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House Chiroptera

Game Master Darren Ehlers

The Loneley Coast Saga.

Male Dwarf Fighter 7/Barbarian 2 AC29 HP128 F+14 W+6 R+6 Perception +14

Make a post here gang so I know you guys have found the thread.

Male Dwarf Fighter 7/Barbarian 2 AC29 HP128 F+14 W+6 R+6 Perception +14

Andrew when you get on here I need a listen check from Samren

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ok, I made it on.

I haven't had a chance to make a character, but I did read all of your posts about the wolf and the disease.

Andrew is thinking about toast!
I am andrew I love toast
I know for a fact andrew loves toast.
I made toast lets see if andrew smells it.

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8 Andrew is too busy looking for beer he does not smell the toast.


Ok guys I have updated the game log in game play. I am starting a campaign notes thread where you guys can put your own notes down.

I am also going to try to add a fiction thread for character related stories that you guys may have already written

If your characters would like to post inner thoughts, etc in gameplay that would be great. I would like to at least try to play a little by play by post, give it a real s+$* to see how it goes. I think it will help us keep things fresh in our minds and will actually help grow the campaign. The website can be accessed from anywhere and anytime and should be a fun little thing to do I between sessions, on lunch breaks etc.

Going to give Andrew a chance to respond to the situation for a few more days.

Right here you go!

I'm not dead!

Hold on one minute he says he's not dead!

Yes he is.

No I'm not I'm not dead!

I can't tke him like that! It's against regulations!

Come on do us a favor.

I don't want to go on the cart!

Look I can come back tomorrow.

Can't you just wait around? Look he will be stone dead in just a moment.

I feel fine!

No I've got to get round to the Johnsons theyve lost four today.

I Think I'll go for a walk!

Look you are not fooling anyone. Oh wait a minute I think I've just found 5 pence.

I feel happy I feel happy!


Right then

Thank you very much

See you again tomorrow!

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