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Hideouts & Hoodlums: Justice Society of America

Game Master Scottenkainen

Join the Justice Society of America in May 1941 as they campaign against the mysterious Mr. X, the criminal underworld, and the supernatural!

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Male Human Mysteryman 8

Hearing that Fate has the situation well in hand, the Sandman drifts into the shadows before returning to the site of the ambush to recover his car. And then heading home for some much needed rest.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

The police were somewhat dumbfounded by the status of their prisoners. Dr. Fate's pronouncements seemed absurd, and yet, the uniforms of the two generals looked so authentic.

While they tried to sort things out, it gave Sandman plenty of time to slip away. And his car had not been touched in his absence. He slumped into the driver's seat and rested for a few minutes before making the drive back home.

Male Human Speedster/7

Flash would like to join Dr. Fate in helping Shifty, he really wants to do right for the strange alien.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Dr. Fate flew over pre-dawn Manhattan, with Flash dangling from his hands. Thus, as the crow flies, they made good time back to Times Square. At first, it appeared that the Sandman had beaten them here somehow, but it soon became apparent that the doppelganger had simply assumed a new form.

"You came back, as you promised?" the doppelganger asked, apparently surprised.

Dr. Fate answered by casting a powerful spell. A shimmery rift opened between worlds and the doppelganger felt itself being pulled as if by a tide towards it. But the doppelganger still fought it long enough to turn back and face the heroes won more time. It no longer wore the Sandman's mask, but had a near-featureless face. "Thank you," it spoke through its slit-like mouth.

Male Human Mysteryman 8

The next morning, Wesley Dodds spends his breakfast glancing at the newspapers, wondering how much of the exploits of he and his companions would make it into the rags, and in what form.

Before contacting the rest of the JSA, the Sandman makes and more important call, a call to Dian Belmont. Knowing that he cannot avoid giving her an account of his most recent adventures, Wesley also hopes to get a sense of how she is faring after her adventures.

Assuming that he can reach Dian.

"Dian, you are not going to believe the creature comforts the Germans have on those hot air balloons they insist touring around the world. If there is ever place where I would want to face off with the Fuhrer's finest, it is on a blimp . . . "

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

The doppelganger was gone, the magical rift closed up behind it. Dr. Fate found his magical reserves almost as depleted as his physical reserves and Flash was in even worse shape. Indeed, so badly did both men need rest that leaving Manhattan seemed impractical. They slipped instead into a nearby hotel unseen and camped out there for the night, intent on paying for their room first thing in the morning.

Sleep was a blessing and mostly restful for the three heroes. Each had fleeting dreams of chasing Mr. X, the mysterious enemy always just out of sight.

Sandman woke at home and enjoyed his home delivery of The New York Times. The paper was for this day, Sunday, May 4, 1941. The front page led with a story about the Pullman Jewelry Building collapsing in the middle of the night and Flash and Dr. Fate emerging from the rubble with a gang of jewel fencers as their prisoners. No mention of Sandman. This article was obviously a rush job, with quite a few glaring typos.

Page 3 did have an article about how the German ambassador was canceling a good will tour of New England by blimp with no explanation given. Both
of the captured generals were kept out of the paper.

There was plenty of distressing news about the War in Europe too. Liverpool was just blitzed by the Nazis last night.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Dian Belmont was relieved every morning to get a call from Wesley Dodds; it meant no mugg had got lucky in the night and killed the Sandman. "That sounds like quite a story, Wes!" Dian said. "Can we get together this morning so I can hear all about it?"

Meanwhile, Dr. Fate and Flash awoke to meet a brand new day and renew the hunt for Mr. X. But first, they had an appointment to rendezvous with the Sandman...

Male Human Mysteryman 8

"Well . . . I do have to meet up with the Society. Whatever damage we've done to the Axis cause, Mr. X. is still managing to elude us. But, perhaps I can spare some time. I need to see a pretty face. Germans are down right ugly."

Assuming he has time, Wesley Dodds heads over to the Belmont's for breakfast before joining his compatriots.

"I need to remember" Dodds tells himself, [i]"to tell the society that we need to change our radio frequency. Dian compromised it in all the troubles of the last few days.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

For Dian, Wesley made time. Dian was accommodating, having eggs, bacon, and toast and coffee ready for Wesley by the time he came over. She was smiling, with no visible lingering effects of having just been a kidnapping victim.

"You are incorrigible, you know," Dian joked as she poured coffee, "taking chances the way you do. The things you say to me over the phone lines, knowing that an operator could be listening in. Do the rest of the Society take chances like you? Or what would they say if they knew that you do?" she asked with a laugh.

male human Magic user 10

Dr. Fate arrives at in his secret identity, the cab drivers ask fewer questions that way. Making his way to the JSA conference room he slips out of sight and changes into costume.

Once the others arrive he first turns his attention to their wounds.

Cure II on Flash heals 3d6 + 3 ⇒ (1, 2, 4) + 3 = 10 hp
Cure II on (even fate, odd sand:1d10 ⇒ 5)Sandman heals 3d6 + 3 ⇒ (6, 2, 1) + 3 = 12hp
Cure I on Fate heals 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3hp
On Sandman heals 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6hp
On Flash heals 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5hp
Final Cure I on Fate heals 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2hp
Hit points post healing
Sandman is at (15+18=33) out of 35 hp.
Flash is at (10+15=25) out of 37 hp.
Dr. Fate is at (19+5=24) out of 50 hp.
Spells used, all level one and four.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Once the heroes were all back together Which doesn't preclude Sandman from RP'ing with Dian longer, Dr. Fate's magic restored much of their vigor and vim, if not completely back to full health.

Before they could discuss business, there was a knock on the door. On the other side, a trembling bellhop stood with a note. "E-Excuse me, sirs," he said in a cracking voice, "but there was a phone call message left for you not half an hour ago." He handed the note to anyone who took it.

It read: "Maybe onto something in Salem - Atom."

Male Human Mysteryman 8


Wesley smiles conspiratorially at Dian. "Here's how I see it. Wesley Dodd's is a useless playboy. And a not particularly wealthy one at that. If someone is tapping my phone to find out about the Sandman, they must already know something. Same with you. If someone thinks it is worth their while to tap one of our phones, the jig is already up. But, if you want me to stop calling you, we can either break this whole thing off . . . or you could move in with me?" At this Wesley gives a little wink.


"Thanks for the healing mumbo-jumbo, Dr. Fate. Have I said that we need to change our radio frequency. I think I've been hit in the head more than once in the last couple days and I'm having trouble remembering."

At the bellhop's entrance, the Sandman grabs the note. not noticing the effect that his visage and manner have on the poor lad. "Salem's your neck of the woods, Fate, what do you think the Atom could mean?"

Male Human Speedster/7

"If this message is really from the Atom...", Flash notes suspiciously.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

This was the first time all three of them had a chance to discuss the compromised radio frequency. Technically, the changing of the frequency should have become meeting business the next time they had a quorum of the members, but it was decided instead to unofficially take some emergency action and pick another frequency, then inform the other members as encountered.

The next order of unofficial business was to decide whether or not to believe the Atom had called and left this message for them. It was true, Sandman and Flash had talked to him since the Catskills. Maybe they had mentioned the radio frequency problem to him then, though after the heated Battle for Pullman's neither could recall for sure. And then again, maybe it was a trap, or an effort to lure them away from New York.

Male Human Speedster/7

"Is there any way you could contact him more directly, Dr Fate, to see what this is about?"

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

The implication, of course, was some sort of magical contact. The other option was to risk a call on the compromised radio frequency. Or, to ignore the Atom's summons for now until their work in Manhattan was done.

We don't have anything like the Message spell in this game, so unless someone can come up with a clever new way to reinterpret an old spell, then Dr. Fate just doesn't have the magic for this prepared.

Male Human Speedster/7

"Well, since we're not sure if this is a genuine message or not, I'm all in favour of checking it out. Atom could need help. Let's get going."

male human Magic user 10

Fate stands the impassive mask facing the two heroes.
"I shall investigate Salem. I will contact you by midnight on the new frequency."
As he speaks his form fades the mask vanishing last.

Time to chime in if you want to before Fate takes to the astral. Otherwise casting teleport to return to the tower. spells used all 1 and 4 one 5

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Sandman stayed behind to handle the leftover tasks in Manhattan, while Dr. Fate weaved his most powerful spells to transport Flash and himself to his tower.

A minute later, Flash and Dr. Fate were in Fate's Tower in the woods outside Salem. When they were in here yesterday, Flash was investigating the tower alone and Dr. Fate was temporarily mad. No doubt this visit would prove less stressful.

Of course, there was now the matter of finding the Atom in Salem. The pint-sized pugilist had been somewhat vague in his message.

Meanwhile, back in Manhattan, Sandman planned his next moves...

Male Human Speedster/7

Flash will first go investigate the Atom's home and regular haunts (if such are known to him). He'll be out of costume at this point (assuming he brought some street clothes with him?) so as not to attract undue attention until we know what is going on.

male human Magic user 10

"Hold flash. Let us send this 'Atom' a message."

Fate walks to a radio set and tunes to the compramised JSA frequency.

On the radio.."Fate to Atom....Fate to Atom...Aknowledge....JSA to Atom..."

If Fate can get the Atom on the air and assuming we regognize his voice, Fate will ask him to discribe "the woman he wrapped in carpet" before setting up a meeting with the Flash for the following morning. At no point will fate mention that they are in Salem. Instead he will imply that the Flash is even now racing north. (ignoring the fact that a 7th level speedster has a crusing speed a whopping 19 MPH.)

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Surrounded by flickering torches and cobweb-draped stonework that could have been an ancient castle's dungeon, the Mahogany-set console radio looked disturbingly out of place. Worse, in an hour of trying, the two heroes were able to raise none of the other heroes on the old frequency, nor the new one.

Flash and Dr. Fate know that the Atom's home town is in Connecticut, not here in Massachusetts.

Male Human Speedster/7

Oops :)

"Hmmm, he could just be busy in his investigation, or something fishy could be going on. He might need our help! Any ideas where we should get started looking?"

male human Magic user 10

"Flash. This bodes ill. Get to Atom's Home in Connecticut as quick as you can. I will see if there is anyhing amiss in salem." `

Male Human Mysteryman 8

Watching his two companions fade from view or disappear in a burst of light, perhaps , the Sandman sighs. "Time to play dutiful potential son-in-law.

The Sandman returns home and removes his crimefighting garb and heads over to Dian's house, hoping to catch her father there.

"Hey Dian, your Dad around? My friend, the one who had a run in with the Gentleman Gorilla, is a bit worried about the events of last night."

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

"That was a short meeting!" Dian exclaimed when she saw Wesley at the door. She gave him a hug and came out on the front porch with him, for propriety's sake. "No, he's not here. Father has been wanting to stay here with me since my kidnapping, but I told him I was fine and forced him to go into work to get information for you. Well, I didn't tell him that's why he was going into work, but you know what I mean.

"My book discussion group is meeting at 1 today and I still have two chapters to read in 'The New World Order' by Wells for it, but if you want, I can come with you to headquarters to help you talk to Daddy."

Male Human Speedster/7
Doctor Fate wrote:
"Flash. This bodes ill. Get to Atom's Home in Connecticut as quick as you can. I will see if there is anyhing amiss in salem." `

Flash pauses. "That's 150 miles away, it'll take some time to get there without a car... Maybe I'd better see what I can rent at short notice."

male human Magic user 10

Hmm searching shows automotive travel for this distance not doing much better than the Flash could do on foot. Rail is a better option but I had no luck finding travel times. It takes 4 hours by train now and the New York New Haven and Hartford Railroad was running the same route in the 40's so I think the train is the best bet.
Mind you I fonder if we know WHERE in conneticiut the Atom lives. I doubt the "Look for things faster" ability would be effective on this scale.

Dr. Fate turns to the speedster. "The train would be faster. I will keep trying to raise the atom and see if anything is amiss here. Call in frequently and I will keep you apraised."

As far as looking into trouble in Salem Dr. fate will try the easy stuff first. Reading the last few days worth of newspapers to see if there is anything that either happened or is about to happen that seems worth a second look. He will then head for the barber for a shave, trim and gossip. This will all be done in secret ID. After that not sure

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Flash knew that Atom called New Haven, Connecticut home, as Flash had just recently been there. He figured he could run there in just over three hours if he poured on the speed, but he would show up tired. The train, which would just taken an hour longer, was looking like the better option by the second.

Dr. Fate escorted Flash safely through his tower, with Fate removing his helmet and costume in front of the Flash for the first time. Fate emerged from a side room dressed and looking like any ordinary Joe! They parted company at the front door of the tower, with Flash racing into town to catch the next train southwest and Dr. Fate, on less of a schedule, casually sauntering into town.

Flash made the train with time to spare, eliciting plenty of stares at his costume as he rode. Soon, people began to come into his car from neighboring train cars to see him.

"He's not the Flash," one annoying man said loudly. "If he's the Flash, what's he doing riding a train?"

Meanwhile, Dr. Fate, as plain old Kent Nelson, purchased a copy of today's Salem Register for the news. It had been several days since he had seen a local paper, so he was surprised to read about a man he'd never heard of before calling himself Magico and holding seances in town.

Male Human Speedster/7

Flash simply smiles and lets the other train passengers speculate as they please. He tries to take it easy, this is the first good rest he's had in a while.

Male Human Mysteryman 8

"Yeah, our meetings have to be short," Wesley smiles. "Dr. Fate is a cryptic man of few words and the Flash has a short attention span. But it means that I get to see more of you, so I don't complain."

"I hate to pull you away from H.G. Wells, but I'm worried about running out of excuses for plumping your Dad for information. Anyway in light of my adventures last night with the Nazis, Japanese and Mr. X, Mr. Wells' ideas about a new world order seem as unlikely as his earlier novels, though talking animals and invisible men don't seem so strange considering my current activities and partners."

Wesley helps Dian get ready to go.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

"Don't be silly, I don't need help getting ready! Let me pour you a drink and you can wait for me out here on the porch."

One drink and a change of clothes for Dian later, the two of them were motoring across Manhattan to the New York County District Attorney's Office. They didn't get far before they were waylaid by a slimy prosecutor named Ed Correll. A habitual boot-licker, Ed seemed determined to date Dian to get closer to D.A. Belmont and only saw Wesley Dodds as a minor obstacle.

"Dian!" Ed said, all smiles. "What a pleasure to see you in the office again. Did your dad hire you a chauffeur -- oh, it's Wes. Hi, Wes. Almost didn't recognize you."

Meanwhile, Flash rode the train in comfort. So much comfort in fact that he was having trouble with nearly nodding off.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Dr. Fate, meanwhile, read more from the recent newspapers he has missed at the library. Magico was making a fast name for himself in Salem, with two seances held in the last week and made into major events by the number of Salem's social elite that attended. Both events took place in people's homes, with Magico apparently having no address in town.

There was also plenty about the War in Europe. Here at home, the nation was still conflicted about getting involved or staying isolated. Massachusetts Congresswoman Edith Nourse Rogers proposed a bill for the establishment of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps, the article suggesting that even women were warming to the idea of building up the U.S.'s military.

male human Magic user 10

Was planning on waiting until after the Flash left to change but oh well.:7)

In a local cafe. "Hmmm war talk is heating up. No mention of out two tourists though.....Might be worth taking a look at Magico. Most likely a simple bunko artist but if not.....

So Kent Nelson seems to be upperish middle class? Would he know the type of people the Magico might target?

Male Human Mysteryman 8

"Actually Ed," Wesley smiles while offering his hand,"I tried to get that job, but they are holding it for you. Perhaps you should consider it. You never know which way the wind'll blow around this place."

"Especially considering all the mess last night. You in on all that stuff, Ed? I'd hate to be dealing with the fallout from a German airship landing in the park, and those superheros . . . Someone must have a headache today."

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Ed Correll, still trying to show off for Dian, spilled more than he should have. "And how!" he exclaimed proudly. "I had offered to handle talking to both embassies and arrange extradition, but the State Department stepped in this morning and took over. But that's okay; that just leaves me free to concentrate on being lead prosecutor against the Pullman Gang. Say, is that the time? I'm supposed to join your father at the jail now. He's grilling the prisoners personally, to see if there's any connection to..." and here Ed looked around before saying in a hushed voice, "Mr. X."

Meanwhile, Flash's train deposited the well-rested speedster in New Haven, Connecticut. He started by racing to the college campus where he had last seen the Atom. There were many more people out and about at this time of day, but none of them seemed to have a blue hood and cape and yellow shorts on.

Also meanwhile, Dr. Fate began his rounds of the Salem social scene. Timothy Newmark was a young man with old Salem money. He graciously accepted a social visit at his three-story Georgian mansion from Kent Nelson, but grew tight-lipped at the first mention of Magico. The conversation continued for awhile longer, with Kent trying to establish a rapport, but with Timothy steering it away from anything informative. Eventually, Timothy announced, "I'm awfully sorry, Mr. Nelson, but I have pressing matters to attend to. May I see you to the door?"

Even if Kent struck out here, he still knew two more upper classmen of Salem to contact.

Male Human Speedster/7

Flash decides to go to Atom's home, to see what clues he can find there as to Atom's whereabouts. He'll attempt to slip inside invisibly so as not to attract attention.

male human Magic user 10

"That's all right Tim, I know the way."

Thinking on the way out: So strange behavior from Tim. He knows something. I check the other prospects and see if they are more talkitive. If I strike out perhaps the Amulet of Anubiswill have better luck.

Plan: talk/socialize with the two other canidates. Then if they cannot get me to Magico return at night to Tim as Dr.Fate. The amules and a suggestion or two should have him talking fast enough. Will cast invisibility after chancing into costume in the tower before returning to Tim.

Male Human Mysteryman 8

"Mr. X? Who's that? Something to do with the troubles in Europe and Asia?" Wesley continues his useless playboy act, hoping that Ed will spill some more information.

If Ed doesn't take the bait, Wesley will add: "Well, Dian, I guess we should head over to the jail and see if we can catch your father before he deals with the crooks. Care to join us, Ed? We can share driving tips."

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

"That name is all about troubles here at home," Ed said, thinking he was showing Wesley up still and glad to do it. "And I'd be happy to drive us there. Wes seems like the sort who would drive too slow," he said, pretending like he was joking.

They were lucky enough to catch D.A. Belton, still waiting at "The Tombs".

"Ed, Wes, Dian! I thought I was waiting for Ed to join me for work; I didn't realize this was going to be a party..." Dian's father joked as the three of them cleared the check-in point at the main entrance.

"What's the situation, sir?" Ed asked. "Learned anything yet?"

Not afraid to discuss prosecutorial business in front of family and near-family, Mr. Belton answered in a hushed voice, "Not enough, but maybe something. Eddie Pullman, who ran that jewelry smuggling racket out of the jewelry store the Justice Society trashed last night, is apparently one of Mr. X's lieutenants, and Mr. X has many. But he was willing to give me something else in exchange for consideration when it comes to sentencing. He says the lieutenants never see Mr. X, but have long suspected that Mr. X is really one of them..."

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Flash wished he knew where the Atom lived, but many members of the Justice Society still kept their private lives private from each other. Flash knew that the Atom was a young man and went to a college or university in New Haven, of which there were five. But the Atom had made comments before that led Flash to believe he went to Yale.

So Flash zoomed around Yale for awhile, just trying to draw attention. And he did, plenty. There were stares, shouts, people racing around trying to get cameras, and lots of attention in general from the student body that was still in spring session this Monday afternoon -- but none of them wearing a blue cape. It looked like Flash might have to change tactics somewhat.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Timothy Newmark may not have yielded any clues, but dropping his name got Kent Nelson in to see Marie Sinclair that afternoon.

"A pleasure, I'm sure, Mr. Nelson. Is it too early for a bit of sherry for you? Magico? Hmm...I am sworn to secrecy on the subject...but you're a handsome man, Mr. Nelson, and I could never say no to a pretty face, hmm? William McIntire is hosting a party tonight you would be very interested in attending, is all I can say. Such a shame I'm not allowed to bring a guest, or you could come with me."

Male Human Speedster/7

Disappointed that so far he has been unable to draw Atom out, Flash considers the possibilities:

1) Atom not Connecticut.
2) Atom is here, but busy.
3) Atom is here, but in trouble.

In the first case, nothing he can do will make any difference.
In the second case, he need just wait for Atom to eventually get word.
In the third case, he must keep looking... but where?

So since he is here anyway, he must keep looking. He decides to get a few newspapers, and scan for any news of Atom's activities. He also considers the possibility of trying to contact Atom by radio again, and tries to think of where he would be able to access one privately to make the call.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

The Flash was able to quickly scan two weeks' worth of back newspapers in the campus library, finding the last news items about the Atom dated six days ago. The Atom had broke up a ring of gamblers here in New Haven who were preying on college students and who had framed the father of Jimmy Baker for the crime of arson.

Flash was still reading when he heard car horns honking outside and some sort of commotion. When he investigated, he saw a man lying in the street. There were plenty of bystanders around, both on foot and in pulled over cars, many of them looking either at the man or west down the street.

Male Human Speedster/7

"Don't just stand gaping! What has happened here? Is he OK?" Flash orders the bystanders as he rushes to the fallen man's assistance, checking for any wounds. He looks west down the street, thinking that this may be a simple hit-and-run.

male human Magic user 10
Scottenkainen wrote:

Timothy Newmark may not have yielded any clues, but dropping his name got Kent Nelson in to see Marie Sinclair that afternoon.

"A pleasure, I'm sure, Mr. Nelson. Is it too early for a bit of sherry for you? Magico? Hmm...I am sworn to secrecy on the subject...but you're a handsome man, Mr. Nelson, and I could never say no to a pretty face, hmm? William McIntire is hosting a party tonight you would be very interested in attending, is all I can say. Such a shame I'm not allowed to bring a guest, or you could come with me."

Kent focuses on her eyes as he sips the sherry. Activating amulet worn under my suit.

Smiling. "Sworn to secrecy, how intriguing. When did all this start? And please, call me Kent."

Thinking, Inza is going to skin me alive for this.

Note Mr. Nelson does not expect her to tell him but it should spur memories that the amulet gan capture.

Male Human Mysteryman 8

On the way over to the jail: "That's just the problem, Ed. I drive too slow. I'm too boring and conventional to be the Belmont's driver. But you're perfect for the job. It's your calling."

Talking to D.A. Belmont. "That blimp last night? It was German, right? I guess you all are trying to keep things quiet, but that's pretty obvious. Any idea why the Germans were trying to get close to Mr. X? Mr. X is a criminal right? This seems rather close to treason. I mean I know that we aren't at war with Germany, but that just seems like a matter of time."

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

D.A. Belmont pulled Wesley into a nearby room for more privacy. "Good Heavens, how widespread is that information about the Germans? The Feds have been working hard to keep that out of the papers. But there were so many eye witnesses, even that late at night..." Mr. Belmont said with a sigh. "Well, it's true. Mr. X no longer seems content to control much of the organized crime in New England; he's out to form global alliances. It's worrisome. Terribly worrisome..."

Indeed, Mr. Belmont looked aged of late and unusually tired.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Flash checked the man in the street and found the man was alive, but could not be woken up. The man also held a piece of paper clutched in his right hand.

"He was just crossing the street and that car hit him!" an anxious bystander told him.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

The piece of paper in the unconscious man's hand was a crumpled up ad for a place called Muscles' Gym, here in New Haven.

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