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Hewy's Council of Thieves Campaign

Game Master littlehewy

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Hello folks!

We'll use this thread to discuss the characters you might wish to make. Feel free to post your ideas, brainstorm with each other, ask for assistance or anything else you wish to know.

Red six, standing by...

First in! Bonus points to you!

All set. 1 of 2 traits from campaign guide. Second from anywhere else in particular? Just core book?

If it's not from core, APG, or an Ultimate, feel free to ask. I just made a character for a PbP game where I trawled the net for hours to find a feat that did what I wanted (made acrobatics a class skill). It actually gave me really good ideas for my character's backstory, and the DM had no prob with it.

That was the only non-core thing I used, but I'm glad I found it :)

Male Teifling Ranger/2

Bark ready to go!

M Halfling Bard 2

Hey Bark! Lets go get our adventure on. Maybe leave the talking to me, though.

Male Teifling Ranger/2

Benni! That sounds great! I'm a little restless hanging around here. I like to keep active. Plus my senses tell me there is more to westcrown than first appearances. I'll let you do the talkin. I'm not fond of others, in general.

Male Teifling Ranger/2

Psssst! Benni? Have you seen the sign around town. There's a noble woman who's daughter has been kidnapped. They believe the culprits are hiding out in a camp south of barrowood. What's say we go check it out? There's a 100 gp reward in it. I normally do these things alone but you look like a lucky fella to have around.

Male Half Orc Fighter (Unarmed Fighter) Lvl 2

Introducing...Savage Attris!

Male Teifling Ranger/2

Hi Savage. myself and Benni here were about to go check out this kidnapping. It could be dangerous but you look like you can handle yourself? Will keep us busy until something else come up.
wink wink hewy

Hey Bark, this sign you're talking about - is that in the Player's Guide?

Male Teifling Ranger/2

no just pushing s&!$ along. Maybe a little get to know each other on side thing before we get started. Just to see how this works. Figured you'd make something up? Hehehe

Male Human Singer Lvl 5

Ok who is everyone here?

Male Teifling Ranger/2

corey = bark rob = benni and savage = well that is you :)
oh and hewy is obviously gm hewy

Male Half Orc Fighter (Unarmed Fighter) Lvl 2

Hold...whats this?
A Tiefling and a Halfling slinking around the city streets.
No doubt casing some poor merchants shop are we? You have no idea what kind of trouble your in now.
*Adopts Fighting Stance*

So, looking to get statblocks cleaned up before we start.

First cab off the rank - Bark! You need to pick a feat.

Also Mr Savage, remind me why you have 3 feats?

Also, there'll probably be a fair bit of rules discussion and clarification going on, which is good, because we'll all get better at the rules. But let's make sure we do it on this page, not the gameplay thread. Don't hesitate to pull me up on anything you think I've ruled correctly on, because I won't, and if we can correct stuff before actions actually occur we don't have to retcon anything :)

How did I forget my feat? Dang I'll get onto that. I think I was in 2 minds and didn't pick then forgot. :)

I think I'm done. Have I missed anything?

Male Human Barbarian 2

Hey I made it. What can I smash?

Looks solid Rob. Hewy will have final say though. Cant wait to get started now though. :)

oooh i like the way you have done that skill tab Kyle. Think ill do a little change myself. makes it very transparent.

Yeah, Kyle totally did that...


You've nerfed yourself a bit there pal. Is there any reason your attacks don't look like the following?

1) Sharpened Claw (could just say unarmed strike) +5 (1d4+4) and bite +0 (1d4+2), or
2) sharpened claw +3 (1d4+4), sharpened claw +3 (1d4+2), and bite -2 (1d4+2), or
3) bite +5 (1d4+4)

Much better yes? Obviously these are all choices you can make, the first two are for full-attacks, although drop the bite from 1) and it's a standard attack action, and 3) is a standard attack action. Really, if you're only doing a standard action for attack, you can call it a bite or a claw, it doesn't really matter. But you're probably grappling if you only get a standard action to attack with I suppose.

Let the games begin!!! Bring it hewson!

Male Teifling Ranger/2
Savage Attris wrote:

Hold...whats this?

A Tiefling and a Halfling slinking around the city streets.
No doubt casing some poor merchants shop are we? You have no idea what kind of trouble your in now.
*Adopts Fighting Stance*

Put your claws away you orcish thug! We were just inquiring if you'd like to join us to find a nobles daughter. apart from that the halfling here and me are minding our own business. YOU SHOULD TOO! you wanna play nice or play tough?

*pulls out great sword*

Male Half Orc Fighter (Unarmed Fighter) Lvl 2

*Attris raises one eyebrow*
Thug? It will be difficult to sprout such hollow threats when your head is separated from your body, speaking of which what is wrong with your face? Is that some misguided attempt to look tough? Did you draw these scales on?

*A smile crawls across Attris's face, seemingly enjoying the verbal stoush and he breaks in to laughter*

It would be best if I joined you and make sure you two don't get... stomped on. Now if I was a useless, prissy nobles daughter with more tit's than sense where would I have run off too?

Alright this seems like a nice little addition to the backstory you guys have come up with. In the interest of getting into the main story, let's say you guys met in this way, trekked most of the way to Barrowood, easily defeated a sorry bunch of desperate bandits, and have returned the noblewoman to her family. I'll look up a likely family and give more details on them and the noblewoman tonight, although if any of you want to do that you're most welcome. The three of you can consider yourselves 35gp richer, and also firm comrades, if not close friends.

How's that sound?

Also Attris, I have a connection we can make between you and Berrin, I'll let you know.

Although feel free to keep sketching this out if you want to. You know, kind of like a Council of Thieves prequel :)

Male Teifling Ranger/2
Savage Attris wrote:

*Attris raises one eyebrow*

Thug? It will be difficult to sprout such hollow threats when your head is separated from your body, speaking of which what is wrong with your face? Is that some misguided attempt to look tough? Did you draw these scales on?

*A smile crawls across Attris's face, seemingly enjoying the verbal stoush and he breaks in to laughter*

It would be best if I joined you and make sure you two don't get... stomped on. Now if I was a useless, prissy nobles daughter with more tit's than sense where would I have run off too?

*Lowers sword and begins to laugh*

Smart choice dear orc, I wouldn't want to see you get beaten up by a halfling. But you will need to work on your insults. Do you think that is the worst I have heard? come on! now when we find these kidnappers we will see if you fight as tough as you talk.

*with a more serious face*
Now; we believe they are holding her captive south of barrowood. Best bet is we talk to the mother before we leave for further information.

insert Hewy's magic imagination

Okay guys, about to post in the gameplay thread. Any out of character chatter or questions are best done on this page, so as to avoid cluttering up the gameplay thread too much. Also, an email is coming shortly - please read before beginning to post.


M Halfling Bard 2

A Half-Orc, a Teifling and a Barbarian walk into a bar. The bartender says... nothing because he and everyone else have fled in terror.

But seriously folks, it's great to meet you. I can't wait to see what sort of shenanigans we can get up to. But if you guys start comparing the lengths of your 'great-swords', I'm outta here.

Also, I realise it might seem counter-intuitive, but I think it's a lot easier to post in the third person: "Tarin draws his weapon grimly", rather than first person: "I draw my weapon grimly". When I started playing PbP I was doing it in first person, but it's actually a lot easier for everyone else to read if they can imagine it from outside your character rather than inside.

For instance, if I read "Attris cracks his knuckles while grinning evilly", it's a lot easier to read it, book-like, and picture it - it's Attris, the big ugly orc. Just reading his name helps me imagine it. If instead I read "I crack my knuckles while grinning evilly", the first image in my mind is a stupid caricature of Duda grinning like an eedjet then wincing as his knuckles pop... :)

Male Teifling Ranger/2

Consider it gone Attris. As amusing as it was it might work in better this way. no perceived of ideas of each other :) Even better go with Hewy's idea we finished the quest together with no issues and we know each other a little or a lot now?. keeps things flowing and no tension now.

I think it would work well if you three know each other, and maybe have some mutual respect for the way you do your thing. But it's totally up to you guys.

Did I mention that up until 2nd level you have the chance to switch stuff around with your character? Just in case anyone's not particularly happy with how it's working for you.

Not sure if allowed to make diplomacy role against other player?

Sure you can, but they don't have to pay any attention to it :)

Just realised, we haven't decided whether or not we want to use XP, or whether we just want to level up at appropriate plot points. There are pros and cons to both, which you're all probably at least intuitively aware of:

XP Pros:
- You will be able to measure and plan your levelling up
- You will have a sense of being in control, or at least that it's not just my whim that controls your levelling (not true, but that's feelings for ya!)
- you receive a concrete reward for combat, RPing, and completing objectives, thus maybe giving you something to strive for
- Everything is "by the book"

XP Cons:
- Some people may level up quicker than others, leading to a feeling (and the reality) of disparate power levels in the party
- More bookkeeping
- You will probably level up slower than otherwise
- It is possible that one, or even two of you, may level up quicker than you should, making more work for me, as I have to tweak encounters so they're more tricky for the higher level PC(s) but the lower level folks can still be effective and useful (this is actually very unlikely - the plot point thing pretty much always levels you up quicker)

Basically for levelling up at plot points, reverse the above pros and cons.

So - feel free to begin discussing it here. Give your reasons why you prefer what you prefer, and feel free to debate (amicably!) with each other. I know what I prefer, but it's really up to you guys.


Male Teifling Ranger/2

I prefer appropriate plot points, mainly because;

*it forces to act more as a group and not strive for xp kills etc putting ourselves and each other at risk.

*We level and celebrate as a group.

*we all remain equal allowing characters to be characters without the need to strive for xp.

*No possible feuding or resentment over allocations of xp

*No power play between character based on 'being stronger'. we do have 3 hitters in the group all with base level communication skills. (please benni keep us in line :) )

*We potentially level up quicker.

*Rping will done to its max as virgin on-liners we all seem keen to expand on what we are saying and doing etc.

*Its easier on Hewy ;)

Yep, what Corey said makes a lot of sense. I like the idea of leveling at plot points.

Well, I won't call the discussion over yet, but as the Chairman of this little group, in the case of a tie I will be voting for plot points myself.

I suppose if either of you McLarens wish to do it the ol' fashioned way, you can - I'll just level those who like plot points when I plan to anyway, but award XP to those that want it as if everyone was earning XP (I think you'll be disappointed in your relative pace of levelling up though - in our Rise of the Runelords campaign, for example, even with added side quests you are levelling up quicker than you would with XP).

plot points is fine. Less book keeping is good

Male Half Orc Fighter (Unarmed Fighter) Lvl 2

Are there attacks of opportunity in this?

Yep. Why wouldn't there be?

Male Half Orc Fighter (Unarmed Fighter) Lvl 2

Well I was just thinking because were playing in an undefined area with no way to measure how close we are to something gonna be tricky when it comes to combat. Also do you have to confirm criticals?

Same game duda :)

To be a little less cheeky and a little more informative:

Some battles will have maps linked on my posts that you can open and refer to. Others, particularly those that are not too complicated, won't require me to post a map, but I'll still know exactly where you are, and if your nominated action looks like it's going to provoke but you haven't realised it, I'll let you know and let you change it if you want. You will never get an AoO that you would have been able to predict by looking at a map. However, if a creature has reach that you don't know about, or gets multiple AoOs that you wouldn't be aware of, they might come as a surprise - just like they would on a tabletop map.

I would've been out to get you like that when I was 16 (just ask Rob), but I'm a (smidgeon) more mature these days :)

Hi folks.

Just thought I'd mention what I find to be the easiest (and prettiest) method of dice rolling, which is, put your check type/name in your square brackets like this: dice=Rapier. Less typing required, all in lovely green, like so:

Sex Roll: 100d1001 + 39000 ⇒ (458, 136, 546, 879, 902, 548, 758, 373, 15, 652, 54, 424, 310, 846, 871, 257, 532, 220, 392, 997, 540, 860, 472, 401, 82, 163, 328, 844, 532, 265, 293, 630, 25, 199, 456, 70, 25, 482, 16, 586, 775, 351, 40, 187, 331, 254, 176, 908, 294, 880, 299, 411, 908, 44, 586, 311, 140, 423, 720, 147, 42, 80, 100, 784, 958, 297, 464, 741, 405, 618, 740, 234, 999, 554, 78, 485, 356, 255, 914, 673, 84, 713, 652, 659, 570, 972, 513, 209, 72, 767, 612, 776, 917, 771, 348, 634, 362, 509, 907, 145) + 39000 = 85593


Have you guys in Warrnambool rejoined the 21st century yet?

Male Teifling Ranger/2

Partially. We have mobile coverage again although congestion is an issue. Some landlines are running but not a lot. Very little data through the air. I think most of us guys are Optus so fairly unaffected for mobiles. Home broadband obvious issues as 99% of lines are owned by Telstra.

Has been a massive brake down though. Emergency services were all offline. Major implications from a health are organizations perspective. I love 12-14 hours days running at 150% crisis mode. But we are running now at 95%.

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