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Heralding the Coming of the Age of Worms (Bravo Team) (Inactive)

Game Master Fanguar


Current Characters

Previous Characters


(397 posts)
Sovereign Court Luke_Parry

(2,916 posts)

Male Daytona 500 DM / 12
(1,213 posts)
Katapesh Sailor
Scarab Sages Artanthos

played by Michael Sumrall (5,633 posts)
Monster Hunter
Elvar Potter

HP 19/19, AC 15/12/13, CMD 15, F; +2, R; +5, W +3

played by Sigz (201 posts)
Garish "Bones" Boulderdash

HP 10/10 Fort 4, Reflex 1, Will 6 AC 18, T 10, Flat 17, CMD 14, init +1 | +4 vs spells, SLA, and poison

played by concerro (204 posts)
Coral Golem
GM Fanguar

played by Fanguar (2,316 posts)
Consortium Agent
Harold Wainright

Male Human Bard(Archaeologist) 5 (HP 20/33, AC 19/12/17, CMD 19)

played by Luke_Parry (262 posts)
Giant Gecko
Hector the Lizard

Male Monitor Lizard

played by scranford (3 posts)
Istvan Masterson

HP 22, AC 12/12/10, CMD 13/15, F;+3, R; +3, W; +5

played by Michael Sumrall (180 posts)
Forest Drake
Parnel Grunt

Male Human, AC17/12/15; HP 24; F+4, R+2, W+7; CMD 13, CMB +1 Druid 3 (Dragon Shaman)

played by scranford (81 posts)
Sun Priestess
Talia Virn

Female Human Ranger 3 (HP 28/28, AC 17/14/13, F+5 R+7 W+3, CMD 19)

played by Llaelian (207 posts)
Brother Swarm

m half-elven Lich 15 DM/10 Grandmaster DM

played by concerro (32,046 posts)

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