 on rolls when you are in immediate danger or distracted. In fact, the most common reason to take 10 is to avoid an unnecessary failure.

Dark Archive

@ Nicoleta: Interesting, if true. I'll look into this.

Grand Lodge

(Male Half Diviner (Foresight) 3 AC 13 / HP 19 / F +3 R +5 W +5 / Init. +15 / Perc. +12)

Elsir will stay in the middle of the group chatting with Nesipho about a varity of topics both arcane and historical. Occasionally he will drif off into silence, as his thoughts catch upto him.

Elsir will try to stay in the middle of the group during the trek

Dark Archive

@ Shisumo: You are correct about taking 10. In order to get the bonus, it looks like you'd have to slow your overland speed by half, should you ever find yourself in dangerously hot weather while travelling. Also, I lied. It's Con checks for a forced march and Fort saves (not Con checks) for extreme weather.

Except for biting insects and the oppressive heat, the first leg of the journey is uneventful. Even the jungle itself is fairly quiet. When it comes time to make camp, everyone is no doubt grateful for the chance to rest.

@ EVERYONE: Unless someone says otherwise, I'll assume your standard marching orders match those given above. Now, for camping conventions. What'll the shifts be? Remember: more shifts means less time camping, but fewer PCs on each watch.

Silver Crusade

Female Human (Varisian) Inquisitor (preacher) of Desna 3

We might also consider resting for the worst part of the heat every day as well, if it should come to that. If we wind up traveling 8 hours each day, but with a three hour break in the middle, would that change our speed calculations or count as a forced march?

M: Human Mwangi Druid 1|| HP 14/14 || AC 17, T 13, FF 14, CMD 17 || F +4, R +2, W +4 || Per. +6 Init +2, Sense Motive +7

Ojore defers to the dwarf to set watches. When do you want me to watch Kargath?

Dark Archive

Breaking would not change your speed calculations - it's assumed that any given PC spends 8 hours working (adventuring, marching, crafting, fighting, etc.), 8 hours sleeping, and the other 8 hours eating, taking care of bodily functions, resting and recouping, tending to equipment, reflecting on their experiences, studying up on spells and skills, and so on. Stuff that we don't need to address every day, in other words. Exactly when these three eight-hour activity blocks occur or how they're broken up doesn't change your overland speed-per-day, though it might change what time of day you spend doing each set of activities.

"Ain't no need t' be watching me. Ye and yer lion ken be takin' first watch, though, and lookin' outwards, mind ye! Me an' Nicoleta'll be takin graveyard, an' Elsir an' Nespho be bringin' in th' dawn watch. If'n that don't suit, we'll change i' up later. If'n ye see somethin', don't ye be waitin' fer ever'one else. Shout like a banshee and hit i' a'fore i' hits ye!"

M: Human Mwangi Druid 1|| HP 14/14 || AC 17, T 13, FF 14, CMD 17 || F +4, R +2, W +4 || Per. +6 Init +2, Sense Motive +7

As we travel Ojore will talk quietly with Elsir, pointing out flora and fauna to him and specific landmarks that Ojore knows and relating some to childhood memories of adventures or dangers or even favorite foods. I know you have studied these lands, but I have lived them. They are my home and dear to my heart. Yes they are wild and dangerous, but they are full of life and mystery as well.

Dark Archive


I doubt that Celeador will object, and I have 4 votes approving Shisumo's shift proposal otherwise, so I'll continue.

The party makes camp on the trail, and quickly establishes three shifts. The first three hours of Ojore's watch are uneventful.

Ojore's Perception skill check: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (7) + 8 = 15
Shange's Perception skill check: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12
Elsir's sleeping Perception skill check: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (11) + 12 = 23
Kargath's sleeping Perception skill check: 1d20 ⇒ 3
Nesipho's sleeping Perception skill check: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7
Nicoleta's sleeping Perception skill check: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (18) + 8 = 26


???: 1d20 ⇒ 4 (modifiers withheld)

@ Elsir & Nicoleta:
Through the haze of sleep, you hear a suspicious creaking, creeping sound from the jungle. You may choose to wake up if you like. Do remember the rules regarding arcane casters and the rest that they require.

Ojore's keen ears pick out a soft sound during the fourth and final hour of his shift, like the barely-audible creak of a bowing branch. Shange - Ojore's young lion companion - seems to notice it, too. Scanning the jungle, Ojore picks out a terrible sight. Fifteen feet up the trunk of a tree adjoining the trail, and not twenty feet horizontally from where Nicoleta and Kargath sleep, creeps a monstrous spider covered with sickly, off-white and slightly-yellowed fur. Stranger still, the creature's many appendages are adorned with armlets, bracers, and other jewelery - all golden, and some gem-studded. The creature even wears several amulets and chains around it's midsection.

Ojore's Knowledge (nature): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 9
Elsir's Knowledge (nature): 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (1) + 10 = 11
@ Elsir:
Though it looks every bit like a giant spider "wearing" jewelery, you have no idea what this creature might actually be.
@ Nicoleta:
You've never seen anything like this on the trail. Then again, you've never travelled the trail with less than a troupe of tribal warriors - perhaps this creature is rare, or avoids larger groups?

Initiative Order
Elsir @ 25 (asleep, may choose to act)
Kargath @ 19 (asleep, no surprise round actions)
Nicoleta @ 18 (asleep, may choose to act)
Shange @ 17
Ojore @ 14
Giant Spider @ 13
Nesipho @ 9 (asleep, no surprise round actions)

Elsir's initiative check: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (10) + 15 = 25
Kargath's initiative check: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (16) + 3 = 19
Ojore's initiative check: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (12) + 2 = 14
Nesipho's initiative check: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9
Nicoleta's initiative check: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (11) + 7 = 18
Shange's initiative check: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 2 = 17

???'s initiative check: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 4 = 13

Here's the map. Everyone should be able to edit it. Please use the hot pink font color for PCs. Sleeping PCs are a faded pink, you can change that as you wake up. Enemies appear in red text. Move your own characters as you go.

The spider (?) is climbing a tree, there are fifteen feet between it and the ground. Those of you who are sleeping are prone. Waking up does not require an action, but standing up does.

As a general rule (as long as Shange's actions conform to the tricks he knows), Ojore may control Shange in battle as long as he can successfully use Handle Animal to direct Shange's actions.

Read the map key, and mind the rules for light and heavy undergrowth.

Assuming he chooses to wake up, Elsir is up first.

Silver Crusade

Female Human (Varisian) Inquisitor (preacher) of Desna 3

Nicoleta will awaken.

M: Human Mwangi Druid 1|| HP 14/14 || AC 17, T 13, FF 14, CMD 17 || F +4, R +2, W +4 || Per. +6 Init +2, Sense Motive +7

Is speaking when its not your turn acceptable as long as its kept short? If so, would I need to wait until I have acted once in order to do so?

Grand Lodge

(Male Half Diviner (Foresight) 3 AC 13 / HP 19 / F +3 R +5 W +5 / Init. +15 / Perc. +12)

Laying in the campsite, Elsir meditates on the past...

A field north of Absalom, a younger Elsir sits, with a radiant raven haired beauty. Our first anniversary, gods do I miss her. Turning to the woman Elsir continues to mediate on the past. "I'm thinking of taking a job with the Grand Lodge, Lisabeth. They offered me a job in their research department. Its a good offer, what do you think?" The woman smiles, then looks over Elsir's shoulder. "Elsir, look out! The woman exclaims pointing over Elsir's shoulder. That's not how it happened...

Snapping his eyes open, Elsir quickly looks around and spots the spider. A dream, or portent? Prescience "How perturbing... and why the jewelry? Clearly an indication of sentience... uh... Awake! Get up!" Standing up Elsir quickly catalogues his options. Web unlikely due to work due to the genus, Pit as well due to ability to climb. On vertical surface, excellent, grease it is.

Elsir will mutter an incantation and rubbing a piece of lard between his fingers. Then, pointing at the tree, he causes it to become covered a magical grease, hoping to cause the spider to take a 20' fall.

Grease, DC15
Prescience use (6 remaining) 1d20 ⇒ 3

Dark Archive

???: 1d20 ⇒ 7 (modifier withheld)

Falling damage: 1d6 ⇒ 3

Elsir's spell works like a charm. Flailing wildly, the great spider crashes to the ground fifteen feet below, and is worse for the wear. Prone and lightly injured, the creature's fall is accompanied by both the sound of crunching undergrowth and jangling jewelery - though the creature itself makes no sound whatsoever.

The map has been updated and now includes combat notes. Kargath cannot act in the surprise round, so it is Ojore's turn to take a single action.

Silver Crusade

Female Human (Varisian) Inquisitor (preacher) of Desna 3

Did I get skipped?

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