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Gm Wu's "The war within"

Game Master doctor_wu

Set in Lastwall starting out in small hamlet of southwatch sout of Castle Everstand.

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Your Humble Narrator

I would recommend Maptools in that case purely for saving you the time to label text etc. and to have an automatic grid and co-ordinates inbuilt. Heres one of the maps from my PbP, took me about 5 minutes to make (the trick with maptools is to build up a solid image library)-


Also, its free and the forums offer great support.

I use Maptool for the game I run over Skype. But something easy for PbP to create a quick image would be nice.

gm 3

I updated the campaign info page to include the incidental treasure found on the orcs.

Awesome. I need to start taking 10 or even 20 on some of these out of combat rolls.

Male Human Cleric/1
GM_Wu wrote:
Jondar what does the flask contian? oil for a lantern?

Its Jondar's whiskey flask he has a drinking problem and when he gets tense or nervous he hits his flask. He tries to resist most of the time but this is potential combat situation with Orcs and they can be nasty.

He wont get falling down drunk until he goes to bed, but if you want saves made and whatnot let me know.

HP 12/17, AC- 15 T- 11 FF- 14 CMD 16 F +7, R +5, W +4, P +8, In +1, AOO +6 Half-Orc Alchemist 2

DM, its a way down the line yet but I wanted to ask.

As a vivisectionist, Nesteruk doesn't get bombs (and I hate the fluff of them so i'm incredibly glad of this)- but the Master Chemyist improves bomb progression. If i was to go Master Chemyist, could I instead boost my sneak attack progression with the levels? They are equivalent class features with the same damage on them and one replacing the other.

gm 3

I think right now I will allow it was thinking of that earlier and thought it would be a good idea.

HP 12/17, AC- 15 T- 11 FF- 14 CMD 16 F +7, R +5, W +4, P +8, In +1, AOO +6 Half-Orc Alchemist 2

Its not a make or break thing, i'd just have less fun RPing Nesteruk's brother without master chymist essentially giving him his own face time. Thanks.

Male Half-Orc Inquisitor of Gorum 2

GM_wu -- I swapped out two of Chardak's orisons. His old list was Light, Purify food and water, Stabilize. Part of my spoell list of orisons that I copied from a cleric PC without checking against the inquisitor spell list. The game comments about light made me look at the list and realize light makes little sense for a PC with darkvision and that Purify food and water wasn't even on the inquisitor list. His new list is detect poison, sift*, stabilize.

Felt OK doing it beause he hasn't used those abilities in game yet. I will change the orisons back if you wish.

His first level spells were OK>

gm 3

I am fine with those changes and glad you caugth that problem.
Chardak a note on sift I will count looking for tracks as fine details that you can use the spell for but you would have to use perception not survival.

Male Half-Orc Inquisitor of Gorum 2

Thanks. That's a nice extension of sift.

Male Human Cleric/1

Who has the wand of cure light wounds?

HP 12/17, AC- 15 T- 11 FF- 14 CMD 16 F +7, R +5, W +4, P +8, In +1, AOO +6 Half-Orc Alchemist 2

I'd assume you.

gm 3

The contract was for after completing it you would get the wand as a quest reward sorry for not making this clear.

Sorry for the ninja-ing. :)

gm 3

@Symas It is okay.

The main reason you do not get the wand first from an in character perspective is look the mayor does not want to give you the wand and the party skips town not really a good deal for the mayor.

Human Jack of All trades

@Chardak Bonereaper
Check Silstaren's votes

Male Half-Orc Inquisitor of Gorum 2
Karthan Sternmason wrote:
Growing irritated that he seems to be drifting away from combat rather then into it Karthan steps back once more and attempts to kill his opponent again.

Actually, a fighting retreat might be good tactics here. Orcs dropped below zero hp get only 1 action. Unfortunately Nesteruk is immobile so we've got to stand and fight. At least Chardak's going that route for the glory.

Male Human Cleric/1

How many wounded orcs are there?

gm 3

Two wounded orcs One is quite obivously dead. The two wounded orcs are in A11 and D10.

Wow making a V is more effective than I thought it would be.

edit this map is a good size right?

Winter Witch 3

It's a good size.

Male Human Cleric/1

Yeah, V formation is nasty many chances for AoO and a 5' step away from flanking.

gm 3

Karthan and Chardak have made one side of the V sort of collapse though.

This thing corridor is cramping my style. Difficult to flank.

Male Half-Orc Inquisitor of Gorum 2

Risky to flank. You'd have to beat at least two AoOs, one of them through an opponent's square. I wouldn't have tried it either. Maybe the next fight will suit Symas better.

That was supposed to say:

This corridor thing is cramping my style.

Yeah, trying to keep backing up and stay away from the AoOs.

gm 3

Chardak can flank with a five foot step though As I don't want this to be a tpk without any Aoos.

HP 12/17, AC- 15 T- 11 FF- 14 CMD 16 F +7, R +5, W +4, P +8, In +1, AOO +6 Half-Orc Alchemist 2

Don't feel too bad. As I said at the start, orcs hit horribly for their CR. They have far, far more HP than anything of their CR and they are equipped with what is arguably the best martial weapon in the game.

Winter Witch 3

When the dice want a TPK,
I tend to give my players one re-roll each for the encounter, so if the dice are anti-player, it at least give the players a chance to get a good result to turn the tide back.

HP 12/17, AC- 15 T- 11 FF- 14 CMD 16 F +7, R +5, W +4, P +8, In +1, AOO +6 Half-Orc Alchemist 2

I'd honestly rather give Nesteruk an honest death than have something fudged, but i'm happy to bow out so as not to spoil the fun for others.

I just feel without the actual risk of death or TPK, it robs the game of its fun.

Winter Witch 3

But only 1 re-roll per player per encounter means each player could only have a chance to alter 1 round out of the many rounds,
and to top if off it requires that 2 players are down and the rest have had some damage, before the re-rolls are allowed.

So the risk of a death or a TPK are still there.

HP 12/17, AC- 15 T- 11 FF- 14 CMD 16 F +7, R +5, W +4, P +8, In +1, AOO +6 Half-Orc Alchemist 2

Extra chances for PC's aren't something I like- I very much dislike Hero Points for the same reason.

I'm not saying "badwrongfun" its just my personal preference.

gm 3

Actually Nesteruk's sheild spell is not yet expired has two more round left which basically takes away the prone penalty so it still might miss with you prone and can't Coup de grace as you are helpless. The feeling of overcoming near tpk's is wonderful though.

The only real weakness of orcs is their will saves.

Male Half-Orc Inquisitor of Gorum 2

I'm fine either way. I grew up playing AD&D so PC death or TPK is just part of the game for me.

Winter Witch 3

Well, Let's hope we don't end up like Krillin as making new characters all the time is a pain,
well at least I have a few inactive aliases I could use.

gm 3

Why the heck am I rolling so many critical threats agiasnt Karthan?

Male Half-Orc Inquisitor of Gorum 2

Tough to decide whether to gamble on a cure light wounds for Jondar (so he can heal us up some) or try to take out an orc. These guys do so much damage, I'm going for the attack, because even if I got Jondar on his feet, I think they would just put him down again. If you think I had better options, please let me know.

gm 3

I still think you can take a 5 foot step to give Karthan flanking on one orc if he wants it but it will move you away I will still let you take it.

Expert 3/Slacker 4/Layabout 2

Yes, please. 5 foot step to let Karthan flank. I was so worried about CLW v attack I didn't think about moving.

Was also sorry about Symas. It looks grim for him, but I didn't see a way to save him short of letting the orcs swarm Karthan and Anna. Maybe Anna can save him with a long shot.

Male Human Cleric/1

I'd gave anything for a sleep spell. :)

Winter Witch 3

Map please

Male Human Cleric/1

Damn Orcs. I knew I should have packed that morningstar of Orc Slaying. :)

Male Half-Orc Inquisitor of Gorum 2

Help us, Anna Bridgette. You are our only hope. (Run! Anna!)

Everyone's down except Anna, and Symas is dead. It doesn't look good for us. Be interesting to see if our DM has a twist or if we're rolling up new players.

I really hope we're not done because I know a number of you from lurking on the boards and was really excited about getting the chance to play with you.

gm 3

I want this group to stay together as well. Karthan and Nesteruk need to make their rolls to stabilize as well. Also Karthan's horse is not dead and outside the cave.

Winter Witch 3

How many orcs are left?

How fast do the orcs run?

Can I have Eva(my raven) fly and deliver a message to someone?

And why doesn't witch have magic missle as a spell darn it.

Karthan's horse could probably beat up an orc or two by itself.

1d20 + 0 ⇒ (19) + 0 = 19 Stabilization check.

gm 3

Three orcs are left. Yes your raven can fly and deliver a message.

The wounded orcs don't look like they could run fast. They wear studed leather armor so as fast as you but don't look to be moving faster. So it looks like you have one orc that isn't wounded to beat.

Male Human Cleric/1

Yeah, I would like this group to stay together as well and I agree with Karthan, we could have handled that encounter better. We did take some bad rolls that swung the battle in their favor.

Hopefully Anna can save the day. :)

HP 12/17, AC- 15 T- 11 FF- 14 CMD 16 F +7, R +5, W +4, P +8, In +1, AOO +6 Half-Orc Alchemist 2

I figured with an AC18 and a decent amount of HP Nesteruk was set to last at least a round; but them Orc's didn't want to miss.

Tell me about it. I'm just hoping they make the mistake of going outside.

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