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Gameday 6 Prince of Augustana (Inactive)

Game Master Gummy Bear

This is the recruitment thread for 0-13 The Prince of Augustana, a 1-5 adventure. It will be run in classic mode (not core).

There are currently three spots reserved, so I will be taking two more players. Should any of the reserved spots drop, they will open up to everyone else. Spots will be filled via lottery with a GM veto in the name of party balance. Currently, the reserved seats have not chosen their characters.

UPDATE: One reservation has dropped. Now recruiting for three more players.

I would be interested in participating. I can bring a melee hunter or arcanist to the party, both 1st level.

The Exchange

Ole' Smiley is interested, yar!

Other chars available if a specific need or level range is desired.

Sovereign Court

Mort here is interested... level 2 Slayer.

I'd love to play. I'm looking at making a new level 1. Either a bard, druid or swashbuckler. Whatever the group needs.

Grand Lodge

I'm interested in running this with my level 2 archaeologist bard.

Well folks, your chances are all improving! Down to 1 reserved spot. I'll let this sit a day or so to give our friends in different time zones a chance to see it before I close off recruitment.

Dark Archive

I'm trying to find a spot for my first PbP campaign, if you're welcome to a new player. I'd be rolling a level 1 Brawler.

The Exchange

I'll give my place in line to Tita's character if I may.

If there's still room I can fill just about any role needed.

All my reserved seats dropped, and 5 of you have expressed interest. I'm going to call it here since all timezones have had a day to see this. Welcome aboard everyone! Please dot into gameplay, respond to the discussion prompt, and read my profile.

The Exchange

Slayer, Bard, Brawler, bard/druid/swashbuckler, and flexible.

Sounds like a Cleric might be in order. I'll summon The Herald from his tomato-soaked soapbox into the Gameplay thread.

Phew, I nearly forgot about this thread! It's about time I made a wizard. I'll whip him up in time for this game.

Scarab Sages

Barbo Beezle, reporting for duty! (EwokBanshee's Wizard) I'll be sure to fill out his profile prior to the 6th.

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