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GM Valmoon's Skulls And Shackles #2 (Inactive)

Game Master Valmoon

The Wormwood - under construction:

A1 - Foredeck: This deck is raised above the main deck the bowspirit is shaped like a rearing dragon.
A2 - Reardeck: This portion of the deck protrudes forward of the mizzenmast holding the ship wheel.
A3 - Main deck: the mainmast is located here. This is where the group gets punished for not doing there job.
A4 - Officers Quarters: This is where several Officers sleep at night. (locked and trapped)
A4a - armory.
A4b - undiscovered
A5 - Captain's Cabin: This is the area that only the Captain is allowed. (locked and trapped)
A5a - undiscovered
A5b - undiscovered
A6 - The Cargo hold. The pigs are kept here. Owlbaer is also located here. Two light ballistas, a light catapult (disassembled) and, several barrels of oil.
A7 - Quartermasters and cook's cabin: Cut-Throat Grok and Kroop spend the night here.
A8 - Cooks shop: This is were the group preps the meals for the day.
A9 - Quartermasters Shop: Any and all items gathered in raids go here after the captains gone through it. (Your gear is here. Locked GM rolled %)
A10 - Crew Quarters: This is were the group sleeps.
A11 - Bilges: this foul damp place is rat infested and were People are chained up before there last punishment. (Jake was kept here.)



Leveling up:

PRD wrote:

First, select your new class level. You must be able to qualify for this level before any of the following adjustments are made. Second, apply any ability score increases due to gaining a level. Third, integrate all of the level's class abilities and then roll for additional hit points. Finally, add new skills and feats. For more information on when you gain new feats and ability score increases, see Table: Character Advancement and Level-Dependent Bonuses.

Hit Points: Take what ever is higher between the class average + 1 or a straight roll of the dice based on class. Please fallow the rest as listed above.

Oracle 1d8 = 7 vs 5
7 + con mod + exc
7 + 0 + 0 = 7 hit points for this level


Daily tasks

Swab Jobs:

1: Man The Bilges: Vile and sweaty work cleaning out the bilges.
DC 12 Strength check
DC 10 constitution or fatigued check.

2: Rat Catcher: Catching vermin below deck.
DC 10 Stealth, Survival or Dexterity Check

3: Swab The Decks: Backbreaking work mopping the decks and scrubbing them with sandstone blocks called holystones.
DC 10 Strength or Constitution check.
Failing either check results in Fatigue.

4: Hauling and Knot Work: Tying and untying knots in the ship's ropes and moving heavy coils of rope from one part of the ship to another.
DC 10 Profession(Sailor) or Strength check
DC 10 Constitution or Fatigued Check.

5: Runner: Passing messages to the crew and officers of the Wormwood in all parts of the ship.
DC 10 Acrobatics check
DC 10 Constitution or Fatigued Check.
A character with the Run feat or a Landspeed of 40 feet or more automatically succeeds.

6: Repairs: Things constantly tear or break aboard the ship and need repairs, whether sewing sails or splicing rope.
DC 10 Profession(Sailor) or Dexterity check

Rigger Jobs:

1: Rigging Repair: The ship's rigging frequently is damaged and needs repairs.
DC 10 Climb check(to 30ft)
DC 10 Profession(Sailor) or Dexterity Check

2: Line Work: Hard work hoisting and lowering sails.
DC 10 Profession(Sailor) or Dexterity check
DC 10 Constitution or Fatigue Check.

3: Upper Rigging: Work in the upper rigging.
DC 10 Climb Check(to 50ft)
DC 10 Profession(Sailor) or Dexterity check.

4: Rope Work: Handling the ship's ropes, including coiling, stowing and securing them to cleats and single bollards.
DC 10 Profession(Sailor) or Dexterity check.

5: Lookout: A climb to the crow's nest.
DC 10 Climb check(to 60ft)
DC 10 Perception Check.

6: Mainsail: Tough work raising and lowering the mainsail.
DC 10 Profession(Sailor) Check or Strength check
DC 10 Constitution or Fatigue Check.

Cook Jobs:

1 or 2: cooking: Assisting kroop in preparing the days meal.
If he's sober no check is required
If he's drunk a DC 10 profession(cook) or intelligence check

3: fishing: catching tonight supper using the ships nets.
DC 10 profession(Fisherman) or survival
failed checks result in a day in the bilges as punishment the following day.

4: turtle hunting: hunting leatherback sea turtles with harpoons, treble hooks and, nets.
DC 10 profession(fisherman) or survival check
failed checks result in a day in the bilges as punishment the following day

5: bull season: drinking with crop and listening to in stories.
Must drink an additional rum ration but, is able to make an additional ship action during the day .

6: special occasion: the captain is celebrating something special today and whats one of the ships pigs butchered and cooked for dinner.
DC 10 profession(cook) or survival check
If kroop is sober no additional check required
If kroop is drunk DC 15 professional(cook) or intelligence check


Ship Actions

In addition to your daily tasks, you have time to partake in additional activities. Each day allows for two Ship Actions - one during the day and one at night. Additionally, up to 2 additional actions may be taken during the dead of night, but at the risk of fatigue the next day.

Daytime Actions:

1: Work Dilligently: Gain a +4 bonus on any one check for the job's daily task.
2: Influence: Attempt to Influence a Single NPC during your job using Diplomacy, Bluff or Intimidate.
3: Sneak: Make normal checks for a job's daily task, then attempt to briefly explore one area of the ship (make a single Perception Check in the area with no chance of detection.)
4: Shop: Take a -2 Penalty on all checks for a job's daily task and visit the quartermaster's store
5: Shirk: Take a -2 on all checks for a job's daily task and take some time to explore the ship. You can take 10 on a single Perception Check or other skill check, but must make a check to avoid being discovered slacking.

Nighttime Actions:

1: Sleep - Go to bed early and sleep through the night (automatically recover Fatigue or Exhaustion)
2: Gamble - Play or gamble on a pirate game of chance or entertainment (see spoiler)
3: Entertain - Make 1 Perform check to entertain the crew (see spoiler)
4: Influence* - Attempt to influence a single NPC.
5: Sneak* - Take time exploring one area of the ship. PC may Take 20 on Perception or any other skill check but the PC must make a check to avoid being discovered.
6: Steal* - Attempt to open a locked door or locker. The PC must make a check to avoid being discovered.

You can also attempt to take up to two additional ship actions during the middle watch in the dead of night (any nighttime ship action marked with an asterisk), but to do so the PC must make a successful Constitution check (DC 10, +4 per extra ship action taken) or be fatigued for the next day.


Other Information

Rum Rations:

1: Dispose: DC 10 Stealth Check. No bonus/penalty. Lashings on a failed check.
2: Sip/Make Grog: A pirate often waters the rum down with water, ale, or whatever other liquid might be handy/less potent. A pirate who nurses his rum, or dilutes it to make Grog makes a DC 10 Fortitude Save, or is fatigued. 8 hours rest removes this fatigue. This is a poison effect.
3: Drink Deeply: A true pirate drinks his rum. He makes a Fortitude save at DC 15 or takes 1d3-1 Con Damage. He also gains a 1d4 alchemical bonus to Charisma for 8 hours (pass or failure). The next morning the PC must make a DC 10 will save or be fatigued until the PC can get 8 hours rest. This is a poison effect.

Entertain Mechanics:

Make a Perform check to entertain the crew. This is generally sea shanties, songs, or something similar. If you hit DC 20, you gain a +2 bonus to all Cha-based checks made to interact with any listener in the crew (including as part of the Influence action) for the next 24-hours.

If your Perform check result is a 9 or lower, however, the next time you attempt to Entertain the crew, you must first make either a Bluff or Intimidate check DC 15 to get them to stop ignoring you, at which point you can then make a Perform check.

Gamble Mechanics:

You may play and/or gamble on the following entertainments. Minimum bet is 1gp (or an item of equivalent value).

Arm Wrestling - Not the typical contest, rather this is usually done on a barrel with broken glass, caltrops or some other dangerous hazard. It's an opposed Str check with the higher result winning and the loser taking 1d2+the opponent's Str modifier in damage.

Hog Lob - A game where contestants attempt to hurl a lead ingot covered in a greased up piglet skin the farthest. A bet is agreed on before starting. Contestants roll a d20 and add their CMB to this. The ingot counts as an Improvised weapon and suffers the appropriate -4 penalty to the roll. If you have the Throw Anything feat it negates this. Your final numerical result is the number of feet you threw it, with the winner being the one who threw it the farthest.

Heave - A potentially deadly game where you try to drink your opponents under the table. Bets are made beforehand. Each person swigs a half pint of rum. You then make a DC 15 Fort save or take increased damage from your rum rations. Each next swig increases the DC by +3. The game lasts until only 1 pirate is standing.

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