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Hideouts & Hoodlums: Justice Society of America

Game Master Scottenkainen

Join the Justice Society of America in May 1941 as they campaign against the mysterious Mr. X, the criminal underworld, and the supernatural!

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Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

The campaign will be starting here this Sunday evening.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

It had started as a lark. Eight men with the same unusual hobby gathering together for a meeting. Only these men were costumed vigilantes -- and out of their meeting came the Justice Society of America. When they first convened, six months ago, it was to sit around and tell "old war" stories, but their second quarterly meeting three months ago took on a greater purpose when Herbert Hoover himself summoned them all to FBI headquarters and tasked them with rooting out Nazi sympathizers in the U.S.

May 1, 1941

In a fancy Manhattan hotel conference room, late at night, the eight members of the Justice Society of America are due to arrive for their third quarterly meeting. First to arrive is the Flash. Wearing a red sweatshirt with an inverted lightning bolt insignia and blue jeans, the Flash's outfit is more distinctive for its winged helmet and winged shoes. Unknown to the others, he is secretly Jay Garrick, a moderately successful chemist who's one major achievement was the unrepeatable mistake that granted him superhuman speed.

The Flash has not been there long, making sure the unmanned wet bar in the conference room is stocked as the hotel staff were instructed, when the Sandman arrives. Secretly Wesley Dodds, he is a playboy, amateur inventor, and determined crimebuster. Wearing a green business suit, brown fedora, leather gloves, purple cape, and a unique yellow gas mask of his own design, the Sandman battles criminals with just the gas gun he invented and the eerie mystique that comes with being a mysteryman.

They have barely had time to exchange hellos when Hourman catches up, having spotted the Sandman in the hall and followed him to the room. Secretly Rex Tyler, the chemist responsible for inventing Miraclo, a top secret pill that gives the imbiber super strength for one hour, Rex fights crime in black and yellow nylon leotards, red belt, black boots, a black half-face mask under a yellow collared cowl with matching cape, and a small hourglass hanging from his neck.

Into their midst materializes Dr. Fate. Though going by the name Kent Nelson when he must appear in public, Dr. Fate was secretly not born to any name at all, but created by strange gods hundreds of years ago to combat dark sorcery in the world. Dr. Fate has done so ever since while wearing a golden helmet that conceals his entire head, a blue collared shirt (with yellow shoulder pads on the outside of it) and matching blue leggings, a large gold medallion around his neck, and matching yellow cape, girdle, and boots.

Thus is half of the Justice Society of America assembled. The rest will no doubt arrive soon, including the Spectre, that ghostly avenger who will be serve as rotating chairman for tonight's meeting and decide tonight's agenda. In the meanwhile, the four assembled heroes have some moments to spare to converse with each other...

((I will continue the narrative tomorrow night. Add all you wish until then.))

Male Human Mysteryman 8

Arriving second, and seeing that, as usual, he was preceded by the Flash, the Sandman steals into the room, greeting his friend: "Flash. I trust things are well with you. The Faultless Four are still in prison?" The warmth in the Sandman's voice is muffled slightly by his gas mask, but the handshake he offers is firm and genuine. "The Hourman should be here momentarily. I felt his presence as I entered," the Sandman says turning to greet his newly-arriving companion.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

The Sandman makes some small talk before the Atom arrives at the room’s entrance. A short scraper in a leather girdle and bracers, yellow open-chested shirt, red boots, a blue full-face mask with only eyeholes, and a matching cape, the Atom was one of the newest costumed vigilantes on the East Coast scene when the Society was formed, but has proved his value already. “Hey guys,” the Atom says with an awkward wave as everyone stares at him.

But then all eyes turn to the Spectre as he materializes in the room, not unlike how Dr. Fate had done. Appearing as a chalk-white cadaver in a dark green collared cloak and hood, with matching trunks, gloves, and shoes, his appearance is unnerving enough that it is a relief when he keeps his cape pulled tight around him. And yet, when you get to know him, he talks like a regular guy. "Glad to see most of you are already here,” the Spectre says. “We already have a quorum, but let’s wait and see if the others show soon.”

“How about a head’s up on our agenda?” the Atom asks.

“I’d rather wait for that,” the Spectre demurs.

“Well, answer me this,” the Atom continues, though you can tell he’s not making eye contact with the Spectre, “did you speak to Hoover again? Is he still running the show here?”

“I haven’t spoken to the Head of the FBI recently,” the Spectre answers. “Last time was a special case and I don’t think we should always be beholden to the FBI or any other U.S. government agency to set our agenda for us. Ah, and here’s another member now!” he adds as everyone hears a rapping on the window. “Would someone let Hawkman in?”

((I had meant for this to be longer, but ran out of time tonight. Still leaving everyone a chance to introduce themselves in-character.))

Male Human Speedster/7
The Sandman wrote:
"Flash. I trust things are well with you. The Faultless Four are still in prison?" The warmth in the Sandman's voice is muffled slightly by his gas mask, but the handshake he offers is firm and genuine. "The Hourman should be here momentarily. I felt his presence as I entered," the Sandman says turning to greet his newly-arriving companion.

"Yeah, for the moment." Flash replies to Sandman with a laugh.

Shortly later, at the Spectre's request, Flash darts over to the window and opens it up for Hawkman.

"I guess we're just waiting on Green Lantern now."

"Hi, Flash, Sandy, good to see you again," says Hourman as he enters the room. "Did I tell you about the time Dr. Snegg tried to steal a whole train?" He breaks off the story to greet each new arrival, then starts up again.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Hawkman enters the room. “Thanks, Flash,” he says. The man wears the most distinctive helmet of any known costumed vigilante, carved to look like a stylized hawk head, with wings on either side, and resting over his entire head so only his chin shows from underneath it. He wears a pair of crossed yellow baldrics over his manly chest that meet at a red disc, a gold belt, red and yellow trunks over green leggings, and red and yellow boots. “Has the meeting started yet?” he asks, before hearing Hourman say they are just waiting for Green Lantern now.

“Then let’s get started!” Green Lantern says, making a dramatic entrance by walking through a wall of the room. He wears his trademark dark green domino mask and high-collared opera-style cape, a loose red shirt with an emblem of a green lantern in a yellow oval on his chest, a brown leather belt, green riding pants, and tall, laced red boots, and, of course, the green ring on his left hand.

“Okay,” the Spectre begins. “I call this meeting of the Justice Society of America to order. I also waive, as is the chairman’s right by our bylaws, Robert’s Rules for the remainder of this meeting so we can talk more informally. Before we get to new business, I wanted to see if anyone wanted to talk about old business. Specifically, any cases people have just finished or are still working on. Hourman, did you want to finish that Dr. Snegg story...?”

((Pausing for anyone who wants to volunteer a story, as tightly summarized or as detailed as you care to write it. I will award XP for what happened in the story, if I feel it appropritate.))

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

((Also see the OOC question here.))

Male Human Speedster/7

Flash relates a recent encounter:

"I got word that some shipments coming in from overseas were going missing from the docks, always from the same importer. I went to check out and saw one large crate disappear before my eyes, along with a couple of the dock workers! I kept watch and the two workers re-appeared about 20 minutes later with an empty crate, looked around, then went about their business as if nothing was awry!

"I tailed them for a while, but nothing else unusual happened so I took it upon myself to create a scene. I waited until the same two workers were alone again, and moved another (smaller) crate from right in front of them (I was moving too fast for them to see it, so they thought it 'disappeared') then zipped back to watch their reaction. They were mightily confused, muttering the name 'Zarano'. I then moved in and gave them quite a scare, eventually getting them to confess but they did not know much. Simply that when they disappeared they seemed to reappear in a warehouse or large basement, and were to unload the crate and wait to be sent back. They were well payed and only knew their employer as 'Zarano' and did not ask further questions.

"I continued watching the dock for the next few nights and the next time a crate looked about to disappear I dashed forth and grabbed on! I found myself, as expected, in a large room. I quickly darted around behind a pillar so I could continue to watch unseen.

"Immediately after the workers were sent back, a bald man with a long black goatee and a black suit came out from an adjoining room with a couple more men. I learned from their conversation that he was using a 'Transpo-ray' to teleport illegal goods from his own import company so they would not have to pass through customs. He would then sell them on the black market for a great profit. After the men left, I managed to disable the 'Transpo-ray', then I immediately notified the police. The raid was a great success, and the operation was disbanded. They caught Zarano, but he is a weaselly one and I don't know if the charges will stick to him personally, even with the testimony of the two workers as they never saw his face."

Male Human Mysteryman 8

After hearing the Flash's story, the Sandman waits a moment before beginning his own tale.

"Perhaps you all read about the kidnapping of the Landstrom heir and his subsequent return?" the Sandman begins. "The kid disappeared out partying one night at a down market club in Harlem. One of those mob joints where rich white men can pay to dance with exotic "african ladies." I guess he found more excitement than he bargained for. I got involved when the ransom note made its way to D.A. Belmont. He thought the Sandman might be able to save the kid before his aggrieved parents gave into the demands, and Belmont also worried that there might be some trouble that the regular cops wouldn't be up to handling. Based on an analysis of the some stray fibers that I found on the note, I tracked the kidnappers to an old carpet warehouse down by the docks. Peeking through the window, I caught an unwelcome sight: the Landstrom kid tied up, a bunch of thugs, and the Gentleman Gorilla. If you don't know him, the Gentleman Gorilla is a big brute of a man, but unlike a lot of thugs of his stature, he's got plans. He's been waging a small war against the Glaser brothers, trying to take control of those Harlem clubs. I guess in addition to being a thug and a kidnapper, he fancies himself a jazz fan. Clearly, he kidnapped Landstrom to help fund his operations.

"I burst into the room and set off my gas gun, which took care of the thugs, but not the Gentleman Gorilla; it barely seemed to phase him. We engaged in fisticuffs, but we were pretty evenly matched, so I told him that I was just stalling him until the cops showed up. On hearing that, he grabbed the Landstrom kid, who was, of course, sedated by my gun, and tried to toss him into the water. I had to let the Gentleman Gorilla escape to save the kid. Once I tied up the rest of the thugs, I called the cops and dropped Landstrom, who was still asleep off in his parents' driveway."

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Everyone is impressed with both stories. Green Lantern follows with a story of saboteurs trying to steal the plans for a new static-less radio. Hawkman tells of just having come back from Alaska, where food supplies were being kept from miners to try and force them from their claims ("Were you cold up there without a shirt?" Green Lantern jokes). The Atom has a story about exonerating a man framed for arson.

These lighter stories are interrupted by the Spectre, who tells a much darker tale that confirms rumors everyone had already heard -- of two towns in the Midwest that were decimated by aliens from the "dark planet" that were preparing for landing an invasion fleet. Despite their magic-like technology, the Spectre was still able to overcome them and repulse them.

Dr. Fate, who seems more withdrawn than normal, declines the offer to share any news.

During an awkward pause, the Atom jokes, "We could sure use Johnny or Red Tornado now to lighten things up," referring to how the amateur heroes, Johnny Thunder and Red Tornado had both somehow learned of the first Justice Society meeting and crashed it.

Finally, the Spectre rises again. "Friends, we now come to the topic I wish to address tonight. You can rest easy that it is not another threat from the Dark Planet. I have...sealed their access to Earth, for at least a time. No, I wanted to talk about crime. All of you have done your part to bring down the crime rate in your respective cities, perhaps even more than I have. And we have seen a ripple effect nationwide, with the U.S. crime rate down 3% so far this year. But there is still so much more to be done. So I ask for the professional opinions of this august think tank before me -- what more can we do, and should be doing, to eliminate crime altogether? Anyone?"

((Yes, action is coming soon...))

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

But, before anyone can respond, the Spectre visibly tenses and looks to the door of the conference room. "My friends, evil is afoot. At the door!" he cries, pointing to the exit.

The Flash is ((very likely, obviously being fastest)) the first one to the door to investigate. A hotel bellhop, a young blond man looking smart in his uniform, is just standing there -- until he falls forward towards the Flash, with a knife stuck in his back! A sheet of paper is pinned to his back with the knife.

The corridor outside the conference room is empty. There is a door across from the conference room door that is shut, as all the doors in the corridor appear to be.

Male Human Mysteryman 8

The Sandman leaps into action, racing into the corridor. Seeing that it is empty, he will begin investigating the corridor. "Someone should check out that door," he says, pointing to the closed door across the hall.

Notice things:1d4 ⇒ 4

Male Human Speedster/7

Flash catches the bellhop as he plummets forward. "Who did this?" he asks, not really expecting an answer. He lowers the bellhop to the floor, and asks "Is there a doctor around?"

((Assuming none of the JLA have medical training?)): He dashes at top speed to the lobby and tells the night receptionist to call for a doctor to come to the conference room immediately, someone has been stabbed! He then zips back to the scene of the crime.

Hourman reaches into his belt pouch and swallows a Miraclo pill. Feeling the familiar rush of energy, he pulls the closed door off its hinges and rushes into the room across the hall.

I updated Hourman's powers.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

The Sandman leaps over the bellhop -- purple cape billowing behind him impressively -- reaches the corridor, and follows his own advice about checking the door. The door appears to be perfectly ordinary, save for its position making it the most likely spot for the stabber to have escaped.

The Flash is pleasantly surprised to learn that the bellhop is not dead yet. Dr. Fate does not respond when he asks for a doctor, suggesting that Dr. Fate is either still being moody or is simply not a medical doctor.

So at a mad dash the Flash speeds down the nearest stairwell, the wind in his wake knocking the glasses off a bowler-hatted man walking up the stairs, who declares, "I say!" The desk clerk downstairs is suitably alarmed by the Flash's report and picks up the phone at once. "Get me the hospital! We need an ambulance!" the clerk says.

Because the Flash has paused to hear the response, he is not back yet when the Hourman imbibes his pill, leaps the bellhop (with his own flourish of cape), and slams into the opposing door 3d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 2) = 5. Clearly the Miraclo has not kicked in yet and the door holds.

Male Human Speedster/7

When the Flash returns, he goes back to the Bellhop to comfort him (for the moment leaving his compatriots to search for the attacker). "Hang in there buddy, an ambulance is on the way!"

He looks around for any kind of cloth materials (such as a tablecloth or curtain?), and takes it. He carefully removes the knife from the bellhop's back and bandages the wound with the cloth, using pressure to hopefully slow the bleeding.

If the Bellhop is conscious, Flash will try talking to him to keep him awake, asking his name and other details. If this is successful, he'll try asking him if he remembers why he came to the door or anything about the attacker.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

The bellhop is still unconscious when the Flash returns. The Flash is able to pull the tablecloth off the nearest table without disturbing any of the place settings over it.

"Nice thinking, Flash," the Atom says. "I was trying to get magic boys here to conjure up some bandages, but they got in a debate about whether it was this guy's time to die or not."

"Sorry we have larger issues to consider," the Spectre says.

The Flash carefully removes the knife and the sheet of paper from the bellhop's back and holds the tablecloth over the wound.

Hawkman and Green Lantern have moved into the corridor. Green Lantern is checking other doors, while Hawkman races to the elevator to see if it is in use.

Meanwhile, in the corridor, Hourman takes another crack at the locked door 3d6 + 1 ⇒ (3, 6, 4) + 1 = 14. This time, the Miraclo kicks in and the door frame gives around the deadbolt. Inside is a second conference room, arranged much like yours, only this one has an emergency exit at the far side. There appears to be no one in here, though with all the tables and curtains there are clearly plenty of places to hide. Hourman and Sandman are able to move into the room.

Male Human Mysteryman 8

"Our assassins have probably already escaped, but we should thoroughly check the room," the Sandman says, racing into the room and heading directly to the emergency exit. Assuming there is nothing to see out the exit, the Sandman will begin examining the room.

Notice things : 1d10 ⇒ 5
I guess I can notice things at 6 in 10 not 2 in 4.

Male Human Speedster/7

"Atom, give me hand here would you?" Flash asks, indicating that he wants him to put pressure on the bellhop's makeshift bandage. "And somebody see what that sheet of paper says!"

When he is relieved, Flash rushes across the hall to the other conference room. He dashes about the large room, lifting all the curtains and tablecloths to reveal anybody hiding.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

The Sandman barges through the exit door, finding it unlocked. It opens onto an unfinished stairwell. Two floors down, at the ground floor, he hears someone run across the landing to the door out of the stairwell on that level and open it.

The Flash searches the empty conference room 1d6 ⇒ 4 and finds no one hiding in it.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Hourman, still in the corridor between conference rooms, sees Green Lantern and Hawkman coming up empty as they search both ends of the corridor for clues or leads.

Male Human Mysteryman 8

Eager to catch up to the mystery assailant, the Sandman clambers over the stairwell, dropping two floors down. On the way down, he fires his grapple gun, using the line to safely slow his descent. After retrieving the line, he plunges through the door tirelessly pursuing the (supposed) evildoer.

{ooc]Climb[/ooc]1d12 ⇒ 10

Male Human Speedster/7

Flash hears the *clank* of the Sandman's grapple, and rushes to the stairwell to see what's going on.

When he sees the Sandman plummeting down to the bottom of the stairwell, he darts down the stairs to follow.

Hourman picks up the note and knife, examining both for clues.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

The Sandman's heart pumps furiously during the second between when he starts falling and the second the grappling hook secures to the railing, but the hook holds and the Sandman drops with only a harmless jerk of his arm to the floor of the stairwell in time to see the exit door slam shut before him.

At falling speed and with a head start, the Sandman reaches the door just before the Flash does.

The Sandman barrels through the downstairs door and finds himself in a corner of the hotel's long lobby. A man in a dark suit and hat is fleeing from this door, knocking over a bellhop and a luggage rack behind him ((the fleeing man is only 10 ft. away now, but with soft cover from the falling luggage rack)).

Meanwhile, upstairs, the note has already been passed between Dr. Fate and the Atom, but Hourman gets his turn to look while he's examining the knife. The knife is an ordinary-looking switchblade, cheap and common. The note, however, is written on good-quality, watermarked paper. He can read aloud the typed note on it, or read it silently to himself. It reads:

[i]Dear Justice Society of America,

I am distressed that your actions, either independently arrived at or coordinated between you, have ((to be continued))

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

((Stupid one-hour time limit to edit posts...))

resulted in the dissolution of numerous racketeering enterprises from which I had planned to profit. Since you are likely to continue this activity, you leave me no choice but to take a more active stance. Hence, if the constituents of your society do not at once cease and desist all actions to oppose the criminal underworld, great harm will befall each of the cities they call home. You may announce your surrender by waving a white flag out your hotel room window.

Mr. X[/i]

Male Human Speedster/7

Flash follows the Sandman, then zips around the toppled luggage rack and moves in front of the fleeing man to cut him off.

"Give up, there is no escape."

Male Human Mysteryman 8

"What the Flash said," the Sandman growls out, as he looms menacingly out of the crowded lobby at the fleeing man, now boxed in by the Flash.

The Sandman is trying to intimidate the man.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

The man in the charcoal suit is startled by the Flash, but really frightened by the creepy voice of the Sandman, as filtered through the gas mask 1d20 ⇒ 9, 1d8 ⇒ 4. Looking back and forth more and more frantically between the two Heroes, the man starts to talk quickly. "Okay, okay, just don't touch me! It wasn't my idea! I was told I had to do it! They made me, just to deliver that stupid message!" While he talks, he fumbles with one hand at a coat pocket. There is no bulge in the pocket big enough to be a gun.

Male Human Speedster/7

Flash's hand darts forward for the hoodlum's wrist and attempts to yank his hand from the pocket.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

((save vs. plot to interrupt a bad guy while monologing - 1d20 ⇒ 11))

The Flash has snatched a pill out of the man's hand.

Male Human Speedster/7

"What's this? A poison pill? Do you really care that much about your employer? What's he got over you?"

"I think it's safe to say that our answer to Mr. X will be a resounding No! Atom, keep pressure on that wound, I'll go find out what Flash and Sandman have found and let them know what the contents of the note," Hourman says on his way out the door.

Male Human Mysteryman 8

"It'd be best for you to talk right now. Who put you up to this?" The Sandman continues to menace the man, trying to scare some information out of him.

Save vs. plot is hilarious and awesome.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Back in the conference room, the Spectre says to Hourman, "You will find the others in the lobby, Hourman, and hurry. I burn for vengeance."

In the lobby, the man in the charcoal suit falls on his knees, his hands shaking, and says, "N-no, they promised it wasn't poison! It was supposed to help if I ran into trouble! M-my boss put me up to this! He said I gotta!" When pressed further, he adds, "Flame Farmer! The most ruthless arsonist in all of New York. He'd burn down my whole family's neighborhood if I hadn't done it!"

Hourman emerges from the stairwell into the lobby in time to hear the end of the confession.

The bellhop knocked over by your prisoner is crawling away and the desk clerk is peeking at you while he hides behind the desk. An elderly woman appears to have fainted on a couch during the excitement.

Male Human Speedster/7

"Hah! No doubt it is poison, it would surely help someone if you got into trouble... it would help him!" Flash carefully pockets the pill for later chemical analysis just in case his guess is wrong.

"But do not fear, the Justice Society of America is now on the case. If you tell us everything you know about the Flame Farmer we will assuredly have him in prison before long."

Male Human Mysteryman 8

"Indeed, the Flame Farmer will mourn the day he decided to cross the Justice Society."

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Hourman summons Flash and the Sandman back to the conference room, telling them that they will want to bring their prisoner with them and read the letter that was on the bellhop's back.

By the time Flash reaches the conference room (about a half-minute before the others sprint up the stairs), Green Lantern has used his weird powers to heal the bellhop enough that the young man is conscious again. He does not seem to recognize his assailant as the man in the charcoal suit is brought in between Hourman and the Sandman.

The letter is passed around to Flash and the Sandman and they learn about Mister X's ruthless ultimatum, while at the same time Hourman fills in the others on the threat of Flame Farmer.

"But how do they connect?" the Atom asks. "Is it Mr. X or Flame Farmer we're after?"

The prisoner removes his hat and stands solemnly. About 15 seconds later, the prisoner is goaded into explaining. "There's not a hood on the East Coast who won't remove his hat in respect to that name. Flame Farmer, he's just one of a whole bunch of crime bosses who answer to Mr. X. Oh, now I said it..." he adds as he lowers his hat and goes silent again.

"The letter seems clear," the Spectre says. "This Mr. X plans to threaten us where we live, or at least what areas we have been known to frequent most often. That puts all of Manhattan in great peril, for more than half of us call Manhattan home."

"Not all of us," the Atom says.

"True. For you, New Haven, Connecticut is your base of operations, while Dr. Fate calls Salem, Massachusetts home. We will divide forces. Atom and Green Lantern to New Haven. Dr. Fate and Hawkman to Salem. I will personally seek out this Mr. X and deal with him directly. That leaves Sandman, Flash, and Hourman -- do the three of you think you can find the mob bosses preparing threats for New York City and stop them on your own?"

Male Human Mysteryman 8

"I can see what D.A. Belmont knows about this Mr. X. and his henchmen. Then I can shake down some local toughs and see what they have to say. Do we think someone should look out for this guy's neighborhood? Perhaps we can catch this flame farmer in the act."

Male Human Speedster/7

"Right! Needless to say this "Mr.X's" threat is laughable. We can hopefully use this scheme as an opportunity to round them all up for justice!"

"Flame Farmer is as good a place to start as any, at least we've got a lead now."

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

The Sandman and Flash eagerly accept the challenge, Hourman doing so a little more quietly.

It is 7:30 at night. The Sandman can call the D.A. now at home, either from here at the hotel or from elsewhere (and surely with some privacy, if he plans to take off his mask and talk as Wesley Dodds).

The hotel is on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Your prisoner can tell you (after lowering his head for another 15 seconds of silence after the Sandman mentioned Mr. X by name again) that Flame Farmer is probably somewhere in Upper Manhattan, the neighboring borough to the north. That would make sense if he was going after the Flash, who lives near his alma mater of Columbia University on the north end of Broadway.

"Sandman, calling the D.A. sounds like a good idea. I'll see if I can round up some of my Minute Men to patrol our prisoner's neighborhood. Maybe we can catch some of the Flame Farmer's men in action and pick up a lead that way."
Hourman finds out from the prisoner where his family lives, then leaves to contact Thorndyke and Jimmy Martin.

Male Human Mysteryman 8

"I'll speak with the DA. We should make a plan to meet up and share the results of our investigations."

Later, the Sandman returns to his home, changes out of his costume and heads over to D.A. Belmont's house. While visiting with Dian, he manages to get the D.A. alone:

"D.A. Belmont, I'm sorry to bother you, but one of my friends has managed to get himself in a bit of trouble with some scary characters. What do you know about Mr. X?"

Male Human Speedster/7

"Good, seems you two have got it covered."

Flash decides to take it easy for the rest of the evening, and calls up Joan for a date.

His plan is to go out somewhere familiar in his neighbourhood, and he leaves the phone number of the establishment with Sandman and Hourman in case they need to contact him. Also, if anything happens in his neighbourhood he'll already be there!

He has no secrets from Joan, and fills her in on the events of the day.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Hourman: Returning home and unfastening his cowl, Rex Tyler turns on his short-wave radio and begins contacting his young followers.

"...This is Jimmy, over," Jimmy Martin responds first. "Gosh, I'm sorry, Hourman, but I don't know if I can sneak out this late! I'll help ya spread word to the rest of the Minute Men, though, and see how much help I can round up!"

Thorndyke is slower to answer his radio, but the news is better from the young newsie. "Sure I can help ya, Hourman! Ya want me to watch an apartment on the Upper West Side? No problem, I'll be there before ya can say Jiminy Cricket!"

With his operatives starting to fall into place by 9:30 pm, it is up to Rex to decide if he wants to actively help them in patrolling or leave the duties to his Minute Men.

Sandman: Dian Belmont is delighted at the unexpected late night call of her best friend and confidant, Wesley Dodds, and gratefully accepts a kiss on the cheek. "Hmm, that felt like a 'here on business' peck to me," she says cheerfully enough. "You need to see Daddy?"

By 9:30 that night, Wesley Dodds is sitting in the Belmont home, sharing a smoke with D.A. Belmont in his parlor.

"Gracious *cough* Dodds! *cough* What trouble your friends get into!" the D.A. blurts out while choking on smoke. "You'd be wise not to use that name in casual conversation. I've a folder on that name in my office only this thick," he says, holding his two fingers pinched together. "All I know is that when any stoolies let that name slip they take off their hats and go silent afterwards. Everyone in the underworld seems to know of him, but no one will talk about him. It's so very frustrating..."

Flash: Joan is thrilled at the invitation to go nightclubbing. "Gosh, I didn't think your gentleman's club would let you out until daybreak!" she gushes with sarcasm-tinged happiness over the phone. "Of course I'm free!"

Jay Garrick takes his time getting to Joan's house by car. She's still fixing her hair when he arrives, but is ready shortly in her best dress. Only when they are alone in Jay's car does she say, "Okay, spill it. Did anything good happen?" Quickly filled in on the specifics, Joan says, "Hmm...that's a humdinger. All of New York City left to the three of you to keep safe? And all of you chemists? I'm surprised you didn't head straight to one of your labs to analyze the pill and see if you could figure out where it was made..."

Hourman's SCM roll: 1d6 ⇒ 2
Hourman's wandering mobster roll: 1d6 ⇒ 4
Sandman's SCM roll: 1d6 ⇒ 4
Sandman's wandering mobster roll: 1d6 ⇒ 4
Flash's SCM roll: 1d6 ⇒ 5
Flash's wandering mobster roll: 1d6 ⇒ 5

Male Human Speedster/7
Scottenkainen wrote:

Joan is thrilled at the invitation to go nightclubbing. "Gosh, I didn't think your gentleman's club would let you out until daybreak!" she gushes with sarcasm-tinged happiness over the phone. "Of course I'm free!"

Jay Garrick takes his time getting to Joan's house by car. She's still fixing her hair when he arrives, but is ready shortly in her best dress. Only when they are alone in Jay's car does she say, "Okay, spill it. Did anything good happen?" Quickly filled in on the specifics, Joan says, "Hmm...that's a humdinger. All of New York City left to the three of you to keep safe? And all of you chemists? I'm surprised you didn't head straight to one of your labs to analyze the pill and see if you could figure out where it was made..."

Flash slaps himself once on the forehead. "I knew there was something I meant to do! Thanks, Joan, I can always count on you to keep me straight. But I promised you a date, so let's have some fun before I get back to business."

Male Human Mysteryman 8

"Can you tell me any more, Mr. Belmont? Why's everyone so afraid of him? What sort of crimes does he commit? Is he based here in New York? You know how those playboys are. More money than sense sometimes. Remember that Landstrom kid?"

Does D.A. Belmont have a first name?

After a quick dinner, Hourman will make sure he has a supply of Miraclo pills and head out on patrol.

Male English/Swedish Publisher/1, Writer/4

Flash: The nightclub is hopping and the dance floor is full of well-dressed young couples dancing to Artie Shaw and Glen Miller tunes (covered by the house orchestra, sadly). Dancing is a tricky business for Jay, having to hold himself back while appearing to cut loose. Still, Joan recognizes and appreciates the gesture and has a wonderful time. And, because of that, so does Jay.

Sandman: "I know how curious some playboys can be too," D.A. Belmont says with a wink, "but remember what they say about curiosity and the cat. I can tell you this much -- this Mr. X, whoever he is, is like a modern day Moriarty. He's got his fingers in everything dirty, here in New York and maybe even every state of New England. So tell your friend to get out of whatever business he's got himself in as fast as he can."

((Hourman post later))

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