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Gm Draxx's - Master Of The Fallen Fortress

Game Master Draxxan

The ruined siege castles outside Absalom have long beckoned adventurers looking to make a name for themselves. Now an earthquake has cracked open one of these fabled ruins, and its lost mysteries and fantastic treasures lie exposed for the first time

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Hey Everyone,
Here is the Discussion Thread for the Game. Please check in here and make sure your character sheets up to date with all your provisions, weapons, traits, etc.

Male Halfling Cleric 1

Great! I'm looking forward to this game very much. So should we assume that each of our characters has gotten to Absalom separately, for their own reasons?

Elf Wizard (Conjuration) 4/ Hp: 32/32 Init: +5; Perception +11(+13); AC 13(17)/13/10(14); F+2, R+4, W+5; CMD: 16

Elf Wizard, reporting for duty.

Male Dwarf Ranger (Guide) 1st HP 14/14; AC 12 / FF 10/ T 12; F+5 / R+4 / W+3

Let the journey begin, with Desna's blessing the stars will lead the way. Those rain clouds are only passing through...

Male Human (Mwangi) Barbarian 1

Ro'an here.

I'll give my gear a final once over before the game starts. Looking forward to it.

Hey Billy/Colin, what 0 level spells are you planning on prepping? I was going to prep read magic, detect magic & prestidigitation. Do you mind taking light as one of yours so we can see if we go underground?

Scarab Sages


I changed my ranged weapon from Throwing Axe to Sling, to avoid conflicts with the Barbarian ;)

Added FF and Touch ACs, rounded up gear.

I think I am ready to go. I want to expand on my background, I hope that is ok to do as the game progresses?

I just need to readjust Gareth's stats and equip him, but will do that tonight.

Just for my own edification, we have:

Ro'an, a mwangi barbarian played by Iron-Dice.
Berenwyr, an elf wizard played by psychicmachinery.
Colin Credric, a halfling cleric, played by Billy277
Gareth Hillen, a dwarf alchemist, played by Billzabub.
Teodor Skov, a dwarf ranger, played by DragonBelow.

Scarab Sages


Seems like a pretty well rounded party :)

Draxx, seems like we only need to account for traps. I was wondering if you would allow this archetype from Ultimate magic:

Trapper Archetype

Otherwise, assuming the campaign continues past 1st level, I could take a level of rogue :)

Billzabub / Gareth has Disable Device ranks, just saying.

Alright everyone the Game Thread is up!

Game Thread .

Teodor - it does seem like a well rounded Party!
I will consider the archetype - but want to review everyone's character and run them through hero labs before I make a decision. Hope to get that done tomorrow. If the party does need someone to account for traps I will be ok with that. However Berenwyr has said Gareth does have Disable Device. Will check on that and then let you know.

Thanks everyone for checking in here.
The game is on!

Liberty's Edge

Psychicmachinery, this might be a good time for a newbie question:

What's the difference between the spells I prepare each day and the spells I chose when I designed my character? Can I prepare spells from the entire cleric spellbook of that level?

Colin, I think I can answer this for you. As a cleric, you have access to all the spells on the cleric list that your character is capable of casting (i.e. the 0 and 1st level spells.)

Each day you can select a number of spells to prepare based on your character level and main casting stat (Wisdom.)

The number of spells per day is handily summarized here.

Because you have a 15 Wisdom, you get to prepare an additional 1st level spell per day, and if your character gets to the point where he can cast 2nd level spells, you will also get to prepare one extra 2nd level spell per day.

So, every day you can prepare 3 zero level spells, 2 first level spells, and a first level domain spell. You can sacrifice one, some or all of your prepared spells (but not a 0 level spell or domain spell) and turn it into a cure spell (like cure light wounds) so theoretically, you never have to prepare a cure spell, as you can always spontaneously cast them.

As an aside, most spells are "fire and forget" meaning that once you cast them, they are gone. However, your 0 level spells can be used at will, as many times per day as you want, which can be very useful.

You get to pick which spells you cast every in-game day (not every time it's a new day in real life.) You also get to pick what time of day your cleric prays for and receives his daily spells (dawn, dusk, midnight and midday are popular choices.)

So, the short answer is yes, you can prepare spells from the entire cleric spell list of that level unless Draxx tells you that you can't for some reason, as he is the GM, and his word is law.

If you want my advice, I'd take bless as your domain spell. It's a good party buff with a decent duration, and is a lot less situational than calm animals, although I've seen that spell be useful too. Of course, it's up to you, so pick what you think will be the most fun. I'm looking forward to playing with you and everyone else.

Scarab Sages


What timezone is everybody in? :)

mine is PST

Ro'an here. I'm in EST, USA. Funny you post that on daylight savings day. I was just resetting all my non-automatic clocks.

EST here.

Great start to the game.

Will post later today.

CST here. Time to spring forward.

Male Human (Mwangi) Barbarian 1

I updated Ro'an's profile to be current. Also added info into the text fields that show up next to the avatar in the game thread.

Liberty's Edge

I'm PST.

I'm EST, northern Virginia.

Just FYI, I plan on playing Gareth as a bit of a bastard who doesn't care for non-dwarves or people in general. Nothing personal, just the character.

Scarab Sages


I found this info in the Cairnlands, same blurb appears in the campaign setting, so I have no idea which direction to head to :)

Maybe someone could do a survival or knowledge geography to lead us by using the map, or something.

Scarab Sages

psychicmachinery wrote:
Maybe someone could do a survival or knowledge geography to lead us by using the map, or something.

I already did that, my character read the map and took 10 on knowledge geography for a 14 result, he knows where to go, but I don't, because I don't know in which direction out of Absalom this fortress is.

So you did, sorry, I forgot. Well, I guess we'll just wait patiently for Draxx then.

Scarab Sages


Oh no problem, i just dont want to make something up. Maybe we're supposed to hand wave It :D

Are you guys still there?

Hey Guys, Real life happened this week. Will be able to post later tonight to get the game back on track.

FWIW, I find it a good idea to just keep posting while waiting for someone else to catch up, even if it's something inane, as evidenced by my most recent post. Actually, FWIW, I try to always post something when I check my games, even if it's something that doesn't really move the story along. Preferably it does, but if not, hopefully, it'll at least get someone else to post something.

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay this week. Work has picked up lately, Yeah! Great when self employeed. I will make more time for the game going forward.

No worries Draxxy.

Scarab Sages


Personally I don't mind the slower pace, so far so good :)

Liberty's Edge

I've got a question about dice-rolling: Is the dice-/dice thing all I have to do when making a roll? I'm unsure if there's something else necessary to verify that I didn't just reload over and over again until I got the scored that I wanted.

Elf Wizard (Conjuration) 4/ Hp: 32/32 Init: +5; Perception +11(+13); AC 13(17)/13/10(14); F+2, R+4, W+5; CMD: 16

The dice roller doesn't let you fish for rolls. Try it out.

Are we all still here?

Liberty's Edge

I'm still here, and getting pretty awesome rolls.

Scarab Sages


Yeah, something tells me I am the one who will get bad ones :)

I'm here.

Don't worry DB, so far I've rolled a nat 1. So, at least you're not alone.

Well, you guys are doing okay, you are still alive right?
Okay post is up. Will check aback in first thing in AM and will have maps for better visuals for the next part of the adventure.

Scarab Sages


Hmmm, ping?

Hey everyone, post is up. Hope to be back to a more normal pace this week!

Liberty's Edge

And my luck ran out. At least I didn't roll 1...I was worried about poor Gareth there.

Scarab Sages


so what's going on, where is everybody else? :D

I am still here. We seem to have lost Iron Dice

psychicmachinery wrote:
I am still here. We seem to have lost Iron Dice

Still here - missed post yesterda, had to prep for two events for today and had dinner with lots of friends last night and got home later than expected. Headed home now - with quick stop for dinner. Will post something quick in response to everyone's attack on the dogs and then will update sometime tomorrow.

Iron-Dice has had a few RL things come up but I know him and hope to get him back into the game - until then I will run Ro'an until I know for sure about Iron-Dice and the. Go from there.

Sounds good to me. I hope he's doing ok. Thanks for the info.

Scarab Sages


Where did the ruins go? :D


Scarab Sages


double bump!

Well, while we're here, who should we have scout the rubble/first floor? I can send my familiar in holding the stone with light on it to drop it in one of those doorways. I would say either Ro'an or Teodor to take point, but that's mostly a hit dice based decision. What do you guys think? Also, marching order?

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