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Hideouts & Hoodlums: Justice Society of America

Game Master Scottenkainen

Join the Justice Society of America in May 1941 as they campaign against the mysterious Mr. X, the criminal underworld, and the supernatural!

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Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

The back door of the second van slid open as Dr. Fate turned invisible.

Male Human Speedster/7

Flash is full of questions, which he fires out rapid-pace: "Should I let them see me enter the warehouse now? Or are you going to make a magical image? If I go in, presumably they won't set the explosives off on me alone, they'll wait until they think we're all here. If I am able, I could try diffusing the dynamite unobserved, could your spell mimic the explosion, or do you think that would give us away?"

"Finally, we haven't yet isolated a goon for Sandman to impersonate. And what about Shifty, we may as well bring him along, he could easily impersonate a goon too."

Male Human Mysteryman 8

I'm assuming that Flash's questions don't change our plans and that we are trying to isolate one of the goons and replace him with me? If not, let me know and I'll change my actions

The Sandman pauses for a moment, trying to discover what lurks behind the opening door. Assuming that he discovers nothing, he will spring into action, creeping towards the group of thugs, hoping to gather some information about their plans, and seeking to spot a thug that he can incapacitate and quickly replace.

I'm trying to use my invisibility ability here.

male human Magic user 10
the Flash wrote:

Flash is full of questions, which he fires out rapid-pace: "Should I let them see me enter the warehouse now? Or are you going to make a magical image? If I go in, presumably they won't set the explosives off on me alone, they'll wait until they think we're all here. If I am able, I could try diffusing the dynamite unobserved, could your spell mimic the explosion, or do you think that would give us away?"

"Finally, we haven't yet isolated a goon for Sandman to impersonate. And what about Shifty, we may as well bring him along, he could easily impersonate a goon too."

"The shapeshifter is too unpredictable. If it thought it could further its aims by opposing us it would. Its morals are as maliable as its skin. I think it should stay clear until I can banish it.

Yes I do need you Flash. You need to open the wharehouse door and jam it open. The images of the Sandman and myself will walk out to join you at the door. As they pass into the building a false Flash will join them that is your que to vanish. The images will walk to the center of the building and appear to have a discussion. I expect the bombs will trigger then. The Sandman and I need to be in position by then as our friends will no doubt make a hasty exit.
The spell could duplicate the explosion but not the falling dust, smoke and debris. I fear it would not be convincing."

Male Human Speedster/7

"But what's he (Shifty) going to do then, hang out in the alley here until we get back? I think he knows we want to return him home, and will stay with us until we get a chance to do so." Flash turns to look at Dr Fate (now invisible), but not seeing anything returns to his surveillance.

"Anyway, let me know when you want me to head over to the warehouse door."

male human Magic user 10

Fates voice comes from the empty air near the Flash.

"As soon as we know why the second van is here. And yes if you can convince it the shapeshifter could be useful."

Male Human Speedster/7

Flash turns to Shifty. "Will you help us?", he asks eagerly.

Male Human Mysteryman 8

I'm a bit confused. Should the Sandman be waiting with the Flash and Dr. Fate? If that's the consensus, then we should ignore my last post which featured me trying to creep around and gather information.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Your intentions are fine, Sandman. You could conceivably sneak out, learn what you can, and still get back to the alley with Dr. Fate before he carries out his part of the plan. Don't let someone else's dialogue dictate what you're doing.

The Sandman was in top form, blending into shadows to effectively that even Flash and Dr. Fate lost sight of him on occasion. He was right there, across the street by the vans, when men in flak jackets and helmets, with rifles strapped to their backs, and grappling hooks in their hands started filing out of the second van. One of these new soldier-like arrivals came over to talk to the first group of mobsters -- and Sandman was right there to overhear it...

"Any sign of them yet?"

"No. Do you think they're really going to show?"

"Doesn't matter. Word came from the top not to miss any opportunities to take out the Justice Society. They already nabbed 'Flame' Farmer and rounded up the Kidnappers Union. The other lieutenants are getting scared. Especially that one with the jewelry store racket, 'cuz he's up next."

"Hey, who are they?"

At first, Sandman fearfully assumed Flash and Dr. Fate had been spotted, but the mobsters were now looking down the street. Nine sailors were marching their way, led by Flash's contact person, Barnacle Bill.

male human Magic user 10

Fate's voice sounds from the eather near the Flash. "Is there a new player in this game? Who are these men, they will be at risk from the explosion."

Male Human Speedster/7

"Ah," Flash says, "that would be Barnacle Bill." Flash looks a trifle embarrassed, "I let it leak to him that the JLA would be here tonight, by way of getting word to Mr X. I left some money at his local bar to keep him liquored up tonight, hoping he wouldn't show, but either the barman simply pocketed the cash or old Bill can hold his liquor better than I thought."

Male Human Speedster/7

"But let us see what happens, it could provide an ideal distraction for Sandman and Shifty to pull their switcheroos."

Male Human Speedster/7

((OOC: Paizo isn't letting me edit my posts right now, please delete the word 'Shifty'))

male human Magic user 10

"These men will be slaughtered. Warn him. I will buy them some time."

Unseen Dr. Fate walks from the alleyway and swiftly moves towards the white van.

Looking to get close to the drivers seat. In a perfect world I will be able to slip the van into neutral, release the breaks and swipe the keys. A simple shove will get it rolling which should spread some confusion.

Male Human Mysteryman 8

The Sandman continues to listen and watch the thugs, hoping that Fate and the Flash noted the drunken sailors heading towards the warehouse. If they didn't, the Sandman must just have to blow cover to save the nautical nimwits.

Assuming Dr. Fate carries off his plan of sowing confusion, the Sandman will attempt to turn that confusion into an opportunity to nab one of the gangsters, either someone who was left behind, or someone who fell behind.

Male Human Speedster/7

"But Mr X's goons shouldn't set off the dynamite until they see us show up." Flash says, waiting for a reply from the now-departed invisible Dr Fate.

Finally realising that the magician must have already left, Flash will attempt to find a location where he can be seen by the sailors, but not by Mr X's thugs. From this location, he'll hail the sailors and try to lead them away out of danger. (He's hoping they'll give chase). Once they are well away, Flash will dart back to the rendezvous location in the alley.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Luck was being incredibly fickle with the heroes that night.

Sandman had chosen one of the flak jacketed-mobsters out in the street, getting ready to toss his grappling hook at the roof across from the warehouse, because that one was closest to the alley. But the mobster just happened to pull his arm back and bump into the Sandman behind him at just the wrong moment and let out an "Ahh!" in surprise that turned heads his way.

Sandman's only lucky break was that not all heads turned his way. Flash had tried to race invisibly down the street to cut off the sailors, but the shout had surprised him and thrown him off enough to be seen. People on both sides -- mobsters and sailors alike -- pointed to the red blur that streaked away from the warehouse and past the sailors. Unfortunately, it also drew the mobsters' attention to the sailors, which was exactly what Flash had been trying to avoid.

Dr. Fate, too, found it was indeed not a perfect world. His plan for a simple diversion was thwarted by one simple fact -- the idling van still had a driver in the driver's seat.

Male Human Speedster/7

Flash pauses to wink and blow a kiss at the sailors, continuing with his plan to lure them away from the vicinity of the warehouse.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

"Arr, did you boys see that? That pansy just blew me a kiss! After 'em!" Barnacle Bill roared with indignation and embarrassment.

Male Human Mysteryman 8

Hoping to quickly take out the exclamatory goon, the Sandman knocks him in the head with his gas gun. If fortune favors the heroes, the will then try to pull the gangster into the alley and find some way to conceal both himself and his prey.

male human Magic user 10

Dr. Fate scowls inside his helmet and swiftly moves to the dynamite truck.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

As Flash jetted down the street with his angry sailors in pursuit, Sandman tried and failed to nab one of the mobsters before the others could react. His opponent, failing to be stunned into submission, fought back until a mobster managed to flank Sandman on either side and pull their rifles off their backs. And behind the Sandman, he heard a rifle cocked by a third mobster.

"Hands up, Sandman!" one of the mobsters called out.

Dr. Fate, meanwhile, found that both idling vans still had drivers behind the wheel.

Male Human Speedster/7

Unaware of the troubles his comrades are having, Flash is still heading away from the scene. He stops again, "Come on, I'm wating!", he urges with a broad smile.

When they get close, he moves away again, uppings his pace (only a little compared to what he can manage, he doesn't want to loose them yet!) to try to make the sailors run at maximum speed and tire themselves out.

Male Human Mysteryman 8

Let's see what I can get away with . . .
"Okay, you got me boys," the Sandman sighs, while slowly raising his hands above his head. As he does this, he also manages to "accidentally" drop one of his gas grenades, setting it off.

In the ensuing confusion, the Sandman tries to whip out his grapple gun and fire it at a nearby fire escape and slip free from the goons.

Maybe some combination of pilfer and invisibility abilities?

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

His luck might have abandoned him, but at least Sandman's sleight of height skills never failed him. He dropped the gas cartridge that he had palmed from his raised hand before the mobsters surrounding him could react. When they saw the smoke start to rise up all around them, they predictably drew breaths -- and promptly passed out. All four of them noisily hit the ground before the Sandman could catch any of them.


"Arr...after 'em..." Barnacle Bill said, sounding a little winded.

"Did he really challenge your masculinity so bad?" asked a sailor next to him.

"Shut up, you, and keep after 'em!" Bill retorted.

Male Human Speedster/7

Flash continues leading the chase, taunting the sailors to goad them onward. "What? Are you getting tired already? I'd heard sailors were made of tougher stuff."

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Sandman picked up one of the four mobsters around him and ran for the alley.

"There he is!" he heard someone yell from behind him, followed by an explosion of gunfire. Thanks to the smoke behind him, though, only one bullet managed to wing him before he reached the alley. Sandman is at 19 out of 35 hp

Dr. Fate had been biding his time, waiting for just the right moment for a diversion, and thought about if this was that moment.

And Flash's merry chase had so far led the sailors 600' away from the warehouse and harms' way.

Male Human Speedster/7

Hearing gunshots, Flash decides to return and see what's up. He gradually increases speed away from the warehouse for a couple of blocks (to lose the sailors) then turns right for one block, then turns right again at the next block to return (this will hopefully avoid his being spotted heading back by the sailors).

Male Human Mysteryman 8

"Why am I always the one getting shot and eaten?" the Sandman thinks to himself as he attempt to hide in alley with his unconscious foe. "That was also some of my worst sneaking. I hope the others are having more success." Hoping that he has hidden himself, the Sandman takes a moment to examine the thug he has purloined.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Sandman, despite his self-recrimination, was able to examine his prisoner and found the man was conveniently of his own height and build. He would be able to, given time, disguise himself as his prisoner without even the magical aid of Dr. Fate -- wherever he was.

Flash, meanwhile, found that running around an entire city block managed to loose the sailors without them realizing that he was really doubling back.

Male Human Speedster/7

Flash stops just near the corner of a building near the warehouse, and peers around quickly to survey the scene...

((What does he see? He can't see Dr. Fate obviously, nor Sandman unless Flash is lucky and chooses the same alley. Does he see any hoodlums who look like they're chasing or fighting anyone?))

male human Magic user 10

Fate circles to the rear of the explosives truck.
"The best laid plans..." He mutters softly.

Is the wherehouse in phantasmal force range if I cast from the truck? the rifle van? If so Fate will climb on top of the vehicle and create the phantoms of the heroes arriving. If not Fate will just have to find what cover he can.

The Phantom Flash will seem to arrive from one of the empty alleys the Phsntom Sandman will grappel down from the wherehouse roof and the Phantom Fate will simply fade into view.

Phantom Fate, loud enough for the goons to hear:"Our plans are known. Quickly we must be sure the evidence is safe."

Phantom Flash: "No problem. I'll have it out of there faser than you can say "open seseme". That is if this blasted door would open!"

Phantom Sandman: "Take your time speedy lets see X's boys hit what they can't see."

As the Phantom Sandman speaks he drops a large canister and great billows of smoke cover the trio of images. From with in the cloud the sound of the wherehouse door opening can be clearly heard.

Male Human Mysteryman 8

"Hurm." the Sandman mutters quietly to himself as Dr. Fate casts his spell. "I wonder if Dr. Fate knows that I've already tangled with Mr. X's thugs?" The Sandman continues to examine the thug he carried off for distinctive features.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

What the real Flash saw was one flak-jacketed mobster rapelling up the side of the warehouse across from the carpet warehouse with the aid of a rope, no doubt to get into position for sniping. Three mobsters were unconscious on the street, but eight more were fanning out and searching with handguns or rifles drawn. Two of them were heading straight for the alley where, if still on-plan, Sandman was lurking with a prisoner.

Then chaos broke out again as Sandman, Flash, and Dr. Fate all seemed to show up in the street. Yes, range is not a problem here. The vans are parked 20'-30' from the warehouse.

"Our plans are known. Quickly we must be sure the evidence is safe," the false Dr. Fate said.

"There they are! Get 'em! Ice 'em!" shouted a mobster.

The false Flash and Sandman said their lines and then a gas cloud appeared to conceal the fact that the hail of bullets that flew at the three false heroes was not hitting anything.

This bought the Sandman plenty of time to judge that he would have to dye his hair a little darker, trim a fake mustache down, and fake a scar on the corner of his left jaw to be a perfect match -- none of which he had a lot of time for.

"They're goin' inside!" one of the mobsters shouted to another. "Should we now?"

"Get in position!" the other mobster yelled back.

The first one responded by tossing his rifle into the back of the first van and climbing back inside.

Male Human Speedster/7

Flash holds himself in readiness to act, but remains concealed for the moment.

Male Human Mysteryman 8

The Sandman watches the mobsters, waiting to see what their game is. While doing so, he binds the man he has seized using his handcuffs. "Perhaps fate can do something about my disguise," the Sandman wonders. "Or perhaps the Flash could do a little speedy shopping for me." Realizing that he will need the aid of his allies to complete his disguise, the Sandman scans the scene, hoping to find some sign of the other members of the Society.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

The plan seemed to hinge on Dr. Fate's next spell. But Dr. Fate, for his part, stood invisibly on the roof of one of the vans, watching the scene and trying to judge when was the right moment.

The right moment might have come as one of the mobsters shouted, "Everyone behind the vans! Now!" And, as all the mobsters ran for cover, he shouted again, "Blow it!"

Male Human Mysteryman 8

Resisting the urge to leap into action and bust some mobster heads, The Sandman cringes as he prepares for the blast, knowing that, somehow, the cops will find a reason to blame him for the destruction of the warehouse.

Male Human Speedster/7

Flash pulls his head back from the corner. He dashes around the block (excepting the area immediately around the hoodlums, he doesn't want to be spotted outside!) to make sure the area is clear of any innocent bystanders

male human Magic user 10

Hoping the others are in position Dr. Fate gathers his magic cloak about him and braces himself atop the explosives van. Regretfully he watches the soon to be destroyed building. He knows that part of the coming destruction is due to his action and this weighs heavily upon him. He knows however that this is their best chance to get close to X, and prevent far worse devastation.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4


The area, at this time of night, was thankfully free of bystanders of the innocent variety.

Pieces of carpet warehouse went flying like meteors through the night sky.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

A spray of burning hot ash swept over Dr. Fate, singing his costume and forcing him to smother it with his cape. Dr. Fate is at 29 out of 45 hp

After the mini-holocaust ended, the mobsters emerged from behind their cover unharmed.

"We...we did it!" one shouted. "We just killed three o' 'dem superheroes!"

"Three!" shouted another jubilantly.

"Oh, man, the reward we're gonna get fer' this...we should go out an' celebrate!"

"I don't know...I've got sort of an empty, unfulfilled feeling inside..."

"Shut up, yous! We're gettin' this guy drunk so he don't feel so much no more!"

"Boy, you can even smell their burning costumes from here!"

"Okay, okay, quiet everyone! We did this professional like, just the way Mr. X wanted."

Everyone calmed down and took off their hats or headgear and bowed their heads respectfully.

"So let's wrap this up the same way," the same speaker said. "Everyone to their trucks, except for Marty and 'Crackers' from my side -- you two, look around, make sure we don't leave anythin' behind an' then get our three boys the Sandman took out into the van. An' Donny, signal that roof sniper to get back down here."

Sandman and Dr. Fate both heard all of this exchange. Flash is still circling and making sure no one else is in the area. And, as for that...

Though the Flash found no pedestrians within two city blocks of this part of the warehouse district at this hour, he did spy a long, black town car conspiciously drive into the neighborhood and possibly heading towards trouble.

Male Human Speedster/7

Flash pauses when he sees the car... it could be just someone in the wrong place at the wrong time, it could be another of Mr X's henchmen, or (dare he hope!) Mr X himself!?

With the danger of the explosion now over, Flash figures that the risk to an innocent is minimal, and the car bears watching... an innocent would surely try to leave the area of an explosion and not get closer. Cognizant of the fact that if it is related to Mr X he does not want to reveal his presence, he surveils the car covertly to see what it does next...

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Soon, the sniper was off the roof, the coast was deemed clear, and the mobsters were loaded back up in their vans. There was only one unexpected delay -- a piece of debris had pierced one of the lead van's tires and two mobsters were quickly replacing it with a spare.

Dr. Fate had plenty of time to leap off the van's roof, or stay there, if he desired. But the Sandman had not yet been changed to look like the missing mobster and the chance to substitute him in was fading.

It was then that the long town car (followed a safe distance behind by the Flash) pulled up in front of the vans and blocked them. Three mobters hopped back out and aimed automatic rifles at the town car, but it did not stop the back door from opening and a Japanese man in a black suit from stepping out.

Dr. Fate recognized the man as Mitsuhirato.

Male Human Speedster/7

Flash continues watching events unfold. This wasn't in the plan...

male human Magic user 10

Not sure If Fate can see where the Sandman is. Ol' masked and gassy may well be on his own, sorry.

Dr. Fate carefully crouches on the roof of the explosives van. Maybe Mitsuhirato was further up in the organization than he appeared.

Male Human Mysteryman 8

While the warehouse explodes, the Sandman is pilfering his unconscious friend's wallet, looking for any identifying information that will allow him to carry off his disguise.

Moments after, the Sandman realizes that his friends may not be able to locate him. The Sandman then looks around the area, hoping to spy some evidence of the Flash or Dr. Fate. If he does, he will attempt to discreetly signal the hero with his flashlight, assuming that the chaos of the explosion, and the ensuing standoff, will provide some sort of cover. If it doesn't, oops.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

The Sandman had a confiscated wallet in his possession now, belonging to one Bruno Diefenbach. He was about to signal Dr. Fate with his flashlight when Dr. Fate suddenly remembered that, according to the plan, the Sandman would have retreated to the alley where they started. Squinting and staring into the alley, he even thought he could make someone out there. But he now had to choose between going back to the plan, or staying where he was and listening in on Mitsuhirato's conversation with the mobsters.

Male Human Mysteryman 8

As the moments tick by, the Sandman waits, wondering if one his companions will join him. "Well, Bruno . . . " he mutters to the unconscious thug, "Perhaps we'll just have to try some old fashioned interrogation when you wake up."

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Torn by indecision, Dr. Fate wound up staying right where he was and overhearing at least the beginning of a conversation.

"What do you want?" one of the mobsters sneered at Mitsuhirato.

"Honorable persons, I have come to pay my respects at the gravesite of Doctor Fate. You have killed him, yes? After the explosion I just heard, you are here and he is not."

Their conversation was interrupted by police sirens in the distance.

"We don't have time for this now," one of the mobsters said nervously. "Do we ice 'em?"

"That would not be wise," Mitsuhirato said. "I am a sorcerer, you see, not un'rike the 'rate Dr. Fate. If you 'ret me stay, I may be able to find any magic baubles Fate may have 'reft behind. I might even share one with your boss, Mr. X."

"You better!" the third mobster said, as they all lowered their hats from their heads at the name of Mr. X again.

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