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GM WhtKnt's Alternity: Perpetual Twilight

Game Master WhtKnt

A spacer's life is never easy, and doubly so in the Verge. If the kaa or the klicks don't get you, something else will. It takes nerves of steel to hurtle through the void in a tube of metal, exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations, and all that stuff.

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Lig'Tu smirks, closes the door with a slam for effect, and then returns to the group.

"Some sort of message." he says while holding it out to the group.

Rrin says, "The question is who knows we're here?"

"I assume if they wanted us dead they'd send a kill team not a message, so I believe we have time to read it." Alita attempts to load the message.

Male Sesheyan Tech Op / 1

"The wise ones know that the wild toroth will not hunt itself."

Dark Archive

Roll20 Maps: Carrion Crown || Giantslayer || Saltmarsh || Skull & Shackles || Weird War I

The holodisk is a palm-sized disk about 2 cm thick. It has a red button on the side. When you push the button, a tiny figure is projected from the disk to "stand" in your palm while the message is delivered.

"Greetings," the cloaked figure says. "I can only assume by now that you are aware of what we want. We desire only the artifact. You may keep the child. We will have it, one way or another. It gives us no pleasure to kill you, but if that is the only way to obtain the artifact, then so be it. You have one chance to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. One of you will bring the artifact to Sendir Park, level 195, at the statue of Warthen Hale. Be there at 0200. Come alone."

It is currently 1715 hours. Your hotel is only about a mile from the park.

"I do not like tiny cowards who hide behind light pictures. I think I would like to see what his spleen looks like."

Rrin says, "Obviously, that's asking someone to walk into a trap... but it's also more than a fair bit of time to set up our own ambush/trap... And I'm certainly not against turning things back on them. I'm sure we can leave at least one of them in good enough shape to answer some important questions."

He shrugs, "But then, I tend to prefer the sneaky, underhanded, strike-first sort of approach."

He frowns in thought for a moment, then looks back up at the others, "Of course, if they're busy setting up at the park, it might be an opportune time to check out the Docking Arm."

"Whatever we do, we should do so together. I guess the next question should be: Are any of you trained to fight?"

"I have basic firearms training, and have software to increase my capabilities if necessary. Though between your obvious muscle mass and what I have seen of Rrin's reflexes, I am likely the weak link here."

Male Sesheyan Tech Op / 1

"The hunter fights to live, it is the killer that lives to fight."

Rrin says, "I'm quick, sneaky, trained to fight and a fair pistol shot... Though if you've a Starfighter nearby, I'm a fair hand with those as well."

"So we should have a plan before we go, but first, this."

Lig'Tu takes the hologram recording and breaks it then deposits it in the sink and turns the water on over it.

"In case they were listening. Here is what we need. Ryn, I believe that we will need to make sure they aren't recording us. It wouldn't hurt if you could also deal with any eletronics or computer-related stuff. Choraak, can you take out people quietly? If so, we'll need to stop the kill team that will be waiting for us once we turn over the girl. Rrin, we'll need an escape plan, and a vehicle to transport our group plus the girl. As for me, I'm going to grab whoever meets us take them with us. They obviously won't be the person in charge, but they can tell us the person they talk to."

Dark Archive

Roll20 Maps: Carrion Crown || Giantslayer || Saltmarsh || Skull & Shackles || Weird War I

"What about me?" Rayshel pipes up. "I want to help, too!"

Male Sesheyan Tech Op / 1

"Quiet comes in many forms. If they plan to kill us, they do not plan it quietly, why should we? Where do we go after we turn over the child?"

"Young one, you can help by being an extra set of eyes. We will likely need to make sure that no one messes with our car, and you can help with that."

At Chroaak's comment, Lig'Tu will say "I'd prefer not to be arrested, all the same. Still, I like where your head is at. Once I grab the person meeting us, I will run to the vehicle and jump in. That reminds me, we should probably do something so that we can all talk to each other."

"If the worst comes to pass and I get killed or captured. Leave and don't look back. Get the girl someplace safe."

Male Sesheyan Tech Op / 1

"The hunter is confused. You said we needed to handle the men after we turned over the girl. But now you say to grab the girl back from the men, but to leave you behind? The worlds of metal and plastic are for more complicated than those of woods and stream."

"Sorry, I meant to say that we are going to show up, take the person who meets us, and question them about the girl, the necklace, and how this all came to pass."

Male Sesheyan Tech Op / 1

"And we're keeping the human girl, but leaving you behind?"

"Only if things go horribly wrong. If everything goes to plan, we're just going to take someone against their will and then question them hard."

Dark Archive

Roll20 Maps: Carrion Crown || Giantslayer || Saltmarsh || Skull & Shackles || Weird War I

So, assuming that we have a plan, then?

My plan is to go and snatch the person who is meeting us and then get them to give us information. I'd like to have the girl, Alita, and Rrin in the getaway vehicle, and since I'm assuming that Choraak can be sneaky if he needs to, I'd like to have him engage the killers/attack force likely waiting for us (I know that they're there because of every movie ever.) So we basically need to get a van or truck and then get everyone in position. Anyone have a different idea or plan or whatnot?

Male Sesheyan Tech Op / 1

We could just get out of Dodge. Lincoln found something interesting that none of us know about because he quit. Maybe we can steal that ship, if we knew about it.

The problem as I see it is that we don't have enough information to make that kind of play: we're going to be followed either way, so this way we can maybe learn something about the whole shebang. Besides, I'm assuming that stealing a starship is a pretty big deal. Probably not something we should take on lightly.

Dark Archive

Roll20 Maps: Carrion Crown || Giantslayer || Saltmarsh || Skull & Shackles || Weird War I

Yes, isn't it interesting that the human hasn't yet returned? <evil GM smirk>

Male Sesheyan Tech Op / 1

Yeah, but it's stealing from a dead guy, and we're saving his daughter, who is probably the rightful heir to the ship itself.

I can go either way.

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