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In the Shadows There Is Light

Game Master James Martin

A Midnight-lite Pathfinder game, set in the small town of Red Grove.

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Even though all the party peers anxiously through the forest of fungi, it is only Xochtli who catches sight of a naked pale humanoid woman with almost elven features who immediately ceases singing as soon as she spots the party. She bolts, heading into the forest of fungi.

Female Half-Elf Rogue 2

"...was that an elf? I swear I just saw an elf woman over there...." She will point the direction. "...she ran."

hp:17/17; AC 14 (T 13, FF 11); fort 1, ref 6, will 1; bab 1, melee 2, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 15; init +3; perc +6; F human ninja/2

"I... I didn't see anything... it's too dark in here... We could follow her... but I think we should maybe stay on the path where Allain knows the way."

Allain shakes his head. "The dwarves said that the path was safe, but it's been years since they walked it. With the wives gone, the matrimonial rooms were considered ill-fit for use. Let's keep alert and move quickly." He steps into the room, picking his path along the giant fungal forest carefully.

As you move into the forest, motion catches your eye. Things seem to sway in your peripheral vision, then be perfectly still when you look at them directly. Strange colors suddenly appear and disappear so fast you can hardly believe you saw them at all.

Then the strangeness really begins...

Will saves, please!

Will Save: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (15) + 5 = 20

Feeling more than slightly uneasy at the strange patterns diplayed by the mushroom forest, Israfel cautions her companions. Be careful, I don't think this place is safe.

hp:17/17; AC 14 (T 13, FF 11); fort 1, ref 6, will 1; bab 1, melee 2, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 15; init +3; perc +6; F human ninja/2

will save: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (19) + 1 = 20

Fleur grits her teeth and heeds both Allain and Israfel's words.

Kers smiles wryly and whispers, Which elf shall we follow? It is meant as a joke, but the dark and the constant danger make it fall somewhat short.

Will: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (11) + 1 = 12

Female Half-Elf Rogue 2

"I am just really concerned running through here without keeping a close watch since I did see an elf running around, they might think us on the wrong side."

1d20 ⇒ 4

I'm more worried that they may be on the wrong side. We keep watch, but no way am I leaving the path just to chase something.

A fine mist of moisture and what appears to be dust suddenly erupts as you move forward through the fungal jungle. Israfel and Fleur manage to avoid inhaling any of it, but Kers and Xochtli are not so lucky and accidentally breathe in at the wrong moment. For a tense moment you stand, weapons ready, waiting for any attack. Then... nothing.

Allain sniffs loudly, rubbing at his eyes. "We better keep moving." He moves down the path, taking care not to touch the giant mushrooms. However, when he turns a corner on the path, he freezes. "Do you hear that?" His ears twitch as he frantically scans the surroundings.

Suddenly a noise from behind you causes Allain to start. "RUN!" he screams and bolts forward into the fungus.

Israfel and Fleur:
You clearly hear this noise. It's the sound of water dripping, a not uncommon sound in the moist underground chamber.

Kers and Xochtli:
You clearly hear the sound. It's the sound of heavy claws on stone, a digging, scratching noise of a predator. And it's getting closer. When Allain bolts, you catch a glimpse of the thing behind you, tensed to jump. It's big, bristling with spines and its eyes glint red in the darkness. Its teeth are stained red with old blood and its jaw seems impossibly large.

What do you do?

hp:17/17; AC 14 (T 13, FF 11); fort 1, ref 6, will 1; bab 1, melee 2, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 15; init +3; perc +6; F human ninja/2

As Allain screams out the command to run, Fleur breaks into a full out run following the elf. As she does so, she draws her blade, just in case she is too late to escape whatever she is running from. She doesn't take the time just yet to try looking back, instead concentrating on Allain's presence and path.

Kers looks to his companions. Steels himself and moves his body to shield the others, bracing for impact. I know what's for dinner. he growls.

Initiative: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8

Female Half-Elf Rogue 2

Xochtli curses softly, pulling her dagger out as she begins retreating. "Kers! He ran you have to come with us so we aren't separated. DON'T FIGHT THAT ALONE."

The dust from the mushrooms is affecting you. There is nothing there.

Giving chase to Fleur, Israfel shouts Damn it, we need to catch Allain before he runs into something real.

A growl under his breath, he backs toward Israfel. Best go. This might be our only shot. he mutters still watching the enormous beast.

Once Israfel goes, so does Kers but he keeps his eyes behind him waiting for the charge.

Allain barrels forward, seemingly oblivious to the lash of fungus and plant as he flies forward. Fleur tries to keep up with him, but she slows to avoid a lashing branch and when she steps into a large circular clearing, he's gone.

The air is still in the clearing. Thick fungal trees surround the nearly perfect circle of the clearing. Overhead glowing insects cavort and dance, while in the exact center of the clearing, a still pool, mirror-like, sits.

As the others rush into the clearing, Kers and Xochtli are shocked to see the pool.

Kers and Xochtli:
Allain stares back at you from the dark water, seemingly on the other side of the still water's surface. He gestures wildly, while behind him, you can see a lush jungle, teeming with green and growing plants and brightly colored flowers. He gestures at you to follow, and turns and heads off into the jungle.

hp:17/17; AC 14 (T 13, FF 11); fort 1, ref 6, will 1; bab 1, melee 2, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 15; init +3; perc +6; F human ninja/2

Fleur skids to a halt in the clearing, looking around wildly for Allain... she looks carefully for any tracks he might have left in the fungal growth on the floor... and while doing so she risks calling out to him in a harsh whisper.

perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (15) + 6 = 21

Liberty's Edge

He's there! Kers says, pointing at the pool of water. He walks to the edge, all the while watching for the beast that sent them this way.

His tracks head straight to the pool... and disappear.

hp:17/17; AC 14 (T 13, FF 11); fort 1, ref 6, will 1; bab 1, melee 2, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 15; init +3; perc +6; F human ninja/2

"Well, this is odd... his tracks lead to the pool and end here... did he go into the water, do you think?" She tests the edge of the water with the toe of one foot.

Female Half-Elf Rogue 2

"That way!" Xochtli hollars, point where Allain ran off into the jungle. "C'mon lets go after him." She will follow after where Allain went.

Xocthli and the others take off into the fungal mess, and nearly collide with Fleur where she kneels at the edge of a still pool.

Fleur, you barely touch the water with a toe, but it seems to be thicker than water and the ripples end much sooner than they should.

hp:17/17; AC 14 (T 13, FF 11); fort 1, ref 6, will 1; bab 1, melee 2, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 15; init +3; perc +6; F human ninja/2

[b]"This isn't water... it doesn't act like water anyway... and Allain's tracks stop here as if he went into the pool. If we're to follow him, perhaps we have to go into the pool as well."[b/]

Holding her breath for a moment as if expecting to be plunged into water, she steps into the pool with the hope that she follows Allain to wherever he is now.

If this doesn't work, I'm gonna look really stupid, just standing in the pool... she thinks to herself as she steps in.

As Fleur steps into the pool of not-water, there is a moment when she seems to be wading into a very shallow pool, then WHOOSH! With a sucking sound, she's gone, disappeared into the goo.

Fleur feels a sensation, like sliding down a muddy hill, then abruptly she is standing in a lush jungle, a real one this time, filled with tropical plants, the roar of insects and distance howling. Allain sits a few feet away, holding his head in his hands and moaning slightly. He sways as if dizzy...

hp:17/17; AC 14 (T 13, FF 11); fort 1, ref 6, will 1; bab 1, melee 2, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 15; init +3; perc +6; F human ninja/2

"Allain!... are you alright?" She rushes to his side, and kneels next to him, though there's little she can do, not being a healer and knowing nothing of the healing arts. "What is this place? and how did we get here exactly?"

Damn it, what are they thinking.

Looks like the water is a mirror. We can leave Allian and Fleur to themselves.

Israfel follows Fleur into the water.

Female Half-Elf Rogue 2

...missed where I said I followed after too?

As Israfel and Xochtli follow Allain and Fleur down the rabbit hole, they find themselves in a lush tropical jungle, filled with bird song and the calls of insects. Everything here seems brighter than normal and all the smells sharper and more defined.

Allain looks up at Fleur, then the others. "I... I don't know. I remember fleeing from the nightmarish beast, then I stumbled and fell into a pool, then I was here. I don't know this place, exactly, but I remember hearing a tale a long time ago. One of my mother's advisers spoke of 'planes', places not in our world, places of strange magic and different rules of being. I think this might be one of them, but why and how it came to be in a Dwarven passage, I cannot tell you."

From behind Allain a voice, high and melodic, pleasant to the ear and strangely sensual, comes "I can tell you." The speaker is a beautiful woman, naked and natural, her skin like a pale green plant and her hair like thin roots of the trees. You've heard tales of women who live in trees: dryads.

"This is not another plane, but rather, a remnant of such. When Izarador sundered the worlds, certain places where the planes intersected tore as well, leaving bubbles of those planes connected to your world. They were adrift, however, and flowed around, having no fixed place of entry. I believe the place you came from was a fungal forest in the depths of the ground? The entry seems drawn to the natural places of the world. However, where you enter and where you exit are two very different things. Come. I will help you find your way out."

As you move forward, Kers joins you, stumbling out of thin air as you did. The dryad heads into the jungle, creating a path as she goes, as the plant naturally part to allow her passage.

hp:17/17; AC 14 (T 13, FF 11); fort 1, ref 6, will 1; bab 1, melee 2, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 15; init +3; perc +6; F human ninja/2

Fleur reaches out a hand to help Allain get to his feet and only when he has done so does she turn to follow the dryad.

To the dryad, she speaks softly, Do you know where we will 'come out' of this place? We were on a quest and will need to know where we are in relation to our destination."

Female Half-Elf Rogue 2

"...but we left the others behind... there was that creature."
Xochtli frowns, following behind,. "I really hope they got away or took care of it...."

The dryad pauses. "I may be able to exert some influence on where you arrive. As long as there is a natural place nearby, I can direct the portal to it, but only very briefly. I must warn you, I cannot tell if the destination is safe, only that it is wild. And I must warn you that your companions are under the influence of a virulent form of poison emitted by the blacknail fungus. It will affect their perceptions, play upon their fears. Beware their words. However, some times the fungus may give them insight beyond mere sight. I believe that you are being pursued. I feel something has entered my realm behind you. It is not a natural thing and it seeks you personally. It has your scent. I believe it to be an astirax, a bodiless spirit that serves Izarador. It posesses creatures and rides them to its own ends. It has your scent. I cannot stop it, but I will do my best to delay it, but be careful. They are tireless and terrible hunters and will not give up their prey."

She leads you to a still pool of water, in the middle of a mushroom circle. "Now, where do you wish to go?"

Irsfel walks up to stand beside the dryad, pausing as she come to stand beside the pool of water. We are trying to reach Mount Abore Monestary. The closer you can get us to that location, the better we'll all be.

Reaching out to place her hand on the dryad's shoulder, Isfrafel continues My true fear, however, is that once we leave the astirax will turn its attentions upon you. If it truely seeks us, and can assume control of others, you would become the creatures perfect vessel. None here could hope to evade you should it use you to track through the wild.

Don't try to delay it. Run. The last thing we want is to face you as an unwilling adversary.

Kers is a jangle of nerves. Thrice f&$%ed we are! he says with his eyes over his shoulder.

Is everybody ok?

Apologies. I had a sick kid for the last five days and was away from the computer for most of it. Everything is better now, the spudlet is back in school and mostly healthy and I am preparing to make a new post later today, after I get some work done. I have quite a pile waiting for me. But the game is still alive, I promise!

The druid nods. "The creature cannot harm me here, nor can it possess me. I am tied to this land in such a way that it can merely harass me, but nothing more. Once it realizes this, however, it will speed forth after you. I know the lands near this monastery; there is a grove to the north where a sect of druids once ruled. Their order is long dead now, destroyed by the Shadow's armies. However their grove still lives. When you arrive, proceed south. You will find a stream; follow it. It will lead you to the mill and the Monastery." She steps to the pool of water and waves her hand over it, causing it to shimmer and then resolve into an image of a stand of tall pines in the middle of a great old forest. She gestures at the pool. "Go now and good luck. More depends on you than you know."

Stepping into the water Israfel nods in agreement We could all use a little luck. The Shadow has help sway over this land for far to0 long.

Female Half-Elf Rogue 2

SORRY, my boss kept me distracted the last few days, I am here still.

Xochtli will follow after, "Thank you for the help."

hp:17/17; AC 14 (T 13, FF 11); fort 1, ref 6, will 1; bab 1, melee 2, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 15; init +3; perc +6; F human ninja/2

Fleur begins to follow Israfel and Xochtli, nodding to the dryad in thanks... and then pauses a moment... "Follow the stream, you say? follow it up or downstream? Important to know that."

"Downstream. Follow the water's flow."

As you step into the pool, there is a brief moment of falling, then a twisting sensation that seems to twist the whole of the world with it, then a sudden stop and you stand at the edge of a pool of crystal clear water in the middle of a stand of pines. The air is cold and still and no birds sing nor insects call. The sky is a slate of grey above you and it feels like the land is frozen in time. Once all of you are through, Allain pulls his cloak around him and nods to the south. "Let's go." He seems distracted as he starts picking his way through the wood.

Once out of the grove, it feels like the world is in motion again. You find the stream easily and follow it downstream for an hour. Suddenly you crest a small hill to see a mill's waterwheel slowing turning. The mill is attached to a larger, old stone structure. This must be the Monastery you were sent to.

Approaching cautiously, you see a young boy of about 10 working the mill inside, shoveling flour into sacks by hand. He doesn't see you yet and while you can hear voices from the floor above, you can't make out their words over the din of the stone wheel.

I am heading on vacation until after Thanksgiving. I may not be able to post for the next week.

hp:17/17; AC 14 (T 13, FF 11); fort 1, ref 6, will 1; bab 1, melee 2, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 15; init +3; perc +6; F human ninja/2

Fleur whispers to the others, "Well, do we approach openly and let them see us, or do we wait til they're asleep and slip into the monastery unseen if possible?"

Kers is as always in favor of the head on approach.

hp:17/17; AC 14 (T 13, FF 11); fort 1, ref 6, will 1; bab 1, melee 2, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 15; init +3; perc +6; F human ninja/2

Still whispering, "I worry for these people. It seems whenever we involve innocents in our quest, even unwittingly, they are doomed to fall prey to those that are dogging our trail. But then I guess it doesn't matter if they know of us or not, they will have the same trouble."

Fleur sighs audibly and walks up toward the doorway of the mill. She will try to walk up at an oblique angle so the boy perhaps won't notice her until she has a chance to get close enough to hear those upstairs before she's noticed.

perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12

The boy is clearly distracted by the milling, and even when he does notice the band, he simply nods to them politely, but distractedly and goes back to shoveling out the finished flour into sacks.

As Fleur gets closer, she can make out a few snatches of conversation: "The last of the shipment to Muletown... quality is guaranteed... of course we can supply more... the last batch is almost ready."

As the boy seems disinterested in stopping you, there is a clear path up the wooden stairs to the floor above. Looking that way you can see a landing and a door that is half open, through which you can see at least figures: one in a monk's habit and one in clothes more appropriate for travelling. This is where the conversation is coming from.

BUMP! This is the DM who goes BUMP in the night. Welcome back! Let's get this show on the road, all!

hp:17/17; AC 14 (T 13, FF 11); fort 1, ref 6, will 1; bab 1, melee 2, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 15; init +3; perc +6; F human ninja/2

Fleur pauses at the bottom of the stairs and listens further to the conversation. I'd sure like to know more of what they're talking about before I interrupt them.

Standing beside Fleur, Israfel remains silent, though she nods in the direction of the young man shoveling flour into the sacks.

I am making no attempt to hide, though I will remain silent and attempt to listen to the conversation taking place upstairs.

After a few moments of waiting, the door above opens and two men exit. One is wearing simple brown homespun robes tied with a thick rope. He is older, grey haired with piercing blue eyes. In front of him walks a thin man with drawn rat-like features. His greasy hair and greasy smile match, and his black outfit and open wearing of a black mace lend no doubt to what his role is: Legate.

The Legate and the monk walk toward you, the Legate smiling and the monk frowning. But there is no where to hide and so the Legate approaches you. "Well! Newcomers, brother Faustus! Welcome to our little piece of heaven, travelers. You look parched. Brother Faustus, do be a good host and offer them some refreshment, will you? I am Legate Henrich, spiritual guide to this small flock. I look forward to seeing you all again in the near future." With this cryptic pronouncement, he sweeps past you, pausing ever so briefly to stare hard at Allain, as Allain tries to act as normal as he can.

The monk waits until he is out of the mill to wave you upstairs, frantically gesturing. He leads you into a small sitting room, then closes the door behind you.

"My apologies. I had not expected you so soon. I assume you're here for the package?"

hp:17/17; AC 14 (T 13, FF 11); fort 1, ref 6, will 1; bab 1, melee 2, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 15; init +3; perc +6; F human ninja/2

Fleur looks with disguised surprise from the legate to the monk... and bows slightly with a slight smile on her face to the legate's words. Once he is gone, she slips upstairs following the monk and nods to him.

"Aye, we're here for the package. We'd best get our business done and over quickly as it probably won't be long before your legate here gets word of our presence and proximity."

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