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Heralding the Coming of the Age of Worms (Bravo Team) (Inactive)

Game Master Fanguar


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HP 22, AC 12/12/10, CMD 13/15, F;+3, R; +3, W; +5

Istvan grins, Give Istvan but a few moments and you'll have your whispering spell. Twll Istvan though, who is remaining to pivot the arrow while you travel through the magic elevator. Also, tell Istvan what whill happen when we cycle through the other portals, as we must to reactivate yellow. The magics binding some of the portals no longer works.

I left one of my cantrip slots open. I can memorize message if needed

Male Human Inquisitor (Infiltrator/Sacred Huntsmaster) 1

Harold nods.

"Very well. I am willing to take point.."

He then gives a wry smile.

"I will be sure to let you know if something tries to eat me!"

Once Istvan has prepared (and cast) Message...

Harold takes a deep breath, and gingerly steps inside the small room...

HP 19/19, AC 15/12/13, CMD 15, F; +2, R; +5, W +3

Peitry looks into the cylinder and then looks at Harold with a critical eye, back into the cylinder and then back at Harold.

If we could both squeese in there would the mechanic hold our weight?
Kn engeneering 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (13) + 8 = 21

HP 22, AC 12/12/10, CMD 13/15, F;+3, R; +3, W; +5

Istvan pulls a large, dog-earred book out of his bag and, after studying for several minutes casts message on Harold.

You be all set man, but be warned, the magics only extend out 100'

@Elvar: The pair of you could cram in there, but it would be a tight squeeze and neither of you would be able to perform standard or full-round actions inside. You think that the column would probably support your combined weight.

HP 19/19, AC 15/12/13, CMD 15, F; +2, R; +5, W +3

"I'm wondering if I should cram in there with you Harold... You know, two eye better than one and all that.." Elvar suggests hesitantly, not quite believing he's offering himself up to enter a possibly dangerous area but still feeling excited at the prospect.

HP 10/10 Fort 4, Reflex 1, Will 6 AC 18, T 10, Flat 17, CMD 14, init +1 | +4 vs spells, SLA, and poison

"I would suggest not stepping out of the elevator until you sure it is safe. This place is old, and a loose brick falling on your head is also dangerous"

Female Human Ranger 3 (HP 28/28, AC 17/14/13, F+5 R+7 W+3, CMD 19)

"You mean you are ready to go down that machinery just hoping it will not crush you?", says Talia eyes wide open in astonishment.

"That's very brave of you, but if I were you, I'd try first to put a dead wolf body in it and see if it's not gnawed, crushed or fried if it comes up again."

To save time, you find that the cylinder doesn't respond to inanimate objects (or dead wolves). So what are we doing? Harold alone, Harold + Elvar getting close and personal, or something else?.

Male Human, AC17/12/15; HP 24; F+4, R+2, W+7; CMD 13, CMB +1 Druid 3 (Dragon Shaman)

Parnel looks at the opening,then looks at Hector, then looks back at the opening, then looks back at Hector...wondering if they could go through together if necessary. He then looks at the others, wondering who he would trust to be with Hector if they had to go through seperately.

"Yes". "Talia speaks wisely". "Let's see what it does first".

@Parnel: You and Hector could squish in, I'm pretty sure he's only small at this point.

Male Human Inquisitor (Infiltrator/Sacred Huntsmaster) 1

I am happy for Hector and Elvar to go down :-)

HP 19/19, AC 15/12/13, CMD 15, F; +2, R; +5, W +3

Elvar grins at Talia and shrugs. "Hey, we're having an adventure right? Besides, when am I going to get the chance next to investigate an ancient ruin from an obviously bygone era?"

Let's do it.

Harold and Elvar squeeze into the cylinder. As soon as the pair are clear of the doors, they snap shut. The rumbling begins again and the cylinder sinks into the stone, until the caps stone is again flush with the floor. After a dozen or so seconds, the rumbling stops and the tomb is still once more.

Harold and Elvar:

The cylinder is vibrates slightly as it descends. A dozen heartbeats later, the vibrations stop and the doors slide open.
You find yourself in a 20x15 ft room. The walls here are covered in bas-relief images similar to the slender figure upon the sarcophagus lid in the chamber above. Nearly a dozen androgynous, hairless humanoids stand in poses of deference, almost as if they are paying homage to the viewer. Many extend their hands in adoration, their faces awash in adulation. Several of the statues lack hands, arms, heads or anything else easily hacked off by long-absent tomb robbers. About 15ft to the south, a dark passage extends from an elaborately carved arch. Only a little of this hallway is visible, as a large stone slab mostly blocks the entrance.

Male Human Inquisitor (Infiltrator/Sacred Huntsmaster) 1

"Well, that was interesting..."

Harold gingerly exits the cylinder, and begins to *carefully* search the chamber.

Perception 'take 20' = 28.

HP 19/19, AC 15/12/13, CMD 15, F; +2, R; +5, W +3

Elvar raises his hand and three will o' wisps sprout forth casting an eerie white light into the chamber as he steps out of the cylinder.

Walking slowly into the chamber Elvar tests his footing as he makes his way to inspect the statues.

Taking 20 on perception if possible but heading over to inspect the statues and make my way toward the passage.

"Inform Istvan that we're alright and what we've found Harold."

Since you're in communication with the others, I wont bother with the spoilers.

H + E: You begin your search of the room. A round later, the elevators doors snap shut and it begins to rise. (Istvan can confirm that it returns to the surface.) You find a small stone button, located on the wall near where the elevator sits.

Checking the stone block, you see that it is 10ft wide, 8ft high and 2ft thick. There is a slot in the ceiling above it of the same dimensions. It is freestanding and it might be possible to topple it with enough force (DC25 STR check) There is a gap between the top of the block and the ceiling that it might be possible to squeeze through (DC25 Escape Artist check). Looking beyond the block, you see a long hallway with alcoves that appear to contain statues.

HP 19/19, AC 15/12/13, CMD 15, F; +2, R; +5, W +3

Knowledge Engineering 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27

Elvar inspects the stone block, looking for weak spots in it's structure, assessing it's size for how many could fit in at once to move it and the best placements for levies to aid in moving it.

Or Disable Device if relevant; 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11

Elvar also inspects the stone button, though he's pretty sure it's for calling the elevator down he's still suspicious.

Perception 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (14) + 4 = 18

Female Human Ranger 3 (HP 28/28, AC 17/14/13, F+5 R+7 W+3, CMD 19)

Talia listen to the report from Istvan.

"Ask them to try to operate the device from where they are. If we all go down, it would be good to know we are not shut there. We need also to check if it still works from the bottom when the sarcophagus does not point on the yellow lantern, for example if it's back on the orange."

HP 19/19, AC 15/12/13, CMD 15, F; +2, R; +5, W +3

I'll push the button as soon as the GM tells me something.

@Elvar: 5 people could all help push. I just seems to be a large carved stone block. As there is no penalty for failure, you can basically take 20 if you want. Also, I forgot to mention that you and Harold find the ends of small metal pipes hidden in some the mouths of the bas-relief figures.

With some experimentation you determine that the elevator will continue to rise to the upper position as long as the arrow points to it. The small button serves as a call button to return the elevator to the lowered position.

HP 19/19, AC 15/12/13, CMD 15, F; +2, R; +5, W +3

Assume Elvar pushes the button for all of you if you want to come explore this section, otherwise I'm cool with coming up.

Elvar goes over to the slab and peeks through the crack to see if he can discern what lies beyond and sends his lights floating through.

Send dancing lights through the hole, they can go up to 100 feet away from me.

HP 22, AC 12/12/10, CMD 13/15, F;+3, R; +3, W; +5

From where Istvan is standing inspecting the sarcophagus he whispers, We may want to be plugging those pipes man. Sounds like gas to me.

Istvan is taking a good long look at the sarcophagus with detect magic.

Spellcraft: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (2) + 8 = 10
Knowledge, Arcane: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18

@Elvar: Just to clarify, the elevator rises on its own and only descends if someone is in it or the button is pushed.

The hallway extends ~70 feet past the stone ending in a T junction. Curious carvings that seem to represent a stirring tempest cover the valls of the ten-foot-wide passage. At measured intervals, small alcoves flank the passage, and, based on the closest pair, each alcove contains an androgynous humanoid figure with cupped hands. The figures stand roughly seven feet tall.

@Istvan: It's not very powerful magic and is of the evocation school.. It suffuses the sarcophagus in general and is not localized to any one point.

HP 19/19, AC 15/12/13, CMD 15, F; +2, R; +5, W +3

Elvar inspects the tubes in the statues mouths, seeing if they lead anywhere, then he will proceed to tear up a wet piece of cloth and stuff it into the tubes.

Perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12
Disable Device: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14 Oh boy...

Fiddling with the hidden tubes, Elvar accidentally sets off the trap. A noxious green gas starts to pour out of the pipes and begins to fill the chamber he is in.

@Elvar:What do you want to do and make a Fort save please.

HP 19/19, AC 15/12/13, CMD 15, F; +2, R; +5, W +3

Wait, I'm not in the same chamber as Harold? If there's a second chamber I can get too besides the one with the impossible escape artist check I'll hold my breath and get to that. If not I'll hold my breath and make for the elevator.

Fort: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 2 = 17

I must have not hit submit on my morning post, sorry folks.

Talia Virn wrote:

For the next steps, I propose:

-To let Elvar disarm the trap in room below the yellow lift alone :-).
-To go and explore that part of the dungeon after moving the big block together.

-Afterwards, to come back up and go and check the corpse near the blue lantern and to check if there are lifts near the green and indigo lanterns.

I thought that the above implied that Harold was returning to the surface. If that was not the case, then of course, he needs to make a Fort save as well.

Dashing to the elevator, Elvar (and maybe Harold) runs from the noxious fumes, returning to the others . Though he managed to avoid the worst of it, Elvar soon begins to feel a little weak and tired. Take 1 pt of STR damage.

HP 19/19, AC 15/12/13, CMD 15, F; +2, R; +5, W +3

Returning to the latntern chamber coughing and weezing Elvar stumbles out of the elevator. "Well that worked out great. We should get through the stone block easily enough if we work together but let's let the gas settle first ok?"

What next? Rotate the sarcopagus to the next lantern? And did we light all of them yet?

HP 22, AC 12/12/10, CMD 13/15, F;+3, R; +3, W; +5

We have only tested yellow

Istvan agrees. We should test everything before proceeding. We sould also place the lanterns in the correct positions and ensure they are lit. Perhaps more than just the three positions will function.

The magics on the sarcophagus worry Istvan though. I don't think all the lanterns should be be lit simultaneously.

HP 10/10 Fort 4, Reflex 1, Will 6 AC 18, T 10, Flat 17, CMD 14, init +1 | +4 vs spells, SLA, and poison

"I don't know how to deal with traps so I can't really help you deal with the gas situation. If you want to try to push the stone so we can bypass it that might work. The fact that the area is trapped makes me think something valuable is down there. I would also presume anything else of value will also be dangerous. The question from my point of view is do handle this elevator now or later?"

Just FYI, the gas will clear on it's own. So you guys can just wait around for 10mins and go back down, or try something else in the interim.

HP 19/19, AC 15/12/13, CMD 15, F; +2, R; +5, W +3

At the mention of the magics on the sarcophagus Elvar goes over and inspects it, casting detect magic.

spellcraft: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 25

@Elvar: It's a burning hands trap.

@Istvan: I looked over the rules on identifying magic traps and from your spellcraft check you would also have know that it was a burning hands spell primed to go.

HP 19/19, AC 15/12/13, CMD 15, F; +2, R; +5, W +3

I can't disable magical traps 'till level 6...

HP 19/19, AC 15/12/13, CMD 15, F; +2, R; +5, W +3

Can we pass the cloud trap without triggering it or do we need to disable it before we can work on the stone block?

The gas trap will dissipate on its own. It doesn't reset, so you guys can go back down if you want, or you can try something else.

Female Human Ranger 3 (HP 28/28, AC 17/14/13, F+5 R+7 W+3, CMD 19)

"Now that the gas is out, let's go down and move that stone", says Talia. "We can try the other lanterns after we have explored that bit."

HP 19/19, AC 15/12/13, CMD 15, F; +2, R; +5, W +3

"Ok." Elvar leaves of the sarcophagus and heads back to the elevator.

HP 22, AC 12/12/10, CMD 13/15, F;+3, R; +3, W; +5

Istvan agrees. Since Elvar has taken care of the trap, we should explore that venue first. Istvan will not be riding the elevator the same time as Elvar though.

Just to keep things moving...

You all descend down the elevator beneath the yellow lantern. With some effort you all manage to work together to topple the great stone block. It crashes to the ground with a deafening boom that echos in the subterranean halls for a long time.

As the noise dies a little, another sound can be heard, the softer sound of stone against stone, as a pressure plate, held down through the ages by the great weight of the stone, slides out of the floor. You tense expecting a trap, but nothing happens.

Walking down the corridor you notice that the flanking statues seem to be offering something, though their hands are now empty, and you begin to suspect that you might not be the first explorer to walk this path.

As you move closer to the end of the hallway, the air begins to grow unnaturally cold until you can see your breath and bigin to shiver.

What initially looked like a T junction actually is a huge stone pillar in the middle of a single room. Paths lead around it to the left and right, and the coldness appears to be emanating from the right side.

HP 10/10 Fort 4, Reflex 1, Will 6 AC 18, T 10, Flat 17, CMD 14, init +1 | +4 vs spells, SLA, and poison

As I am walking...
Perception check taking 10=20

edit:This is for when we start moving down the hallway.

HP 19/19, AC 15/12/13, CMD 15, F; +2, R; +5, W +3

"Ok..." Elvar draws out with a shiver. "Cold to the right, not so cold to the left. What'd'ya say guys? Left?"

Perception mod +4

Male Human Inquisitor (Infiltrator/Sacred Huntsmaster) 1

"That sounds reasonable to me. I am curious about what is causing the cold, though..."

HP 19/19, AC 15/12/13, CMD 15, F; +2, R; +5, W +3

"I admit I am curious too, just not deadly so... I just want to see what's out the other way before we head into something strange. If I'm being overly cautious just say the word."

Female Human Ranger 3 (HP 28/28, AC 17/14/13, F+5 R+7 W+3, CMD 19)

I would still prefer to have a look first to the right and not leave something that could harm us behind.

East then, I guess?

Investigating the east side of the room reveals a wide arch in the eastern wall leading to another side chamber. This side of the pillar has a small alcove carved into it, though it is currently filled with a column of stone that appears to have descended from the ceiling. More bizzarre still is that protruding from the base of this stone column are a pair of desiccated legs.

Male Human, AC17/12/15; HP 24; F+4, R+2, W+7; CMD 13, CMB +1 Druid 3 (Dragon Shaman)

Parnel walks over to the legs and investigates them. Hector sniffs at them disinterestedly.

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9 Heal Check

"Wonder how long this bloaks been here"?

Male Human Inquisitor (Infiltrator/Sacred Huntsmaster) 1

"Based on the fact that he has been naturally mummified, I dare say that he has been here a while...", Harold notes wryly. "Still, we should be careful; if for no other reason than that we now know there are a lot of traps in this complex..."

HP 22, AC 12/12/10, CMD 13/15, F;+3, R; +3, W; +5

Agreed, we should proceed very carefully. Istvan has no desire to take this gentlemans place.

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