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In Search of Paradise (Inactive)

Game Master Tirq

Based on Halo: Combat Evolved

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The room is quite normal for a command hub. A large hologram machine in the middle, not turned on yet, and computers surrounding the walls with the forward largest wall being clear, showing the darkness we all refer to as space. Colonel Hanson stares quietly out into darkness, thinking about what is about to happen. When he hears men, soldiers, gathering behind him, he turns around to see the faces of these brave people. “Men, we have a problem.”

He turns on the hologram machine to show what looks to be a small supply ship. “This is a supply ship that usually gives supplies to and from the Sang’heili home world. Unfortunately, as you might have heard, there are some pirates between here and there. We’re having you gentlemen deal with this. You shall wait inside the hull until the pirates ambush the ship. We don’t want you going too close to the main route, but too far and the pirates won’t want to take the bait. That means you’ll be traveling in view of Paradise. Not many ships wander there, otherwise we would have discovered it by now. Our team is still getting information from the planet, so don’t go on it unless you have too. Spartan Brian-213, I will need you to choose four people here to man the mission. The other members will be on call here, performing intellegence operations. Do I make myself clear?”

Lieutenant - HP 14 | AC 19 | T 13 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +6 | R +2 | W +0 | Init +5 | Per +5

"Yes, sir!" Elwood says, snapping to attention, his expression serious. Pirates eh? Sounds like fun. He stands ready in his armor, holding his helmet in his left hand. On his belt rest two deactivated energy blades, and there is a standard issue battle rifle slung across his back.

Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer

Pirates eh? Charlotte thought as she looked up listening intently to Colonel Hanson. She stood clad in her Red and black Armor. Dual pistols hung on her waist on her back she had a Carbine rifle for any sort of distance. She stood at attention before answering "Sir yes Sir!

Male Human (Earth, Canadian) Sniper (Gunslinger) 2

"Yes, Sir!" Brendan said as he rigidly stood at attention, hand snapping in a tight salute. A sniper rifle hung loosely at his back, it's stock and grip a little worn, as if it had seen quite a bit of duty. At his side was a pistol for a side arm. His armor seems to be similar to that of Elwood's, though it seems lighter- designed more for mobility and long range combat.

Pirates? This could be interesting.

male Human Cav lev 2

The marine stands at the side of the room listening to the commander speek. then answers back in a layed back tone. Many small scars cover his exposed parts of his body showing he had been out in the field for too long. His armor standard issue with some modifications he made himself over his years of service. He had a plasma pistol on his side and a large fuel rod gun on his back that he aquired in the field. A patch of his armor is different colored then the rest to show that he was in the armored brigades and was a vehicular man. Another patch was different to signify intelegence division. "Oy Gaffer ya told meh ya needed a wheelman not a raider! Yew lied to meh." He scoffs a bit at what he heard. I don't get payed enough to deal with pirates...

With a sigh, Colonel Hanson answers "For the last time, Batista, you need to salute your superior officers, even if you've known him for the longest time. Besides, the group needs a pilot. Whether you are with the extraction team or with the intellegence team, you will be needed."

The Colonel takes from on top of a computer a few yellow folders and hands them to Brian. "Take your time deciding about who is on the extraction team. Meet back here tomorrow at 09:00. Dismissed."
Inside the folders are the portfolios of all the players. Here's some roleplaying time.

Male Human (SPARTAN Augmentation) Warlord 2 | HP 25/25 | AC 18, touch 15, FF 13, CMD 18 | Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +0 | Init +7, Perception +5

"Sir, yes sir." The SPARTAN salutes smartly, turning his head to face the Colonel. You might presume he's watching, but you can't tell-- oddly enough, the SPARTAN is wearing his helmet, obscuring his face.

After a moment, though, he removes the helmet, clutching it in the nook of one arm, audibly cracks his neck twice, then shakes his head, causing wavy brown hair longer than most soldiers' to whip out and fall down to about the length of his chin. He's grinning, his teeth almost perfectly white, a mustache and goatee trimmed neatly around his mouth.

"Alright, boys and girls, you heard the big man. Not sure why I'm getting the privileges, but I am, so..." Brian trails off as he places his helmet on the table and pulls the folders to him, glancing through the portfolios inside. He grunts occasionally, shifting his gaze to each member of the room for a moment as he reads their file, then finally closes the folders and pushes them back to the center of the table. He stands up, folding his arms and looking at you.

"Alright. I've got some preliminary ideas, but I'd like to get your input as well-- we're all a team here. Any of you have a preference where you end up? Lemme know what you can bring to the team in each place. Then we'll all figure out what's going on. I, obviously, am going with the active team; apparently," the SPARTAN says with a tone revealing he wasn't aware of this ahead of time, "I am spearheading the operation. But I need to know which of you I should, and will, take with me."

Edited so Colonel can respond.

"Spartan, I want to see you over here for a moment." The Colonel says.

When Brian heads over to the Colonel, he says in a hushed tone "Son, I don't know what game you're playing, but you better cut it out. You know why you are leading this operation more than me. Your portfolio shows that you have conducted several succesful missions and that you are tactful in covertness. It also says that you are a medic and a Master Chief Petty Officer, a high rank. Being a Spartan, Medic, Spy, and Assassin, it would be logical to assume that you would make an excellent leader for this operation. Do not give me bullcrap in front of subordinates and make me seem like a fool to everyone. Do you understand? Good."

The Colonel pushes Brian back to the table.

Male Sang'heili Elite Ranger (Paladin)/2

"Pirates huh? Well you know I've had my share of space missions to deal with all sort of stuff I would be perfect for this." Mar comments and puffs out his chest.

Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer

A small smirk crosses the female Spartans face for a second as she still had helmet on and he could not see. She removed her helmet as he returned to the table. Well Sir. She said as she fixed her auburn hair that fell on her shoulder, I was trained in more sneak missions such as retrival of things locked away with a nearly impossible to crack lock...that or sneaking around to take out targets close range and silently. If you need someone that can get around and remain out of site then I would be the girl for that job She smirks a little attempting not to sound smug or full of herself.

Male Human (SPARTAN Augmentation) Warlord 2 | HP 25/25 | AC 18, touch 15, FF 13, CMD 18 | Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +0 | Init +7, Perception +5

"Relax, Colonel," Brian whispers back, adding a quick "Sir. I'm the first to admit I'm no genius, but I remember some things about the psych classes I took. It helps me get along with the men and women by appealing as no better than they are. And I was informed that Codename: Paradise is still a secretive plan." Brian nods, though. "My successful missions aside, I'm just not quite used to this level of responsibility, Colonel. I generally deal with lower-ranking soldiers, not such elite warriors as these. Sorry for any offense."

The SPARTAN moves back to the others, appearing a little sheepish, but he quickly masks the expression with a stern look. He nods to the first Elite to speak. "That's true, uh..." He glances at the portfolios for a moment, then finishes, "Mar'Gonee. Sorry, I take a bit to finish learning names... Anyway, I was thinking I'd like to have you along."

Brian turns to his fellow SPARTAN. "Good to see you again, Charlotte," he says, nodding at her. "I wouldn't have you not there."

Brian turns to the rest. "Everyone else?"

Male Human (Earth, Canadian) Sniper (Gunslinger) 2

"Sir, I'm probably the best damn sniper on this ship, maybe in the marines." Brendan said in an honest tone, without any bragging in his voice, "That being said, fighting on ship means tight quarters, which means that my skillset would be a detriment for you on this mission. I'd probably be better suited doing int-ops here. However, if you want me on the forward op, I probably fill a role similar to Miss Smug over there." the Canadian continued, nodding towards the SPARTAN in the red and black armor.

Male Sang'heili Elite Forerunner Scientist (Wizard)/2

Looking up from his PDA, the unarmored Sang'heili joins the rest of the group after reattaching it to his belt. "Sorry, I was looking over some data I had gathered before takeoff. Did someone say something about pirates?" Obviously he's not really suited for combat, even though he has a plasma rifle and grenade on his belt next to his PDA. On his right arm is a strange looking gadget that wraps around his forearm and interlocks with his fingers, complete with a palm mounted scanner. His simple lab coat and pants show he's less warrior, more scientist.

Male Human (SPARTAN Augmentation) Warlord 2 | HP 25/25 | AC 18, touch 15, FF 13, CMD 18 | Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +0 | Init +7, Perception +5

"Corporal, I'd heard of your abilities before this, and I agree with your assessment. Int-ops seems fine for you, although I could also use your combat ability in a potential fight. If you're worried about sniping, you've got general combat training, right?" Brian looks at the marine. "I've got a M90 ready for your name on it. I've been meaning to pick up an AR for a bit anyway." Seriously, I'm thinking of grabbing one and subtracting it from my credits.

The SPARTAN turns to the Elite. "Yes, er... Ram'Dain. Did I pronounce that right?" Brian shakes his head. "Pirates are what we're all about right now: they've been hijacking ships, and we trying to pull a sting on them to take them down. I'm thinking you'll do better running intel here," he says with a small and not mean smirk.

Male Sang'heili Elite Forerunner Scientist (Wizard)/2

Ram shrugs. "Close enough." He nods in understanding. "I'd much prefer being this ship than one that may be blown to bits at any moment." He shutters at the thought of being in space without a suit of some kind. He looks to his fellow Sang'heili, speaking in their own language.

I'll expect a full report on the strengths and weaknesses of your teammates when you return. They may be more useful than we think.

He looks back at his current superior. "Understood sir. I'll provide you with what information I can during your expedition."

Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer

Linguistics to decifer what you said Ram'Dain 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (20) + 5 = 25 NAT 20!!!!!

Charlotte looks over at Ram'Dain her eyes saying, Are you kidding me, you should be trusting us not gathering data before shaking her head and leaning against the wall since there were still a few that he had to pick from.

Male Human (Earth, Canadian) Sniper (Gunslinger) 2

"Aye sir, I have general combat training. I'm just better at sniping is all. I'll be ready for anything that you want me for. For now, I'm gonna tune up Bex here. Brendan jerked his hand back, pointing his thumb towards his sniper rifle. "I'll be in the armoury if you need me."

The marine stood up and headed out the door, habitually running his hand over his shaved head as he left.

Male Human (SPARTAN Augmentation) Warlord 2 | HP 25/25 | AC 18, touch 15, FF 13, CMD 18 | Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +0 | Init +7, Perception +5

"Good, Ram. I really ought to pick up some Sang'heili sometime..." Brian nods at the Elite. "Any and all intel is helpful. I'll make sure to get some comms installed before we head out; you should start research now, if you can. I want names, modi operandi, weapons, tactics, anything and everything you can get," Brian says with an outstretched finger, immediately falling into the commander's role.

The SPARTAN notices his fellow super-soldier's look, and narrows his gaze. At the same time it gives away curiosity as to what the Sang'heili said, it also displays that Brian will brook no infighting amongst the team, regardless of interspecies squabbles.

Finally, his gaze turns on the corporal. "Sounds fine, I may meet you there; I'll need to request some extra gear for this mission, and I'd like to upgrade my own weapons and armor as well."

male Human Cav lev 2

I'm probably the only one on this boat who has read more then the training manuals on guns...I can drop you guys off wherever your going or I can sit back here and listen in on the coms to give you any data you need. Im the best vec user we got. Only thing I cant fly or drive is this bahemith we are in right now. I am also mandated as intelegence officer on the ship and senior analist so either place you need me I'll be there....corse if we were on the ground and SOMEBODY would give me a sqirpion then im unbeatable. His thick accent rang through to the room he glared at Gaffer when saying SOMEBODY. He then turns to the Elite. Though I dont think I would work well with this guy on intele duty...I have a few issues with the high strung elite. He walks off muttering something that to everyone in the room sounds like compleate giberish as it is the language of the jackle.

Lieutenant - HP 14 | AC 19 | T 13 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +6 | R +2 | W +0 | Init +5 | Per +5

"I reckon I might be of some use to y'all over yander. When it comes down to it, I'm an in yer face kinda dude. These two mo'f*ckers cain't get the job done, not much that will." he says patting his energy blades.

Male Sang'heili Elite Ranger (Paladin)/2

"When do we leave to take out these pirates Genreral? It's been way too long since I've seen some space action. And SPARTAN you can call me Mar."Mar replies.

Male Sang'heili Elite Ranger (Paladin)/2

Figures I don't have the right knowledges to see what I know about pirates unless religion or nobility get me anywhere.

Male Human (SPARTAN Augmentation) Warlord 2 | HP 25/25 | AC 18, touch 15, FF 13, CMD 18 | Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +0 | Init +7, Perception +5

"I'll keep you in mind for both missions, Major Grave. Your combat record is substantial, and I'm sorry you haven't opted to join the ranks of SPARTAN." Brian nods at Batista's glare, but as he leaves the room, the SPARTAN frowns, wondering how he'll get this team to cooperate.

He turns to Lieutenant Cudley. "That's true, Lieutenant, you have impressive recommendations and performance as well. I'm thinking you'll be with me in the field; let's save the oaths for the enemy, huh?" Brian smiles, then turns to Mar'Gonee.

"That's a good question, Mar." Brian faces the Colonel. "I presume you want us here at 0900 hours tomorrow to commence the mission?"

"Meet me here at 0900 for briefing. I'll need conformation from Brian before then."

Lieutenant - HP 14 | AC 19 | T 13 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +6 | R +2 | W +0 | Init +5 | Per +5

What is this? A kindergarten? "Yes sir. Any other orders before the 0900 briefing, sir?" he asks Brian, looking around at the two spartans and the elite that will be accompanying him on his upcoming mission.

After receiving any more orders that Brian might have, he approaches Charlotte and holds out his hand, "Lieutenant Elwood Cudley, ODST. What's your name?"

Male Sang'heili Elite Ranger (Paladin)/2

"Then I'm going to go polish my armor and make sure I have everything I need before we leave in the morning."

How is ammo going to work in this. I may have missed it. I'm using a sniper rifle.

Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer

Charlotte turns to Elwood as she holds her helmet under her left arm getting ready to put it on. "Warrant officer grade 2, Charlotte Vanburen." She replies softly as she take his hand shaking it with a firm girp.

The Colonel said Dismissed in the first post. You can leave whenever you want.

male Human Cav lev 2

Only time I will ever choose to be a spartan is if it actually has some use to me... He thinks to himself as he stands there in the room and walks over to a termanal and begins scimming information, ovious useless information to him sence he has delved into everything he could before now but remains quiet as he waists time.

Male Human (SPARTAN Augmentation) Warlord 2 | HP 25/25 | AC 18, touch 15, FF 13, CMD 18 | Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +0 | Init +7, Perception +5

"Just get do what you need to, Lieutenant," Brian says to Cudley, whispering in his ear, "And that includes getting ready to use those motherf**kers on some their own kind, if you take my meaning." Brian grins.

"Everyone, get ready for the mission, and get some rest. It's gonna be a long day for all of us tomorrow, and that means I want AT LEAST 8 hours rest, preferably 10. If you have any business, take care of it." The SPARTAN looks at them all solemnly. "Dismiss."

With that, Brian heads down to the armory to gather any equipment set aside for the mission, as well as to request the following:

1 Assault Rifle
4 Assault Rifle Magazines
Any special equipment for the mission
Total cost: 45 credits + special equipment (if any)

Diplomacy for haggling: 1d20 ⇒ 14

Lieutenant - HP 14 | AC 19 | T 13 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +6 | R +2 | W +0 | Init +5 | Per +5

"Glad to meet you Charlotte." He says to her before responding to Brian, "I hear ya loud and clear sir." with a grin. "Hey Charlotte, care for a drink later? Just one mind ya." Elwood asks her. "We kin get to know each other a bit before the mornin'"

Male Sang'heili Elite Forerunner Scientist (Wizard)/2

Ram'Dain heads to the intel bay of the ship after hearing the all clear from Brian. [i]I guess now's as good a time as any to get started,[/] he thinks to himself as he enters the bay and approaches one of the few men on station.

"Excuse me, I'm looking to gather some information for the mission on hand tomorrow. Where would I be able to do so?"

Sadly, I don't have a Knowledge: Local. Would I instead be able to do a gather information with my CHA bonus instead?

1d20 + 0 ⇒ (10) + 0 = 10 Gather Information

Lieutenant - HP 14 | AC 19 | T 13 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +6 | R +2 | W +0 | Init +5 | Per +5

Should be able to, it's just a diplomacy (gather information) untrained.

Take 5 gold off the finishing price, and a magazine about stealth. Temporary bonus for 1 hour after reading it. Bonus equals +2.

Gather Info doesn't tell you anything useful.

Male Sang'heili Elite Forerunner Scientist (Wizard)/2

Those two rolls would have been the same since I don't have a CHA bonus. Oh well.

After taking his time in the intel bay, Ram'Dain leaves feeling there was defiantly more he could have learned from that. Still, he's done what he could, and he feels like he needs to get some sleep. He rubs his eyes as he heads back to his quarters for some shut eye. These military times are killing on my sleep cycle. Glad I'll be able to get some sleep though. After reaching his quarters, he takes a few minutes to read through the data he's kept on his PDA, when he has an idea.

If I can't help them with intel, why not with Tech?

Quickly he grabs his study kit, a few spare parts, and goes to his desk to start work. His work takes about 2 hours, and when he's done, he feels as though he couldn't have done better if he tried.

He holds up his finished creation: a small disk about the same size as a quarter with small mechanical indentations on it. Perfect... He looks at the clock and realizes how much time has passed, then decides it's time for him to hit the hay. He could show his teammates his new toy tomorrow.

Scribe Scroll: Abundant Ammunition. Took two hours, the rest of my credits, and the DC for making it was a 6, but my bonus in Spellcraft is a 9, so a roll wouldn't be necessary.

male Human Cav lev 2

He turns his attention to the two spartans that are still in the room, Ellwood and Charlotte, his eyes going back and forth between the two of them. neither of you want anything to drink the night before the fight...honestly you don't want but a very small meal before hand as well. I had friends who died because they got a big breakfast before leaving. It slows you down. Speed is everything out there. Im sure you have heard this crap before but best to be safe. You people are apparently too valuable to lose and honestly I shouldn't care what you two choose to do. He grabs a chair and sits down back infront of the terminal as he continues skimming information like he always does when he has nothing else to do and does in fact intend to stay there until the start of the mission. He has slept like this soo many times that he is use to it as he takes off his helmet and chest plate laying them to the side along with his weapons leaving him in his marine shirt.

Male Human (SPARTAN Augmentation) Warlord 2 | HP 25/25 | AC 18, touch 15, FF 13, CMD 18 | Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +0 | Init +7, Perception +5

After stopping in the armory--"Magazines? Interesting..."-- Brian swings by the Colonel's quarters to let him know his decision as of then.

Ram'Dain: Intel team

Mar'Gonee: Field team

Batista Grave: Intel team

Brendan Traynor: Field team

Charlotte: Field team

Elwood Cudley: Field team

With that taken care of, Brian salutes the Colonel, listening to anything he has to say, then heads to his own quarters to get some fitful rest before the mission.

Male Human (Earth, Canadian) Sniper (Gunslinger) 2

Shortly after tuning up Bex, he grabbed a shotgun and a few magazines for it. Guiltily looking at the sniper rifle, he sighed "Sorry Bex, but your use will be limited for this run, next time, I promise."

Heading back to his quarters, he fell into a restful sleep shortly after he stripped off his armor, his light snoring filling the room.

After hearing the people going on the mission, Colonel Hanson says "Good choices." and salutes. "Dismissed."

Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer

Charlotte thinks for a second on the offer for a drink. She usually did not go out often since she was more concerned with her missions to come. She hears Batista speak. She knows for a fact that drinks slow down reaction times and even if consumed hours before the battle. "Well I guess as long as it is nothing with alchol like a virgin Bloody Mary or Pino Colada it would not hurt." She replies.

Male Sang'heili Elite Ranger (Paladin)/2

Mar nods and heads back to his quarters. He cleans and readies his gear for the mission the next day.

Lieutenant - HP 14 | AC 19 | T 13 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +6 | R +2 | W +0 | Init +5 | Per +5

"Suit yerself. Shall we?" he says, walking towards the exit. Elwood will go to the closest bar and order a simple beer and something non alcoholic for Charlotte. "Yer from earth right?" he asks her once they have their drinks.

Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer

"yep, born in California but did not get to live there long." She states softly as she takes a drink of the tomato juice. "What about yourself?'

Lieutenant - HP 14 | AC 19 | T 13 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +6 | R +2 | W +0 | Init +5 | Per +5

"Spent most my life in Wheeling, West Virginia. Last five years or so, I been killing sh*tbags in sh*tholes. A grimace crosses his face and he pauses to take a long swill of his beer, sucking his teeth after the liquid goes down. "Aint never been to California. They grab y'all young, huh?"

male Human Cav lev 2

Hey...Gaffer...ive been thinking about what that Brian said...what would happen to me...if I entered into the Spartan program...I know they normaly dont take people who already have more battle experiance then over half of their program and that I would be one of the oldest applicants by this point... He begins chuckling as he begins thinking about the situation wondering why his mind if fixated on the subject. hell how long have those bastards up top been after me to "Volunteer"?... He turns in his chair to face gaffer. Im not asking as a major under your command asking you as a man who has no other family left...what are your thoughts... It has been so long sence he had heard any word from his family sence he had joined and basicly gave up any hope on finding them. Years of searching to come up with nothing. Years of pain that made him strong.

"Well, first you would have an extensive background check through out your ancestory to see if you have any major illnesses that need to be looked at. If you passs that then you have to go through the pain of having Neurological implants put inside of you. In case you were wondering, thats painful. Most applicants don't remember it due to age, but you'll remember it for the rest of your life.

Batista, they have wanted you to volunteer since you first joined the ship. You were just too stuborn then to join and you're too stuborn now to follow orders from anyone but me. Don't forget, you do have a family in me, boyo. Now get to bed, mission in the morning."

Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer

She lets out a small cuckle, Indeed they do, mostly due to the fact of the training and some sort of implant so that you never recall it. Me I was around 5 or so when I was taken in. Did not really expect it with my papa being an ODST and getting Killed in action. She finishes her drink as she lean back on the stool to stretch and crack her neck a little.

male Human Cav lev 2

He smirked at hearing he would remember pain if he had does the opporation now and stays silent through the rest of his little speach. He stands up and turns off the terminal, giving Gaffer a formal navy salute which makes everyone in the room (not including Gaffer in this cuz he will react how he will react) fall silent as they just witnessed one of the rarest things on the ship as Batista gathers up his weapons and armor to head for his barrecks.

Lieutenant - HP 14 | AC 19 | T 13 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +6 | R +2 | W +0 | Init +5 | Per +5

"Heh, my pappy was ODST killed in action too. Battle of Cleveland." Elwood says as he drains his beer, a grimace on his face. "Even with us humans spread to the stars, it's still a small world aint it?" Without really waiting for her reply he continues, "Well, that was my one drink. Thanks for the company Charlotte. I'm off to bed, I'll see you in the morning." He rises from his chair, grabbing his helmet and issuing a sloppy playful salute to her as he leaves to make his way to his quarters.

Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer

After Elwood leaves Charlotte chuckles to herself before grabbing her helmet and heading to her room in the Barracks as well. She places her weapons in their containers before removing her armor before going to sleep in her usually "lazy day" attire a tank top and shorts ready for the mornings mission. and I keep forgetting to post as charlotte I am a dumb ass.

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