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Galahad's Carrion Crown AP (Team Brawn) (Inactive)

Game Master Galahad0430

Carrion Crown AP (Team Brawn)

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Once I get home from work in a few hours I'll re-do Akydi. Gonna take Cosmopolitan as my local feat, but I think I'll rename it to somethin more befiting of a Varisian wanderer.

You want us to move this to the discussion thread or keep it here for now?

Sovereign Court

you can go to discussion thread

Galahad0430 wrote:
@ Waltz...That is fine, make him up so I can double check him.

It might be a bit late, but I saw that you probably already had your three so I didn't jump on the character creation thinking you were full up.

However I did enjoy making this character and I felt like throwing her out there for you in case for some reason one of your players drops out or you feel like bumping your party up to 7 or something.

I had a lot of fun with it, so even if I don't get to play I had fun making her and fleshing out her out backstory so I'll probably use her in something else if your full up.

Sovereign Court

Kayela, everything looks good. Welcome aboard. Go to the gameplay thread and read up to the point we are at so you know whats going on.

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