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Hu5tru Runs Jade Regent

Game Master Hu5tru

Inspired by visions of John Carpenter's the Thing, Akira Kurosawa's Dreams and his masterpiece Ran. And maybe a little of Throne of Blood and some good ol' fashioned Toshiro Mifune neck scratchin'. Now with Ninjas and Vikings and Bears, oh my!

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Grand Lodge RPG Superstar 2014 Top 32, RPG Superstar 2013 Top 16

Hu5tru: It seems maybe I got passed over in the questions post was a little understated, but I'd still be interested in the chance to participate. Thanks!

Grand Lodge

I'm afraid I'm going to have to withdraw my application.
I've gotten accepted into another game since, and I don't think it would be fair to you or the other players to still have my name in the running, and then not be able to give you guys my all if I *was* selected.

Happy gaming!

I ended up expanding the background to include details on Paladin training. Sorry if I overstepped any bounds, but I do enjoy hearing the sound of my own typing. Plus I think I express myself better in prose.

Treygan Gorski grew up in the village of Sandpoint, the son of a blacksmith. While growing he was good friends with a fellow his own age named Rufus. The two were inseparable. They often dreamed of growing up to be great adventurer's, and would listen to traveler's stories whenever possible.

When the duo had ten years under their belts, they had decided to pay a visit to some caves on a nearby cliff. Neither had told their parents where they were going as they would think it was too dangerous. They left with the crack of dawn.

They spent half the day exploring the various caves, and by noon were thinking of heading back. It was then they saw it. A lone goblin sitting on a clifside. He appeared to be watching a nearby road.

At first Rufus wanted to turn back and hightail it back to Sandpoint, but Treygan would hear none of it. It was just a lone goblin, obviously spying on the area. If they worked together, they'd be heroes. That was all Rufus needed to hear.

They decided that Treygan, the less quiet of the two, would distract the goblin, and while he was focused on him Rufus would club him in the back of the head. A solid plan, they thought. It wasn't hard for Treygan to get the goblins attention, a simple jumping out from behind a rock, club in hand, and the goblin pulled it's shortsword out and began to advance on the human. But to Treygan's dismay, when Rufus came out to attack the goblin from behind, the goblin must have heard him. The goblin turnd to face the second attacker.

Treygan reacted instantly, charging the goblin with all his 10 year old strength. The goblin, momentarily indecisive by the two attackers, attempted to impale Treygan. The wild stab was brushed aside by Treygan's club, but he swung with too much strength and both sword and club went over the edge. The goblin, more accustomed to actual combat, grabbed Treygan and wrestled him to the ground. Rufus tried to find an opening in the scuffle, and when he saw it charged in. Alas at the last moment the goblin lashed out and kicked him hard, causing Rufus to himself trip over the edge of the cliff.

Treygan, enraged, put all his strength into one last punch and managed to knock the creature out. Treygan pulled himself to his feet and went to the edge. Peering over, he saw that Rufus's belt had caught on a buch jutting out of the cliff face. A small smear of blood on the side of his head showed that he must have hit it when he went over. He couldn't tell if Rufus was still breathing or not.

Treygan pulled out a rope the two of them had brought along, and lashing it to a nearby tree in the middle, dropped one end over the cliff, while tying himself to the other. He lowered himself down to Rufus and proceeded to lash him to the other end.

A noise from above caused Treygan to look up, to see that the goblin was not alone. Three more of the creatures were looking over the edge, and evil gleam in their eyes. One of the creatures pulled out a knife and began to slowly slice the rope holding Rufus. As the rope snapped, Treygan reached out and grabbed ahold of his friend. The goblin began to go to work on the other rope, the other two jeering at them in their foul tongue.

Treygan believed this was the end. Suddenly the goblin with the knife went teetering over the edge, an arrow in it's back as it went down. Quicker than he thought possible, at the top of the cliff, the two goblins turned to meet this new threat. It was Shalelu, a protector of the town. She engaged both of the goblins, striking down a 2nd in quick order. But as she fought the third, the rope snapped.

With incredible speed, she reached out and grasped the rope with her offhand, dropping to 1 knee, while fighting off the goblin with the other. Treygan couldn't believe what he was witnessing. Even in such a disadvantageous position, she managed to defeat the last goblin. The battle over, she reached down and pulled the two of them back up.
Shalelu tended to Rufus's wound, him regaining consciousness. The mysterious elf did a once over of the two boys to make sure they were okay, then slapped each of them once, explaining how dangerous it was to not only explore the cliffs on their own, but to fight a goblin as well. She then escorted the boys back to their homes.

Treygan did not forget this incident, the way she moved, how she fought. He knew he did not have the gracefulness of an elf, but he was determined from that day that he would train and become a warrior of great skill, just like she was.

As Treygan continued to grow, he began to realize his dream. The swordfights he and Rufus played at became actual combat lessons. Time spent playing became time spent honing his muscles and strength. He spent more time helping his father in his smithy to this end, eventually convincing his father to forge him a sword. Whenever Shalelu was in town, he would show her what he learned, and see what else she might be able to teach him. Eventually he became good enough to help the town in times of need, joining the Militia.

During Treygan’s training in the Militia, a traveling Paladin of Sarenrae by the name of Dhavid Streeves happened upon the village of Sandpoint. Only passing through the area, he happened to observe young Treygan in practice and was impressed, not only by his potential skill but also by his determination.

Dhavid approached the young man and asked to spar with him for a short while. He was right, this young man definitely had potential. With the proper training, he could definitely achieve greatness. Dhavid wrote him a letter for a temple of Sarenrae and paid for his passage with Sandru’s caravan so that he might receive their training, as a warrior devoted to the Dawnflower, if not an outright Paladin.
Training at the temple was difficult, his time consumed with his studies. While he had learned the basics of martial combat, his style was coarse and needed to be refined. His own training had been with the longsword, but here he was taught with the scimitar, and learned it’s use.

When not in martial training, he was given over to prayers. While he had always paid the respect due to the Gods, this was something else entirely. He could almost hear their words to him, their preaching of what he must do. He found that the ideals of Sarenrae agreeable to him. He realized that from the moment he was sure he was dead, he had begun to live his life to it’s fullest each day, striving to not only better himself, but to bring hope to all those around him.

It was on this day he went before the High Priest of the Temple and stated that his time in the temple had reached it’s end. The High Priest, having realized that the Temple had little else to teach him he would not better learn in the world already, agreed. He prepared that night to begin his return to Sandpoint in the morning.

Treygan knew this was just the beginning. He planned to return to Sandpoint, to see his parents again and inform them of his decision. He would travel to wherever his feet would lead him, spreading the light of Sarenrae wherever he went. He hoped to see Shalelu as well before he set out, to thank her for setting him on this path in the beginning, even if it was only by rescuing him. He knows not where his travels will take him afterwards, but he knows that with his devotion to Sarenrae, opportunity will present itself, if he is willing to take it.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

'Tis evening in North America my lady, what say you?

The Exchange

Lloyd Jackson wrote:
'Tis evening in North America my lady, what say you?

No we are waiting for her evening, its is currently some ridiculous time in the morning for her. NA afternoon is when we get her, tomorrow ; )

So after sitting down with the Lands of the Linnorm Kings book, I am favoring the small town of Frembrudd over the much larger Kalsgard as the home of my character, Yamamoto Seiji. Even though there is a sizable Tian community (called the Jade Quarter) in Kalsgard, the more I think about it, the more I like the idea that Seiji's family was in a position of servitude to the Amatsus and fled with them across the Crown of the World 60 years ago, and because of that connection, also changed their name and went into hiding. The largest Tian population center in northern Avistan, then, seems a poorer choice as an origin point.

Frembrudd is located on the Ironbound Isles. It is a settlement of just over 1,000 built on a cliff face. A series of pulleys and winches move platforms up and down between the town and the docks below. A small group of artisans and servants of the Amatsus journeyed there to start a life after separating from the royal family in Kalsgard. This was in the time before White Estrid brought a more progressive way of thinking to the Ironbound Isles, so when these artisans arrived at Frembrudd as pilgrims, they were ostracized and only allowed to live at the base of the cliff, on the docks. This was less than ideal, as they had hoped to hide away from the public eye. They were able to open a few shops on the harbor, but they lived in poverty and were susceptible to disease. Ever adaptable, they used their knowledge of eastern alchemy to maintain their health.

Eventually, their skill at magic and chemistry was noticed and appreciated by seafarers who did business in the port. This brought wealth and stability, but also outside attention. That is when the Frozen Shadows came.

I am still working on it, but that's the basic idea. What do you think?

One other thing, I was hoping that (a few years later), Seiji would be a part of the caravan that the goblins attacked (w/ fireworks), and Shalelu saved him (hence, the trait). I don't know what your plans are with that caravan, or with Shalelu, so I wanted to check in. It's not a big deal if that doesn't fit with what you envision...I can rework any of this.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Okay then.

It is as of now gaining on 3 here in GMT+1 land and recruitment is closed.

I'll be opening up a discussion thread and laying out the particulars of a proposed method of character creation, as I have two thoughts about it, one which will require more work for me on the whole, but might be more fun for you guys.

Then I will hang out with my husband for a little while because he's had a busy day, and as promised, get back to you later in the evening.

Desna does not really have a dogma. She's a chaotic goddess of “find your own way.” According to the Faiths of Purity book, that's exactly what her devout do.

Dogma might have been the wrong word. He was tutored in the faith's tenants and taboos. Desna does not require much from those who would call upon her for divine aid, but she does require something.

So, Inquisitor of Desna... fighting monsters that attack travelers? That I can see. And protecting travelers as well. What do you plan on doing with him for the other seventeen levels? How do you seem him progressing as a character?

Frankly I see him growing in his faith. In the beginning, Draniliss is more concerned about his martial duties, but as time goes and he experiences more, he'll begin to open up to Desna'a softer side.


Pirate Devon
Treygan Gorski

please report to the sausage fest - I mean, discussion thread.

To everyone else, thank you for participating in my first ever recruitment thread. If you have any questions for me that haven't been covered by my personal responses to you, feel free to ask.

Thank you very much for the consideration. And for the questions, it was good of you.

I hope the game will be great (I am sure it will be).

Hu5tru wrote:

To everyone else, thank you for participating in my first ever recruitment thread. If you have any questions for me that haven't been covered by my personal responses to you, feel free to ask.

Sooo, as a parting gift if you will, do you have any advice to give us rejected folks to improve our chances to get accepted next time we try and submit a character for another online campaign?

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Congrats to all those who made it in and good luck with your game! I enjoyed the writing exercise and excuse to come up with a new character that I'm now rather fond of...maybe she'll find a place in PFS for now.

Good journey everybody. Smash some goblins for me too.

Thanks for the consideration. As it turns out this character more or less got accepted in another adventure, so I'm not too disappointed. But you seem to run a tight ship, so I wish all who sail with you the best of luck.

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