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Gandal's Carrion Crown AP

Game Master Gandal

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This will be the real thread for OOC discussion,the other thread's name was ridicoulos.

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

For ease of reference here is a copy of char creation rules:
Level 1
max starting HP
max starting gold (you can buy scrolls/potions of course level 0/1 spells only)
25 points buy (no stat below 6 or above 18 AFTER race modifiers)
no evil alignments
two traits,your pick,one must be from the CC player guide,traits must be from different categories too (no both combat or social etc. etc.).

Background must specify that the party already worked and traveled together and must have connection/friendship with professor Petros Lorrimor

After some rethinking I decided to go full arcane caster, more likely than not a human wizard with either a school specialization of evocation or abjuration.

Shadow Lodge

Sounds good. Did we ever get a 5th player?

So, here is what we are looking at so far.

Benoit = Human Evoker or Abjurer
Me = Assimar/Human Cleric (LG or NG)
Verisim = Human(?) Rogue

Dark Archive

Male Human 1st Level Cleric

Human Rogue, Still working on back story. Also, I wont be able to read CC until the morning due to internet restrictions.

Shadow Lodge

In case you can't download it,

With as many Sczarni on the streets and highways of
Ustalav as there are, it’s not surprising that the nation
teems with con artists, pickpockets, thugs, and thieves.
No Sczarni caravan is complete without a number of
rapscallions ready to play their role in separating their
mark from his money, whether through deception, quick
fingers, or violence. Despite the myriad problems plaguing
the people of Ustalav, many citizens see the actions of the
Sczarni as a pressing concern, and view members with
warranted suspicion. At the same time, with as many
mysteries and secrets as haunt the country’s nights, it
often falls to skillful investigators, detectives, courtiers,
and common folk familiar with the ways of the shadowed
streets to bring the truth to light. Sometimes, in the course
of exploration or research, Professor Lorrimor would hire
a rogue or two to help defuse traps or procure difficult
to obtain information, the most efficient of which he
remained in contact with after the job was done.
Recommendations: Rogues of all sorts can be found in
Ustalav, but members of the class with the Acrobat, Burglar,
Cutpurse, Rake, and Thug archetypes are most common
and will find their talents particularly helpful in the
Carrion Crown Adventure Path. Suggested skills include
Disable Device, Knowledge (local), Knowledge (nobility),
and Stealth.

Ustalav’s legacy and identity are inseparable from the fact
that Ustalav was the cradle that spawned one of the most
powerful wizards of all time, the dreaded Whispering
Tyrant, Tar-Baphon. Although he was long ago imprisoned,
the arcane lore amassed by his servants and the crusaders
who rallied against him remains alive in modern Ustalav,
albeit often buried in dusty libraries and tombs scattered
across the land. Many wizards travel to the region in
search of ancient lore or artifacts or to teach or study at the
various universities and isolated monasteries that dot the
countryside. Himself a devout scholar, Professor Lorrimor
found it easy to relate to wizards, and he held many as close
friends, colleagues, and competitive rivals.
Recommendations: While wizards specializing in
any arcane school will find the opportunity to shine in
the Carrion Crown Adventure Path, those who devote
their study to abjuration, divination, evocation, and
necromancy will fit well with the themes and plot of the
campaign. Enchanters and illusionists may find that
many of their talents go unused throughout the Adventure
Path. Wizards who take familiars may consider any of
the options in the core rules as appropriate. Suggested
skills include Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (planes),
Knowledge (religion), Linguistics, and Spellcraft.

The Traits -

Chance Savior::
Saved Prof's life, +2 trait bonus on
Initiative checks.

Subject of Study::
you studied a creature that attacked you, +1 bonus on damage rolls against creatures of this type, like Ranger Favored Enemy.

Inspired by Greatness::
Prof inspired you, +1 caster level to one spell.

Making Good on Promises::
You where scared you might have to repay the Prof., +2 trait bonus on saves vs Fear

On the Payroll::
Prof hired you, get extra 150 GP starting cash

Teacher’s Pet::
Prof was a personal tutor, +2 on one Knowledge skill, and it is a Class Skill

I'll probably go with "On the Payroll", just because absolutely none of these inspire me at all. I always thought they where all pretty much crap, but that's just me. I'm all for personalizing the character, but these are dumb. :)

Shadow Lodge

Humans dominate Ustalav’s population, and among them
most are ethnic Varisians whose ancestors also called the
land home. Whether nobles clinging to the few drops of
blood that grant them a claim—albeit a distant one—to
the Ustalavic aristocracy, or stoic peasants struggling to
make ends meet in the unforgiving countryside, heritage
and history are incredibly important to Ustalavs. Allmodern Ustalavs feel directly connected through familial
ties to the centuries of torment at the Whispering Tyrant’s
hands and share an inherited acceptance of a life of struggle
and suffering. Among the populace’s Varisian ethnicity are
communities of nomads who travel as far as the Varisian
coast, and the wandering Sczarni, who are scorned even by
many fellow Varisians for their stereotypical unscrupulous
ways. Both unsettled groups are typically considered
backward and dangerous, and are thus treated as secondclass
citizens. In addition, those humans of Kellid decent
are treated with contempt, especially in the north, where
they are negatively associated with the barbarian tribes of
Numeria, the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, and the fallen
realm of Sarkoris. Despite their relegation to second-class
citizenship, Kellids are nevertheless common throughout
Ustalav, and the monolithic remnants of their shamanistic
society from before the arrival of the Varisians can still be
found throughout the region.

Dark Archive

Male Human 1st Level Cleric

Ok, so I am working on my equipment. I have no idea how armed is to armed or what adventuring equipment I should bring. So far I have decided on 4 daggers, 2 daggers, punching 1 rapier 1 short bow and 20 arrows.

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

@Beckett: I asked a RL friend of mine (also an end-stage gaming addict and a fan (read "he exclusively plays") of aasimar pallys) if he wanted to join,but his problem is he isn't very good at english,and he is afraid this would spoil his and our fun.
The AP is built for 4 PC's,so i'ld try to begin with what we have.
If you think 4 are too few i'll recruit again.

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

@Verisim: When buying weapons remember that at low levels you don't need a lot of weapons.If you plan on going two weapons fighting don't overload yourself with throwing daggers if you buy also a bow (that is a far better ranged weapon).Remember that weapons weight a lot,once you add the load of armor,backpack,lockpicking tools,clothing and a lot of smaller gear you end easily in the 60-70 lbs range.How much strength you are planning to buy? You need also a lot of dexterity and intelligence, and a rogue needs mobility.

Gandal: will we suffer unduly if we don't have a front-line fighter?

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

As long as you have some melee ability i see no need for the tipical fighter in heavy armor and tower shield.Of course lesser HP and lower AC mean you'll need more healing power.
Let's see what PC's are being built so far:
Beckett - Cleric (can stand up in melee,very good healing)
Verisim - Rogue?(good melee support,cannot stand up on his own,damage dealer)
Benoit - Wizard(cannot enter melee,maximum damage dealing from a distance)
MacFetus - still thinking

I'm going quite fast in reading throu the first book,hope to have gameplay up for this weekend (but take your time with the chars,no need to hurry)

Dark Archive

Male Human 1st Level Cleric

Im not finding any character sheet with the rogues suggested Knowledge (nobility) on it. Is it a sub-class of one of the other ones?

Shadow Lodge

Classes have two different sets of skills. Class Skills and Cross-Class Skills, typically broken up by what the base class is assumed to be good at.

The only difference is, that IF you have a Rank in a Class Skill, you get an additional +3 bonus to that skill, (when you put the first Rank in it). You do NOT get that +3 Bonus if it is a Cross Class Skill.

If at a later point in time is Becomes a Class Skill, you retroactively get that +3 Bonus, such as Multiclassing.

So, if you want to take Know: Nobility, just put a Rank in it. Keep in mind, as a Rogue, there are a lot of Skills you will want, but you also have a lot of Points.

Dark Archive

Male Human 1st Level Cleric

Im not seeing Nobility on the sheet is the issue. I see Arcana, Religion, Local, ect. But no 'Nobility'. Should I just write it in?

Edit: Found It, The sheets from the beginners box are not as in-depth as the one I have just found on the website.

Verisim raises an important point: there are a few differences between Beginners Box rules and full PF rules; I doubt very much that it'll come up but, if it does, which rules are we using?

I've decided on a ranger of some sort. This'll give us cleric, rogue, wizard and ranger: a good combination, I would have thought. We'll need someone to max out the diplomacy skill, tho.

Will have it up tomorrow.

Male Human Evoker (Admixture)
Lvl 2 HP:12/12 - AC:12 T:12 FF:10 - Perception +2 - Saves: F: +2 R: +2 W: +6 - CMB: +1 -CMD: 13

Hey guys, this will be the profile for my human evoker. I will start filling out the stat block tomorrow. We didn't have internet in the office today so I couldn't do much, and to be honest a bit too tired right now to finish up a character and backstory. But he should be done by tomorrow night.

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

I don't have the BB, i thought we were using PF standard rules. As for the knowledge nobility, the rogue doesn't have it as a class skill.

Shadow Lodge

I don't have the BB either. I am not actually sure what is left out of the BB, but I do know that Attacks of Opertunity is not in it, and I'm guessing that they left out some skills.

I'm trying to link the character sheet, and also if anyone wants, I can Email an editable PDF of the character sheet, too.

Sovereign Court

Male Human Level 1 Rogue

I have been taking the time to read the standard rules. They are much more in depth, but I shoul have a solid rogue within a day or two.

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

I'm almost done in reading the necessary to start the game.If you think i should search a 5th player maybe it is the right time to tell.
I admit i wouldn't mind using a PC of mine as a 5th PC/NPC if you trust a GM using PC of his in the same campaign.

I'm good either way (either your friend coming in or you playing a 5th pc/npc).

Back in the days that I used to DM I would have NPCs come into the party on a regular basis, which in all fact they were really character concepts I always wanted to try.

Just as a note, this week-end I won't be posting too much as it is my wife's b-day and were are going on a small trip to celebrate, so posting might either be erratic or non-existent until sunday afternoon/night.

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

NP benoit, i'm not at the keyboard for much time myself during weekends.

Shadow Lodge

I'm good either way as well. I personally like to use an NPC as a "character" when I DM sometimes, as it lets me have the pleasure of playing as well, so I have no issues if you want to.

I'm going to really try to work out a character tonight. I have the idea, it is more just getting to sit down and type it all out. . .

I am thinking of trying to go for Diplomacy, Know History, Know Religion, Sense Motive, and one or two other skills. Any preferences?

PS, tell her Happy Bday, and I hope you both have safe trip.

Gandal: I think a fifth character takes the pressure off us to optimise our characters and gives us a bit of scope to play about a bit with our builds. For example, in my tabletop Kingmaker game, I'm playing a priestess with ranks in Profession: groom. As such, her role is to look after the mounts; it's all fluff but it adds to her as a character. In fact, it's because we had a fifth character that I could play a priestess (3rd-party class: think divine wizard) at all. :)

Beckett: Heal. Linguistics.

Regarding the Knowledge skills, I suggest that we try to cover all the options:

I'll be putting at least a rank into: dungeoneering, geography and nature.
Beckett: history, religion, nobility?
Sekt: local?
Benoit: arcana, engineering, planes?

This way, we at least get to roll on whatever the subject is.

Good/bad idea?

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

This party seems to be lacking a female char and a face char, so i was thinking to a hot elf chick bard (core bard,no archetype).

@Benoit, tell your wife Buon Compleanno (Happy Birthday) from me too.

Female Elf Bard 1

This is the GM PC/NPC char.She is lacking some feat and equip and backstory,but things have been quiet the last few days,so i took it a little slack as well.

Hey guys thanks for the wishes, I told her and she said thanks in reply.

As for the skillset in Knowledge I have: Arcane,Religion, Planes,Dungeoneering and Linguistics as well

Female Elf Bard 1

Almost finished here.Put no ranks in any knowledge,since as a bard she can roll all knowl. skills untrained and has the bardic knowledge class feature.

Welcome back Benoit,hope you had a nice trip.

Hopefully, you're not *too* tired, Benoit. :P


Presenting Jaylen. The crunch is done but the background is still on paper; will add it later/tomorrow.

Oh, in the interest of the game, would the other players not click on the profile: I'd rather reveal things within the game. Cheers.

I'm ready to go. :D


Something for the DM?

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

OK,am talking with that friend, and he is again saying he is in.So i'm not sure whether my bard will play,am helping him in building a Aasimar Paladin.

Again Gandal here,with the account of that other guy.
Char will follow soon.

Male Aasimar Paladin 1

Hello guys,(still Gandal).This is the paladin of that friend of mine,the stat block is still partially in Italian.He would like to keep it that way,and i'm looking how to solve this.Of course you should be able to read it too,will probably write to set of statistics.

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

Already saw that link MacFetus,but my problem is the absence of subtitles (my spoken english isn't as good as my written, sadly).
Your Ranger alias isn't going to change avatar image?

Dark Archive

Male Human Cleric 1

Just curious, why does he have Infernal rather than Celestial as a language?

I also think our characters might be very similar. . .

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38
The Raven Knight wrote:

Just curious, why does he have Infernal rather than Celestial as a language?

I also think our characters might be very similar. . .

He said "know your enemy" :)

Dark Archive

Male Human Cleric 1

What I mean is, Aasimar get Celestial for free.

Two Aasimar kind of ruins it, so I went with human. Mostly done. I need a background, but I have the idea in my head, just have to type it up.

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

Right,forgot to check for info on the race,will add celestial too.
But you were first, so it should be fair he changes race.
Also,do you think my elf bard can still play or 6 are too much ?

Dark Archive

Male Human Cleric 1

I am fine being Human. I've also already redone the character, so don't worry. :) I'm not angry.

Honestly, I not sure if the Bard would be needed. I do not have any issues if you want to play the Bard, just not sure if it may overshadow someone else.

I did pick up Know Religion and History, Heal, Sense Motive, and Diplomacy. I will probably take Know Nobility as well, as I get a bonus there.

The idea I have for my character is a gothic-type, sort of using the powers of darkness to fight the dark. I'm thinking of a vigilanty charcter, perhaps similar to Batman (in idea, not a copy-cat of Batman). I see a strong warrior, something of a party face, in ways similar to a paladin, just with a different code. I want to play with a little bit of condradiction, or duality with the character. I want to look evil and menacing, but have a heart of gold and a good deal of empathy/sympathy. I want to appear cold-hearted, but be a bit of a romantic/idealist. Etc. . .

Gandal wrote:
Already saw that link MacFetus,but my problem is the absence of subtitles (my spoken english isn't as good as my written, sadly).

Aw, well. It was worth a try. :)

Gandal wrote:
Your Ranger alias isn't going to change avatar image?

Nah, I'm gonna stick with this avatar; I'm the only person to use it and it's very easy to find in a long thread. I'll (hopefully) build up the picture of Jaylen with words, as the game goes on. if you like, I can do a search and find an image that comes close.

G: I don't think having the bard stick around will be too much of an issue. You could just use her to support us when we're having trouble and also to offer helpful hints when we're stuck.

B: 2 Aasimars wouldn't be a problem; you could always say you came to Golarion together (I take it they're not native?) If you revere the same god, it makes even more sense.

Do we have a start date yet?

When I created my character, we didn't have a front-line fighter so I skewed my skills towards melee. Now we have a paladin and a combat cleric, should I make missile combat my focus as we don't have too much in that regard? I'd still fight hand-to-hand when needed but I'd focus on missile feats.

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

Well at this time i'll probably leave the bard out, it will lighten my load.Will eventually look for another campaign to fit her.

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38
Jaylen wrote:

Do we have a start date yet?

I have to do some work on the paladin's stats,i'm almost ready to start otherwise.Probably tomorrow or for Wednesday at the most.Not sure where to take the maps though.The AP doesn't give all of the encounter maps, will have to start looking into maptools,have it but never really needed to look too deeply at how it works.

Hey guys, I am spending most of my time today working on a proposal for a client but hopefully I will be done most of the number crunching (I am just missing a feat) this evening with a backstory that fits me with the group campaign.

Sorry for the delay

Dark Archive

Male Human Cleric 1
Jaylen wrote:

B: 2 Aasimars wouldn't be a problem; you could always say you came to Golarion together (I take it they're not native?) If you revere the same god, it makes even more sense.

Do we have a start date yet?

To me the appeal is being slighlty different. Unique and rare. Having two in the party, not to mention the city pushes that too far. Don't worry. Like I said, I am not angry at all.

P.S. How do you say Cleric, Aasimar, Celestial, and Holy/Divine in Italian?


Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

From left to right: chierico celestiale aasimar sacro/divino (or divina if the subject is female)

Shadow Lodge

:) thank you.

Hey guys stat crunch is done, traits and feats selected. Too tired to do backstory, but should be ready to play anytime tomorrow.

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38

Gameplay is up.
I'll need to put other intro posts,and anyway it seems like not all PCs are ready yet.

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