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Hu5tru Runs Jade Regent

Game Master Hu5tru

Inspired by visions of John Carpenter's the Thing, Akira Kurosawa's Dreams and his masterpiece Ran. And maybe a little of Throne of Blood and some good ol' fashioned Toshiro Mifune neck scratchin'. Now with Ninjas and Vikings and Bears, oh my!

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Male Dwarf Cleric of Torag 2

Valcrim gets to caught up he even forgets to drink, mesmerized by the gripping performance, before clapping at the end "By Torag's beard, lad! Ye tell tha tale better than we lived it!"

Female Human Housewife/1

Ah, yes, it is Sandru. I should have checked your campaign traits fore ever I wrote, but I got sidetracked with a trip to the store while I was writing. My apologies, Joyabraund.

Broderus, Treygan Gorski, Yamamoto Seiji

The young woman's stern expression softened somewhat, and a faint flush could be seen on her face as Treygan accounted for Gutwad's demise, and she opened her mouth and appeared without words for several seconds before Broderus's mention of skeletons. Whatever youthful compunctions a young lady might have in the presence of a paladin, her composure afterwords could not have been more rigid. "Undead?" she repeats. "Have you determined the origin of the foul magics that created them?" she inquires. She glances at Broderus and Yamamoto Seiji briefly. [b]"Valcrim Flinthammer was among your number, correct? You will take me to him immediately."

Balor has been observing while the Banker's tone has taken on the snap of command. He sighs quite audibly and shakes his head. "Thought it were lucky you boys returned when you did, have this young one write a note for your bounty you could collect your gold in the morning," he said and rose. "Excuse the little one," he says for Broderus and Yamamoto Seiji's benefit. "Knowing nothing of the wilds, she takes her Abadar given duties to the letter.

"Banker, these men would sooner an ale then recount their troubles this night. And from the smell of 'em, they're not looking to strike out," he looks to you for confirmation.

Joyabraund Northropple, Father Valcrim Flinthammer

Ameiko chuckles at Joyabraund's indecision, and Sandru cheerily assists his former guardsman. "Story," he calls, "and my coin will purchase your room. Never trust a tavern keep that will fill your belly with ale and leave you in the cold," he says with an air of teasing, and winks at Ameiko.

"Cayden brew it is," Ameiko says and smiles at Father Flinthammer. She pulls a stein as requested, and though there is another firm bodied lass behind the bar tonight, pours it herself, tilting the glass at the appropriate angle to produce the perfect amount of head on the ale and delivers it herself.

"Was it mine training, or thine own?" Koya inquires of Valcrim when he offers his salute, her eyes training on his warhammer. "In my dreams I see warriors standing to face the dark, not boys."

Ameiko returns to the bar, and the modestly busy tavern soon quiets as Joyabraund ascends to his stage and delivers his riveting tale. Ameiko and Koya, especially, seem to lean forward as to be that much closer to his exceptional delivery, the light in their eyes, despite the decades of difference between them, near identical.

"And what happens next?" some less than sober patron calls when Joyabraund quiets, feeling that there is something more to this mysterious treasure.

Male Dwarf Cleric of Torag 2

Part saying he was going to fix it, and part being the dwarf that is not slowed down no matter how much stuff he hauls, and thus gets the position as party mule, I'll go out on a limb and assume Valcrim carries the sword.

Valcrim produces the twice-dead samurai's magical blade and tosses it to Joyabraund to present, not wanting to sour his performance by taking any of the spotlight.

"All warriors be startin' as boys. Like all blades be startin' as unshaped ore. Tha trials be tha hammer, an' tha danger be tha fire." Valcrim retorts before taking a swig "But with nae guidance an' drive, a blade cannae be forged from ore. Ye sell tha role as mentor short, an' forget tha fact o' me bein' yer senior by a few years yet." the dwarf chuckles to the fortune-teller.

"But ye dream o' more darkness?" he asks with a more serious mien.

Male Human (Tian-Min) Alchemist 2

"For my part, I will seek a room for this night. Be assured, I will see to an business that is needed of me before I depart Sandpoint." Seiji meets neither the eyes of the Banker nor Sheriff Hemlock as he makes his reply. "As to Valcrim, he perhaps fought harder and more bravely than any of us. After four wet and bloody days, he is due his revels. I will lead you to him, as you ask, but there may be a better time for him to receive you."

Joya accepts the sword awkwardly (as it is surely not sized for him at all) but presents in to the air with both arms Next indeed! What is to come? A tale for tomorrow or many nights after if the call to adventure is loud and true! For tonight we must be content that goblins lie dead and the dead lie forever!

With that final flourish the halfling will make way back to Valcrim with a wide grin and content air.

Male Human Ranger 2 (Guide)

"Yes Sheriff, I am in no great hurry to leave this town as well. We can settle our accounts and discuss the details of our adventurers tomorrow morning. Is that agreeable with you too Banker Hazel?"

After hearing her reply, Broderus also gives Seiji a tight smile. "Mind if I come along with you Seiji? I'm not one for overindulging on spirits, but a warm meal would feel good after days of field rations. We should probably catch up with Joyabraund and Valcrim; I bet they've saving seats for us."

He also runs a hand through his hair and feels the growing brisles on his face. I could use a good bath as well. The smells of the swamp don't bother me, but the decay from the goblin bounty is repulsive.

Male Human Ranger 2 (Guide)

Valcrim, I guess it doesn't matter right now, but I thought Broderus took possession of the sword. I even added to my character sheet as his new primary weapon.

However, we never saw any additional combat after the caves, so I'm completely okay with ret-conning it that Vaclrim had it the whole time. Is everyone still okay with me taking it as my new main weapon?

Male Dwarf Cleric of Torag 2

I am talking about the wakizashi, not the cold iron longsword. The weapon that nobody has relevant proficiency... seriously, my main complaint about this AP is that AFAIK most of the gear found is useless in the hands of 90% of the character classes. Should be a huge sticker on the front of the Players Guide: "PLAY A SAMURAI OR NINJA, OR YOU'LL NEVER HAVE ANYTHING NICE!"

{HP36/36 | AC16 T10 FF16 CMD17 | F/R/W 9/4/7 | Inish +0, Per +0}

There's always Exotic weapon proficiency. But I hear ya. At least the Katana can be used 2handed as a martial weapon. Of course that's to be expected with an AP of this theme.

{HP36/36 | AC16 T10 FF16 CMD17 | F/R/W 9/4/7 | Inish +0, Per +0}

"I understand the concern where undead are involved, but there were no other signs that would mean a greater threat. Simply souls unable to find rest, which they have been given. And Seiji is correct about Valcrim. He truly provided a great deal to our group. While I cannot speak for him, I am sure he will not be opposed to a meeting tomorrow. By your leave?"

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (19) + 9 = 28

Male Human (Tian-Min) Alchemist 2

Seiji nods wordlessly at Broderus.

Male Human Ranger 2 (Guide)

Oh, the wakizashi, of course! Thanks for setting me straight Valcrim!

One proposal I have read is basically about offering EWP as an acheivment feat during the trip as it isn't really that destabilizing and fits the flavor of being rewarded for trying it out. Maybe Hu5tru would be amenable?

Female Human Housewife/1

Sorry guys, double whammy. Husband got sick before our trip, and brain was scattered. He's got a really minor surgery Thursday, so it's not quite not busy yet.

Broderus, Treygan Gorski, Yamamoto Seiji

Banker Hazel seems to be slightly frustrated by Yamamoto Seiji and Broderus's answers, much to something you believe is bemusement glittering in Sheriff Balor's eyes as he sits and appears to lean back in his chair, but she is silenced by Treygan Gorski's contribution.

"Very well," she says and sighs, face almost flush. "I will inform my superiors to anticipate your report tomorrow morning," she continues, and high color comes to her cheek. "Oh, you will be able to furnish a report, won't you?"

"Enough," Balor rumbles. "The bankers should do well enough to know that they'll not have to pay the extra coin to keep deputies on the streets at night," his voice is dangerously close to a growl, and he rises and shows you to the door. "It'll be good to have the bounty down, and trade from the north should have folk better in spirits."

Joyabraund Northropple, Father Valcrim Flinthammer

for the sake of simplicity, I will say that Joyabraund returns to the conversation at the time that Koya will respond to Valcrim

The crowd gives a rousing cheer as Joyabraund's tale ends, as dead goblins means a fair deal more to these craftsman and merchants than you worldly adventurers are like to understand. A few toss coin in Joyabraund's direction as he steps from the stage and offer toasts, and whereas Ameiko had done her best to keep morale at an even keel, there is a sense of hope among the patrons now. Behind the bar, Ameiko spares Joyabraund a smile, then nods to one of her waitresses, who bows her head and assumes the stage to lead the patrons in a local row in Varisian.

As Joyabraund nears the table where Valcrim and Koya converse, the old priestess's eyes flick to the bard, and they are scarcely smiling.

"A mentor you were to these lads, and like will still be in the roads ahead," she responds to the dwarven priest. "A woman can raise a boy," her eyes flick to Sandru sitting at the bar and she smiles faintly, "but it takes a man to shape them."

Koya pauses and closes her eyes for a brief moment. "It is true that I have dreamt of darkness, but as we've yet to gather all I will remain silent on that," she apologizes and gives a nod toward the entrance.


Broderus, Treygan Gorski, Yamamoto Seiji arrive to the sound of great cheer from within the tavern. A young girl is singing a row in Varisian and it sounds as though several dozen unskilled patrons are doing their best to drown her out. Valcrim Flinthammer and Joyabraund Northropple are seated at a table with Koya Mvashti and Sandru is currently chatting with Ameiko at the bar nearby.

Concerning Exotic Weapons:

my husband has recommended using weapon transparency from 3.0. So if you are proficient in bastard/Longsword, you can also be proficient with the katana, and scimitar for wakizashi.

{HP36/36 | AC16 T10 FF16 CMD17 | F/R/W 9/4/7 | Inish +0, Per +0}
Hu5tru wrote:

Banker Hazel seems to be slightly frustrated by Yamamoto Seiji and Broderus's answers, much to something you believe is bemusement glittering in Sheriff Balor's eyes as he sits and appears to lean back in his chair, but she is silenced by Treygan Gorski's contribution.

"Very well," she says and sighs, face almost flush. "I will inform my superiors to anticipate your report tomorrow morning," she continues, and high color comes to her cheek. "Oh, you will be able to furnish a report, won't you?"

"Enough," Balor rumbles. "The bankers should do well enough to know that they'll not have to pay the extra coin to keep deputies on the streets at night," his voice is dangerously close to a growl, and he rises and shows you to the door. "It'll be good to have the bounty down, and trade from the north should have folk better in spirits."

Before leaving, Treygan gives Banker Hazel another smile. "We'll probably be at the Rusty Dragon for a couple hours yet tonight. If you would like to hear some more about our tales first hand, feel free to stop by tonight." Leaving the invitation open, Treygan proceeds to travel with Broderus and Seiji to the Dragon.


Arriving at the Dragon, Treygan pulls up a chair with the others. "We'll be able to collect our reward in the morning. For now, let's enjoy ourselves a bit, shall we?"

Male Human Ranger 2 (Guide)

Broderus looks about the room wildly, a bit overwhelmed by the huge throng of people singing loudly. He sees Sandru at the bar and makes a mental note to give him his regards later. Moving alongside Treygan and Seiji, he also quietly slides into a chair at the table.

Nodding at Joyabraund, he says, "I see you've worked the crowd into quite a frenzy. I half expect them to carry you up at any moment and make you the mayor of this quaint little town!"His expression is serious, but a reluctant grin tugs at the corners of his mouth.

Totally didn't see the thread update weird...

One of my finer moments indeed! A story that makes us household names after tonight I bet! Joya scrunches his face up in thought. I don't think I can great stories about brave mayors and I have a taste of the adventuring life now!

Male Dwarf Cleric of Torag 2

Valcrim drinks deeply from his mug and mutters a phrase in dwarven, none too cheery sounding.

"I am a smith, what do I know about leading?"

He looks up at Koya and smirks "I'll heed yer love fer theatrics, little sister." then nods to Joya and Broderus "Och aye! Tha lad be smithin' words finer than ye'll see me smith steel. He may be a wee half-pint, but it be nae tha size o' yer flagon that matter most, when ye got quality brew!" he chuckles and lifts his mug "AMEIKO! A round fer tha new heroes, o' yer finest, darkest ale! They be lads no more, an' proper men drink proper ale!"

Male Human Ranger 2 (Guide)

Broderus shifts in his chair, getting more comfortable and placing some of his gear under the table. He raises his hand in greeting to Valcrim but frowns a bit upon seeing Koya.

"Madam, is everything all right? You have me a little worried by your grave expression."

Female Human Housewife/1

Humm... GM assumptions of plot-relevant facts given a performance over 25... YOSH! Less do dis thing!

At Valcrim's cry, Ameiko pulls a tray from behind the bar, then several mugs in succession, which she fills from the smallest keg that you see on display, treating the amber liquid that spills forth quite reverently. Those who watch are treated to a display of uncommon grace as she carries eight full tankards of ale from behind the bar to your table on a rickety tray, perhaps confirming suspicions that at one time the young woman who owns a tavern truly did adventure and perhaps earn the dagger resting on her hip. Sandru smiles broadly at the young woman, and snatches a tankard before the tray descends to the table, sparing his mother a wink before he strides toward the crowd with some manner of purpose.

"Provided you can lure him to return," Ameiko begins, marking Sandru's exit and progress toward her now certainly overwhelmed employee, "Sandru might be able to tell the value of your treasures, and might even have the coin to buy a few," she adds with a knowing smirk. "In the mean, might I see the sword you spoke of?" she asks, settling near Joyabraund.

Koya chuckles at Valcrim's term of endearment. As ancient as she is, and as grave in matters concerning her goddess and foretelling, she still holds a sense of humor. "May be that Desna was not amused by lights challenging Her brilliance?" she suggests and laughs. "Like as not, it is better not to speak at all. Fate has been strange since Aroden's fall. As fine as ye lads be, saviors all to hear it told, the dark is like to struggle, too."

Knowledge Religion DC 15:

Koya is referring to Desna's use of dreams as a method of prophecy, and specifically her role as a priestess to try to influence those that are negative.

Feel free to let Ameiko rummage about in your treasures and ask after whomever. Also, the stuff about Aroden's death changing the meaning of fate and prophecy should be common knowledge.

Take ten on Religion for 17

Looking to Ameiko the halfling can't help but blush slightly at the close proximity and interest. Offering the blade over to Ameiko Joya smiles, Of course, as I said, we believe it is yours

Turning over the blade the halfling looks over at Koya, I'm surefor those more used to such things Aroden's fall was quite disturbing but I have to admit for one as young as myself and as young at heart as my people tend to be, there is something exciting about a world where you don't quite know what might happen next.

Male Human Ranger 2 (Guide)

Broderus watches carefully as Joyabraund passes the blade over to Ameiko.

"Miss, we may have discovered something even more interesting than that sword. Look over at this letter. It was found in the same location as the weapon, a place we barely escaped with our lives. According to Seiji's translation,the writer shares your family's name. Perhaps an ancestor? My attention was especially caught by the mention of a treasure underneath a structure called Brinewall Castle. You may be due a sizeable inheritance."

Broderus then leans back in his chair and dubiously peers into his tankard of ale.

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