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In Search of Paradise (Inactive)

Game Master Tirq

Based on Halo: Combat Evolved

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Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer

She chuckles as she starts to take her shoots, "Fine by me, if I win...I am not sure what I want." Before downing hers.

1d20 + 2 ⇒ (18) + 2 = 20
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (14) + 2 = 16
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 2 = 18

She takes her first two in stride but the last three she finishes before laying her head on the bar grumbling something with a slight slurr about how that might have been a little to much for her.

Well, since you are not a brute, Batista, and are not nearly as hardy as one, then we'll assume that you are so drunk that you will be out of the RP for a while. While you are drunk, you accedentally trash 3 chairs, 1 table, 2 weight holders, and you get in a few fights. You'll be taking 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (4) + 3 = 7 damage due to damage sustained in the fights, and the drink also drains 1d6 ⇒ 1 Constitution because of the Hangover you shall experience. You will also be working off the damage that you made for 1d4 ⇒ 2 days. Congradulations. We'll continue with the story when you get off of probation. That sure is a heavy drink, and you can get more after the next mission.

male Human Cav lev 2

WOOT! hey wait?! NO SEXUAL HARASSMENT!?!? gah...I musta been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of it. xD

Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer

She watches Bastista as he makes a total fool out of himself a hiccup comes form her mouth as the world turns a little bit. How.....muuuch do I owe cha Barkeep?" She asks an obvious slur in her normal speech.

A few days have passed since the initial sting on the Pirates, and after Batista’s parol has ended and everyone is done with their hangovers. Over the intercom comes the voice of a woman saying “May Spartan 213, Spartan 312, Lieutenant Edward Cudley, Scientist Ram’Dain, Ranger Mar’Gonee, and Corporal Brendan Traynor please report mission briefing in Sector IV: Command station.”

Upon reaching the hub, you see Batista, Col Hanson, and a Spartan wearing a full Gungnir suit leaning over a table with a map on it. Once the group enters, Col Hanson turns around and says “Good to see you, soldiers. We have obtained information from the Jackal that you captured recently. Apparently, all of their flag ships have a very strong connection to each other. There are 3 flag ships. These ships are well guarded, and are most likely Frigates or larger. Unfortunately, the flag ships are also connected to 7 smaller ships each. One of the ships that attacked you just so happens to be one of the 7 ships connected to flag ships. This is where you come in. The lot of you and the Sargent come in. Men, this is Sargent Cromwell. He’s a veteran of many missions dealing with the pirates, and a close combat specialist. Sargent, I’ll leave the rest to you.”

Cromwell turns to the team. ”Listen to me carefully. We will infiltrate the ship that targeted you earlier this week. After an intense brainstorming, we have concluded that a well-placed virus will completely remove the threat of these pirates from this sector. Now, you may be wondering why this is all important. The simple fact is that we’re going to send a team of specialists down on the planet to investigate. We’re afraid that the pirates would interfere with the supply ships. Take out the pirates, no more problems. Does this make sense to all of you? Good. We’ll be setting off tomorrow at 09:00. Be there 3 hours in advance. Sir, do you have anything you want to add?” Cromwell then turns to the Colonel.

The Colonel nods, then says ”I cannot begin to express how important it is for you to return alive. That is all. You are dismissed.”

Tell me what you plan on doing to prepare for the infiltration, and then tell me when you are ready to move on. If you wish to see the stats for Cromwell, then I'll post them in the Discussion.

Male Human (SPARTAN Augmentation) Warlord 2 | HP 25/25 | AC 18, touch 15, FF 13, CMD 18 | Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +0 | Init +7, Perception +5

Brian meets up with the team along the way to the briefing. "You know, I heard about the antics you lot got into after leaving the mess that night... And all I can say is, good job, folks!" Brian snickers and shakes his head, smiling good-heartedly inside his helmet.

In the briefing room, Brian nods to the Major: "Nice to see you off parole, Major."

Brian listens closely and attentively to both the Colonel and Sergeant Cromwell, his weight evenly dispersed and his back straight, but with his arms crossed. He frowns slightly as Cromwell mentions the expedition to Paradise--I thought that was classified--but he gives no outward motion to show any surprise.

After the Colonel closes, Brian moves forward to Cromwell. "Good to meet you, Sergeant. I've heard about you before--and none of it bad. It's an honor to serve with you on this mission."

"The honor is returned, Spartan."

Male Sang'heili Elite Forerunner Scientist (Wizard)/2

Ram'Dain nods when dismissed, then heads off to his quarters to prepare for the mission.

Let's see....what would be good equipment to take for such a mission? We'll need to stay hidden mostly, and I'll need a way to get out of a tight situation or two. I've got it!

Ram begins by placing a special clip he's designed onto his belt, testing to see how it works first. He stands in front of the mirror and activates it through his Impulser. His reflection in the mirror Vanishes for an instant, then returns. "Perfect. Now the difficult part."

Ram takes off his Impulser, placing it on his workbench and getting to work.

He installs a device on top of the wrist that, when a button is pressed, a Color Spray is released, blinding and possibly knocking out the target. He tests it against the wall, the light is very bright and colorful indeed. He adds a secondary function to act like a simple Light if need be.

He also installs something similar to a taser in the palm of the Impulser, to allow him to take down shields in one swift Shocking Grasp. He'd test it on himself, but he'd likely pass out.

As a second thought, he adds a device into the palm that will let him Open and Close doors from a distances, as well as let him levitate fairly light objects, giving him almost a Mage Hand. Finally, he installs a generator in the wrist to let him hurl projectiles at his enemies that will have an Acidic Splash should he need to fight and not waste ammo.

Placing his finished Impulser back on his wrist, he does one final test of each function, opening and closing his quarter's door, lifting and bringing to him a pencil, and forming an acid ball before letting it evaporate.

"Hehe. This is gonna be fun."

In case you didn't catch that, he's gonna have the following spells prepared for the mission.

Color Spray
Shocking Grasp

Mage Hand
Acid Splash

Lieutenant - HP 14 | AC 19 | T 13 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +6 | R +2 | W +0 | Init +5 | Per +5

Well, aint much chance of me avoiding notice for long. This is gunn' get bloody.

Elwood simply checks all his armor and gear to make sure it's in working order, reloaded and clean. After the last couple days of drinking he heads to be by 20:00. Waking up at 04:00 he showers and gets all his gear on. Then he heads to the staging area, sitting quietly and clearing his mind for the task ahead. If anyone else arrives he will nod to them, but not open his mouth.

Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer

Charlotte will prepare everything including polishing her guns the night before going to sleep at 2200. She will then wake up at 0500 taking a shower and picking up everything from her room to arrive at the staging area waiting on the rest.

Male Sang'heili Elite Forerunner Scientist (Wizard)/2

Ram'Dain gets a good night's sleep after working on his Impulser, then joins the rest of the team in the briefing room.

Come on, let's not let this fade into nothing like countless other threads. Let's get to posting!!!

Male Sang'heili Elite Forerunner Scientist (Wizard)/2

Just waiting for everyone to say they are ready. The story is done. I know the GM personally, and he's waiting on everyone else.

Would you guys please at least post in the discussion section that you are ready to move on? Like Ram'Dain said, I have everything ready, I just need to know if you are ready to get going."

The ship is large, but a totally different vessel than the Gorgon. This ship has a more sleek look to it, and has the word Grace printed on the side. Cromwell is already at the loading dock waiting for everyone to return, and he is already wearing his full Gungnir armor. The order you return is the order in which you post. If you have any questions for Cromwell that does not have anything to do with the mission, ask him now.

Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer

She looks over the sleek ship with a small smirk as it looks better then the last rust bucket the traveled in. Who exactly will be piloting this thing...I am not so sure I trust Grave...after how they arrived for pick-up She asks not to anymore in particular.

"I had heard of Grave's... hijinks. Fortunately, this ship has three settings, unlike your last ship. The first is Manual, the second is Auto Pilot, and the third is Manualplus, which is best described as a little help while piloting. We'll let Grave deal with the flying, but we'll keep it to Manualplus." Cromwell says answering Charlotte's question.

Male Sang'heili Elite Forerunner Scientist (Wizard)/2

As he walks up to the ship, Ram'Dain makes sure his gear is set, then strides to the ship.

"Grace. A fitting name for a vessel such as this."

"She's my personal ship. Faster than any junk you've ridden in previously." Cromwell says when he sees Ram'Dain.

Male Sang'heili Elite Forerunner Scientist (Wizard)/2

Ram'Dain pulls out his PDA, making a note, then stepping back. "Smile!"

He takes a picture of Cromwell with his ship. "Perfect."

Immediately, Cromwell snatches Ram'Dain's PDA and deletes the photo. He hands it back afterwards and says "This is classified. You're lucky you are a civilian and not a soldier. Don't do that again."

Male Sang'heili Elite Forerunner Scientist (Wizard)/2

"Uh, um, y-yes sir." Ram puts his PDA away, feeling a little sheepish for nearly breaking protocol.

Male Human (SPARTAN Augmentation) Warlord 2 | HP 25/25 | AC 18, touch 15, FF 13, CMD 18 | Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +0 | Init +7, Perception +5

Brian walks up as Ram is scolded by Cromwell. "Hold on, sergeant, there's no need to be so rough. Ram's got a good heart, and a good head, from what I can tell... I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding." The Master Chief is wearing his own armor, a MJOLNIR Mark VII model, with his helmet under his left arm. His hair has been swept back this morning, and is actually held in a small, tight ponytail at the base of his skull. He has his field pack and weapons on as well.

Brian steers Ram'Dain into the ship itself. "Be a little more careful, though, my Sang'heili friend," Brian tells the Elite under his breath. "Cromwell may be a little high-strung, but he's not exaggerating. This mission is rather classified... Although why his ship is, I'm not exactly certain," Brian adds with a glance around the interior of the vessel. "As for its speed, I'm not certain, but it sure doesn't make anything else look like 'junk' to me."

male Human Cav lev 2

Batista seemed out of it after the hell he went through the past few days that basicly made him swear off alcohol forever as well as anything that would cause him to do anything out of conduct. He stands at attention listening to the conversation. after what just happened Sergeant no more hijinks from me if it can be helped. I don't want to lose the only thing I have left in this world due to my own stupidity. He seems much more humble then he did before the alcohol incident I ain't the best pilot but I want to be. I will do my best not to kill everyone again, or endanger those who are in my charge as a pilot or driver.

Lieutenant - HP 14 | AC 19 | T 13 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +6 | R +2 | W +0 | Init +5 | Per +5

Elwood nods at Batista's seriousness. "I have no further questions sir." He says, saluting both Brian and Cromwell.


Male Sang'heili Elite Forerunner Scientist (Wizard)/2

Ram'Dain takes his seat on the Grace, making sure everything is in order for the next mission as he double checks his equipment on hand.

"The Grace is a fully capable piece of equipment. It flies faster and longer than most ships it's size. It can reach Paradise just under a day, if we decide to run at full speed, that is. The Grace also has 5 fully functional Gauss cannons, over ten thousand rounds for them, and a stealth system that rivals the Elite's invisibility shield. It also has shielding to seige against a Frigate." Cromwell states simply.

Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer

very nice. She is a nice ship. Shall we get going than? Pirates do not wait.

Male Human (SPARTAN Augmentation) Warlord 2 | HP 25/25 | AC 18, touch 15, FF 13, CMD 18 | Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +0 | Init +7, Perception +5

"Indeed," Brian says. "And if this ship's as fast as you say it is, then we should be able to catch up to them quickly enough."

With this Brian dons his helmet and moves to stand by the door to the cockpit, one hand resting on the stock of his assault rifle.

Alright guys, give me 2 days to see if Berenzen and Vonzara still want to play, I'll PM him and such, and if we're missing a member afterwards I'll ask someone I know if they're willing to join. Until then, in character banter will suffice to keep this thread alive. I like the idea of this campaign, I just need some active players is all. Thankyou for your time.

Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer

Take your time. I also like this a whole lot

Charlotte walks up behind Ram'Dain giving him a playful punch on the shoulder Think you can actually shoot something instead of a target science boy?

Male Human (SPARTAN Augmentation) Warlord 2 | HP 25/25 | AC 18, touch 15, FF 13, CMD 18 | Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +0 | Init +7, Perception +5

"Target?" Brian overhears Charlotte's comment. "You folks went down to the range?" The MCPO smirks. "And this was before, or after you got... how to put this... blitzed out of your heads?"

Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer

Charlotte smirks a little, Before of course. He could not even handle a single drink. I would not trust him with a gun after that.

Male Human (SPARTAN Augmentation) Warlord 2 | HP 25/25 | AC 18, touch 15, FF 13, CMD 18 | Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +0 | Init +7, Perception +5

"Smart girl," Brian says. "Last thing we'd need is our resident scientist shooting himself or someone else by accident." Brian winks at the Sang'heili, his tone light and joking.

Male Sang'heili Elite Forerunner Scientist (Wizard)/2

He does the equivalent of blush, attempting to hide in his work by triple checking his work.

"That was one time, and you know it..."

He keeps fiddling with his tools, flicking the light on and off to check it.

Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer

What you think you can out drink me when we are done?

Lieutenant - HP 14 | AC 19 | T 13 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +6 | R +2 | W +0 | Init +5 | Per +5

"Heh. I'm still not sure which one of us won our little competition. Don't remember too awful much of that night." Elwood says to Charlotte, a smirk on his face.

Male Human (SPARTAN Augmentation) Warlord 2 | HP 25/25 | AC 18, touch 15, FF 13, CMD 18 | Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +0 | Init +7, Perception +5

Brian laughs. "I'm pretty sure that you all lost, the next morning if not that night."

male Human Cav lev 2

Ah give the lad another chance. Hell I don't even use the traditional weapons. I stole a fuel rod gun years and a plasma pistol and I have used for years. Course Gaffer yelled at me about that too. Gaffer yells at me a lot...don-cha old man? He pats the elite on the back then looks over what he is working on. whatcha workin on Bill?

Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer

Nor am I, however I will still help you with shooting if you want. A spartan always keep their promises. She replies as she leans on the walls on the interior of the ship. That night was to much of a blur I took in more then I can handle...atleast I did not end up as bad as some of the other She giggles thinking of Grave who was lucky not to get discharged from the military.

male Human Cav lev 2

Batista decides to shut the hell up before he gets himself into any more trouble and looks over at his sholder plate of his armor to see that the Major rank was stripped from him and replaced with Petty Officer 2nd Class. He kinda grumbles a bit then looks up at Charlotte. I am lucky Old man didn't kick me out I know need to laugh at my stupidity.

Male Sang'heili Elite Forerunner Scientist (Wizard)/2

Ram'Dain is too distracted by his work, and trying to stay that way, to respond to Grave's question, but the flicking light should give away what he's doing.

I hope this ship takes off soon enough...

Male Human (SPARTAN Augmentation) Warlord 2 | HP 25/25 | AC 18, touch 15, FF 13, CMD 18 | Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +0 | Init +7, Perception +5

Brian also laughs at Grave. "Hey, Petty Officer isn't a bad rank. 'Course, it's even nicer with 'Master Chief' before it, but you know how it is."

He also turns to Charlotte. "Y'know, I think that's the first time I've heard a SPARTAN giggle," Brian says, then shakes his head and laughs to himself once more. "You lot are bad for my hardass commander image."

male Human Cav lev 2

Grave glares at Brian with a look of anger for his bragging like he is and basically insulting everyone by his last statement. Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan 213...Brian. A "Master Chief" shouldn't say such things. Have you forgotten the first thing we learned in joining this outfit? To those of whome I fought with...and to those I don't know your name...we fought by one another, you did not die in vain. We fought, you died, We bled, and I cried...even until our untimely end...Our Country, our families, our brothers...we shall defend. He recites a small poem that everyone was introduced to on the first day of their enlistment...or SHOULD have heard it if they were not asleep or daydreaming about killing people. We are each others brothers should defend them..both in word...and in the field...please refrain from down talking anybody on this ship. you never know who may kick your ass tomorrow...or who you will be fighting with.

Male Human (SPARTAN Augmentation) Warlord 2 | HP 25/25 | AC 18, touch 15, FF 13, CMD 18 | Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +0 | Init +7, Perception +5

"Relax, Grave, I was kidding." Brian does raise his hands and bow his head in concession, though. "I know that, I live by it, Officer Grave. My rank doesn't really matter to me; honestly, I wonder if it wasn't an accident that I got it." OOC joke!!!

male Human Cav lev 2

forgive me...the past few days of mental torture that they put me through for drinking like a sailor... He pauses to think that even though he was a "marine", they all still counted as sailors. The thought seemed to wrack his brain for a second before he got back to finishing what he was about to say. I interpreted it as something other then a joke He gets his mind back focused on the job at hand.

Lieutenant - HP 14 | AC 19 | T 13 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +6 | R +2 | W +0 | Init +5 | Per +5

"Rank schmank. We're all about to be in this together." Elwood says, then to Brian "No disrespect intended sir."

Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer

We all start out somewhere do we not? She then removes her helmet since they have not taken off yet, She fixes her hair which he has pulled up to keep from getting in the way of her helmet with a soft sigh. I might be a spartan but I am a girl at heart. She gives a small smile at that remark as Brian has stated he had never heard a spartan giggle before.

Male Human (SPARTAN Augmentation) Warlord 2 | HP 25/25 | AC 18, touch 15, FF 13, CMD 18 | Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +0 | Init +7, Perception +5

"It's fine, Grave. I understand." The SPARTAN turns to Elwood. "None taken, Cudley. Like I said, I'm no hardass."

Female Human (Earth, Scotland) Sgt (Fighter/2)

After being handed her orders GeeGee packs her bag and head of to her new duty station. She was told to report for some special mission and that her skills as a sniper.

She arrives at her new station and goes to the common room to report in.

"Grant, good to see you. The rest of the team is in the hanger. Just ask for Cromwell. He'll show you the works." says the Colonel.

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