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GM WhtKnt's Alternity: Perpetual Twilight

Game Master WhtKnt

A spacer's life is never easy, and doubly so in the Verge. If the kaa or the klicks don't get you, something else will. It takes nerves of steel to hurtle through the void in a tube of metal, exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations, and all that stuff.

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Dark Archive

Roll20 Maps: Carrion Crown || Giantslayer || Saltmarsh || Skull & Shackles || Weird War I

Like most people, you find yourself beginning your adventures in the Verge in the Tendril system.. You have arrived at the Lighthouse, a massive station run by the Galactic Concord, that is considered a neutral ground for anyone, regardless of religion, national origin, or species. It has only recently arrived in the Tendril system and is scheduled to remain here for two weeks to take on supplies and ingress new passengers.

You arrived on the same freighter that carries so many to their destiny among the stars. The trip had been long and boring, with little opportunity to stretch one's legs. It feels good to walk about.

Alita takes a look around, happy to stretch her legs and allow her eyes to focus on something more than a few metres away.


Male Human Diplomat (Free Agent)

Lincoln takes an extra 20 minutes after arrival to make sure every hair is in place, and that his outfit is without a wrinkle. Never know who you'll run into, and those tabloids are ruthless with any fashion faux-pas.

He then emerges into the Lighthouse pausing at the ramp a bit and looking both ways his ever bright smile gleaming, as he takes measure of the place... and if anyone recognizes him.

Rrin stretches himself out and sighs, Safe approach... How very boring.... Then again, I don't think that freighter could have pulled anything like a fun manoeuvre, even if it had a Pershala pilot and wanted to ignore the station regs....

He looks forward, and sighs (again) at the other passengers, as they slowly start to gather themselves rather than disembarking.

"Let's move, furless.. there's no fun to be had on the ship, so I'd like to get on station."

Place like this is sure to have a few odd jobs for someone like me...

Climing out of the airlock and unfolding himself stood one of the tallest Weren that people were likely to see. His reddish-brown fur was well maintained and he began stretching as he was finally able to stand properly.

"Who you calling furless runt?"

Rrin cocks his head, then looks up at the Weren and says dryly, "Well, as a guess, I'd say one of those pinkskins. The ones without fur... who were moving slow enough to prevent you from unbending.... or was that not obvious?"

"Fair enough. It is nice to be able to stand up straight. I thought I would be hunchbacked like an old human."

Do we know each other already, or area we about to engage in a touching a first meeting?

Dark Archive

Roll20 Maps: Carrion Crown || Giantslayer || Saltmarsh || Skull & Shackles || Weird War I

You've had time to chat briefly on the flight, but you aren't old friends.

Rrin chuckles, "I can see that... Human-built craft certainly aren't made for the likes of you..."

He shrugs, "They may be good at building them but they're lousy at flying..."

Dark Archive

Roll20 Maps: Carrion Crown || Giantslayer || Saltmarsh || Skull & Shackles || Weird War I

As you are getting your bearings, a human girl, her face buried in her hands, practically bumps right into Lig'Tu. She starts, particularly when she sees the size of the weren, and you can see that her face is wet with tears; tears that begin to flow again as she looks up at the massive figure before her. Judging by her size, you would guess her age to be roughly 10 years or so. She has tousled black hair and ice-blue eyes that are red from crying.

"What is your problem, human child?" says Lig'Tu as he gives her his best "Nice Person" smile. See my avatar pic for what it looks like =D

"Alright big guy, perhaps someone a little shorter, and with less... teeth, should do the talking." Alita drops to one knee beside the girl. "What's the matter, are you lost?"

Rrin sighs, Rescuing a teddy bear was not exactly the sort of job I was looking for... Still, I can think of worse things than having the Weren around as muscle...

He smiles and tries his best to look friendly and reassuring.

Dark Archive

Roll20 Maps: Carrion Crown || Giantslayer || Saltmarsh || Skull & Shackles || Weird War I

With a shudder, she turns from the weren to Alita. "My name is Rayshel," she sniffles. "I was s'pposed to meet my daddy here. Mommy put me on the shuttle an' told me that Daddy would be waiting for me. But I can't find him." She begins to sob uncontrollably.

"It's okay darling hush, I'll try and help you. What's your father's name?"

Dark Archive

Roll20 Maps: Carrion Crown || Giantslayer || Saltmarsh || Skull & Shackles || Weird War I

"Michael," she snuffles.

Alita takes a look around, she wasn't really in the business of finding lost fathers.
Is there any sort of reception/information desk/lost property office around?

Dark Archive

Roll20 Maps: Carrion Crown || Giantslayer || Saltmarsh || Skull & Shackles || Weird War I

There is an information desk nearby, yes.

"How about we go over there and see if anyone has seen your father." Alita speaks softly and reaches for the girls hand.

Male Human Diplomat (Free Agent)

Lincoln emerges from the shuttle fashionably late and sees the people he has met either abducting, or helping a little girl, and decides to get involved. After getting the scoop...

"Ah! I see little girl. Why were you and he here, and where and when did you last see him? Never fear for LINCOLN KENNEDY is here to save the day".

Dark Archive

Roll20 Maps: Carrion Crown || Giantslayer || Saltmarsh || Skull & Shackles || Weird War I

Rayshel is visibly confused by Lincoln's entrance and more than a little frightened. Before she can answer his questions, Alita takes her hand.

The child is led to the information desk, where the attendant puts out a call for a Michael, who may have lost a little girl named Rayshel. You scarcely have to wait a few moments before a man comes running up, out of breath. "Oh, thank the stars! You found her! I've been frantic! I was supposed to be here to meet her shuttle, but I got delayed.

"Michael Pasteur. I'm very pleased to make your acquaintance. I can't thank you enough. Come on, sweetie, let's go get you some ice cream."

Rayshel pulls closer to Alita. "That's not my daddy," she whispers.

Perception: 1d20 ⇒ 15

"Happy tidings on finding your cub. Why was she travelling without a guardian?"

"Are you sure? Why would he pretend so?" Alita tries to keep her voice low, so that 'father' can't hear.

Alita is being genuine when she asks if she's sure, she's vaguely aware that human children are raised by their parents, but Aleerin are raised by the community, she's been introduced to the people who supplied the genetic material, but she's not entirely sure she could pick them out of a crowd

Dark Archive

Roll20 Maps: Carrion Crown || Giantslayer || Saltmarsh || Skull & Shackles || Weird War I

Michael looks at the weren and replies, "My wife and I are separated. It's been a few years since I have seen Rayshel, and I finally convinced Susan to let her visit. Her mother put her on the shuttle and they took care of her until she reached the station, but I was delayed in getting here."

Rayshel looks at Alita with eyes brimming with tears. "Please." she whimpers. She pulls closer to the aleerin.

It's fairly clear that the man is not telling the whole truth. In addition, he smells wrong. Though his scent would not match hers, there should be some degree of overlap and in this case, there isn't.

Turning towards Rrin, Lig'Tu will ask "I don't really know how humans live, but is stealing someone else's cub wrong in human society?"

Rrin nods, "It is against the human laws, yes. I believe that when a kit is involved, it's considered worse than stealing a mate." He yawns, as if uninterested, then adds, "In fact, I believe the authorities would appreciate if someone were to subdue such a kit-thief, even if some harm were to befall the miscreant."

"Very well, then. What say you cub-thief? Why do you smell wrong?" Lig'Tu will begin stretching his arms while he waits for the man's reply.

Correct me if I'm wrong but in-system communication is fairly common and instant isn't it? Not sure how advanced the 'find someone' tech is, if we can just search on her name or if we need a contact number.

"Do you know how we can contact your mother? Maybe we can let her sort this out."

Male Human Diplomat (Free Agent)

Not sure if universal ID's exist or anything. If they exist Lincoln would ask for them to be presented, and that nothing is happening till the proper authorities are contacted for resolution.

"Oh Dear! I hope this situation doesn't turn unpleasant. I believe we can sort this all out, with a simple identification check. If everything matches up we'll be good to go. If not... well then we might have a problem".

Dark Archive

Roll20 Maps: Carrion Crown || Giantslayer || Saltmarsh || Skull & Shackles || Weird War I

"I-I've no idea what you mean about 'smelling wrong', but if it's identification you want," He produces an identification card that lists his name, Michael A. Pasteur, along with his age, a physical description, and a tiny holograph projector that displays a small, rotating hologram of him. The image is a near-perfect match.

"It's been about two years since she last saw me. Rayshel, sweetie, it's me. It's daddy."

Rayshel clings to Alita even more tightly.

"Cub, do you have your shuttle papers?"

If the man tries to approach the girl, Lig'Tu will simply growl at him.

Dark Archive

Roll20 Maps: Carrion Crown || Giantslayer || Saltmarsh || Skull & Shackles || Weird War I

She produces her boarding pass. It lists her name as Raychel Amanda Pasteur, aged 10 years. Special instructions: Flying unattended, in the care of the shuttle crew by arrangement. Father to meet her at the Lighthouse to take custody.

Alita looks at Lig'Tu "You're sure about the scent? I don't want to start interfering if the girl is merely confused?"

Is there any way to tell if the ID is falsified?

Lig'Tu chuckles and say "I sometimes forget how poor your small things senses are. Let me ask you this: are you sure about your right arm being attached to your body? because that is what you just asked me."

Lig'Tu will turn to the man and say "We should be able to clear this up just fine. We can just have the girl contact her birther and then she can tell us who you are. I am sure there is a fartalker here that would allow us to do so."

Dark Archive

Roll20 Maps: Carrion Crown || Giantslayer || Saltmarsh || Skull & Shackles || Weird War I

The ID looks genuine. If it is a forgery, it's a very good one. Not to say that it isn't, just saying that the workmanship is top-notch if it is. Make a Perception skill check with a +1d8 penalty.

"Look friends, I don't mean to be rude, but we have places to be. I've given you identification and she's shown her boarding pass. It's obvious that she's just a little confused is all. Rayshel, honey, I know that it's been a long time since you last saw me, but you're making these nice folks nervous."

The girl says nothing, but turns away from her father.

Perception: 1d20 + 1d8 ⇒ (14) + (3) = 17 Well that's a whole lot of no.

"Please, if we can just call her mother, it would set all our minds at ease."

Alita looks around for some sort communication access.

Perception to examine the id (I think this is how this works, but bear with me): 1d20 + 1d8 ⇒ (19) + (7) = 26

"I don't mean to be almost irresistible to women, but we are what we are. you smell like a liar, pretty words on paper or no, and the cub smells of fear. Weren cubs know their birthers and I would expect that humans are no different."

Leaning down close to the man to speak quietly, Lig'Tu will add

Speaking Quietly:

"Think really hard about your next words, as if they were your last. Are you really this cub's birther, or do you have another motive here? Do I have to pull off one of your legs to get the truth, or will you find your honor instead?"

Rrin suggests, "Surely a quick scan would show the truth of this -- either of the ID he's providing or, better still, genetics."

Dark Archive

Roll20 Maps: Carrion Crown || Giantslayer || Saltmarsh || Skull & Shackles || Weird War I

There is a communications hub nearby.

Michael straightens up and sighs, holding one hand to his head. "I don't know what else I can do to... oh hell!" He draws a mass pistol and points it at Lig'Tu. "Give me the child and everyone walks away from this."

A mass pistol is a powerful weapon that can inflict lethal wounds on even the mighty weren. All of you would be aware of this fact. It throws a short-lived singularity at its target, which causes horrible damage through tidal effects.

Amazing Phase
Rrin may act.

Good Phase

Ordinary Phase
Alita may act.
Michael may act.

Marginal Phase
Lincoln may act.
Lig'Tu may act.

Remember that your score determines in what phase you can first act. You may act once per phase, up to the maximum number of actions you have in a turn.

Dice Rolls:
Lig'Tu Action Check: 1d20 ⇒ 18 (12/11/5/2)
Alita Action Check: 1d20 ⇒ 6 (10/9/4/2)
Lincoln Action Check: 1d20 ⇒ 11 (11/10/5/2)
Rrin Action Check: 1d20 ⇒ 2 (16/15/7/3)
Michael Action Check: 1d20 ⇒ 7 (9/4/2)

"Honesty is honor, after a fashion." Says Lig'Tu, who then stops smiling and says "You're tiny peashooter won't save you either."

I can use Defensive Martial to Overpower, as I recall -- so that would let me try to restrain him without harming him?

Rrin begins to move as soon as the human raises his weapon, a growl in his throat, "That's not a scanner, stupid human." He lunges in an attempt to grab the man's arm and use his momentum to throw the man to the ground, while keeping the arm -- and gun -- in his hands. "..and in no way convinces us of your good intentions."

Dark Archive

Roll20 Maps: Carrion Crown || Giantslayer || Saltmarsh || Skull & Shackles || Weird War I

Yes, you can try to overpower him. Make a Defensive Martial Arts check with a +1 step penalty (so, 1d20+1d4). If successful, you have him on the ground. The quality of your success determines how strong your hold is. In any case, if he is on the ground, he suffers a +2 step penalty to all actions, in addition to any modifiers from your hold.

In Amazing Phase...

Martial Arts (defensive): 1d20 + 1d4 ⇒ (11) + (1) = 12

Dark Archive

Roll20 Maps: Carrion Crown || Giantslayer || Saltmarsh || Skull & Shackles || Weird War I

Rrin leaps at the man, throwing both to the ground, where Rrin sits atop him and presses his advantage.

Rrin has him down, but not pinned. You can use an action next phase (and you are the only one who can act next phase) to pin him. This is also a Defensive Martial Arts skill check, but because he is on the ground, you gain a -2 step bonus (so, 1d20-1d4).

Good Phase

Having thrown the man to the ground, Rrin quickly tries to use his weight to pin him, neutralizing the threat.

Defensive Martial Arts: 1d20 - 1d4 ⇒ (11) - (4) = 7

Nice. Extra level of success

"Stay down, stupid human. I guarantee that you'll prefer this to what the Weren would do to someone stupid enough to pull a gun on him."

Dark Archive

Roll20 Maps: Carrion Crown || Giantslayer || Saltmarsh || Skull & Shackles || Weird War I

You have him held. He isn't going anywhere. By the way, the reason it was only -1d4 bonus instead of -1d6 is because unarmed attacks always carry a +1d4 step penalty.

"Get off me, you overgrown housecat!" "Michael" struggles beneath Rrin's weight, but the Pershala has him pinned. Shortly thereafter, a pair of Concord Marines arrives to investigate the reports of a firearm. They can't help but snicker at the sight of the man sprawled on the ground.

Looking at the weren, one of them remarks, "Looks to me like we arrived just in time. Must be your lucky day, pal."

They lift "Michael" from the floor and put him in binders. Turning to the heroes, one of them says, "Thanks for your help. This could have been a very nasty situation."

"Michael" just scowls and spits, "I'm not the best, only the first! You'll see! Half the Galactic underworld wants that trinket she's wearing and they'll do almost anything to get it!"

I figured that was it -- but figured I was better to act quickly than to wait for a grappling buddy to revive the penalty... Plus, Rrin's confident.

So, free mass pistol, or was it "evidence"?

Alita had barely moved her arm towards her weapon in the time it took the Pershala to subdue the man. She indicates how impressive she is by raising an eyebrow a few millimetres.

"What trinket is he talking about, perhaps we need to finds somewhere more secure to keep you until we know more?"

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