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Gandal's Carrion Crown AP

Game Master Gandal

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Jaylen leans closer to the mage. Keeping her voice low, she responds.The blood is fresh; it's been there no more than a few hours. As to any patterns, I can't really tell, but I don't know much about the occult. If you have any way of copying them, perhaps the professor's books will help.
Addressing the farmers, holds out a placating hand and continues, her voice strong. Everyone calm down. We don't know what happened here but it seems... At this point, she turns to her companions, a dark look on her face that we're going to find out. Turning back. These *things* will need moving, we can do that but, in the meantime, it's probably best that we keep this to ourselves. No point panicking the whole village. Is there? The young girl steps towards the locals, looks each of them in the face and repeats her question. Is there?
After a pause to let the farmers consider the folly of alerting the whole village, she continues. We'll need tarpaulins for these bodies and buckets of water and stiff brushes to clean the sta...tue. Can you get those things?


1d20 + 4 ⇒ (11) + 4 = 15

Sense Motive, to see if the farmers are going to alert the village. The other members of the group should make one, too. They might also make a SM roll to see if they notice the relevance of the pause when she said the word statue??? (I'll be telling them anyway, in due course)

Male Human Evoker (Admixture)
Lvl 2 HP:12/12 - AC:12 T:12 FF:10 - Perception +2 - Saves: F: +2 R: +2 W: +6 - CMB: +1 -CMD: 13

Once the farmers have left, Sajan turns towards the group.

From my knowledge of the arcane arts, this is not a ritual. Actually I am sure it is not. If I had to guess I would say that it is someone trying to pass it off as such for misdirection.

Pointing back towards the village and where the initial encounter with the villagers happened.

If I had to guess, I would say that this is related to the initial scuffle that we had when we first got to the village. Either it is aimed towards us or rather at the professor and the burial.

Dark Archive

Male Human Cleric 1

I'll take 10 on the History check above for a 15.

DM wrote:
What happened here?"

It would seem that the culprit, motioning off towards the dog, led us towards something indeed. It seems that these abominations are to blame, though taking 10 on Know Religion should tell me that Zombies are mindless, and would need to be instructed by someone else to do this. Tell me good sirs. Are these creatures rising commonly here these days? You do not seem as surprized as I would think? I am glad you are all safe, though I wonder if there is more than meeteth the eyes here, my friends. I do concure, some sort of misdirection., nodding towards Mr Sajan.

Heal check 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9 to see if I can see how old the chikens or the zombies have been dead?

DM wrote:
"whose bodies are those?"

Looking about to the others, I am not certain. I recognize them not from my childhood here. But, I am sorry that it has happened. Though I do not follow Pharasma, whose sacred duty is the guardianship of the living and the dead, I also can not abide such, . . . utter evil. I shall pray for their souls.

DM wrote:

"Why all of that blood splattered around the monument?"

and so on.

I'm not sure what all you would like me to roll in relation to the entire scene, so I'm just tossing out a few ideas. Feel free to ignor them, :)

Heal: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (14) + 7 = 21 ?

Know Nobility: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18 to see if the monument or the site itself might have any sort of pertinent history?

Knowledge Religion: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10 to see if I recognize any ritual or dark cult-like relevence to anything?

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 11 to calm the crowd, and perhaps win their favor and trust a bit. Also includes +1 from Touch of Glory.

DM wrote:
"Whether they have to call for father Grimburrow?"

I'm certain, the good Father would like to know of this, and perhaps he may have more insight into things. If it is not so much bother, would you mind fetching him, sir? It is not urgent, but I'm certain he is interested in what has happened. Perhaps the dog has also earned a reward?

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (19) + 7 = 26

Those questions were just background noises,no need to actually answer them
The locals arrived all seem sincerely surprised or worried by the sight of undead in the village. but here there are only a few of them,not the entire Ravengro.

Eventually someone leave to look for father Grimburrow,which should be at the Pharasma temple now.

The housewives take their children away from the horrific view of destroyed undead,while other say it is uncommon to see those things in Ravengro,even though Ustalav is known to be hosting a lot of necromancers in hiding.

More, Raven and Jaylen come to know that the monument is usually frequented only by young loving couples,and not very often.

Someone also says this can be just a very bad joke,or a simple act of vandalism.

Grand Lodge

Female Elf Bard 1

"Well it would appear you all have this under control, now if you'll excuse me I'm going to see if miss Kendra needs any assistance at the town hall" and with a quick bow to the party, she darts back up the road to the town hall.

Male Human Evoker (Admixture)
Lvl 2 HP:12/12 - AC:12 T:12 FF:10 - Perception +2 - Saves: F: +2 R: +2 W: +6 - CMB: +1 -CMD: 13

Sajan will proceed to help the father, and once at the temple ask him if he has any information on the Whispering way, or even history of the local temple before, during and after the burning of the prison.

Dark Archive

Male Human Cleric 1

I'll go with Sajan, and also ask if he noticed anything odd about the Professer's body and for details on the events surrounding his death.

Aren't you forgetting something? Jaylen's comment stops you in your tracks. When we first got here, that thing... she indicates the statue. ...or whatever it was that came from the statue - said something like '...she must die.' the young girl looks around the group. Who is *she*? Jaylen pauses. Kendra?

Male Human Evoker (Admixture)
Lvl 2 HP:12/12 - AC:12 T:12 FF:10 - Perception +2 - Saves: F: +2 R: +2 W: +6 - CMB: +1 -CMD: 13

Sajan stops shocked.

Oh by the gods, you are right! In the heat of the battle I had totally forgotten. Just to be safe some of us should go check on her. Also Raven, just out of curiosity is she the professor's biological daughter, and if so what happened to her mother?

At the town square,just outside the Hall the elven girl watches at the buildings encircling it,reading the wooden banners hung to each one,while waiting for Kendra.
In the middle of the square there is a simple gazebo and, to the north-west from it, a path leading to the Laughing Demon Tavern;the first building on the right side of the path is the Jail,than proceeding clockwise there are the Ravengro General Store,the Outward Inn,the Town Hall,the Silk Purse (moneylender),the Forge and Jominda's Apothecary.
Around the square there are mostly children playing skipping rope games,singing childish songs or chasing the dog from before,the one present at the dead birds.
The Town Hall itself is closed with two guards alwys present outside the main doors.
A DC25 Diplomacy is needed to persuade the guards to let you in the Hall at this point of the AP,can only retry when you earn more trust by the inhabitants.Aid another applies.

Sajan and Raven Knight:
The two men spend most of the remaining day helping the local priest getting rid of the undead remains;they had to be brought to the temple which is really far from the monument.Then after the necessary blessings the men helped assembling three coffins quicker they could (father Grimburrow said they didn't need to come out with masterwork coffins,just some rough board nailed togheter).
Finally the walk up to the Restland and the burial of the unknown corpses.
Father Grimburrow knows very little of the history of the prison,and the temple archives are reserved for local clergy.
A DC25 Diplomacy is needed to persuade the acolytes to let you in the archives at this point of the AP,can only retry when you earn more trust by the inhabitants.Aid another applies.

Jaylen:place yourself in one of the above,or let me know what you want to do

There is only one ramshackle house reasonably near to the Harrowstone Memorial.It is about 300ft from the statue and another 250-300ft from the bridge to the north.
Asking to the locals came here you learn it is the home of a retired militia man, Gibs Hephenus.
Just to save posts and time,i assume you are going to try to talk with him,in such a case it is no use,he doesn't answer the door,probably very deeply alseep.Making a lot of noise outside to wake him will result in lower trust,unless you can come with a DC25 Diplomacy to explain you need to talk with him.As for the others,this check can only be tried again once you earn more trust,aid another applies.

Dark Archive

Male Human Cleric 1

If he doesn't answer, I'll knock again gently, and then just leave for something else. I would like ask "Father Grim" about the monument though. Who is it representing, and what is it's signifigance? We heard a voice prior to the attack saying that "we would fail to stop it, and that it would infact kill her and be freed". Do you know who "her" might be? After hearing his answer, Did the person for whom the monument is for have a significant female in their life? Scandalous or of good virtue? Does this mean anything to you, sir-priest?

By the weapon presented, I am guessing perhaps a prison guard, or perhpas something to represent the prison itself, if not an individual. . . ?

Also, throughout the day, I'll as both Father Grim and the other priests that we assist with the remains a few other questions:

Did you notice anything strange about the circumstances of the Professor's death, or his remains?

Do you know whose remains these (the undead we destroyed) are? Anyone local? If so, there may be clues around their former resting places, (and it might be a good idea to rebury them there, and note if any other graves in the area are, tampered with).

Do you know any rumors about a ghostly red mist or figure in red robes? We seemed to have seen one earlier, but it vanished before the undead attacked us. Any local legends or rumors of this?

Why is this monument frequented by lovers? Is it only youthful trists, or do older coupes also come here, and why?

Besides us, and pror to the Professor's death, has anyone strange or new been seen in town?

Raven Knight: without researching the temple archives father Grim knows very little.

Raven Knight wrote:
Did you notice anything strange about the circumstances of the Professor's death, or his remains?

"Unfortunately no one ever goes up there.After several days of absence kendra asked for extensive research of her father,and we finally found the corpse under that huge gargoyle statue along a wall of the prison ruins.Don't know what the professor was doing there,but looks like a mere accident"

Raven Knight wrote:
Did you notice anything strange about the circumstances of the Professor's death, or his remains?

"The bodies are too old or ruined to be recognizable,maybe some nameless dead buried in the nearby grounds before we came here"

Raven Knight wrote:
Why is this monument frequented by lovers? Is it only youthful trists, or do older coupes also come here, and why?

"I think it is just because the monument is one of the most intimate place of the town, and far from each home.Like you said it is just youthful consuetude"

Raven Knight wrote:
Besides us, and pror to the Professor's death, has anyone strange or new been seen in town?

"I don't,but the ruins are far enough from the main town so that the locals never go there,kind scary if you know what i mean."

For question about the ruins,the fire, or legends tied to the prison you need to consult the archives,as for the aforementioned instructions.Hope the English is good enough or with no misused words

Dark Archive

Male Human Cleric 1

No that is fine. Thank you, sir. Did Father Grim or anyone know anything about the Red mist, the monument, or what the voice said?

No,sadly all of those phenomena are included in the "question about the ruins,the fire, or legends tied to the prison you need to consult the archives" line.As such you need a DC25 diplomacy (with the temple if it is there you are trying,another one with the councilmen if you want to try at the Hall) and a knowledge (history,arcana or local) check for the actual info discovered.I'm sorry but the module says the actual people of Ravengro knows nothing of what happened in the prison fifty years ago

Grand Lodge

Female Elf Bard 1

Aemrelara walks up to the two guards outside the town hall and asks," s Kendra Lorrimor still in there?"

and if she is she will politely ask to enter.
Diplomacy: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (6) + 7 = 13

"Sorry girl,but we don't want to risk our job for your pretty eyes,and i'm not teasing,but the council instructed me to not let anyone pass while they are busy with miss Lorrimor.I heard you are a fine singer,you should try performing at the Outward Inn.The owner,Sarianna Vai likes to allow local singer and musician to show their skills at her tavern,and sometimes she performs herself i think."
The young men is wearing studded leather,a short spear and has shortsword at his side.He is trying to convince the elf to leave without being rude.

Marzio said he feel he has nothing to do now, apart from helping the father to dispose the remnants of the undeads.I'll say he is with Raven Knight and Sajan at the moment.Jaylen was left around the monument and the crowd,where she learned Gibs Ephenus lives near there.Aemrelara is in the town square.It is about 10:30 AM

Male Human Evoker (Admixture)
Lvl 2 HP:12/12 - AC:12 T:12 FF:10 - Perception +2 - Saves: F: +2 R: +2 W: +6 - CMB: +1 -CMD: 13

That evening Sajan researches more into the whispering way, using the professor's journal and his other available books.

Knowledge(Arcane): 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (2) + 12 = 14 (I assume I get +2 bonus from his books on the subject?)


Grand Lodge

Female Elf Bard 1

"Why thank you kind sir I think I will do that, could you tell Miss Kendra that I am waiting for her there when she leaves here? My names Aemrelara.....can I ask what yours is?" If he gives her his name she will attempt a little lite flirtatious chatter for a few moments before she goes to Kendra's house(Diplomacy: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11), gets her lute, then goes to the Outward Inn to Sarianna Vai.

not sure if the diplomacy is necessary, its just an attempt to personally familiarize herself with everyone.

Sajan Barid Suyyddhaan wrote:

That evening Sajan researches more into the whispering way, using the professor's journal and his other available books.

Knowledge(Arcane): 1d20 + 12 (I assume I get +2 bonus from his books on the subject?)


Aemrelara already got a very good result,only i don't know if she told you what she learned;i'll copy here those info:

The Wispering Way is a sinister organization of necromancer that has been active in the Inner Sea region for thousands of years.
Its agents often seek alliances with undead creatures,or are themselves undead.The Whispering Way's most notorious member was the Whispering Tyrant himself,Tar-Baphon,although the society itself has existed much longer than even the mighty necromancer.
The Wispering Way itself is a series of philosophies that can only be transferred via whispers-the philosophies are never written or spoken of loudly,makig the exact goals and nature of the secretive philosophy difficult for outsiders to learn much about.
This is pretty much all that you could learn by the professor's library,the check was 24 on a max of 25DC

Male Human Evoker (Admixture)
Lvl 2 HP:12/12 - AC:12 T:12 FF:10 - Perception +2 - Saves: F: +2 R: +2 W: +6 - CMB: +1 -CMD: 13
DM Ankoku DaiShogun wrote:

Aemrelara already got a very good result,only i don't know if she told you what she learned;i'll copy here those info:

I know, I was aiming for the DC25 information, since I still had a decent chance at it with a +12 total bonus

Sajan Barid Suyyddhaan wrote:
DM Ankoku DaiShogun wrote:

Aemrelara already got a very good result,only i don't know if she told you what she learned;i'll copy here those info:

I know, I was aiming for the DC25 information, since I still had a decent chance at it with a +12 total bonus

Using the libraries you can try once every day

Apart from Aemrelara meeting with Sarianna Vai,everyone did everything he/she could today.Raven Knight can maybe try that DC25 with the acolytes or the father (failing only means the party cannot try again until they get more trust form Ravengro,i mean, more than they had when the original check was made).If anyone wants to do something else tell me or else i'll advance to the next day.Will post Aemrelara meeting before this evening.

Jaylen's actions:
-go back to Kendra's house and collect my travelling gear.
-send letter back home
-do a wide search of the area surrounding the statue for more undead or other disturbance (tracks, etc)
-speak to Father G; see if he can draw me a rough map of where the body of Prof. L was found.
-go and reconnoitre the ruins.(Outside only...staying alert!!)

The people arrived and the fight occurred produced a lot of new tracks.Impossible to tell which are from the culprit.The area around the statue has no hidden objects or similar clues.
While the scout girl is searching,Gibs arrives,having finally awoke;seeing the commotion he too asks what happened,and when he is told his angry reaction to the desecration of the monument is,or rather looks,sincere.

Father G. is willing to draw the map,but tells Jaylen that maybe it is not needed.The body was found inside the prison courtyard at the feet of the furthest wall from the main gate,and behind the large murky pond of water that created over the years on the ground along the gap in the crumbled eastern walls.
Furthermore, the priest tells Jaylen he had hard times getting some acolytes inside there to help him with the body,they were too scared.
From the outside,the ruins looks just as any other,old walls covered in ivy,the rusty gates hang negligently open,creacking in the winds.About 200ft of the eastern walls are completely gone,but the ground along this hole in the walls has become a pond full of murky water,about 170ft wide and 230ft long,impossible to tell how much deep it is the water without trying to swim through it.
To reach the spot the professor body was found someone needs to enter the courtyard;from the outside Jaylen feels more uneasy the closer she gets to the walls or the gate.
These activities will take almost till 09:00 PM.You saw Gibs around 01:00PM,then spent the day with father G. and looking outside the prison ruins.You also need to eat and rest by the time you are around the prison,or when you are done with it.


The guardman says he is called Mardhuszy and seems eager to flirt with the elven woman,but also his comrade calls him back to duty.The two men greet the elf as she leaves for Lorrimor's place.
The Outward Inn is a large and well kept building;from the outside Aemrelara can tell it can have about 10 rooms,and the main floor is clean.
Sarianna Vai welcomes the elven girl with good manners,more because she considers her a guest than real sympathy.She is a human woman about on her late fourty but still good looking.
Welcome to the Outward Inn my dear.How can i help you? Do you need food and lodging?

Dark Archive

Male Human Cleric 1

Ok, I'll give it a try then.
Diplomacy: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (11) + 8 = 19 (another +4 with Aid Another?)

Otherwise, I'll go pray, and do a patrol of the graveyard, just keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. I will drop most of my mundaine gear at the house, but I still retain my armor and sword.

If Sajan and Marzio want to aid Raven they can add a +4 max,for a total of 23,not enough.You'll have to wait to gain more trust.Jaylen and Aemrelara are elsewhere.

Grand Lodge

Female Elf Bard 1

"I would love some wine if you have any, my names Aemrelara. I've been told you have performances in here from time to time and I would love to witness one, and if your looking for performers I'm going to be staying in your fine town for a few weeks and would love to entertain your patrons."

Aemrelara:You are charged 2sp for the wine

Sarianna Vai looks at the elven girl with a judging eye :"Well my dear,you sure have the good look,and i have been told an elf did a fine singing performance at the professor burial; i guess it is you.Performers here are rarely paid if that is what you are thinking,but otherwise i'm always happy to hear new talents.Come back here tomorrow in the evening for a little test will you?"

edited:i wrote "come back here tonight" the little problem is "tonight" is now *_*

Grand Lodge

Female Elf Bard 1

"Oh thank you Miss Vai, I'll be here."

Aemrelara will then wait for Kendra to arrive, sipping here wine and chit chatting with the other patrons.

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20

Once Kendra arrives she will escort her to her home and ask what happened in the town hall.

Let's put it short,there isn't anything else important to do for today

Kendra meets Aemrelara about at 21:30pm,she has been discussing with the councilmen for nearly all the day about the paperwork regarding her loss and the situation with her guests and is dead tired.

She also tells she had to struggle to refuse in a polite way the insistent proposal of that lecherous Muricar.Of course he always says he is joking in the end,but Kendra hates the way he keeps his eyes on her privates while pretending he is just staring at nothing.
She doesn't know how the other girls in the town find him "nice".
Finally Kendra asks the elven girl to not tell a thing of this problem to Loren ,the Raven Knight,as she is ashamed a bit.

The two girls finally go back home,tired and hungry.

Jaylen offers a wan smile as she crosses the parlour to dump her equipment in her bedchamber. She returns shortly after, garbed in a black vest, black canvas pants that extend to just her knees and a pair of black sandals. She's also had a quick wash.
Holding up a small hessian sack, stained slightly red, she declares it For the pot. and heads into the kitchen, to return empty-handed a short time later.
Silently, she lowers herself into an easy chair, stretches and takes the time to examine her new companions in a little more detail.
The sense of confusion and bewilderment in the room is palpable, no-one really knowing what's going on and no-one quite sure exactly why they're here. Eventually, she speaks Other than the memorial incident, nothin' happened on my shift. Spent a few hours watching the ruins but couldn't see too much. Just normal ruins from what I saw. Caught breakfast whilst I was there but, other than that, nothing to report. She motions to the kitchen with her thumb.

It is almost midnight and you are all in Kendra's place now,you have had a good meal and are all very tired.Feel free to post a last dialogue or what you do before bed if you like,i'll update to the next day before tonight.

Current date:Wealday,3 of Pharast,4711 AR 3nd day in Ravengro

will add more in a few hours,i couldn't log the site for hours yesterday and now it is 6:30am here and i'm half asleep

sorry, not feeling very well.Will rest for today.
As for what the chars have to do,Aemrelara has to take part in a performance at the Outward Inn,jaylen wanted to inquire what Gibs did after the funeral,Sajan and Raven Knight had other researches (or try to gain access to places with research materials like the Town Hall or the Temple of Pharasma.That requires higher trust or very high diplomacy,or at your discretion illegal actions)

Morning, and Jaylen is up early, preparing the evening meal; a stew made from the ingredients she brought in the night before. A cold breakfast is already laid out on the table, for anyone to help themselves to. It's basic but hearty. A note is nearby.
I wonder what surprises are in store for us today. she says to anyone who'll listen, offering one of her rare smiles along with the comment.
Presently, she finishes, leaving the pot over the fire to simmer. Donning her armour, she picks up her gear and opens the front door.
I'm heading to the lake. I'll be back before dark. she announces as she leaves.

Would someone mind calling in on Gibs Hephelump at some point today? I'd do it myself but, given what happened at the funeral, it's probably wise I keep away. His house is the closest to the monument - find out if he saw or heard anything.

Jaylen is heading north, to the lake. A bit of explorin', a bit of fishin', a bit of relaxing in the sun. :) I'll pick up some fishing gear and a bottle of wine before I go. Oh, at some point, she'd like to find out what weapons are available in the village.

Sorry guys,have been busy with family (and migraine) and as i said in discussion maybe i found a RL group to introduce to tabletop RP,have to see them this evening.Will try and update during this weekend.

The Ravengro Forge sells all normal weapons and armors from Corebook,plus farming tools.It also sells several masterwork weapons and armors.For other info you need higher trust or very good Diplomacy.
Are you all out for Easter or waiting for me?

It is morning and everyone is getting up.Kendra will need time to make up her mind on what she wants to do with her father's home so she is staying here for today.Jaylen is outside and Sajan needed to do researches,unless he changed his mind.Next week i'm back to work but should resume my usual posting pace.

Male Human Evoker (Admixture)
Lvl 2 HP:12/12 - AC:12 T:12 FF:10 - Perception +2 - Saves: F: +2 R: +2 W: +6 - CMB: +1 -CMD: 13

Waking up, does his daily ablutions , and then gets some breakfast.

"I think I will take another day to study these books, it seems that I am missing something. I was thinking in the next few days we should maybe go and see the prison where the professor died and make a more thourough investigation."

After the discussion, Sajan proceeds to the study where he stays for the whole day only coming out for food or small breaks.

Knowledge(Arcane): 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (3) + 12 = 15

Hope everyone had a nice Easter.Mine surely was since i finally found a group that wanted to start playing tabletop RPGs after quite some years i only played online (my old group disbanded because of age,wives,work etc etc).They rolled the chars yesterday and we should start playing next Sunday <crossed fingers> but they look very interested in at least trying.Am waiting for the rest of this party to come back and tell what they plan to do for this day in Ravengro.

Male Human Evoker (Admixture)
Lvl 2 HP:12/12 - AC:12 T:12 FF:10 - Perception +2 - Saves: F: +2 R: +2 W: +6 - CMB: +1 -CMD: 13

Good for you man! I know the feeling, I moved halfway across the world and lets just say that tabletop RPGs aren't big in sub-Saharan Africa. The nearest gamer shop is in Jo'burg. So I don't see myself driving 4 and a half hours every time that I would want to play Pathfinder, D&D, Shadworun, etc....

Kendra gets up from bed,washes herself (no peering) and have breakfast with bread,eggs and milk.
"I'll need some time to decide what to do with this home.I don't have a real job in Ravengra,and i left my studies in Lepistadt to care after dad.I'll at least need to take in account monthly income and expenses,i'll be in my study for the day."

Then she turns to the elf :"Miss Aemrelara,if you would like,today as every Wealday the local market gathers in the Town Square,it is just some simple stands,but usually you can find dances and food.Not sure how the farmers will react to you all thought"

Grand Lodge

Female Elf Bard 1

Aemrelara gets up and does her morning rituals.( Washing, stretches, breakfast, mandolin tuning, etc.)
During breakfast when talking to Kendra she replies "Thank you miss Kendra, I think I'll head down there. Is there you need me to pick up once I'm down there? Groceries? Supplies?"

Aemrelara will then go to the town square and check out the market. See what is for sale. Try to gather some information on the local goings on. Specifically anything new on the mysterious person at the memorial, the zombies, or the local gossip. She will then join in on the local festivities. Dancing, singing, and the like. Once it becomes close to eventing she will go back to the tavern for her audition.

This event takes place anywhere there are children playing on a path or outside houses or shops,so almost everywhere around town since today is market day.

Be it investigating,exploring or simply poking around the stands,Aemrelara,Raven Knight,Marzio and Jaylen (Sajan were busy with books) run into a group of small varisian girls dressed in shawls that are playing a skipping the rope and singing game.
In turn,each girl jumps the rope hold by other two, while performing two lines of a song;the little girls are perfectly coreographed in their jumping and singing,then changing turn with the following little singer.
Aemrelara could even admire their performance,only she doesn't understand the verses the girls are singing.

The song in sung in Varisian,and Aemrelara doesn't know it

The varisian song:

Put her body on the bed
Take a knife and lop her head

Watch the blood come out the pipe
Feed the stirge so nice and ripe

Drops of red so sparkly bright
Splatters spell her name just right

With a hammer killed his wife
Now he wants to claim your life

Tricksy father tells a lie
Listen close or you will die

Apparently,the Linguistics skill doesn't allow to understand spoken languages,only written ones.If someone wants to know the verses he/she will have to ask around if someone knows them,or ask the little varisian girls.Either is a DC15 Diplomacy

Armed with wine and fishing gear, and with the blue skies promising a pleasant day ahead, Jaylen is in good spirits, echoing that of the villagers who buzz around, making last minute preparations for today's market. The adolescent takes her time, stopping occasionally to watch the proceedings.

A curious jump-rope game catches her interest and she stops to watch. The accompanying verses are sung in what the girl presumes is the local dialect, one she doesn't understand. Nonetheless, she's intrigued enough with the performance to ask for a translation.

Waiting for a break in the routine, she crosses over to the group of girls, some of them not too much younger than herself.

Hello. Your performance was amazing. Would you tell me what the words of your song mean, please?

The young girls look at the stranger, a mixture of fear and distaste on their faces.

Gi avaae, knurrae. replies one. The other girls laugh and quickly run off, to continue their game further up the road.

Jaylen watches them leave, shrugs and, straightening her pack, continues her journy to the lake.

1d20 ⇒ 6

B*ll*x! I wanted to roll high enough so that I could ask them to teach me the moves. Would it be possible to find another group and try the roll again?

*Go away, smelly.

Male Aasimar Paladin 1

because I'll have to stay here for a month, I try to improve our image to the villagers. I arm myself with drinks, food, and good intentions and try to make conversation ..
intrigued by the little song I ask around, even the girls, if they are still there.

diplomacy 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (19) + 9 = 28

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