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In Search of Paradise (Inactive)

Game Master Tirq

Based on Halo: Combat Evolved

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Hello Boze.


You still owe me money Boze!!

So are we using your guns with the rate of fire rules from modern, or just everything is single shot your guns?

What about the battle rifle versus the assault rifle?

My guns, their rules.

The battle rifle would be a Bastard sword, but the difference is that Martial weapon prof would give you a single shot, while exotic would give you triple shot.

GM Tirq wrote:
My guns, their rules.

So what setting(s) does each gun have? Here's what I'd assume...

Pistol: Semi-auto
Assault Rifle: Full auto, maybe single or semi-auto as settings even though it's not in the game
Battle Rifle: Full auto, same as the AR, except with the necessary Prof
Shotgun: Single shot, maybe semi-auto despite the game
Sniper: Single shot
Plasma pistol: Semi-auto
Plasma rifle: full auto, same as AR
Carbine: Semi-auto
Fuel Rod: Semi-auto
Mauler: Semi-auto or single
Bruteshot: Semi-auto or single

In the d20 modern rules almost all the full auto weapons that aren't like gatling guns are also considered semi-autos. Again, haven't played Halo, but in real life assault rifles always have those two setting at least, if not also burst.

Well in Halo, the guns all have on setting. But semi-autos can be fired as fast as you can pull the trigger, so they're almost as fast as full-autos. And I'd guess that in this campaign, full autos would be allowed to shoot semi.

Also, upon further research, the Battle Rifle uses a burst setting in the games.

As for semi-auto, I'm assuming the Rapid Shot deal is only if you want, and you can opt to fire normally.

But yes, Jelani, I wholeheartedly agree that it makes sense that full auto weapons can be semi-auto as well. Conserve ammo, better aim, all that good stuff. Seeing as the Halo universe is set in ours, just a few hundred years in the future, one would expect multiple settings on guns (although one would also expect semi- and full-auto shotguns).

Ok. Yeah.

Pistol: Semi-auto
Assault Rifle: Full auto, semi-auto
Battle Rifle: Full auto, semi-auto same as the AR, except with the necessary Prof
Shotgun: Single shot, its a pump action, after all
Sniper: Single shot
Plasma pistol: Semi-auto, with charge function to deal an extra d4 damage per round held maximum of 3d4, charge uses up shots equal to turns held
Plasma rifle: full auto, same as AR
Carbine: Semi-auto
Fuel Rod: Semi-auto
Mauler: single
Bruteshot: Semi-auto

I'll update the campaign info.

Cool, I'll update Brian's profile with the semi-auto info for his pistols.


Last question from me. Everything else has been asked.

Do you have any idea if you'll need to choose players, let everyone play, or if we'll even play within a few days?

Whats going to happen is when everyone's questions are answered I'll pick. I give you people the option:
1)Playing with 8 people
2)Process of elimination
3)Splitting into 2 groups

The problem with 1 is that combat will be slow, but people will always be on.

The problem with 2 is that some people won't get to play(imediately), but those I pick will get to play at maximum enjoyment

The problem with 3 is that I might change things, but I'm okay with that.

Pick which you prefer, or PM me. Either way, let me know.

I'm cool with playing with 8 people, regardless of how combat might go, or splitting into two groups. Seems to me 8 people would be cool-- it'd be a real full team, reminiscent of Noble Team in Reach. But I understand the issues that could arise.

I have one more question here: I just updated Brian's profile with the semi-auto rules for his pistols. If I'm reading the rule correctly, it gives him an extra attack with each pistol at a -4 penalty, just on that second attack. So with that, he can do a +6/+2 with a single pistol as a standard action, and with dual wielding, he gets 4 attacks: 2 at +4, 2 at +0.

Obviously, some problems could arise from this. I'm not sure what could be done, other than perhaps putting the -4 penalty on BOTH shots, so it's more of a tradeoff, or perhaps requiring an extra swift action along with the normal action to attack in order to use semi-auto. Either is acceptable for me, because right now, I'm starting to wonder about the power level of this guy.

I thought it said to both, so thats how I ruled it.

Okay, I'll make the change!

Edit: fixed!

He was a quiet boy growing up but always seemed to have a knack for picking up information. In the early to mid days of the inserection he found himself
being a reporter, snooping around for any information to sell to the UNSC. Eventually he snooped too far and the inserection blew up his family hoping to kill him
in the process. He promptly joined the UNSC hoping to get revenge but he lost hope in finding the bomb maker who killed his family and turned his attention to becoming
as skillful as possible. He spends his time reading up on anything useful. this of corse hurt his social skills somewhat. Through the years he has acted as the wheel
man of any vehicle he can get his hands on during the fights. A profesional Marine is what he has become. His last act of difiance to the world is that he utterly
refuses to become a spartan. The UNSC has been after him for years trying to install him into higher ranks but every time he refuses because he wants to be sent
home in a box when he finally gets killed, unlike spartans who get cloned to hide their deaths. OOH-RA!


Name: Batista Grave
Class Cavaliere
Order of the Tomb 2

10 16 14 14 10 14
+0 +3 +2 +2 +0 +2
Health: 10 +2 (con) +1 (favored class)

Shield: 6 +2 (con) +1 (favored class)

Fuel Rod Gun (Cost 75) 2d4
Plasma Pistol (cost of 8) 1d6
Grenade, 2 (cost 20 each) 1d6

Knowlade Archana Int +2 +3
Knowlade History Int +2
Knowlade Religion Int +2 +3
Spellcraft Int +2
Use magic device
Profession Soldier
Ride Dex (+3) + 2 (points on ride)

Courageous: +2 to saves against Fear stuff
Hunter's Blood: You earn a +1 trait bonus on Diplomacy when used to gather information, Knowledge (religion), and Survival when used for tracking when related to an
undead quarry. Choose one as these as a class skill. The undead have a +1 bonus on any roll to learn about you, as your family’s fame precedes you

Money: 175-75-8-50-40 = 2 remaining



Point Blank shot
Weapon focus fuel rod gun.

Teamwork Feat:
Shake it off! +1 to Save roll to everyone :D

Armor: Scale (cost 50)

There are a few items missing but this is more or less everything that you will need to begin debates about my usefulness.

Looks good.

Oh wise and powerful GM! If you find me worthy would you please grant me and my party the power of a beast called the Warthog that we my ride into glorious warfare with ease...and that I may run over my foes and crush them into a mighty thy mercy?

Thine powerful and Merciful GM has heard thy pleas and has responded accordingly!

Warthog Stats:
Sits: 1 Driver 5 Passengers
str 18 dex 8 con -- int -- wis -- cha --
Saves: Fort -- Reflex 5 Will --
Attacks: Ram +bab+4 (2d6+6 Bludgeoning)
Defense: AC 15 Touch 9 FF 15 Natural Armor +6
DR: 10
Those sitting in the vehicle and trying to fire a gun suffer a -4 penalty to hit. You cannot hit with a Melee attack in the Warthog.

At level 4, you may substitute 4 seats for 1 mounted gun. The gun has no penalty to firing, and cannot be unattached. The gun is chosen upon level up and cannot be changed until the next level up. All ranged weapons may be chosen, and are Huge sized. Add to the warthog's stats str +4 Dex +2 Natural Armor +3.

If you wish to change to a different vehicle, let me know.

Oh GM! Thank you for thy Power and they Mercy on us oh humble servents to thy world. I beseech the when may I come to you again for guidence on a new powerful vehicle to aid my comrads in battle?

Disscusion thread.

Just a heads up GM, your last post was not a link, and there is no discussion thread linked to this campaign.

Changed one of Elwood's traits to rich parents. Altered backstory to match. Finished out final gear, and I'm ready to go. As for the group, I say go with 8. I've only been in one or two games on these boards where someone didn't drop within a few weeks. We'll probably end up with six or seven committed people in the long run, which I think is totally doable.


Ok finally worked out the kinks in my back story and revised it to fit the time line better.

Mar'Gonee Back Story:

Growing up with an elite commander as a father was not easy. There was no separation between duty and home with him. My 3 brothers and I where expected to be just like the soldiers he commanded. He had spent time fighting in the Human Covenant War and wanted his children to honor him by becoming Elites.

Now at the age of 33, I have finally earned my place among the Elites. I have finally honored my father and brought honor to my family. My Eldest brother, Kal'Gonee, is also an Elite. Having been told I am to check out this place called Paradise has me a bit on edge as no one has yet to go there.

Alright, everyone will play. Post as your new alias in the discussion thread that I will open up very, very soon. Name, Rank, and home planet.

I haven't made a discussion thread yet, I was going to make it when everyone was ready to play.

Ah. I was just confused by the post that said discussion thread. Heading over to the discussion thread now.

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