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Hollow's Last Hope (Inactive)

Game Master mathpro18

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HP: 9/9, AC: 17:11:16, CMD: 14 Saves: 3:1:3 Skills: Dip: +9, Per +5, Sense +1, Stealth +5 ,

"The other problem is that the river is flowing from near the monastery to town."

Can someone make me a knowledge geography check please.

Hmm. This ground is'o . . .um . . .what's tha' word. Damn, I wish I had'a studied geography in'ma schooling.

Elf Paladin (Divine Hunter) 1

Knowledge Geo: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (10) + 1 = 11

Female Elf Wizard (Spellslinger) 1

Knowledge (Geography): 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (4) + 3 = 7 It's untrained though, so can only do up to 10

Elannic you can confirm what Titania is saying. Traveling to the dwarven monsitary will cause you to travel up current but it still is possible with the ferry.

Sorry guys thought there was a waterfall in the way but I was wrong lol

Elf Paladin (Divine Hunter) 1

"Titania speaks correctly, but the ferry can take us against the current. It seems to be the quickest way to begin."

Baladur slows and walks backwards a moment. Never coming to a full stop on his way to the ferry.
See lads. The Elf is as wise as he is tall. Good! Thats settled.

He looks over everyones shoes a moment. None a'ya seem ta bee lame! Good. That means less a'talking and more a'walkin'.

Lead on Elannic. He marches forward again, speaking back over his shoulder. It's not the curs'ed river styx after all. What ferryman would not wish to help the loving hand of Torag. Then to himself. 'an if'n that fails, the mighty jackslap of Ragathiel should a'do th' trick.

HP: 9/9, AC: 17:11:16, CMD: 14 Saves: 3:1:3 Skills: Dip: +9, Per +5, Sense +1, Stealth +5 ,

"Here's a question,
Is there anyone who lives up river that has a boat we could borrow heading back into town and then return it after the cure is made."

If th' ferryman ties th' boat ta a tree, it'll stay. Same applies ta th' ferryman. Harrrrrrrharrrrr.

Male Human (Taldane) Rogue (swashbuckler/scout)

"I'm just saying here, we can trust it will be here now. But we can't rely that it will be up there when we finish. So the easier route will be us taking it to the Dwarven place and work our down and when we finish we'll be here basking the glow of the townspeople." Fin finishes with a smug smirk.

You guys approach the docks and you see that the Ferry is there being unloaded. A tall Ulfen male is busily taking boxes off the ship 3 at a time. A small halfling female is shouting out orders at him.

"no no no that shipment goes over here..." she cries.

DC 15 Perception check:

[small] "Stupid brute...lucky I don't have him thrown off ship...good help is so expensive these days though..."[/small]

She doesn't seem to notice you.

Elf Paladin (Divine Hunter) 1

Perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9

Elannic stops a respectful distance from the halfling, and clears his throat. When she looks toward him, he bows slightly. "Captain? My party and I would like to hire passage on your boat upriver. Are you available?"

HP: 9/9, AC: 17:11:16, CMD: 14 Saves: 3:1:3 Skills: Dip: +9, Per +5, Sense +1, Stealth +5 ,

Perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17

she thinks
"So you think big brutes are stupid, and your likely a cheap ferry operator who charges too much."

The hafling turns quickly on her heels and gives a glare at Elannic. "Hmm...Yes I'm available but to go up river towards the vale...that will cost you. And you do know that this ship goes no where near the falls...How many are you expecting me to take on board?"

Elf Paladin (Divine Hunter) 1

"The lot of us here. I'm sure we can come to an agreeable price, Captain."

Perception 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8

Yes my good captain. The lot of us. And we are in haste!

Male Human (Taldane) Rogue (swashbuckler/scout)

Perception:1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10

"Well my little vixen, I sure you could spare some room for us. We are on a quest to save the town. And when we do, we could make an effort to tell the tale on how a certain captain risked it all to help us, which would make your ship famous and the gratitude of the town and the consortium. Just think of how much you could charge when your known as the heroic ship that help save Falcon's hollow. We could discuss the details on the boat ride, What do you think my dear captain?" He leans in close to the small captain and gives her a wink and a trusting smile.

Let me know if you want me to roll anything.

HP: 9/9, AC: 17:11:16, CMD: 14 Saves: 3:1:3 Skills: Dip: +9, Per +5, Sense +1, Stealth +5 ,

she observes and thinks
I bet he'd flirt and hit on anything female.
But he does know how to stroke someone's ego.

Male Human (Taldane) Rogue (swashbuckler/scout)

At least her foot can't reach my seed bag hehe.

HP: 9/9, AC: 17:11:16, CMD: 14 Saves: 3:1:3 Skills: Dip: +9, Per +5, Sense +1, Stealth +5 ,

But her fist is, or she could head-butt you in the sack.

The captain blushes and then nods. Well give me another couple minutes to get these supplies off the ship and then we can head out. I will be needing 7 gold for the lot of you...thats usually my individual price but since you're trying to save the town..."

She will then turn and continue shouting orders at the Ulfen male.

Male Human (Taldane) Rogue (swashbuckler/scout)

Fin gives her a grateful bow, and pulls out 3 gold coins to personally hand her, "We and town are in your debt, I wanted to give you my portion personally my dear sweet Captain." With that he places the coins in her little hand and holds her hand for a moment before she goes running off yelling at the Ulfen. He then looks to Nic and group and says, "You guys got the rest, right?" He gives a roguish smile to them all and sits down resting before they get on the boat. Thinking to himself, Thank the gods I should get time to rest."

Elf Paladin (Divine Hunter) 1

Elannic hands the Captain the remaining 4 gold. "Thank you Captain. Many people will be saved from suffering because of your aid."

Congradulations you're the first group I've run this for that chose to do this backwards. Should be really really fun.

The halfling takes the gold and then seeing Finik sit down she shakes her head. "You know the sooner we leave the sooner the town is saved. Get off your rump and get unloading"

Elf Paladin (Divine Hunter) 1

Elannic nods. He sets his longsword, bow and arrows in a safe place, removes his leather armor and begins to move cargo, placing it wherever the Captain directs.

HP: 9/9, AC: 17:11:16, CMD: 14 Saves: 3:1:3 Skills: Dip: +9, Per +5, Sense +1, Stealth +5 ,

She gets to work helping.

Female Elf Wizard (Spellslinger) 1

Xzanphia assists with the cargo as best able, though she doesn't put the gun down to do so.

Baladur immediately begins grabbing cargo and unloading the vessel.

The Featherstone clan is'a always happy ta'be do'n an honest day's work, captain!

If the confined spaces should force Baladur to accidentally run his foot into the resting Finik while hauling cargo, Baladur may not want to chance damaging the good to avoid it.

With the help of everyone that volunteered the ship is quickly cleared of its cargo and you all are off on your voyage.

The Ulfen male keeps a close eye on you while your on the ship, especially Finik, but he also seems to be sneaking looks at Tatania when she doesn't seem to be looking.

As you pull away from the dock you can see the deserted lower streets of Falcon's Hollow. It seems that almost everyone is in the northern parts of town recieving treatment from Laurel or in their homes, not wanting to risk getting sick(they don't know its not contagious). The scenery shifts from the small village to open plains. You can tell that at one point in time there was a forest here but now all that remains are stumps that mar the landscape. The mark of the lumber consortium is clear here.

HP: 9/9, AC: 17:11:16, CMD: 14 Saves: 3:1:3 Skills: Dip: +9, Per +5, Sense +1, Stealth +5 ,

see might have sneaked a few peeks herself.

He stands at about 7 feet tall, has fire red hair(kind of like yours), and is very muscular. He also has a neatly kept beard which seems a little odd. He has a great sword strapped to his back now that he isn't being ordered around to unload boxes.

Elf Paladin (Divine Hunter) 1

Elannic takes some time to re-outfit himself and find a vantage point at the prow of the boat, so as to be able to keep an eye on the landscape passing.

He sits quietly, watching the banks for any signs of familiar faces or enemies.

Male Human (Taldane) Rogue (swashbuckler/scout)

"So Captain whats your shipment, besides us heroes." As he finishes that sentence he starts to strech into more of a flex to impress the ladies.

HP: 9/9, AC: 17:11:16, CMD: 14 Saves: 3:1:3 Skills: Dip: +9, Per +5, Sense +1, Stealth +5 ,

she introduces herself to the male Ulfen with a slightly flirt look on her face and with her body language.
"I'm Titania Evangeline Snow-fell, and you are?"

The captain eyes Finik and sighs "That last shipment was food and water for the town...with the taint affecting the town water supply its important for people to have clean water to drink."

The guard eyes Titania a little before responding "They call me Thor"

HP: 9/9, AC: 17:11:16, CMD: 14 Saves: 3:1:3 Skills: Dip: +9, Per +5, Sense +1, Stealth +5 ,

I'm surprise you gave him a Great sword instead of a Great Hammer.

"So Thor, do you know of any good drinking spots in town, as I an new here."

This is also a reason why I make recruitable NPCs with full stat blocks and data.

Baladur strolls up casually to the captains side.
Great'ns Capt'um. Seems'a th' fire giants are'a hittin' it off well. He lightheartedly says, nodding to the tall red heads. They make strong work'n companions, but ay'd hate ta have ma' head that far up incase a' ever fell. Harrrrrrr!

With the endearing "small talk" between stout sized races out of the way, he moves in for some subtle investigating.

So. It be a' good thing ya'a do'n with th' water an' food. Ya help'n a lot o' people in need. Will we be'a pickin' up another run of fresh provisions on this trip?

Sense motive check 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20. Trying to see if he has an ulterior motive that just helping out the town.

"Well I like the Goose and Gander my self...always good drinks but from time to time the staff might ask you to help break up a few fights...some of these lumberjacks get pretty riled up after a few pints."

The captain looks at Baladur and nods "Depending on where I have to drop you off I might be making another run..."

HP: 9/9, AC: 17:11:16, CMD: 14 Saves: 3:1:3 Skills: Dip: +9, Per +5, Sense +1, Stealth +5 ,

she replies with a smile
"Sounds like a good spot.
Do they have Dragon Ale?"

Female Elf Wizard (Spellslinger) 1

After watching everyone aboard the ferry for a moment, Xzanphia moves to sit near Elannic. "Since you seem the more competent of the two from this area, figured I'd ask if you know what type of beasts we might expect to see in these woods. Best to be prepared and all."

Elf Paladin (Divine Hunter) 1

Elannic smiles. "Finik is quite competent, in his own way. But the usual threats: wolves, bears, some kobolds and other more exotic creatures. Usually the activity of the Lumber Consortium keeps them away, but occasionally a stranger creature will wander in, attracted by the presence of men in the forest. We should be alert, but I don't anticipate any problems. If I may inquire, what bring a woman with a weapon like that to Darkmoon Vale? I've heard tales of fire-arms, but I've never seen one wielded before."

Female Elf Wizard (Spellslinger) 1

She gives a shrug. "I'm here for the normal reasons, a chance to make some gold, maybe see the world. As far as the musket goes, everyone needs to defend themselves. This is just one of my weapons."

Male Human (Taldane) Rogue (swashbuckler/scout)

As the others talk Fin starts to lay back down, over hearing the Ulfen's talk about ales. "Hey a drink would hit the spot now, you got any reserves my dear sweet captain?"

Aye, a wee nip would go down good 'bout now. Besides, I hear Finik get ornery when he's sober. Harrrrrr!

The captain sighs and shes her head "What kind of captain would I be if I let my crew drink while working...nope not a drop of anything on this ship besides water.

The Ulfen male nods at Titania "Yes they do...not like the stuff at home but its the best you can get locally that's for sure. Most of the villages around here serve rather watered down stuff compared to true Ulfen spirits.

HP: 9/9, AC: 17:11:16, CMD: 14 Saves: 3:1:3 Skills: Dip: +9, Per +5, Sense +1, Stealth +5 ,

"That's a shame, I was hoping for some of the good stuff."

Male Human (Taldane) Rogue (swashbuckler/scout)

"Wha? Oh man I was hoping to cure this hangover starting to kick in but we all must make sacrifices for our noble quest." Fin starts to rob his head and lays down to sleep it off.

Elf Paladin (Divine Hunter) 1

Elannic sighs at Finik and goes back to watching the shores. "Captain? How long do you expect the voyage to take?"

"Well depending on where you want to get let off it will be about a day. the captain says looking at Elannic.

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