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General Discussion Recruitment Play-by-Post Play-by-Post Discussion

Would you support a joint 3PP Adventure Path on Kickstarter?, by Steve Geddes

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Divine Protection Errata, by LazarX

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Some questions about dying / Raise Dead during an encounter, by jones314

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Slashing Grace and "otherwise occupied", by Bandw2

Why do Martials need better things?, by Lemmy

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Valeros' illiterate parents, by Conall O'Kanis

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In Search of Paradise (Inactive)

Game Master Tirq

Based on Halo: Combat Evolved

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Name, Rank, and Home Planet.

This thread shall be used for anything between the players and myself.

Lieutenant - HP 14 | AC 19 | T 13 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +6 | R +2 | W +0 | Init +5 | Per +5

Name: Elwood Cudley

Rank: No idea...lieutenant?

Home planet: Earth. Wheeling, West Virgina

Lieutenant works for me. Its not too high, but not too low.

Male Human (Earth, American) Gunslinger 2, Master Chief Petty Officer

Name, Brian Thomas Wolf.

Rank, not sure... perhaps I'll also take lieutenant. I'll have to do some research later to decide what's exactly right for Brian. Are there any ranks you'd prefer we have, like a range?

Home Planet: Earth. Born in Boston, Massachusetts.

The highest possible rank is Master Chief Petty Officer. Anything under that.

Male Sang'heili Elite Forerunner Scientist (Wizard)/2

Name: Ram'Dain

Rank: None (Civilian)

Home Planet: Sanghelios (Elite homeworld)

male Human Cav lev 2

Name: Batista Grave

Rank: Major

Home Planet: Earth Glasgow Scotland

male Human Cav lev 2

Also I would like to put up for disscusion the possibility of adding the radio as a factor for the warthogs performance. In psycological warfare music is blared to sometimes confuse the enemy. I simply wish to add the Red vs Blue Puma music. I would expect this would give it +noise level for early detection but it would be a + for catching the enemy flat footed if used correctly. Please imput your thoughts on this matter.

I won't give you any bonuses or any of the enemies a minus, but I'll let you roleplay that.

Male Sang'heili Elite Ranger (Paladin)/2

Name: Mar'Gonee

Rank: Elite Ranger

Home Planet: Sanghelios (Elite Homeworld)

Makes Sense to me. Oh, and if any of you were wondering...

Name: GM Tirq

Rank: Storyteller

Home Planet: I don't wanna tell. Roleplaying reasons, I assure you.

Male Human (Earth, American) Gunslinger 2, Master Chief Petty Officer

Updated rank: Master Chief Petty Officer. No, I won't make you call me Master Chief. Even though I should.

Edit: Just realized you said anything UNDER that rank is allowable. So scratch the above, I'll go with the other rank I was considering, and play a Chief Warrant Officer of the highest rank. I know the Halo rank system is slightly different from the modern U.S. military ranking system, but in the U.S. you can achieve a rank of Chief Warrant Officer Rank 5. So I'm comparable to that.

Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer


Rank: Warrant Officer Grade 2 (if that is ok)

Home Planet: Earth, United States, California

Male Human (Earth, American) Gunslinger 2, Master Chief Petty Officer
312-Charlotte wrote:


Rank: Warrant Officer Grade 2 (if that is ok)

Home Planet: Earth, United States, California

"A West Coast girl, huh? My mom always warned me to watch out for them... I never listened to my mom much." ;)

Male Sang'heili Elite Ranger (Paladin)/2

"AH! I see I will have brethren on this journey. I am pleased to make your acquaintance Ram'Dain."

Male Sang'heili Elite Forerunner Scientist (Wizard)/2

As with you, Mar'Gonee He gives Mar the proper greeting, by hitting his chest with a closed fist at attention.

Sang'heili Language:
I love how we can speak to each other and they have no idea what we're saying He laughs at his own joke.

male Human Cav lev 2

Brain be very careful thw words you choose now cuz you may be eating them later.

Male Human (Earth, American) Gunslinger 2, Master Chief Petty Officer

Eh, no worries, man. We're both SPARTANs. It's fine.

Male Sang'heili Elite Ranger (Paladin)/2

Sang'heili Language:

"I'm not partial to all of these humans."Mar says waving his had at the others. "I don't see the need for them. They are fragile and weak, especially their females." He finishes with a tone of arrogance.

Its funny because Mar'Gonee's player is a woman! Ah-ah-ah!

Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer

linguistics to see what you be saying!!! 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8

I feel some negativity in that last comment.

Male Sang'heili Elite Ranger (Paladin)/2

I'm playing him very high and mighty and he think less of humans.

Male Human (Earth, American) Gunslinger 2, Master Chief Petty Officer

Ride check to drive something into the apparently trash-talking Sang'heili fools! 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 8 = 12

Just kidding, of course!

Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer

Best be careful then since I do know linguistics and I could translate if I get a good roll.

Male Sang'heili Elite Forerunner Scientist (Wizard)/2

So just for fun, I'd like to know if anyone has a voice for their character. And by that I mean who would you imagine your character sounding like? I'll start just so everyone can get an idea.

I imagine Ram'Dain sounding like John de Lancie. He is best known for playing Eugene Bradford in Days of Our Lives, the infamous Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and more recently, Discord from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Now you know what Ram'Dain sounds like. Next!!

Lieutenant - HP 14 | AC 19 | T 13 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +6 | R +2 | W +0 | Init +5 | Per +5

Mountain talk

Male Human (Earth, Canadian) Sniper (Gunslinger) 2

Corporal Brendan Traynor of Hull, Canada, Earth reporting in sir. It's an honor to be fighting alongside the SPARTANs sir.

Mais, avons-nous vraiment besoin de ces élites damnés de faire cela?

Also, I have my backstory up.

Oui, Oui nous le ferons. Nous allons aussi utiliser un traducteur beaucoup, parce que je ne parle pas cette langue.

Also, is that everyone? I'll start it as soon as we get everyone.

Lieutenant - HP 14 | AC 19 | T 13 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +6 | R +2 | W +0 | Init +5 | Per +5

I count 7.

Alright, its up.

Male Human (Earth, American) Gunslinger 2, Master Chief Petty Officer

Decision-making, huh? Geez, I'm not even the highest ranked person there. Oh well.

I just typed this absolutely beautiful paragraph about why you would be perfect for the mission, and then decided that it would be better to use it in the Gameplay section. :)

Male Human (Earth, American) Gunslinger 2, Master Chief Petty Officer

Then I look forward to reading it there. Or PM me. Or whatever.

Male Human (Earth, American) Gunslinger 2, Master Chief Petty Officer

Uhh, Tirq? Brian was no longer a Master Chief. I changed his rank to Chief Warrant Officer. IF it makes more sense for him to be an MCPO, that's fine by me, and I can run that. But I thought I'd let you know that I changed his rank.

Male Sang'heili Elite Forerunner Scientist (Wizard)/2

Apparently, I'm not supposed to assume my allies are weak....sorry ^^;

Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer

I warned you did I not?

Male Human (Earth, American) Gunslinger 2, Master Chief Petty Officer

Tirq, I feel like this is a stupid question, but fitting melee weapons other than the energy sword and gravity hammer are available, right? I ask mainly for RP and "cool factor" purposes, and I feel like it should be okay based on the fact that melee weaponry is pretty simple to make and use, and that Emile in Reach very clearly has (and presumably uses) a kukri on his armor.

Secondary, related question: does armor include gauntlets regardless of its base?

And thirdly, also related, I put this in a gameplay post but I'll throw it here as well: I can request gear from the armory and pay for it with my credits, right? If not I understand it entirely. I was just wondering.

Melee Weapons are fine. Smaller are better, though.


Yup. The armory has pretty much anything you need. In fact, unlike many places, if you succeed in a Diplomacy, you may reduce the price for whatever you're buying.

Hey, everyone! After your level put down your rank. Such as Gunslinger/2 Warrent Officer
This will help with roleplaying.

Ram'Dain, you don't have to put down anything, unless you have a title such as Dr. or Prof.

Female Human Rogue 2/ Warrent Officer


Male Sang'heili Elite Forerunner Scientist (Wizard)/2

Would I be able to make some sort of Social Skill check to gather info on the pirates? Or a Knowledge: Engineering to find out what kind of ship they're using and it's weak points?

Knowledge: Local to find out more about the pirates. Engineering would be used afterwards to tell the common ship to be used.

Or, just ask someone who knows. Diplomacy would be used to ask people "Hey, do you know anything about Pirates in the area?"

Lieutenant - HP 14 | AC 19 | T 13 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +6 | R +2 | W +0 | Init +5 | Per +5

Sorry, again this comes from me not having played Halo. But what's the exact difference between a spartan and ODST. Were the spartans first, and more elite, and then were too expensive so they switched to ODST? How would an ODST soldier be enhanced, with genetic alterations or are they cyborgs or something like that?

Male Human (Earth, Canadian) Sniper (Gunslinger) 2

No, 105th ODST are basically total badasses, hardened by battle. They're not genetically/chemically enhanced like SPARTANs are- the SPARTAN program has a stupid high mortality rate.

Basically the ODST (Orbital Drop Ship Troopers) do exactly that, they hop into pods and let gravity take them towards the ground. They hit the ground then start killing as they kick out of their drop pods.

The SPARTANs are enhanced soldiers in Mjolnir armor. They typically are the insertion fighters, though there have been cases of SPARTANs going on ODST ops.

ODSTs were long before the SPARTAN program existed. But the two are basically the most elite forces in the UNSC.

Male Human (Earth, American) Gunslinger 2, Master Chief Petty Officer

I like to think of it as the ODSTs being the Navy SEALs and the SPARTANs being like the Army Rangers (both USA military groups). They're both totally badass and kick the sh*t out of anyone and everyone they need to to finish the mission; they're both highly respected and incredibly well-trained; they're the best of the best of the best. However, the Rangers are generally deployed into heavy combat and fight on frontlines, whereas the SEALs are specialized soldiers used when needed.

Does that help at all?

Berenzen covered most of it.

Male Human (Earth, American) Gunslinger 2, Master Chief Petty Officer
I wrote:
that means I want AT LEAST 8 hours rest, preferably 10.

HAHAHAHAHheeheeheehoha, ahee, aho, aha...

It's funny, because I decided not to sleep at all tonight.

Lieutenant - HP 14 | AC 19 | T 13 | FF 16 | CMD 18 | F +6 | R +2 | W +0 | Init +5 | Per +5

Yeah, that helps. I just wasn't sure if we were the same or what. I knew the ODST drop from space, I just thought the SPARTANs also did that. The fact that they sometimes go on ODST missions is what confused me. So I'm 100% pure human huh? I'm down with that. Fits his anti alien leanings nicely.

Male Human (Earth, American) Gunslinger 2, Master Chief Petty Officer

Well we are also human. Just... genetically and chemically altered for physical superiority. So yeah, I guess you're a little more human.

male Human Cav lev 2

Brian here is the curious thing. The way im set up when compared to everyone is im still a marine...but I could still tango with the spartans around me hahaaha.

Interesting fact: There actually are some people like the ODSTs. Their called HALO, which stands for High Altitude Low Open. The drop airplane flies at high altitudes and then drop people out of it. The people will open their parachutes closer to the ground than normal.

male Human Cav lev 2

Dude how in the heck did you NOT know about the HALO boys? hahaha xD keep up with your military boy!

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