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Gandal's Carrion Crown AP

Game Master Gandal

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It is Moonday,first day of Pharast,4711 AR
Ravengro was founded in 4594 AR to support Harrowstone,a prison built to answer the growing need for a centralized repository for criminals in the nearby counties.
The small town was intended not only to provide a place for the prison's employees to live, but also to provide all of the supplies needed by the prison-food,water,tools,weapons for the guards,and anything else necessary.
There was a tragedy involving a fire at the prison and a consequent uprising,but today Ravengro is a quite healthy farming community blessed with fertile fields and orchards.The town's chief products are weath,barley,and corn.
But you haven't come to Ravengro to appreciate the agricultural specialties;recently an old friend and employer of yours,professor Petros Lorrimor,died.His daughter Kendra sent an invitation asking you to come for the burial in Ravengro's graveyard,the Restlands.
You have arrived few hours ago,but haven't had the time to look for an accomodation,so you headed straight away for the Restlands,just outside north of the main town.

You walk toward the graveyard between glances,both suspicious and curious,by the residents.
You have all of your gear,armors,weapons and backpacks still on,and they start to wear you down.
It is about 5PM.

A beautiful girl in her twenties welcomes you on the Restlands' entrance. You recognize her as Kendra Lorrimor,the professor daughter.
She is in mourning but trying not to look sad in front of you.
Hello friends,i would like to express my gratitude to all of you for your presence here.Dad would have been so happy
She stops, trying to hold back the tears
I'm sorry,not the best time for a chat between friends.Come plase,i'll introduce the others present at the procession
She then notices you all look weary and apologizes.”I'm sorry,i should have guessed the trip was tiresome.Would offer you to come to my place to drop some load and rest,but sadly that will have to wait.

Ok you can introduce yourself,or ask something.You have all of your possesion on you, so check for encumbrance,as it will soon become important.

Male Human Evoker (Admixture)
Lvl 2 HP:12/12 - AC:12 T:12 FF:10 - Perception +2 - Saves: F: +2 R: +2 W: +6 - CMB: +1 -CMD: 13

An average built Vudrani covered in mud and grime from the road approaches Lorrimor.

Pulling back his hood, he is rather non-descript. He is neither ugly nor handsome. He sports a goatee and long black hair that have not been tended too in a while.

"You will have to excuse my appearance Lady Lorrimor. As I found out of your father's passing I came as soon as I could. He was an amazing man who opened a new way of seeing the world for me."

Seeing her haste to get back to the funeral, the Vudrani takes water from his waterskin and ruffles through his back pack to find a clean cloth. Doing so, he wipes the grime as best as possible and ties his hair into a pony tail.

"Please lead the way my lady, I am sure we can speak much more of your father at a later time"

Sorry,MacFetus brought up the lacking of details in my description of the Restlands.I know i'm not very used to DM PbP,doing faster i can in reading the modules.
Anyway the restlands is a 360' long 260' wide enclosed moorland, with some 20 family vaults and dozens of gravestones.
There are no nearby buildings.
For details on the prison's burned down ruins there will be plenty of time, it is the focus of this chapter of the AP.
It is Spring and there is calm weather and few clouds,there is plenty of light still.
Please remember english is a second language for me,and sometime i need to resort to Google Translator

The young girl drops her large pack to the ground, leans her weapons against a tree and stretches, glad to be free of their burden, if only for a short while. She unstops her waterskin, taking in a big mouthful before pouring some into her hands and washing the trail dust from her face. Casually drying herself with a sleeve, she turns her attention to the village that lies before her; the place where she'd be spending the next few days.
Ravengro looked like the numerous other Canterwall villages that she'd passed through recently; an idyllic farming community, located on the banks of a great lake and surrounded by worked fields, gently-rolling hills and small woods. This particular village, however, did have one unique feature and it was to this that she looked.
To the south of the village, sat on a hill, loomed the hulk of Harrowstone prison. She didn't know too much about it, other than it hadn't been used for over a hundred years, the crumbling ruins testament to that. She'd heard stories about it but dismissed them as just that: stories. Where she was from, people didn't have time for idle gossip.
The sun glinting off the lake caught her eyes and she gazed over the vast expanse of water, suddenly longing for a cool dip to wash away the grime, the aches and the stiffness from her journey to this place. Sadly, time was pressing and so she contented herself by closing her eyes and raising her face to the sky, allowing the sun's warmth to revitalise her.
After a few minutes, she reluctantly donned her pack, secured her weapons and set off on the last mile or so of her trip; a trip to attend the funeral of Professor Petros Lorrimor, a man whose life she'd once saved, almost at the cost of her own.
Upon reaching the boundary of the village proper, the locals, most of them finishing up their days work, greeted her with a mix of suspicious stares and curious glances, giving her wide berth as she walked by. Not that she was surprised, given her appearance. None of them gave her any cause for alarm, however, and so, following a rough map, she made her way north through the village to the graveyard where she was to meet the family of the deceased.
Approaching the gate to the cemetery, she's met by an attractive woman who introduces herself as Kendra Lorrimor, daughter of the late professor.
"You must be Jaylen." she announces, with a small smile. "I'm so glad you managed to make it here. Welcome."
"I'm sorry for your loss." the young girl states, tersely. A second of silence follows, the two girls' gazes locked before Kendra, sensing that nothing else is forthcoming, continues; "Dad told me all about you although he never sai...oh, never mind, now's not the time...please, let me introduce you to the others.". With that, she heads through the lichgate and into the graveyard, Jaylen in tow.

Dark Archive

Male Human Cleric 1

Finally managing to return, to such ill news. He was a dear friend, and a great mentor, and it saddens my soul greatly to not have been able to have see him again. And Lady Lorrimor, . . . Things had been, . . . complicated between them the last he had seen her. She had sent word to him, which at least implied she may have forgiven him for leaving her so quickly. Or maybe, in her grief, she put aside her own anger for her father's sake.

My lady, . . . hoping to get an idea from her body language and gestures. I thank you dearly for summoning me. He was, like a father to me. He taught me everything I know, and I, . . . I am so sorry to have to see you this way, after so long., a true gentleman, bends down to kiss her hand before giving her a sincere and powerful hug, (if she will allow it). I would like to know everything, when you are ready. Until then, I am your servent, milady. Anything, anything at all you need, I am here for you.

I am decked out in archaic, but very functioning dark Ustalavian armor. It's black steel blends well with shadows, and seems to absorb more light than it refelcts. On the breastplate is a stylized Raven motiff. I speak with a noble accent common, and yet so uncommon to the lands. He is tall, clean shaven, and wears his dark hair long, pulled back in a pony tail. The banner of Iomedae can be seen on the Red Crusader's tabard he wears with his armor, and multiple holy symbols indicate an ability to call on miracles.

Male Aasimar Paladin 1

Gandal here,no idea what the appearance of this char is,its player didn't tell me.I'll post his arrival.

A tall,sturdy man wearing medium plate armor,with greaves and boots enter Ravengro from the south after a long trip.He is pulling a packmule loaded with camping material and survival equipment,the animal looks tired;the man too.
Its armor and heavy shield are decorated with an upside-down longsword over a solar disk,the symbol of The Inheritor,Iomedae.
His common traveling clothing are worn and dirty,he has either traveled great distances,or in a haste.
He doesn't stop inside the village and doesn't mind the hostile looks of the paesants,he knows a bit stories on this farming community,but mostly knows the reputation of the nation Ravengro lies in,Ustalav.
Not the most pleasant place for a paladin to visit,or maybe just the place a paladin should definetively pay a visit to.....pity i have more urgent matters at hand the man thinks.

Male Aasimar Paladin 1

The burned down ruins which silently watch the town from the south most hilltop cacth the attention of the paladin for a moment,he cannot restrain himself from noticing the sinister look on them.
He dismisses the thoughts and hurries to the opposite part of the town,the northern hill,over which is the Ravengro graveyard,the Restlands.
On the entrance,a beatiful,young girl in mourning is receiving other travelers,he doesn't know any of them,but can immediatly tell who the girl is,the daughter of an old friend of his which has recently died;the paladin came here on request of the aforementioned girl.

The man,with knightly manners,takes her hand and kisses it,bowing to her.
"Milady Lorrimor,i'm Marzio Vinicio from Almas,Andoran.I'm deeply dismayed over your loss.Accept my condolences,your father was a great friend and man"

Female Elf Bard 1

The elven woman enters the town from south,her pace has slowed down somewhat the last few hours,since she had to let her packmule, which carries most of her burden, rest here and there.
She is wearing common shirt and skirt,soft leather boots and a cape.But she also has a rapier hung from her hips and a longbow strapped behind her shoulders,over a longcoat.A small round shield tied to her left arm completes the set.
She is tall and slender,some would say a beautiful sight with long,staight silver hair and golden skin.
She walks around a hill with some sort of burned down ruins perched on top of it that must be Harrowstone prison,heard a lot of tales on it,always wanted to see it for real
As remembering the real reason that brought her in Ravengro,the elf looks around and asks info from the locals;she cannot help but noticing their attitude,like she is some sort or dangerous monster,the villagers seem reluctant to talk,they merely stare at her suspiciously.
The girl just needs to know where the graveyard known as the Restlands is,and once one of the peasants finally tells her,she thanks and make it in a haste toward the northern most hill.
While leaving her current position at the foot of the hill with the ruins,she notices a monument representing someone she never knew fine work of art,will have to examine it more thoroughly

Female Elf Bard 1

At the graveyard entrance the elf sees a human girl with other travelers.
For the moment,the woman has other thoughts,so she passes by the group and introduces herself to the human girl.
"You must be Lady Lorrimor.Your father used to hire me during his visits in Kyonin,he was an exceptional man.I'm afraid mere words cannot express my sorrow.I'm with you in your mourning,my name is Aemrellara;musician,dancer and storyteller.I apologize if i'm not here today to bring happiness."

Once Kendra has received everyone of you she again bursts into tears.
"Thanks eveyone,it is touching to see how much loved he was."

The professor's daughter had just been hugged by the one who introduced himself as the Raven Knight,and even though she didn't seem annoyed by his gesture she pressed to be released.

The young human woman recomposes herself,than says "Please follow me,the rest of procession is waiting along the Dreamwake,such is the name of this path"


The large black "x" at the lower left corner shows your current position.The dashed black line your intended way among the Restlands paths.Your goal is the grave near the upper right corner.But wait before posting your travel trough the graveyard,there is more coming

Kendra accompany you along a large,dirt path which runs all the way to the Restlands' most internal area,which houses some large family vaults.
The professor daughter tells you this is caled the Ancestor's Walk,but your way will be on the path called Dreamwake,another dirt path;all the paths here are.
You walk behind her for about one minute,on your left a series of small buildings the front sides of which show engravings of names,both personal and family names.

If you want to interact with the other visitors this is a good,but brief, occasion before next event

Male Human Evoker (Admixture)
Lvl 2 HP:12/12 - AC:12 T:12 FF:10 - Perception +2 - Saves: F: +2 R: +2 W: +6 - CMB: +1 -CMD: 13

The Vudrani takes note of the party but does not say much besides quick mumbles of an introduction that seems quite rehearsed.
"Hi, I'm Sajan Barid of the Suyyddhaan family in Jalmeray. I used to correspond with the professor after he gave a lecture at our school there. He has been quite an influence in my life. What about yo..."

Even before a respondent can say anything he quickly introduces himself to the next person, and repeats the process until he has done so to all present. He seems more intent on getting this process over than to meet the other travelers, as he does not seem to be in his element.

Once through the gate, the young girl takes a moment to place her heavy pack against a wall out of the way - likewise for her weapons but for a large knife - and then run her fingers through her shoulder-length dark hair, to shake some life into it. She stretches, her bare arms, covered in assorted tattoos that merge into each other, are well-defined; the rest of her body, hidden under dark travelling clothes and studded leather armour, similarly built, similarly decorated, you suspect. She stands tall, proud, alert. Pretty, she may be considered, although there's something about her that keeps her from being approachable; maybe it's the intensity of her stare, her unsmiling mouth; maybe it's her various weapons; all well-maintained, all well-used.
Off to one side she stands, to look each of those present up and down, spending longer to scrutinise those that are obviously not from the village. No emotion is shown as she regards the weapons on display and then their respective owners, as if ascertaining competence.
Presently, she takes a few steps over to the group, to make herself part of it, and introduces herself as Jaylen, from a village called Betroden, in the River Kingdoms. She speaks with a soft River Kingdoms accent, her tone neutral.

Jalmeray? You're a long way from home. He must have had a profound effect upon you for you to travel so far. It's less a question, more a statement.
Although the girl addresses the Vudrani, she continues to introduce herself to the other mourners, who, despite being locals, seem to be more accepting of strangers than those she encountered on her way in.
Formalities over, she continues the walk in silence, her head high, her stride confident. If there's any sadness within her, it doesn't show.

Female Elf Bard 1

The elven woman turns to the others :"Professor said me he had some friend in other nations he used to visit or to hire for protection or exploration.I'm grateful to everyone for being close to him,i'm ashamed the only things i could do for him were simple tales and songs to brighten his evenings.We'll have time to talk"

Dark Archive

Male Human Cleric 1

Anyone else very confussed about what is going on? I kind of feel like we jumped in the middle of something, but missed the beginning.

I don't know how i could put it in other words.The AP precisely states that the PCs all begins in the middle of nowhere (the Restlands) without any explanation how they got there (by traveling?) and that they are all around Kendra and the professor's coffin.If i did something wrong tell me.

This scene should go on like this,walking throu the graveyards and meeting other inhabitants,tell if you want me to go on

Dark Archive

Male Human Cleric 1

I'll answer in the discussion thread. :)

Dark Archive

Male Human Cleric 1

Certainly not wishing to make Mistress "Lorri" uncomfortable, especially now, he releases her from the embrace, and again, offers his services in whatever she might need.

After doing so, he looks about hoping to see familiar faces.

The first he sees, stands out somewhat. Particularly in the sense that the gentleman seems to wish to avoid the spotlight. Walking straight to him, I'll give Sajan <Saje> a bear hug, lifting him off his feet for just a moment. Indeed, friend. I believe that Mr Lorrimar set us all upon our path. Ones we aspire to reach, and yet walk in dignity each day. He was a great men among great men.

Releasing him, he turns and sees the tunning, Miss Aemrellara, walks over and gently takes her hand and humbly kisses it (if she allows it). And I would fear not, young lady. I know thine songs decend like a holy, sweet rain upon the soul. He told me himself that your tender singing and mastery of music soothed him when he needed it most, and I'm certain he would love to hear it all, but one more time., with a gentle smile.

Stepping over to embrace and take Marzio's hand, And you sir, I still await to join me on Crusade against the foul beasties of the World Wound. We could always use another holy warrior of the Inheritor.

Unless of course, you are also a fellow crusader. . .?

Again, stepping over, and taking her hand (if allowed), gently for a gentleman's kiss upon Lady Jaylen's young hand, with a bow. I, . . . have we met, young one? Did you know the Professor? Thou seem somewhat familiar to me, though I can not place it, save those eyes. You couldn't have been more than a double hand-full of moons, . . . with a sorrowful look at Miss Kendra,when I left.

Female Elf Bard 1

The elf accepts Raven Knight's kiss only on the hand though :) smiling in return "Now you are flattering me mylord.Maybe i'll stop in town for some days to rest and search for another employer,with the favor of the Savored Sting.I'ld love to let you enjoy a performance of mine"

Male Aasimar Paladin 1

Marzio gives Raven Knight a powerful shake of hands in return "My brother-in-arms,it shall be my pleasure to assist you in your quests against the demonic hordes,but we have more urgent issues at hand now.We'll talk later"

Raven Knight said he cannot open the last link,so i linked another site.

Kendra accompanies you for a few steps,when Ancestor's Walk crosses The Dreamwake.You are now in a 20 ft large crossroad whose surface is dirt and scattered pebbles;on your left the same row of grave vaults you just walked over.
Looking down along the Dreamwake path you notice a small group of people waiting around a large,fine crafted wooden coffin.

The professor's daughter keeps walking toward the new group,and the coffin.
While closing with the other people,she nods toward the most close to the coffin while resuming speaking with you:"Mylords and Ladies,allow me to introduce Coucilman Vashian Hearthmount,Coulcilman Gharen Muricar,tavernkeeper Zokar Elkarid and his son Pevrin,and the town's apothecary Jominda Fallenbridge"

There are others here,besides the one Kendra introduced;common farmers,housewives and fishers,they pass almost anonymously.
All in all there are about fifteen people waiting at the coffin.

This fat,advanced in age man is staring at the coffin,his head low.
He is dressed elegantly,in black and dark grey coat and trousers.
He doesn't seem to notice any of the newly arrived,clad in armors and weapons,travelers.

At his side a much thinner,which also appears a bit younger, man dressed almost the same as the fat councilman nearby.
He nods toward you slightly uttering a "hi"

You can tell from what Kendra just said that the larger one is Coucilman Vashian Hearthmount and the thinner is Coucilman Gharen Muricar

The local taverkeeper,Zokar Elkarid is at the right of the two coucilmen;
he is wearing a much more common peasant's outfit,surely most suitable for serving at a taver's tables than to a funeral.He is staring at the coffin with his eyes low.
At is right a kid,probably in his eraly teens.

At the left of the coucilmen,a good looking,maybe about thirty years old human woman.She is quite well dressed too,with knee-high leather boots,dark long skirt and coat.
She wears her wavy,brown hair long at the shoulders,despite her elegant appearence,she is also mostly ignoring you.

Soon after she has introduced the other people presents,Kendra again turns to you all.She seems hesitant is saying what she is going to.
"I...tried to convince the council or the other resident,but they said it's tradition the guests act as pallbearer;the councilmen are too old or too few,and Father Grimburrow and the gravediggers are already waiting along the Eversleep path,at the burial site.I have no choice but ask some of you to take the coffin yourself.We need from a minimum of four to a maximum of six bearers"

Ma che gran put*****a.....haemh sorry :)

Male Aasimar Paladin 1

Obviously, I offer myself without hesitation.

Female Elf Bard 1

"Physical strength isn't my forte, but if some of these muscular-looking gentlemen helps this frail elf,i'll surely not refuse a last courtesy to an old friend"

Male Human Evoker (Admixture)
Lvl 2 HP:12/12 - AC:12 T:12 FF:10 - Perception +2 - Saves: F: +2 R: +2 W: +6 - CMB: +1 -CMD: 13

The light framed human, puts his travel bag on the ground and steps forward hesitantly and unconsciously rolls up his sleeves.

"I am certainly not the strongest of us here, but it would be an honor to be able to assists in the processions."

Dark Archive

Male Human Cleric 1

As I said Miss Kendra, I am at your service for anything you require. I shall gladly do this for you, and count it an honor to be of sservice once more. I'll also walk towards the coffin, for the first time, and place a hand on top. Bowing my head, I shall have a brief conversation, offer prayers, and say my goodbyes.

Female Elf Bard 1

Aemrellara had tied her mule to a nearby tree,then dropped her backpack among the rest of her gear already on the animal's back.
In answer,the mule shook his head quickly a couple of times.
The elf soothed the animal with a few whispered words I'll be right back and a few pats.

Then she stood by the coffin, evaluating its weight.
"In theory with the four of us we should be fine, but i wouldn't count on my back for such hard work.Maybe we can have the assistance of at least another worker? Jaylen, what about you?"

Jaylen watches on, bemused, as the cleric takes her hand. She neither offers nor retracts it, merely allowing it to be taken, as though it's a new thing for her. As the cleric straightens, she looks him in the eyes, as if searching for motive.
"You don't know me. I don't know you." For a heartbeat, the girl's eyes flick to Aemrellara. "As the elf said, the professor needed a guide for an extended trip. I was that guide." Once again, her words are measured, to the point; a complete contrast to the speech of the man who stands before her. There's no hostility or confrontation in her tone.
Upon arriving at the main group, she introduces herself to those gathered there and then steps over to the coffin, to pay her respects. Curiously, as she stands there, she looks not at the coffin but to the sky.
Once done, she turns to the elf "Of course I'll help. That does mean we are five so we'd need one other, unless an odd number of bearers is customary around here." She looks to Kendra for an answer.

"I'm so terribly sorry it must fall entirely on you.I think the Mr Marzio,Mr.Sajan,Mr.Raven and Mrs.Aemrellara can distribute the weight of the fore most part of the coffin, so Mrs.Jaylen can support the rear herself."

Kendra pauses in embarassment for having had to ask this heavy work on you
then she resume speaking "I swear i'll see that all of you have a well deserved rest after this"

Not only you have been railroaded into arriving late and not having the time to search for an accomodation,but you must also take a coffin along a graveyard because the resident are too tired ???????????????

Ma chi scrive ste ca****e? haehmm, double sorry :)

Male Aasimar Paladin 1

non vi preoccupate per questo lady Kendra. sono felice di poter esservi d'aiuto in questo triste momento

the last post means "don't worry lady kendra.I'm happy being able to be of help in such sad moment"

Male Aasimar Paladin 1

sorry I did a bit of confusion with the "copy and paste"

Dark Archive

Male Human Cleric 1

I can take the load for two, milady, with pride.

Dark Archive

Male Human Cleric 1
Lorrimor Kendra wrote:
"I'm so terribly sorry it must fall entirely on you.I think the Mr Marzio,Mr.Sajan,Mr.Raven and Mrs.Aemrellara . . .

My real name isn't "Raven" or "Knight", as much as that is my title. I jsut haven't come up with a name yet. :), and that is to be a portion of my backstory. :)

OK, don't really know how to handle the next pieces of info.It should be a secret of the AP, but i know some of you already have the modules and probably already know it.Before making any decision you should probably know these bits of info, but i'm not sure you want to, so will put them in a spoiler,up to you if you want to read them;Aemrellara'll behave as she doesn't know

useful hints:

The main quest (The Haunting of Harrowstone) is on a time limit.Don't worry it is expressed in days (won't tell how many)rather than hours.Of course failing in resolving the main goal of THoH will result in really bad ending.

If you click on my DM avatar you'll see a "trust score" which measures how much the PCs are liked (or hated)by Ravengro's population.You start with a score of 20 (disliked), but lose one point x day if you don't do anything to raise it.A lower trust score results in penalties to Diplomacy checks,worst commercial transactions and can go as far as "angry mob assaults the chars".Of course a higher score gives opposites results (better prices,bonuses to social interactions,allies and so on) but you must discover how to raise it.

Female Elf Bard 1

"No disregards meant Mr. Raven.I'm sure you are stong enough,we simply like to help.Will give you a shout if i think i'm going to give up."

Also, i had quite understood "raven knight" would not be a name,but don't know how to address you :)

I'll assume for the next scene that all chars are busy with the coffin.Anyway the following text won't include how many PCs have their hands full,so if someone wants to call him/her out it can be done.

Once the coffin has been raised,its weight carefully distributed among the pallbearers,the procession slowly begins moving,the residents following the coffin and Kendra.The mourners walk along the gravel and dirt path known as the Dreamwake,which is almost 200 ft long and bends a couple of times admist the tombstones.

After few minutes of a slow pace you come in sight of the crossroad with the Eversleep path which has a large family vault on its right,with a small grassy yard exiting from the main path and leading to its main doors.

But it isn't the sight of the crossroad or the nearby tomb which causes Kendra to suddenly stop.
A small mob,about a dozen men, is standing in the middle of the intersection,all armed with pitchforks,spades and shovels.They all wear normal workers outfit,and all seems nervous, if not outright angry.
The one closer to the point the Dreamwake joins the Eversleep steps forward,he is one of the taller and larger,maybe not one of the younger of the group.

Kendra looks at the man stepping outside the rest of the crowd,her expression worried "Gibs...Gibs Hephenus right?What do you want?What is this all for?"

The tough answers the girl in a harsh tone "That is far enough.We have been talking,and we don't want Lorrimor buried in the Restlands.You can take him upriver and bury him there is you want,but he ain't going in the ground here"

This dialogue is meant to end in a fight, if you let Kendra finish her speech.If you want to jump in you may do so during the exchange between Kendra and Gibs,but you need a good Diplomacy -2 (failure result in a fight).We can discuss in OOC to find an agreement between the char on how to handle the encounter,but of course it has to be resolved soon.I'll wait one turn of posting from everyone before advancing to the next phrase.

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