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GM Xzaral's PFS Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment - Red Team (Inactive)

Game Master Xzaral

The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment

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Grand Lodge

Male Half-elf HP 103/103 AC(36*) Touch 13 Flat 25; F+15 R+9 W+15(+2 ench) INIT+4 Perc+19 CMB+12 CMD+25 Lion Shaman 10/Samurai 1 {haste, barkskin, FoM rez fire30, PvE }. Kirrah AC(33). HP 59/89 {haste, barkskin, longstrider, rez fire30, PvE xGWM 20hrs}

"Also, we came to learn meditation techniques and now I fear some of what we had recorded holds the taint of Dakang. Would you be able to recall any of the methods or practices before Dakang's arrival so we may adjust our notes?"

Grand Lodge

Male Gnome Bard (archaelogist) 2

Keebler smiles at the guardians, "Gristav is correct. It is not your possession we seek, except maybe those scales, but your knowledge. There are more like us, eager to learn of Korada and your homage to him. Open you doors to them as you did to us and perhaps together we can set these people on the correct path to true enlightenment."

Liberty's Edge

Male Half-elf Magus (Staff Magus, Hexcrafter)

"Let us hope we might reconstitute from the villain's vault and the library's larder, a true testament. I offer what help I can. I can think of no worthier purpose, and in any case, we cannot return with confused lies when the truth waits to be assembled."

Male Demigawd Nerd 5, Dungeon Master 6, RPGA GM 2, PFS GM 1

"Of course, we will help as we are able to honor your requests. May Korada's will truly be done now that this deception has been defeated."

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