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Hungry Voodoo's Mines of Zolurket (Inactive)

Game Master voodoo chili

In 4121 AR, the desert dwarves of the Barrier Wall Mountains sealed the famed Tar-Urkatha mine abruptly, saying only that one of the richest platinum mines in history had played out. Nearly six centuries later, the truth rises from the darkness.

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Male Elf Alchemist (Crypt Breaker) 5

Looks like we're Dwarfless Mr Skull....

seems we've only a pair of elves. Shirish hasn't checked back in though I believe she is running a game so I may leave her a note.

If we want to continue, we can recruit when you get back to civilization. Although my new teaching job is far more work that you'd believe, I think I'd like to keep this campaign running as its going to be all original material (guided by PF material) and would be fun for me.

I'll check on Shirish, but let's keep going- I'm curious what 2 elves standing around a pit with a trapped basilisk might do : )

Daeron- how did your interviews go?

Yeah, our dwarf campaign with no dwarfs. Shirish has no ranged weapons. Maybe she can toss rocks at the thing?

welcome back :)
definitely cobbles and bricks to be found around the ruins.

The Exchange

Male Human Desk Monkey 2/ Logistics Guru 3/ Over-educated 2/Gamer 6

Not to be rude...but since Voodoo popped into my other game to ask after my DM I thought I would mention that if Voodoo (and others) deems me worthy, I would be willing to catch up and drop in if you need another...

Hey PirateDevon,
I try to avoid double-dipping, but then again reliability is a plus :P

I think after we wrap up this little misadventure in the Sparadyn Jungle, I'll reopen the recruitment as we likely need 2 players anyway.

As a heads up, we shall likely need another Healer and Warrior type.
I think at least one dwarf in the party would be interesting- and useful as we'll be spending much time underground.

Female Human Housewife/1

Okay, I am back in the States now, hurray! And back to a normal posting schedule now that I don't have X number of days to spend in same physical space as husband for the next six months.

welcome back. I hope your visit went well. now maybe we can get this game rolling again. :)

Leaving is good idea- live to fight another day. ; )

maybe with a full party you could have taken on the kobolds, but what I've come up with is definitely more appropriate for a party of 4th-5th level.

I was a bit surprised y'all thought tangling with basilisks at 2nd level was a good idea...

I'll let Daeron check-in and open up recruitment again for when you get back to civilization.

Male Elf Alchemist (Crypt Breaker) 5

Heh - would have been more fun with a full Dwarven complement :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

er-hem, things don't go well for deserters ;)

I've reopened the recruitment thread if you have any recommendations after we get some nominations.

Male Elf Alchemist (Crypt Breaker) 5

Bah, just realised I got my Golarion deserts mixed up IC...

yeah, you're a looong way from Sothis, pointy ; P

Hi all, don't kow if you've checked out the recruitment thread, but we have a possible dwarf cleric and barbarian.

No problems I see with the cleric, but what do y'all think about another dwarf Barbarian? my concern is that the massive damage Cortes was putting out kind of didn't give anyone else much to do. I try to balance the action and thought perhaps a power attacking bbn was a bit overpowered. Any thoughts?

be free with your opinions about either character.

Female Human Housewife/1

eh, shirish was built to tank, not dpr. and no matter how good the barbarian gets, he's not gonna hold a candle to the wizard a higher levels. leaving the alchy to weigh in, i suppose.

Male Elf Alchemist (Crypt Breaker) 5

I have no issues with the cleric or the barbarian.

Cortos was slightly different to Tararr as he didn't wear any armor either - so while he dealt a truckload of damage he also fell over whenever something breathed on him.

Tararr wears chainmail and has a more balanced stat spread so I'd be fine with him. Though I think the DM will likely cry when he gets his first raging crit for 6d6+alot.

So if you all know me by now I could digress into a quest to find a cure for Jerrand or slip off into adventures around the Sabkha, but I think I'm going to push you all along to Solku so we can get on to bringing in the reinforcements and the actual expedition to Zolurket.

I do tend to get side tracked- my Legacy of Fire campaign went nearly 1000 posts before we even started the written AP ;P

Male Elf Alchemist (Crypt Breaker) 5

Aye - lets push on to Solku so we can start killin gnolls and such. Plus Chitleen needs to get pimped out in his skymetal!

Male Elf Wizard 3 (Transmuter-Enhancement) / AC13->17(mage armor) / HP23->full

Being side tracked while on the way to Zolurket won't cause Daeron any unease at all, since he's around for the feel of the journey itself.

By the way, Daeron would pragmatically dump Jerrand at any honest healer and continue with his journey. A cleric of Gorum succumbing to disease would probably be laughing stock of his brethren not to mention be his deity's scorn.

Daeron would be happy with the two additional meaty dwarves that would be joining the party.

Haha, I was going to see if Shirish could scare the new barbi with a jar.

Dwarf Cleric 2

Hello folks. I am a cleric who follows Ragathiel, and I have been dispatched to follow up on rumors of evil centered around the mines near Solku. My personal charge from Ragathiel has been to defend the world from unnatural evils like undead or evil outsiders, and those under their influence.

I believe that when it comes to the undead, I should channel first and ask questions only when we find the bastard necromancer who needs his head split open. I carry a bastard sword and I enjoy using it for a good cause.

See you soon...

Howdy. I'm a sword and board ranger who will be your tank, if you want to prepare shield of faith to help me out with that.

I think we share a favored enemy. :P

2d6 channel at level three is pretty sweet, but level 5 and being able to prepare Prayer is even better. :)

I typically play clerics and bards, and am delving into Druid for the first time.

Male Elf Alchemist (Crypt Breaker) 5

Salaam worthy dwarf,

I am the son of a Vudran perfume merchant who has business between the Isle of Jalmeray and Katapesh. As well as following in the study of attars, I have also certain... gifts that can be put to use in arenas fair and foul.

Clipped in tone and precise in appearance I sense that we will share many adventures together as we delve into caverns deep and holes overflowing with evil.

Would you care for some chai?

Dwarf Cleric 2

We're pretty equally tanky :) (You're +1AC, I'm +4HP) I just have a light shield instead of heavy so that I can still cast spells.

At level 2 I've only got 3 non-domain spells, and it seems like we might get a lot of use out of hide from undead. We'll have to see what's really useful for me to prep. I'm partial to weapons against evil but for 2 rounds at level 2 it may not be useful, it's really more useful for outsiders than undead.

Male Dwarf 5 Bar Invulnerable Rager :AC 17/15raging, hp 62 (5d12+10) Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +2; DR 2/4non

Looks like ah'll be smashin' in some skulls fer the good dwarves an' 'heir friend e'erywhere. Nothin' quite as satisfying as crucshin' a beasty's face with my trusty hammer. I may be a bit rough an' abrasive, but just as solid an' reliable as granite.

@Voodoo and Surak Would it be easier if the dwarves were acquainted prior to arrival? They seems to serve similar causes and Surak can act as a balance to Tararr's fury. Though I imagine a follower of the Empyreal Lord of Vengeance could be a bit of a hand full himself, lol.

Surak and Tarrar- not sure how much of the story you've read through, but the premise is that a pair of crusty dwarven miners have hired the party to clear gnolls and other hazards out of the lost Tar-Urkatka mine so it can be restarted.

I think it would be fine if Tarrar and Surak are acquainted. I'm thinking i'll just have you come along with the supply caravan from your sponsors. Truther and Trathis Mining Co would likey welcome a team of dwarves with a bit more focus that the last two that got distracted chasing basilisks : )

You've likely heard rumors through local dwarves in Katapesh that Tar-Urkatka is cursed and more specifically by shadows created by cultist from the darklands below. Most dwarves think it should remain lost and forgotten, but perhaps your small sect wants to actively purge the evil.

I'm thinking the church of Ragathiel is a very small sect and may be in some minor competition with worshippers of Iomedae due to the very similar portfolios. Priests of Sarenrae may be protective of their turf as well. And that's the good guys : )

Any other thoughts on fluff?

Male Elf Alchemist (Crypt Breaker) 5

Plus if you arrive with the caravan - you'll be bringing us our pimped out skymetal weapons :)

Voodoo - any thoughts on the lost weight of metals? (as in the stuff that was made for the dear departed) - would the newcomers be able to gain access to some of that?

Male Dwarf 5 Bar Invulnerable Rager :AC 17/15raging, hp 62 (5d12+10) Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +2; DR 2/4non

I am going to look into the dwarves book a bit, but maybe we were sent from one of the Sky Citadels to see if the mine could be safely reclaimed or if it should be sealed forever? The one in Alkenstar is likely to have had experiences with the undead as would have the one in Highhelm. Tararr came looking to reclaim dwarven lands anyhow.

@ All I read back a little in this thread and their seems to be a bit of concern with Tararr either being a bit fragile or out pacing everyone else in combat. I am happy to tailor him to fit the niche he is needed for. If axe and shield are preferred or dual-wielding war axes are better, I am happy to do this also. I have one point of DR in addition to my armor and dex, so he should weather pretty well. I like the all of these options just as much and really would prefer to make the game as enjoyable as possible over mechanics. I play lots of dwarves and really do so for flavor more than anything. So let me know what you would like to see and I am happy to make the change. I have barbar for wizard killing if you would prefer that, also.

Male Elf Alchemist (Crypt Breaker) 5

Tararr - I'm happy with the mechanics of your character however you want them to be.

Male Elf Wizard 3 (Transmuter-Enhancement) / AC13->17(mage armor) / HP23->full

Hello dwarves.

Daeron comes from a atypical large elven family of talented battlemages out from Kyonin. Too large that he'd had to venture out, seeking experience and arcane power that he suspects would reside within the old mines, or anywhere else for that matter.

Daeron likes to hang back and pepper his foes with arrows and spell and likes the meaty shields out in front.

Dwarf Cleric 2

Seems like Tararr would happily go for anything that involved smashing things for a good cause and good reward, so having him and me know each other already, and come in together with your resupply definitely makes sense. ("Here's the supplies you need, and by the way, here's two bad@$$ dwarves who are happy to join you")

Male Dwarf 5 Bar Invulnerable Rager :AC 17/15raging, hp 62 (5d12+10) Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +2; DR 2/4non

It can also explain how they were briefed that they would be having to work with elves and orcs, lol. Give them a chance to swallow that classic bigotry. Gotta suck up that racial hatred a little. ;)

Male Dwarf 5 Bar Invulnerable Rager :AC 17/15raging, hp 62 (5d12+10) Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +2; DR 2/4non

Voodoo- I never rolled for HP. How did you work that so I can do it?

Dwarf Cleric 2

I suspect the answer is 12 for level 1 and 1d7+5 for level 2, and we are thankful that online dice don't care if they are weird like d7's. :)

Male Dwarf 5 Bar Invulnerable Rager :AC 17/15raging, hp 62 (5d12+10) Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +2; DR 2/4non

1d7 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6 Just in case that is the formula. I saw that he gave you the d5 for clerics so I wanted to be sure prior to rolling.

Male Dwarf 5 Bar Invulnerable Rager :AC 17/15raging, hp 62 (5d12+10) Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +2; DR 2/4non

If the dwarves come from the Five Kings, then they could also have some connection to Daeron, also, even if it is in passing due to being from the same region.

yep. those d7s would be something to see.

Tararr- I was slightly appalled at the damage output of the previous dwarf barbarian :) he was pretty optimized for damage and I just wasnt' prepared for him hitting for twice the hps of every creature that crossed his path. That should taper off at higher levels I reckon.
two handed raging power attacks are just something to be rightfully feared I suppose.

I think there is an adamantine great axe and warhammer that will be for sale from T&T.

I prefer southern continent connections I suppose but that' sjust my bias.

I will do a little intro scene for the dwarves as soon as I have chance.

Male Elf Alchemist (Crypt Breaker) 5

Hungry - Cortos wouldn't have actually been much use in the last battle in retrospect. The kobolds would probably have dropped him in a single turn due to his desire to wear basically zero armor. (AC of 10 while raging)

yep. all part of my master plan- he hit hard, but he could still only hit once a round :)

too bad we couldn't wild empathy the basalisk or something to take care of those backwoods dragon slaves. Course, that would have made the feeding frenzy that much worse...

Death dealing is what they do, lol. I am happy to switch to the two weapon format or shield and axe which be a two weapon build eventually too. Picked up Warhammer Fantasy 2nd ed. a couple of days ago and could make him more like a troll slayer with two axes. That would slow the damage output down a little and if armor was an issue it would bring him up a couple of ac.

BBB- go with what you feel like, but i will say there is a high chance of trolls ahead and I could throw in an adamantine Dwarven Waraxe for fun : )

V, I see that you would be happier with a slightly different build and I will do so with no problem. Time to alter a couple of things. Troll Slayer in bound. If only I could find an avatar with an orange mohawk. ;)

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Dwarf Cleric 2

Don't suppose there's any chance of an adamantine bastard sword? :)

Dwarf Cleric 2

Forgot a holy symbol, I have added a wooden five-wing amulet.

As a reminder of what T&T are having delivered to Solku. I reckon T&T would be obligated to give Jerrand his gear and hold on to Cortos' gear.

I'd say they would have an adamantine dwarven battle axe available for sale. unlikely to have a bastard sword though- not a typical dwarf weapon- no fear though Surak, magic B Swords can be found in Solku.

Chitleen Shudra wrote:

Bringing it all back together based on what people have put up. Personally I am in favour of disbursing the metals from a 'pool', rather than splitting it into equal shares and then horse trading:

The italicised are just suggestions.

MW Greataxe for Cortos - 12 lb
2 x 20 Arrows - 6 lb (1 for Chitleen, 1 for Daeron)
2 x MW Daggers for Daeron - 2 lb
2 x Scrollcase for Daeron - 1 lb
MW Warhammer for Jerrand - 5 lb
MW Longsword for Shirish - 4 lb
MW Heavy Adamantite Shield for Shirish - 15 lb
Uses: 45 lb, 22.5 lb for Dwarves = 67.5 lb used

12.5 lb of left over adamantine could be traded for about 1,500 gp?

Studs on MW Studded Leather for Chitleen - 2.5 lb
MW Heavy Noqual Shield for Jerrand - 7.5 lb
2 x 20 Arrows - 3 lb (1 for Chitleen, 1 for ?)
Uses: 13 lb, 6.5 lb for Dwarves = all used up

Male Dwarf 5 Bar Invulnerable Rager :AC 17/15raging, hp 62 (5d12+10) Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +2; DR 2/4non

I have started re-working Tararr.

Switching to a dual wield build in order to slow the massive damage output. I like the image of a hammer and waraxe rager quite a bit. Just need to adjust his stats a little.

BBB-No worries.
ps. you might want to check your spelling of Trollsplitter or was it Trollspiller? :)

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