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Gangsters & Ghouls - Nights in Port-a-Lucine

Game Master B_Wiklund

A dispossessed noble family with a shadowy past is back in town looking to even the score.

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Bécacine Bordelon wrote:


** spoiler omitted **

I think for a campaign such as this its completely appropriate. Its part of the crime genre. So fine by me.

And we're live


Male Human Bard 1/Ranger 1/Expert 3
Wyrd_Wik wrote:
Bécacine Bordelon wrote:


** spoiler omitted **

I think for a campaign such as this its completely appropriate. Its part of the crime genre. So fine by me.


Male Human

As Arnaud also spent a lot of time serving on the DeSuis fleet, I'm going to play off that he knows Yvon, not too familiar, but they've worked together at some point.

Male Human Warrior 1/ Wizard 1

Sorry I haven't posted yet. I had a busy week and have barely been on the computer at all. I should be able to post more regularly in the future.

Hey guys so getting into it now and I as I may have mentioned its been a # of years since I've done the pbp thing. I was looking over my old campaign to see what I had done.

So yes, I'll do the Init for folks.

If we end up waiting more than a day I would like to be able to keep things going and post for you. So what I would like is some 1-2 standard tactics for essentially standing orders if we need to post for your character. If you can put these at the bottom of your character's profile and include any relevant stats (e.g. if you'll normally use power attack calculate that in).

Any other suggestions from folks? Combat probably won't be all that common but it will of course come up.

Female Human Aristocrat 1 / Witch 1

Standing orders have been posted at the bottom of my profile.

Male Human Fighter 1/Warrior 1

Profile updated with tactics.

Male Human

profile updated, tactics added.

Male Human Bard 1/Ranger 1/Expert 3

The francophone in me needs both clarification and consistency... is the family name DeSuis, DuSuis, or de Suis?

If it were a real French name, de Suis would be most appropriate (assuming the name means "from" Suis... wherever that is)... but DeSuis could work, too, as a local spelling.

I don't know if the family appears in Ravenloft canon. If it does, I would not be surprised if TSR/White Wolf staff got French naming conventions wrong.

Apologies if I'm being anal... :-)

DM... are you aware of the play on words in the name Port-a-Lucine? If yes, would you prefer I not share it with the other players?

Dark Archive Contributor

I'm pretty sure the intent was de Suis. I started with a typo in my character's name, and opted to keep DuSuis as a corrupted version of the name- suitable for a cousin I figure. I'm pretty sure it's mostly my fault- sorry. Wik can correct me if he has a different feeling.

hey guys i'm swamped right now with this regional drama fest thru until Saturday (we're hitting the road tomorrow bright and early). I will resume a normal schedule as of Monday. Hope you guys still interested sorry for the delays.

Male Human Bard 1/Ranger 1/Expert 3
Boxhead wrote:
I'm pretty sure the intent was de Suis. I started with a typo in my character's name, and opted to keep DuSuis as a corrupted version of the name- suitable for a cousin I figure. I'm pretty sure it's mostly my fault- sorry. Wik can correct me if he has a different feeling.

No worries, just wondering for my own sake...

Hi guys back from the regional drama festival and now am swamped catching up with things that i've had to put on the back burner. I realize this pbp has been in stasis for awhile and I undestand if interest is flagging. I thought i would have more time this semester but thats not turning out to be the case. The show that I was working on has been selected to move onto provincials here and I have a musical I'm TDing. Additionally I have been PT interviews this week and other things to catch up on so I'm not likely to be posting until the end of the week Friday. If folks are still into it we can keep going but I realize I'm not able to keep up my commitment as I had thought. Let me know if you want to continue or not. Again apologies.

Male Human

Just fair warning: I will be out of town for Thursday through sunday, with little to no access. sorry for the inconvenience

I would of course, like to continue. I like Ravenloft and the setup so far way too much to jump ship.

Male Human Bard 1/Ranger 1/Expert 3

Short-term delays are not an issue, Wik. Real life happens. But if you think work is going to create longterm challenges where posting is concerned, you might want to be up front about it.

I'm still in if the delays are short-term/sporadic.

But I'm out if the delays are going to be regular and/or longer term.

Male Human Warrior 1/ Wizard 1

Delays happen, I'd like to continue the game, provided that there will be at least occasional updates. My game survived more than two weeks without posting in January (though I lost a few players but the group was on the large side anyway) so I don't think the odd delay here and there is too much of a problem.

Dark Archive Contributor

You know me- I'm easy. I'll roll with the odd delay.

Liberty's Edge

Male Historian/Curator

no probs here....whenever!!

Thank you guys for your patience. Should be back to a regular schedule now.

Male Human Bard 1/Ranger 1/Expert 3

Just a heads up, folks. My dad is expected to pass away within the next month--maybe even sooner--so please bear with me me if I fail to post in a regular manner. Feel free to NPC Becacine as required.

Sorry to hear that Xavier. My thoughts are with you and your family. Take care.

Male Human Bard 1/Ranger 1/Expert 3

Thanks, Wyrd.

I will be unable to post until Sunday. Feel free to NPC Bécacine during my absence -- likely strategy at this point is to stay behind Gisele and cast an evil eye hex on either Rastignac or one of the other thugs.

Hey guys as you probably have noticed things have slowed down on the posting front. I'm currently dealing with a lot of 'life' stuff and am also having to get ready for a cross-country move back to the yukon. On a good note, I'll be doing a lot of traveling this summer in July and Aug which should be fun. I'd be interested in looking at the possibility of reviving this but really I won't be settled down until September. I'll send folks a pm at that time and see if we're interested in resuming at that point. Take care and have a good summer!

Male Human Bard 1/Ranger 1/Expert 3

Thanks for the note, Wyrd. So game is on hold effective immediately?

Enjoy your summer...

Arise pbp from the black grave of threads.....

Hi everybody, hope folks had a good summer looking to see if people may still be interested in bringing this back online. I'm back up north, mostly settled into a new job and hoping to see if we can pick up from where we left off. Will be sending pms to folks.

Male Human

still interested here.

Ok so likes we have everybody back except Nicholas duSuis (just haven't heard back from him). So my plan is to restart Wed eve. I'll repost some background stuff and a quick synopsis of what had happened prior to the hiatus. Looking forward to getting this going again!

My plan is to pick up from where we stopped in the backrooms of the Inn. I'll probably just indicate that you overcame the goons who covered the stranger's escape via the trap door. So come back and jump right into a chase!

Nights in Port-a-Lucine

The Story Thus Far....

The DuSuis family had risen from humble roots to become a powerful noble family. Many knew or suspected that this power relied on the family’s genius for blackmail, piracy and racketeering but great care was taken to appear otherwise. The DuSuis name was a potent one. But then, the Night of the Knives and the family was all but eliminated, wealth stolen, ships seized, a whole colony vanished and important members poisoned or shot down in the night.

Two years later, Helene duSuis a surviving scion now instated into the kingdom’s ruling Council of Brilliance has summoned her kin and allies back to the city in an attempt to unmask the mastermind behind the Night of the Knives.

The action began at the grand re-opening of the Golden Goblin casino. The casino had once been a centre of Dementlieuese society but had fallen on hard times and was shuttered. Recently purchased and refurbished by a one Saul Vancaskerkin, a Lamordian-born racketeer and scoundrel, with Helene duSuis as a silent investing partner. The re-opening gala started as a grand soiree albeith with a macabre theme. The party arrived and mingled noticing many interesting citizens such as Dominic d’Honaire, the Minister of Justice, opera diva Maria Dioso and the DuSuis former allies, the Sarti Brothers.

The decadent festivities were brought to a halt when a gang of thugs led by Sarivec, a Falkovnian spell-slinger for hire and a blond-haired femme fatale. The party managed to put an end to the heist but both the ringleaders died in the struggle. However, after interrogating two henchmen the party learned that the woman was the boss of the unit and she’d been hired by a hollow-voiced stranger at the Blood of the Vine tavern in one of the seedier parts of the Labourer’s Quarter. The Blood of the Vine is also known to be a hotspot of anarchists and revolutionaries.

Before following this lead Helene outlined her plans indicating that her primary goal was to find who was responsible for the family’s downfall. She is certain that the Renier clan while involved was not the architect of the massacre. Keeping a low profile in Chateaufaux, Helene gathered intel, bought off the right people and made discreet inquiries. For this she only turned up the name of someone or an organization, the Brain. The agent who sent her this message was found drowned in the Bay shortly after. She hopes to use the casino as a base to rebuild the family’s power-base and to sift the underworld for further clues leading back to the ‘Brain’. Additionally, she revealed her appointment to the Council came as a surprise. She senses that Dominic D’Honaire acted as a patron for this appointment though she is at a loss as to the why the Minister of Justice would take such an interest in her.

The party left the casino later that night and proceeded to the Blood of the Vine. The party despite their best efforts were noticed. A wild-eyed, shabby-looking scholar named Rastignac suggested to Arnaud and Yvon to meet in the storerooms. There they came face to face with the hollow-voiced man. His voice was strange as he spoke in an unnatural tone of speech. A few recognized the man’s features as resembling those of a magician by the name of Verite who disappeared some years ago. Verite warned the party that the DuSuis had been ‘taken off the board’ and that they cannot rejoin the game. The magician called on his goons as he cast a spell and escaped down a concealed trapdoor. The party was hardset against the goons and Rastignac but working together managed to subdue their opponents. However, Verite has a head-start in the dark tunnels he escaped to....

Also if you have time take a look at my first posts on the discussion thread some info about Dementlieu, Port-a-lucine and local knowledge stuff that you can always refer to (anything contained therein is common knowledge)

And we're back!

Male Human Warrior 1/ Wizard 1

Hope I wasn't holding up gameplay at all. Got unexpectedly stuck without internet over the weekend.

no probs.

And Dan you still in?

female 1/2 Elven Expert/Rogue 1/1

finally here....

Male Human

fair warning, i will be out of town and generally away from computers from thursday until wednesday. please dm pc as needed, but ill be posting until then

Male Human Bard 1/Ranger 1/Expert 3

I need to clarify something. Since a witch's familiar = a wizard's bonded object... this means Bécacine needs to succeed on a Concentration check in order to cast any spell in her cat's absence? If that is correct... can we say that she went and fetched her cat while doing her afternoon shopping?

Or am I misunderstanding the rules?

And is physical proximity to the familiar required in order to commune with it for the purpose of spell preparation?

Twiceborn about to make the trip to Whitehorse will get back to you.

Hey twiceborn, a familiar is not a bonded object. The arcane bond class feature gives the player the choice of an object or a familiar. The Concentration check applies to the object not the familiar option. At least that's my reading on it.

As for the other question yes as the familiar stores all your spells and you need to commune with it you would need to be close to it (i.e. staring into its eyes, vulcan mind meld touch or something to that effect)

Male Human Bard 1/Ranger 1/Expert 3

Thanks. So can we say that she did a brief detour to commune with her familiar while running errands earlier in the day?

TwiceBorn wrote:
Thanks. So can we say that she did a brief detour to commune with her familiar while running errands earlier in the day?


Male Human Bard 1/Ranger 1/Expert 3

I'm down to my last week at my job, working long hours trying to get stuff wrapped up. I won't have much time to post until October 26 or so, so please feel free to NPC Becacine if I'm holding things up.


Sounds good, Twiceborn. Good luck with everything.

Hey all just checking in as posts have slowed down. Interest waning? I know TwiceBorn may not be around. Let me know if there's anything I can do.

Male Human

still here, sorry.

Male Human

just to clarify, we're here because we found the card on 'Rinieri's corpse right?

female 1/2 Elven Expert/Rogue 1/1

I am still here too!!! and posting!

Arnaud: yes, you discovered a card and a time and date from last week written on the card discovered on the magician's body.

Male Filthy Hunam Accountant 4/Manager 1/Theatre technician 3

Here, just been a bit busy. Sorry about that.

Male Human Warrior 1/ Wizard 1

Still here, been busy too. 12 hour days and such. Should be less busy next week.

Male Human

quick note.

i am in the path of the monster storm bearing down on the north east US. Posting will be spotty, if any for the next few days.

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