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In Search of Heroes

Game Master verdigris

Play-by-Post game set in Darkmoon Vale, using the Pathfinder ruleset.

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Male Halfing (Chelaxian) (HP: 30/32, AC: 12 (f11/t12))

"Sorry everyone, I'll take better aim next time."

Othoe lets out a sigh of relief as the noble wolf finally falls.

"I don't think he would have held back. If he had any further allies, he'd have brought them with him. I think we can go back to our rest with some certainty of safety now."

Othoe goes back to his bedroll and plumps the pathetic pillow as best he can before settling in again.

I need my rest if I'm ever going to recover my spells.

Chrystosm wrote:

Chrystosm's eyes widen in shock as Othoe's force missile whistles between his legs.

"Damn it , Othoe, don't do that! I was inches away from becoming a soprano there!"

He crosses his legs, wincing, then looks down at the worg.

"Any more of his minions, pets or concubines about, d'you think?"

Perception 1d20

Even the weather seems to acknowledge your victory, the storm dying down to a dull roar outside. Inside, quiet falls throughout the monastery.

Male Half Elf

Kast limps up to the beast and puts his longspear through its brain, trying to ensure a quick and complete death.

3d8 + 9 ⇒ (7, 1, 3) + 9 = 20 coupe de jerkgrace

When that is done, Kast will do the same to the small wolf but with less glee.

"They deserve to die, not to suffer."

Soldiers show mercy.

1d20 - 1 ⇒ (5) - 1 = 4 Perception Worg loot

* *
With the threat dealt with, Kast gets the watch order reset and goes to sleep, extending the night so everyone is refreshed on the morning.

|| Per +15 | Fort +9 Ref +9 Will +6 | BAB +5 | CMB +7 | CMD 20 || Half-Elf (Humanoid Elf/Human) Paladin of Erastil/Ranger 3/2

Nimeon nods.

"Good thinking Kast. Sometimes they come back."

M Human (Cheliaxian) Fighter (Cad) 3 /Rogue 3

Chrystosm scratches his head.

"Shouldn't we burn it, then? Wait!"

He brightens visibly.

"We could skin it, and then Simon... Oh." He catches his companions' eye and leaves his sentence unfinished, looking slightly embarassed.

Male Half Elf

Kast gives Chrystosm a stern look and makes the "silent stop talking" sign (waggling his fingers by his throat while shaking his head).


Sighing, but knowing he should do it now (before Simon gets there), Kast goes and removes a large fang from the beast, intending to draw it in his notes and then pass along to another scholar for study.

Scholars research.

Dorial nods at the worg, as if giving her approval of its death.

"Let's hope that the rest of the night is uneventful. I fear that I would be of even less use if we should be attacked again."

She makes her way back to her bed and lays down, falling asleep once it quiets down.


Aside from what might be a very valuable pelt or 2, there apears to be no loot on the worg or the wolf. On the dog is an old beat up collar, with what looks like a silver tag. Are you doing more exploring or staying put and going to sleep?

Male Half Elf

Sleep. Per my post above, Kast wants to barricade and rest.

Human Oracle 5 / Witch 1 | init +3, per +1 | AC 16/13/13 | HP 19/37 | Fort +1, Reflex +4, Will +11 | CMB +4, CMD 17

Simon looks over Kast's shoulder with curiosity as the tooth is removed. "Ooh, get the other fang as well, those bottom ones too, good decision Kast!" Simon beams with satisfaction, pleased that their foes have been dispatched. Making his way back to Llwynally, he curls up with his recovering companion in their magical cloak of disappearing and soon the sounds of snoring softly echo in the chamber.


It does take more than a few minutes before the companions find themselves able to sleep, but once in Desna's blessed arms, the night passes without further interruption, save for the changing of the watch at the appropriate times.

Male Half Elf

Yay! We lived through the night!!

Kast awakes early and stretches out, trying to regain some movement in his twisted left leg, slowly massaging the muscles into action.

This is why I'll never be a soldier.

After re-achieving the ability to walk, Kast will, as he always tries to do, find a quiet spot to meditate. His meditations take him deep within himself to find calm and order and focus...for that is what Irori the Perfect would do...and so too, shall Kast.

sabbe satta avera hontu

(may all beings be free from enmity and danger)

sabbe satta abyapajjha hontu
(may all beings be free from mental suffering)

sabbe satta anigha hontu
(may all beings be free from physical suffering)

sabbe satta dukkha muccantu
(may all beings be free from suffering)

sabbe satta sukhi attanam pariharantu
(may all beings protect themselves joyfully)

After his mantras and self-reflection, Kast will rise and check on Nimeon, to see how his wounds are healing over the night.

Seeing some progress, but not enough, Kast will beg Irori to make Nimeon perfect yet again.

Cast CLW on Nimeon. 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4 healing

After seeing his friend in better health, Kast will pick up his longspear and begin to practice his martial forms, repeating his thrusts again and again until he has them perfect.

Male Halfing (Chelaxian) (HP: 30/32, AC: 12 (f11/t12))

Othoe wakes refreshed.

I'm getting the hang of roughing it. I wonder if I will ever again get the hang of a warm clean bed with real sheets?

He spends an hour pouring through his spellbook trying to decide what the right course of action is for the day. In the end he keeps it much like before.

HP: 7/7
Weapon Equipped = none
Conditions = none
Arcane Bond = none
Force Missile = 6/6
Wizard Spells Remaining:
0) Detect Magic, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost
1) Color Spray, Magic Missile w/ Topple

Ah, I pine for the day when I hold real power. Two minor spells go so quickly!

"Good Morning everyone. Is there coffee? Tea? Anything hot?"

Dorial wakes in the morning, well rested.

Well that was an interesting night. Let's hope that there's no more of those Worgs around here.

Taking a queue from Othoe, she spends the first hour meditating and deciding what to prepare for the day.


HP: 10/10
Equipped: n/a
Windblast: 7/7
Druid Spells Remaining:
0)Detect Magic, Light, Flare (DC 14), Guidance
1)Flare Burst (DC 15), Faerie Fire, Whispering Wind (Domain)

|| Per +15 | Fort +9 Ref +9 Will +6 | BAB +5 | CMB +7 | CMD 20 || Half-Elf (Humanoid Elf/Human) Paladin of Erastil/Ranger 3/2

Nimeon wakes and checks his bandages before testing his leg.

"Thank you Kast!"

He nods his thanks at the strange scholar.

Poor man, doesn't want me to end up like him.

HP 9/11

Checking the tension on his bow and cleaning his sword Nimeon prepares to explore the rest of the ruins.

"Good morning Othoe. Let us hope this day proves easier than the last."

Male Half Elf

Nice one, Nim.

1d20 + 2 ⇒ (13) + 2 = 15 Fort Save (from this morning)

While eating breakfast, Kast will open up his journal and detail last night's battle vs. the Worg with all he can remember. He will punctuate the event with a description of the worg (height/weight) and include a to-scale drawing of the fang that he liberated.

1d20 + 3 ⇒ (14) + 3 = 17 Profession Scholar

Scholars record.

When that is done, he will return his journals and writing materials to the waterproof bag in his backpack, then work on reaching and retrieving his heavy shield from his back as he walks.

"Sheesh, Nimeon...I completely forgot I had this shield even as I was carrying up this damn mountain. Sometimes exactly what you need is what you already have," Kast admits sheepishly.

Kast looks to everyone in the room, and has a private laugh at the forge turned breakfast table, before addressing them.

"I think most of the danger is past, but we have much more to explore. I think we're going to head north to the rooms we haven't explored yet. Now Dorial," Kast points to the elfy one, "Dorial has found what the mushrooms look like. I trust all of us to keep on the look out them...and more danger."

Kast looks for any questions.

Her meditation complete, Dorial joins the others for breakfast.


She nods as Kast mentions the mushroom. Reaching into her pouch, she pulls it out one more time for everyone to see. "We were told that these grew underground, but have yet to find any stairs down. Hopefully we find some in the northern corridor."

Human Oracle 5 / Witch 1 | init +3, per +1 | AC 16/13/13 | HP 19/37 | Fort +1, Reflex +4, Will +11 | CMB +4, CMD 17

Simon rouses groggily, taking longer than usual to clear the sleepy burrs from his eyes. Looking disheveled and thin, he plunks down with the rest of the group as they go through their morning routines, his mind distracted and his gaze blurred.

What strange dreams, and always just out of the grasp of my mind, only snips and pieces, fragments and shards, of that other reality.

Simon cuddles Llwynally closer, burying his face in the fox's fur and blinking rapidly, trying to fully bring himself back from the land of dreams and into the present.

M Human (Cheliaxian) Fighter (Cad) 3 /Rogue 3
Othoe wrote:
"Good Morning everyone. Is there coffee? Tea? Anything hot?"

Chrystosm yawns and stretches. "Hope so! Always time to brew up, if you ask me!"

He looks at Dorial.

"Mushrooms, mushrooms everywhere, and none that can be fried up with bacon. I suppose there's wolf meat, but I don't fancy that much, considering what he's (probably) been eating previously. Never mind - at least there's a slim chance we'll start today with a full belly"

Unless stopped, he'll have a go at fixing breakfast for everybody, probably rather incompetently, then clean and polish his weapons


you had said something about the gem you found fitting into the altar. Were you planning on checking that out?

Weapons and breakfast polished off, the day stretches out before the companions. Though the chapel remains only lit by what they can provide themselves, the storm seems to have passed with the coming light.


Male Half Elf

Kast, after getting himself ready to move on, tries to get the team moving.

"Is there anything we want to do before moving on? Are we ready to go? I think we're going this way."

Kast describes the door to Area 15 as his next target.

"Chrysto, you want point? I'll follow you with longspear at the ready."

M Human (Cheliaxian) Fighter (Cad) 3 /Rogue 3

Chrystosm retrieves the gem he found in the bedroom and holds it up to the light.

"Oh - I forgot! I found this earlier, and it looks like it might fit in the hole in the altar over there. What d'you think - worth giving it a try?"

If nobody objects, he'll move over to the altar and insert the gem into the recess.

Male Halfing (Chelaxian) (HP: 30/32, AC: 12 (f11/t12))

Othoe stands a little away from the alter in case it's a trap, but otherwise watches with rapt attention.

Male Half Elf

Kast has a puzzled look on his face, but nods to Chrystosm.


The gem fits into the top depression perfectly. as it is set, a wave of positive energy rolls out from the altar. Such is the strength of it, that the room itself roils with the power of it. Those that are injured find their wounds knitting of their own regard, edges of ragged skin sealing as if never torn, bruises fading beneath their very eyes.
Healing for:1d8 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10.

The blackscour tainted:
Deep in your lungs, the tickle that has cursed you intensifies, and it feels as if your very lungs try to claw their way from your body in a coughing fit like no other. The blackscour is rejected and rejected from your body with tremendous force.(DC15 or be overcome by the coughing, passing out for 1d4 rounds after hacking up the blackscour within)

M Human (Cheliaxian) Fighter (Cad) 3 /Rogue 3

Fort save? 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20

Chrystosm drops to his knees, clutching at his chest as he hacks and retches, forcibly expelling the blackscour from his lungs. After a few moment's painful activity, he stands up, groaning and wiping his mouth.

"Gods, that was not fun. Mind you, looks like we've found a cure for the plague, unless that's just a one-shot altar..."


The gem falls from the alter, now cracked and charred, even its non-magical value spent.

|| Per +15 | Fort +9 Ref +9 Will +6 | BAB +5 | CMB +7 | CMD 20 || Half-Elf (Humanoid Elf/Human) Paladin of Erastil/Ranger 3/2

"Answers that question."

Nimeon unwraps the bandage from his leg before watching the others.

Male Half Elf

Kast, a true friend, offers to hold back Chrysto's hair while he vomits.

"There, there, Chrysto...get it all out," Kast pats Chrysto on the back while helping his friend keep his own sick from getting upon himself.

* * *

When people are done emptying breakfast onto the floor of the once holy forgeroom, Kast will, as planned, lead the group to Area 15.

Chrysto, Kast, Dorial, Othoe, Simon, Nimeon?


In Area 15

This small study looks like it has been lived in recently. Gnawed bones litter the floor and tufts of gray fur can be seen here and there. An
old stone desk sits in the center of the chamber, scratched and cracked in many places. The stench of wet fur hangs heavy in the air.

Male Halfing (Chelaxian) (HP: 30/32, AC: 12 (f11/t12))

Othoe, once it seems safe, will enter the room and check out the desk.

Perception 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22

Othoe wrote:

Othoe, once it seems safe, will enter the room and check out the desk.

Perception 1d20+6

At first, the desk seems completely empty, save for some aged scraps of paper and parchment. But while searching the bottom most drawer, Othoe accidentally knocks a knuckle against the bottom, an odd hollow sound answering it, rather than the dull thud he is expecting. Upon closer examination, the bottom proves false, lifting away to show a small inter-dimensional space no larger than the drawer itself.

Inside is a handaxe of exceptional quality, a small pouch containing 100 pp, and a prayer book. The book is written in dwarven and describes the worship of Droskar. A small note on the inside cover reads “Torag is no longer worthy of our devotion. Only Droskar can deliver us from the failings of King Garbold.”

Male Half Elf

While others search the room, Kast will stand at the doorway to Area 16 and guard there.

"Othoe, do you think the wolves laired here? It smells like it."

1d20 - 1 ⇒ (4) - 1 = 3 Perception


Gaping holes in the roof allow faint light to enter this ruined chamber. One of the stone columns that once supported the ceiling is toppled, its broken pieces littering the floor.

You think that the wolves may have layered here, but it is hard to tell with the strength of the stench from the other room still in your nose. In fact, the stench from the other room is so bad, your eyes appear to be watering, and it is hard to see or smell much at all.

Male Halfing (Chelaxian) (HP: 30/32, AC: 12 (f11/t12))

"It certainly smells like it. I found some other stuff as well." Othoe tells the others what he found in the desk.

He then replaces the hidden panel and drawer back into the desk.

Human Oracle 5 / Witch 1 | init +3, per +1 | AC 16/13/13 | HP 19/37 | Fort +1, Reflex +4, Will +11 | CMB +4, CMD 17

Simon mills about aimlessly, still in a distracted state, while the other investigate the room.

To no one in particular, "Say, if we found another of those gems, could we have a pilgrimage of sick townsfolk to this site, a healing journey to the lost shrine?"

His nostrils flare as he inhales deeply of the stench of wolf. "Ahh, reminds me of my dreams!"

Dorial turns her focus towards Simon, "I don't think that's such a bad idea Simon. But keep in mind, that stuff has literally been raining down on the town and to cure them before stop the poisonous rain will do no good."

Male Halfing (Chelaxian) (HP: 30/32, AC: 12 (f11/t12))

Othoe follows Kast and takes a look in the new room.

Perception 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (15) + 6 = 21


As each in turn completes their search of the office (Room 15) and filters into the larger sleeping quarters of Graypelt, they (well, except for Kast the Clueless) notice that this room, in addition to the smell of wetfur, has several other scents, including a dark earthy smell of mushrooms.

perception: 20:
Within the nest of bedding, beneath the remains of three savaged whelps, comes a barely detectable whimper. Beneath the bloody bedding, is a single living pup. Of questionable heritage, it is currently a small bundle of cinnamon colored fur.

Male Halfing (Chelaxian) (HP: 30/32, AC: 12 (f11/t12))

"Hey Dorial! There's another puppy in here. I don't know what sort of critter it is, but it is quite cute."

He points to the puppy.

"Someone should really do something."

Othoe keeps his distance and stands there clueless as to how to deal with the menagerie the party seems to be attracting.

Human Oracle 5 / Witch 1 | init +3, per +1 | AC 16/13/13 | HP 19/37 | Fort +1, Reflex +4, Will +11 | CMB +4, CMD 17

Perception: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (8) + 1 = 9

Simon is oblivious to the pup at first, but Othoe's words quickly draw his attention. "A puppy! Well, we can't just leave it here, that would be inhumane!" With Llwynally still perched on his shoulder, Simon strides over to the little mewling pup and tends to it.

(So now it's a fox, cauldron, bag of dwarf bones, and a worg puppy, Simon is going to need a bigger home when this is done!)


you know, Simon doesn't have to adopt *everything* he finds...

Human Oracle 5 / Witch 1 | init +3, per +1 | AC 16/13/13 | HP 19/37 | Fort +1, Reflex +4, Will +11 | CMB +4, CMD 17

I've already passed on the elf bones, witch effigies, and worg pelt, don't tempt me further!"


That's fair. If I toss cold hard cash at you, you aren't going to name it and teach it to fetch, are you?

The puppy, cinnamon in color, has the stamp of the dog from last night in its features. Though it startles and mewls at first touch, it does not seem inherently vicious.

Human Oracle 5 / Witch 1 | init +3, per +1 | AC 16/13/13 | HP 19/37 | Fort +1, Reflex +4, Will +11 | CMB +4, CMD 17

hey, it takes money to make money, I'll name the cash Jackson and teach it to fetch $20 bills

"Look, it's a sweet little puppy, not a vicious worg offspring at all. Can I keep it, please, please!" Simon seems almost childlike as he begs the party to let him keep the orphaned puppy.


In the northwest corner, there are stairs heading down. Towards the base, the wall and foundation have broken apart, leaving a narrow escape route to the outside, and a pile of rubble that blocks the way further down the stairs. amongst the rubble grows a garden of mushrooms, a thick stand of just the kind you are looking for towards the back.

Simon Shrewsbury wrote:

hey, it takes money to make money, I'll name the cash Jackson and teach it to fetch $20 bills

"Look, it's a sweet little puppy, not a vicious worg offspring at all. Can I keep it, please, please!" Simon seems almost childlike as he begs the party to let him keep the orphaned puppy.


Male Half Elf

Kast looks at Nimeon and then to Chrystosm, looking for an answer.

Kast shrugs his shoulders.

Soldiers protect civilians.
Civilians protect their pets.
Pets poop.

* * *

Kast smiles as the trove of mushrooms is found.

He looks to Dorial or Othoe to gather the mushrooms while he keeps watch.

* * *

After this, we explore hallway 11 into Area 13?

Human Oracle 5 / Witch 1 | init +3, per +1 | AC 16/13/13 | HP 19/37 | Fort +1, Reflex +4, Will +11 | CMB +4, CMD 17

"Oohh, careful not to disturb the mycelium.", Simon coaches, "The mushroom is just the fruiting body and the plant that produces it is a fungus growing in a careful balance just below the surface of the soil. In case we need more later, let's be sure to leave it intact."

Dorial quickly examines the pup that Simon has apparently adopted as well.
Knowledge Nature: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15

Nodding at Simon's caution, Dorial begins picking the mushrooms and storing them in her bag.

"I think this should be enough, but it wouldn't hurt to check the rest of this building."

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