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Inner Sea Megadungeon: Delving the Drowning Stones

Game Master Garden Tool

A site-based adventure featuring one of the Mwangi Expanse's largest ruins: the Drowning Stones.

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Current Characters

Liberty's Edge Shisumo

Human (Minkai) Samurai (sword saint) 7 (Order of the Warrior)
(4,257 posts)
Cinder Wolf
Dark Archive Skorn

(312 posts)
Chaos Beast
DM Bigrin

played by bigrin42 (4,185 posts)
Spell Sovereign
Grand Lodge Elsir Thran

(Male Half Diviner (Foresight) 3 AC 13 / HP 19 / F +3 R +5 W +5 / Init. +15 / Perc. +12)

played by Celeador (128 posts)
Kaigon the Miscreant
Kargath Thunderstrike

played by bigrin42 (105 posts)
Nesipho Inkosi

Male Human Human HP 156/156 | AC 24 T 20 FF 16 | CMB +12 CMD 30 | Saves F+13 R+19 W+12 (+2 vs Mind-Effecting) | Init +23 | Perception +27 | Darkvision 60' | Constant Sanctuary vs Fey DC 17

played by bbangerter (318 posts)
Maurya-Rahm Advisor
Silver Crusade Nicoleta Mashrava

Female Human (Varisian) Inquisitor (preacher) of Desna 3

played by Shisumo (106 posts)
Vale Temros

M: Human Mwangi Druid 1|| HP 14/14 || AC 20, T 13, FF 17, CMD 16 || F +4, R +2, W +4 || Per. +6 Init +2

played by Skorn (171 posts)
Cobalt Dragon


played by bbangerter (661 posts)

Current NPCs

Dark Archive Garden Tool

(1,331 posts) Gift Certificates
On Sale and Clearance!

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