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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


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Gandal's Carrion Crown AP

Game Master Gandal

Current Characters

Vencarlo Orinsini
Benoit Leblanc

(59 posts)

Male Mazinger-type Fan of Go Nagai level 38
(2,156 posts)
Anxious Buyer

(189 posts)

(17 posts)
Grand Lodge Aemrelara

Female Elf Bard 1

played by Ishmell (36 posts)

Female Elf Bard 1

played by Gandal (13 posts)

Catees Greenbranch

Male Elf Magus 1

played by Jestem (4 posts)
Verrin Tieruk
Councilman Gharen Muricar

played by Gandal (2 posts)
Councilman Vashian Hearthmount

played by Gandal (4 posts)
Black Dragon
DM Ankoku DaiShogun

played by Gandal (370 posts)
Truthspeaker Akram
Father Vauran Grimburrow

played by Gandal (3 posts)

played by McFetus (121 posts)
Jominda Fallenbridge

played by Gandal (1 post)
Marzio Vinicio di Almas

Male Aasimar Paladin 1

played by Talandir (129 posts)
Korvosian Wizard
Mrs Kendra Lorrimor

played by Gandal (33 posts)
Guard Captain Blacklock
Dark Archive The Raven Knight

Male Human Cleric 1

played by Beckett (74 posts)
Baron Galdur Vendikon
Sajan Barid Suyyddhaan

Male Human Evoker (Admixture)
Lvl 2 HP:12/12 - AC:12 T:12 FF:10 - Perception +2 - Saves: F: +2 R: +2 W: +6 - CMB: +1 -CMD: 13

played by Benoit Leblanc (96 posts)
Zokar Elkarid
Zokar Elkarid

played by Gandal (1 post)

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