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In Search of Heroes

Game Master verdigris

Play-by-Post game set in Darkmoon Vale, using the Pathfinder ruleset.

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Human Oracle 5 / Witch 1 | init +3, per +1 | AC 16/13/13 | HP 19/37 | Fort +1, Reflex +4, Will +11 | CMB +4, CMD 17

Simon stands quietly with Katarynne as they watch the tree burn, except for the occasional moments when he manages a bit of the fire that's escaping.

M Human (Cheliaxian) Fighter (Cad) 3 /Rogue 3
GM_Verdigris wrote:

Rallah and Betsy share a look, then both smile. "There are still things to work out, but The Rouge Lady will be reopening with Rallah in charge." Betsy says, her eyes bright and laughing.

"I'll uhh... retire from the more personal side of the business to focus on running things, as a co-op of sorts."Rallah adds, her eyes drop to Hollin and she ruffles his hair.

She smiles, and both of the women rest a hand on Chrys' shoulder. "We will be needing someone to help keep things running peacefully. You'd be perfect for the job, Chrys. Whatya say?"


Chrystosm is speechless with delight. He says nothing, instead seizing Betsy and Rallah and kissing them both noisily, tears of joy in his eyes.

"My life's ambition has been achieved! Only one thing could make this even more perfect", he adds, wistfully. "An on-site brewery. Still, the pub's just across the road. What I need now is a leopardskin greatcoat with a gold trim and a really big hat with a feather in it..."

He drifts off into a daydream.

Kast Phaer wrote:

Kast limps away, looking for danger, and those in need of help. It is only when he is halfway around the tree when he turns to look to see if he is being followed.

"Fleur.." " you see any more bad guys around here? Is everyone all right?" Kast asks while lowering his weapon.
"There is so much..." "...danger right now. Have you seen anything?"

Fleur catches up with him, her own steps light and swift through the debris. She ducks as a burning branch shifts with the wind.

"No, I... can only see you. think you’ve slain them all." She reaches for him then, brushing her fingers through his singed and sooty hair. . ”There’s only this left to worry about now.” She presses close and rises on her tiptoes, as if she truly, finally, give in to own needs… his worry about the town cascades over her like a downpour of cold water.

”...looks like it could threaten the town? Should we evacuate?”

Finally, as if noticing it for the first time, she turns and looks at the tree going up in flames behind her. Her unintentional step back nudges her back against him, solid and strong behind her. She takes a deep shuddering breath and steps forward and away again.

”I suppose you’re right, Kast.” But after *that*, we need to talk.

Simon Shrewsbury wrote:
Simon stands quietly with Katarynne as they watch the tree burn, except for the occasional moments when he manages a bit of the fire that's escaping.

Katarynne stays by Simon, even when the fire burns too hot and too close. At one point, her tail twitches, brushing against him as she shifts it away from the fire.

Chrystosm wrote:

"My life's ambition has been achieved! Only one thing could make this even more perfect", he adds, wistfully. "An on-site brewery. Still, the pub's just across the road. What I need now is a leopardskin greatcoat with a gold trim and a really big hat with a feather in it..."

He drifts off into a daydream.

"Don't get too excited, Bucko." Betsy says, with a laugh. "Rallah is in charge. You just get to be... muscle." Still, it's clear that he'll be dearly welcomed at brothel for a long time to come.

|| Per +15 | Fort +9 Ref +9 Will +6 | BAB +5 | CMB +7 | CMD 20 || Half-Elf (Humanoid Elf/Human) Paladin of Erastil/Ranger 3/2

Nimeon assists Dorial in laying out his father.

"Should we do it here? Or is there a better place?"

He holds his hand out to Jurin.

"This is your grandfather."


The flashes come fast and furious as the boy looks at what remains of his grandfather. They'd used the boy like bait, spurring the druid to a stupid solo attack. His capture came quickly, but his death so much slower as the fungal siphons sucked him dry from the inside out. He went so much faster than the others, as if he were partially plant to begin with.

"Grand-father" He leans down, patting what is left of his forefather.

The townsfolk flood past as they evacuate the area around the tree. The fire spreads quickly, working it's way up into the branches, around the base. People are everywhere, and there are few places available to provide a reasonable solitude for his reincarnation.

Dorial looks up at the burning tree.

"Perhaps somewhere not on fire.."

With Nimeon's assistance, Dorial finds a suitable location to prepare the Jaryd's body for the ritual.

Male Half Elf
GM_Verdigris wrote:

Her unintentional step back nudges her back against him, solid and strong behind her. She takes a deep shuddering breath and steps forward and away again.

”I suppose you’re right, Kast.” But after *that*, we need to talk.

Kast nods as he draws Fleur close.

"We need to get everyone away. A fire here might take out most of the town. Let's go," Kast says while sheathing his heavy shield, giving him a free hand for *very* important things.

He takes Fleur's hand and leads her back to the group.

"We need to flee here. A calm and ordered panic, please! This fire could burn much more than just the tree. The town, too! Let's go."

Kast begins to move to assist others in moving away from the fire and the danger...he does not, however, let go of Fleur's hand for very long.

Human Oracle 5 / Witch 1 | init +3, per +1 | AC 16/13/13 | HP 19/37 | Fort +1, Reflex +4, Will +11 | CMB +4, CMD 17

"I can't just run when my efforts may still help save some families and their homes! I'll meet you somewhere when I can, take care of the children and women!"

Simon gives Katarynne a long meaningful look, I'll endure the splinters for you!, then he hustles to help the town of Falcon's Hollow.

Please disregard previous post and use the one below :)

Dorial looks up at the burning tree.

"Perhaps somewhere not on fire.."

She looks scans the area for a safe spot, but doesn't find any.

"If it helps, I can try to aid in the destruction of the tree."

A few well placed bolts of lightning should take care of it.


“Stay CALM and follow us! This way!” Fingers entwined with Kast’s, Fleur works to get the rest of the townspeople moving. She never strays more than a step or two, and her hand seems to always find its way back into Kast’s.

Soon, both of them are able to join the others outside of town, leading a sizeable group of townspeople behind them.

Brickasnurd tuts next to Othoe, ”Oh my! I could help, if I had my books. They came for me while I slept I’m afraid. That…wretched thing fooled me, pretended to be you, Othoe, and danced me a merry tune with his flute. I am without magicks to help, and my book is…!!!” realization dons on the shopkeeper, his shop, like the rest of the town could go up in a fiery mess – taking his spell books with it!

Simon, pushes Katarynne to flee to safety while he and the rest of his entourage head back into town, looking for laggards and stubborn fools. She goes with the others, reluctantly, as she watches him hurry after the women and children. "Be careful, Simon!"

A lumberjack, one of those saved from the streams of people going to be tree food, taps Dorial on the shoulder, "You'll need to do it just right, Miss, or you'll catch the whole town on fire. You'll have to hit it just so, so it falls right." He points out the spot, then points to the crowds milling around. "And we're too close, we'll have to heave further out."


Nodding, "Then lets get everyone further back quickly!" Dorial helps push the people further back still until the area is safe enough to topple the tree.

M Human (Cheliaxian) Fighter (Cad) 3 /Rogue 3

Chrystosm, reluctantly tearing himself away from Rallah and Betsey, walks up to the lumberjack and hands him his battleaxe.

"Dorial'll do just fine, I expect, but take this just in case. It's magical, but you'll do a better job with it than I would"

Then he moves off and helps with the shoo-ing.


The lumber jack looks at Chrystosm and then at the ax, then at the roaring flame engulfing the tree from base to tip. "I-I don't think I'll be able to do much with it, the fire is too great."

Between Kast and fleur, Dorial, and Chrystosm, the people are eventually moved to a safe distance. It takes time, and by the time the space has cleared, Simon has circled around out of the North Gate, the rest of the townspeople with him.

It is finally safe for Dorial to topple the tree, though Katarynne warns that it should burn thoroughly to destroy all the evil. "Lest any spores remain."

Male Halfing (Chelaxian) (HP: 30/32, AC: 12 (f11/t12))

Othoe helps Bricks to his home to save any spell books and other high value items seeing the rest of the party seems to have the tree well in hand.

"I think Dorial will drop that tree in the right spot, so your home should be safe, but let's be sure shall we?"

The villagers safe, Dorial stands before the great tree.

If I fail, the town could be lost..

She hangs her head low as she starts to chant, the air around her electrifying. Suddenly, she stops and looks up at great tree. She does nothing for a moment, but then thrusts her arms into the sky as if reaching for something. Bolts of lightning pierce the air as they strike the tree, hoping to topple it gracefully.

And just cause I feel like it...

Call lightning: 18d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 1, 1, 1, 4, 4, 1, 1, 1, 6, 6, 6, 1, 3, 6, 6, 4) = 64
Call lightning #2: 18d6 ⇒ (2, 2, 4, 1, 5, 4, 1, 5, 1, 5, 2, 3, 1, 4, 1, 3, 4, 1) = 49

Male Half Elf

Kast breathes in as he watches the power of DorAerial's lightning impact the tree.

Where was that when I was getting beaten by tiny fey? Sure is nice, however.

Watching the lightning storm, Kast becomes very very very aware of Fleur's hand in his.

It fits.

Kast takes a quick look at Fleur as if to ensure he's not imagining her hand in his and her standing beside him and is relieved to have her there.

"Come now, let us get to safety."

Where are we going?


In a flash of ice white light and a boom big enough to shake the earth, the tree comes down! Dorial’s lightning tears into it, spurring the fire and smoke, but landing it relatively safely away from the town.

Falcon’s Hollow has been saved!

With Chrystosm’s help, the townspeople are able to use the old water works to guarantee the fire doesn’t spread back into town, their own resilience in the face of adversity surfacing once the trials are of a nature they can handle. Finally, it is clear that the Heroes can leave the situation in the capable hands of the Hollow’s volunteer fire folk and get some much needed rest.

Kast, or perception 20:
Quietly, Fleur tugs at the Hero’s hand. “It’s ok, now, I think.” She slides her hand up over his chest, frowning at the feel of the armor when she’d wanted the touch of something just as strong, but…warmer. She laughs, softly, and taps it teasingly. ”But this can’t be comfortable for you. There must be something we can do about that.”

Simon, or perception 15:
”You did it, Simon. The Queen will be so proud.” Katarynne smiles, though her eyes hold a sadness her kind was never meant to know. “But I can’t stay here. Would you… consider coming home… with me?” Her smile is soft, shy, and uncertain. It is one thing to befriend a Huldra for an hour or three, but to leave all you know…She knows how much she asks.

Nimeon and Dorial:
It has been a horror of a day, and no one would blame either of you if wait until the morning, but it is clear that it is safe enough to leave the area to deal with your own dead. A clearing not far back on the trail that brought you here would serve well as a suitable bower for Jaryd’s return.
Jurin holds tight to Nimeon’s hand, silent and still, unless someone tries break that connection. At that point, he screams loudly, saying only “UN-CLE!” over and over again.

When it is safe enough, Rallah and Betsy head back to The Rouge Lady, promising to have a room ready for him when he “comes home”. Hollin stays with Chrystosm, following along behind him, copying the man’s mannerisms and actions in clear hero worship.

Othoe, or perception 15:
Brickasnurd and Othoe are eventually able to make it back to his shop. The place reeks of smoke. While Brick’s bedroom is wreck, the rest of the place is fairly undisturbed. They are able to gather several scrolls of fireball, though they prove unnecessary. On the way back, they pass Javros, sneaking away from the crowds to return to his home. It is an odd place, a small non descript place that could be easily missed if one weren’t looking. A snippet of memory comes back to Othoe, followed by another.

Male Halfing (Chelaxian) (HP: 30/32, AC: 12 (f11/t12))

Perception: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (16) + 11 = 27

Othoe pays more attention to Bricks than his allies on the walk through town, though he does take note of a few things in passing. After he helps Bricks settle in, he begs some time away to run a personal errand.

"I think you should be all set now. I need to look into something, but I'll be back this evening. Maybe we can have a nice quiet dinner."

Othoe sets out on a hunt for Javros' father. He presumes the man is dead, and likely good riddance, but he needs to know for sure. He starts with the Sheriff's office - checking the cells and tracking down where folks were led when they were taken away.


Othoe's inquiries go unimpeded, as most of the old sheriff's men were victims of the Satyr and Faith. He is able to find the records of the scarab interrogations. Savros Vade, Javros' father, was found to have multiple scarabs burned into his body, several places that could only have been done voluntarily. In his home, they found an unholy symbol of Urgathoa and the partial makings of a new box, and point out his friendship with the warehouse foreman. He was found hanged in his cell prior to his trial, an ode to the Pallid Princess written in his own blood upon the wall.

Male Halfing (Chelaxian) (HP: 30/32, AC: 12 (f11/t12))

Othoe wonders at the evil so strongly rooted in this little town. I wonder what drew it here of all places?

He goes to Javros' home and looks for the boy. He patiently explains his father is dead - died in prison. After the boy recovers a bit (possibly some future day in fact), he reiterates his offer to teach the boy a few of his own spells in exchange for the unwholesome tome his father possessed.

"In fact this book has some value, and I'll see to it you get every penny, over time, so that you shall not want over much."

He returns to Bricks for dinner and explains the boys situation to his friend. "I'll buy the spells at full face value and put the money aside for Javros' education and personal needs. I'd appreciate it muchly if I could remain here for a time. My finances, especially after this latest hit, are woefully thin. Though I suppose with all the recent deaths, there are likely to be jobs I could do to help make ends meet."

Othoe doesn't relish the idea of working for a living, but he has commitments now that he must fulfill. He leafs through the new spellbook thinking of how a few of those spells could, in fact, come in handy...


Othoe finds Javros sitting in the center of the a darkened house. The place has been thoroughly gone through, perhaps by people looking for evidence against his father. he nods quietly at Othoe's offer and begins to speak.

"They came here, you know. Well, in the basement. I didn't know at first, what it was that they did. A huge feast, in the middle of the night. I was supposed to be asleep, but who could sleep when Dad was so excited? I watched from the stairwell but didn't really understand. Not then. It was... awful, what they did. To themselves. To each other. But it was exciting too. Does that make me like them, that it made me... excited?"

If Othoe were taller, he would have to raise his eyes then, but even sitting, the lanky young boy can look the wizard in the face, if not in the eyes. "I... I don't want to be like them." He hands over the book, stands up, and begins to build a new life.

M Human (Cheliaxian) Fighter (Cad) 3 /Rogue 3

Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (11) + 7 = 18

Chrystosm stands around with his mouth open for a moment, scratching his behind. He is slightly unnerved when he sees Hollin imitating his gestures out of the corner of his eye.

"Er, don't do that in public, old chap. It might be OK when you've saved the town from destruction, but normally, people will look at you funny and tell you to go and wash your hands."

He inspects his own grubby mitts.

"And we probably should do just that. Then, I want something to eat. And drink. And so do you, though you can't have beer. Or maybe you can. You've got to learn some time - I'm sure your sister will understand. After that, we'll go and see the blacksmith and get new swords for both of us!"

He picks up Hollin, perches him on his shoulders, and marches off towards the pub.

"H'mmm. I might start calling myself the 'Knight of the Rouge Lady". What d'you think?"

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Human Oracle 5 / Witch 1 | init +3, per +1 | AC 16/13/13 | HP 19/37 | Fort +1, Reflex +4, Will +11 | CMB +4, CMD 17

Simon does depart with Katarynne, but he returns a few days later, eager to revive his little herb garden and settle back into a comfy life in Falcon's Hollow. Though he does continue to grow old in the little village, the fire inside him never dies, and through his aging years he vanishes into the woods more and more often, seeking the solace of those who understand the strange and magical things he's witnessed. He always returns though, and most evenings he can be found at The Sitting Duck, trading stories for drinks and helping to keep the fire roaring in the friendly tavern.

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Male Half Elf
GM_Verdigris wrote:
Quietly, Fleur tugs at the Hero’s hand...

Kast lets out a big deep breath of air, of relief, of safety, and of completion. He feels...different...and changed in ways he cannot express, but while he wants to focus on what has happened to him recently, instead he has only one, singular focus...and that is a beautiful shining face who only sees the infinite potential for good in him.

Kast returns the look to Fleur, not even comprehending what it means or what it *will* mean in the future, but both enjoying and being terrified of the potential of what the look means.

He quickly realizes that everything has just changed and what he had thought when he limped into this backwater timber community has just been permanently and infinitely different. He had not come expecting to find what he had really been missing and stood humbled before her beauty.

Kast slumps gently against her, his armor seemingly melting away against her embrace and no thoughts of war or soldier intrude. Only one thought is: completion.

Dorial makes her rounds that evening, making sure that there's no new growth on the tree. She mentions to the others that she'll be leaving in the morning with Jaryd, and any that would like to see them off may attend the ceremony of rebirth.


In the morning, Dorial arrives in the clearing wearing her basic attire with only a few additional essentials. Standing before the body of Jaryd, she places Nature's Whim within his mouth and waits patiently for the miracle of nature to take root.

Jaryd's fate: 1d100 ⇒ 68


Dorial lays out Jaryd's remains, tiny green sprouts coming up through the early spring thaw. She places the pin upon his tongue and settles in for the wait. The sprouts shoot up quickly, vines and brambles covering the body in just a few minutes, but the wait takes longer. Flowers bloom, spreading over across the mound, then die off. The brambles sprout, flourish and wither before the sun is even warm. Finally, she knows it's time.

Half the mound begins to move, only half, and the possibility that she's brought Jaryd back crippled or worse, floats through her mind. Finally, though, the being, the body, beneath the detritis left from the spell sits up.

Blond curls bounce over his head, his blue eyes questioning as he sees Dorial, and the world he wakes to. He turns over one tiny hand, then jumps to his feet, shrieking at the sight of the matching blonde curls covering those as well.

"What have you done?!?!?" It's not a shout, not really, but still, the young naked halfling stares up at her, his chubby little hands on his hips. Looking more like Othoe than Jaryd, or even Nimeon, he is none the less alive.

|| Per +15 | Fort +9 Ref +9 Will +6 | BAB +5 | CMB +7 | CMD 20 || Half-Elf (Humanoid Elf/Human) Paladin of Erastil/Ranger 3/2

"She's brought you back father."

If only half of you.


"But I'm only half here!"He begins to pat himself all over, checking on the things. "My feet are too big and too hairy and..." he sighs with relief. "Oh! Well, that's not all bad, it seems, but still..."

He looks up at them both. "We're here. The child?Oh yes!" He looks into the boys haunted eyes. "Its ok. I'm ok. Can you see me in here?" Whatever it is he sees in Jurin's eyes brings a flick of a brow, and a searching look at Nimeon.

"He looks like you when you were his age. A bit. Except for the ears, I suppose. I think he'll be ok, though. In time."

With that, he straightens (and it really wasn't much of a slouch to look Jurin in the eye to begin with, was it?)

"Dori, I'll need to report to the council. Would you care to come along?" Though he may look more like Othoe than the man she held just a few days back, the grin is all Jaryd.

Dorial grins, "Of course. I'm even packed for the trip."

She kneels before him, takes some of his golden curls in hand and twirls them between her fingers. "We don't have to head back.. immediately.. do we?" She grins wickedly.


"Not..." Jaryd flicks a glance to his son standing nearby, then breaks off. He takes Dorial's hands in his and kisses each one. "Hold that thought, Dori."

He moves to Nimeon then, standing half as tall as his grown son, and looking not a bit like him. "I never was very good at this, Nimeon. Most times, I never let you know I was here, so I wouldn't have to say goodbye when I left." His glance falls to the boy next to his son and his face dimples into a smile. "Don't worry, though. You'll be a better father, Nimeon. So much better, I'm sure."

|| Per +15 | Fort +9 Ref +9 Will +6 | BAB +5 | CMB +7 | CMD 20 || Half-Elf (Humanoid Elf/Human) Paladin of Erastil/Ranger 3/2

"I'm sure as well. For now, I've much to do. Jurin will need a place to stay, the town will need a new sheriff, and I will liaise with whomever runs the mill to ensure the Pact is kept this time."

Nimeon turns and begins walking out of the clearning, leading Jurin.

"Say goodbye to your grandfather Jurin, we won't be back here for some time."


The boy turns back once and waves that singular grasping sort of motion, then falls into step and heads back to town.

Jaryd watches them go, lingering unusually long over the view before turning back to Dorial. "Let's not tarry, shall we? There's nothing we can do on the ground that won't be ten times better in the air. Trust me!" And with that, the blond haired halfling transforms into a bird of radiant plumage and broad wingspan, before soaring off into the first day of his unusually shortened life.

Dorial gives the town one last glance before leaping into the air after Jaryd.

They'll be fine.. for now.

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... some several weeks later...

From the outside, it seemed everything happened in a rush. But for the people of the town, the wedding of Kast and Fleur seemed just the way to put things right once more. Each did their part, seeing the marriage of one of their own to one of the town heroes as a symbol of rebirth, a chance for the town to move beyond the ugliness. Once word had gotten out that Kast had proposed to Fleur, everyone pitched in, happily, as a way to set the small town straight. Some tongues wagged, suggesting that Fleur may have asked the shy young hero rather than the other way around, but neither one of them was telling.

Kimi scoured the field for flowers, promising a wreath of bluebells to adorn the bride’s hair, while Edgrin penned just the right tune for the ceremony. He and Tyran would play it, and play in the evening as well, for dancing. Bricks plotted and planned decorations for the gathering, promising flowers and pinwheels during the day and a thousand lights for the evening.

Will lead the loggers in setting up a Marriage Pole, while the women from the Rouge Lady decorated it with ribbons and bows, as was tradition in Falcon’s Hollow. Laurel produced a gown of dream spider silk, the opalescent hues promising to make the bride the most beautiful woman at the wedding.

A greased pig parade was planned, which prompted a call for other games, and soon it was clear that while the ceremony would be a sincere joining of two lives into one, the celebration afterward would commemorate the newfound life of the town entire. And all of it pulled together in just a few weeks.

Something smaller, or something later in the year would probably have been easier, but Fleur insisted they marry quickly, and Kast was too lovestruck to argue. She wanted to invite the entire town, and again, Kast was far too lovestruck to argue. She wished for an outdoor affair, and Kast was far too lovestruck to argue. She thought Eli might feel more a part of things as one of Kast’s best men, and Kast quickly agreed to please her. She wanted flowers and dresses and music and dancing and fine food for all, and Kast gave in to her every whim.

The only thing Kast wanted was Fleur and as long as he got that, he was going to be happy.

Watching Fleur, it was no secret to anyone (except possibly, Kast himself) that marriage or no, she was already his. Her eyes found him whenever he entered a room, and her smile shone brighter at the mere mention of his name. When he was near, she inevitably drew close, like a moth to a flame.

When all was arranged and the Day arrived, even the weather cooperated. Sun warmed the glade and a light breeze stirred the pinwheels that lined the aisle as the town filled borrowed chairs and benches.

Nimeon stood as Kast’s best man, with Chrystosm and Othoe beside him. Simon, freshly back from the Fey Queen’s court, stood facing the couple, ready to perform the ceremony. Llwynally watched from the sidelines, though the Cauldron was no where to be seen. It was Kast’s sole demand, and one easily accomplished, though some said they heard it knocking about in Simon’s cottage, disgruntled at being left out.

Kast, himself, would have normally felt quite awkward being the center of attention, but when it came to Fleur, nothing but perfection would be good enough. In a way, Fleur had issued challenge to Kast to be even better, to be even more perfect, to be a man worthy of her. This was not a challenge that Kast would shirk from. This would be a challenge of a lifetime.

While Fleur, of course, looked radiant, Kast stood resplendent in his polished armor, a tunic of pure white, and a deep blue cloak. As always, his signature weapon, the Iron Quill was nearby, held by his squire-at-arms, Hollin.

The Grigs came first, their song in tune with Edgrin’s new instrument. Their wings shimmered clean and iridescent in the spring sun. The sprites were next, alighting in the trees. Each carried an ageless blossom from the First World to celebrate the Wedding of the Shining One. They adorned the trees, and the glade blossomed with Fey-ish beauty. The townsfolk bristled at first, but surely these fey were as different as night and day from the fungus tainted others. Their grumbles turned to murmurs of awe as the final fey contingent stepped from between two trees of indescribable beauty.

Striding on two good feet, Berryk, the Rabbit Baron, lead the progression, the wingless fairy princess perched radiantly upon his shoulder. Lords Posey and Pixette followed after, their natural exuberance curbed by the dignity of station and stature. Still, their tails twitched and fluffed behind them, remembering their eternal scuffle even as they dampened it in honor of the wedding. Later, they would let loose the reins —viciously cuffing each other in a spinning raucous fight, chasing each other through the assembly at high and dangerous speeds with much growling and upticked fur— but for this singular precious moment, they were the epitome of honor, grace and duty.

”All hail the Queen!” croaked the toad, with all the fey present echoing the sentiment.

With each step, the glade grew more magical, as if with her very presence, Queen Syntira wrapped the First World about the place, drawing it into her realm. Several people claim that just prior to her appearance, a giant, dragon-like butterfly blotted out the sky. Huge wings — 40 feet across and of colors so indescribable that rainbows would pale in comparison — spread wide, blessing the gathering with a soft, dry shower of pixie dust . As it flew away, day turned to night, the sky above a velvety blanket of indigo studded with diamonds. All eyes turned to the sky for a single eternal moment before being brought back to earth by a shimmering undeniable presence; The Queen of the Fey had come to call. She strode bare foot to the altar, flowers popping up in her wake.

”Thank you, Simon. What a grand beginning that was. But if none might mind," —and surely, no one was brave enough, or crazy enough, to do so—" I’d like to continue from here.” Her voice strummed at a place deep within the chests of all that could hear her, though it was clear she had voluntarily dimmed her presence, for all stared in wonder, but none were struck blind.

With Simon and Katarynne standing in witness, She began:

"Brightest blessings, gentle people of Falcon’s Hollow. Kast Phaer and Fleur DeLys have chosen you, those special and important to them, to witness and celebrate the beginning of their life together. Today, as we create this marriage, we also create a new bond and new sense of family - one that will undoubtedly include all who are present here today."

She wove a blessing with her words, surrounding the two of them in love, acceptance, the barest beginning of understanding. Some say t’was not just Kast and Fleur she wed that day, but the town and the Fey that had gathered in that enchanted glade.

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Male Half Elf

While Kast already knew perfection was difficult to achieve, he knew now that he had an ever more difficult challenge ahead of him: marriage. Looking at Fleur and the town and the assembled Fey, Kast realized this union was something different, something magical, something he did not understand.

Not that that mattered to him. He had Fleur and awaiting bridal bed. What else did he need?

In saying “By Irori’s Will, I do!” and swearing an oath in front of everyone, Kast experienced more than just a marriage, he experienced a completion that he never expected. No longer was he a lost, limping straggler, struggling to find his way. No longer was he a want-to-be warrior on the side of perfection. No longer was he lost and without purpose.

The oath he swore finally gave him leave to transcend his physically imperfect left leg and be something he’s never been before: in joining with Fleur, he would be whole.

* * *
Kast smiles to himself, marveling at his good fortune, good friends, and good luck. He takes Fleur’s hand and pivots her around so that he might pick her up and carry her across the bridal threshold.

He does not look behind him at the hordes of onlookers (fey, ‘normal’, and halfling) watching the wedding’s near conclusion. He only has his eyes on his new bride and his duty to perfectly complete the marriage ritual.

"Come, Fleur, my wife, let us experience perfection together."

And maybe completing it again just to make sure he’s got it perfect.
And again for the sake of complete certainty of the perfection of the act.

Victorious soldiers win the spoils of war...and of peace.

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