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Heathy's Isle of Dread Thread

Game Master Heathansson

Angry Jawa

Angry Jawa

(30 posts)
Nareem Daress

M Half-Orc Ranger
(198 posts)


Beldan Vale

Male Human Rogue 14
(2,359 posts)
MothmanHoley Sheet

Pixie Rogue

Shiyara the High Mediator
Pixie Rogue

(1,052 posts)

(1,903 posts)
Emrael Bladewalker

Female Elven Kensai 17; 122/122 hp; Effects: Haste, Inspire Courage +4, Mass Fly, Mirror Image (7)
(618 posts)


Elgan Dreadwood

Male Wild Elf Druid 16 (Shifter version, PHBII)
(1,794 posts)

Richard Pett

Richard Pett

male advanced lycanthrope roper with celestial gas spore ancestry assassin 10/ranger lord
(2,042 posts)


Baron Galdur Vendikon
Altai Iscarni

Male Human Wizard 17 (Conjuration specialist)
(3,447 posts)
Barl Breakbones
Altai's summoned monsters

(118 posts)
Nar'shinddah Sugimar
Claw the Golem

Advanced flesh golem shield guardian
(227 posts)

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