GM Tarondor's Scenario #9-06 The Shores of Heaven - Gameday VII

Game Master Tarondor

Recruitment for #9-06 The Shores of Heaven, a scenario for levels 1-5/

I intend this game to be in the FIRST session of Game Day VII, and it will start on August 13, 2018.

This is a STANDARD game, not Core.

I will take no more than six PC's. I will reserve two spots for new players (be sure to tell me if you are a new player!) and I will give priority in all slots to characters with the Silver Crusade faction.

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I’d love to grab a spot, GM but I’m not a Silver Crusader. Adding my name just in case. Second level undone psychic.

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Hi, Tarondor! Lilika here. My family and I would love to play, if you can fit us all. It's a bit tricky trying to find games we can get into all together. My husband and two kids have only been playing PBP and PFS since OutPost. Im not sure if they count as new players still, but my kids are only 6 and 7 years old, so they probably should. Haha.

If you'll have us we'll be playing:
I have a level one occultist from the Silver Crusade Faction
My son has a level one paladin from the Silver Crusade faction who fought in the Worldwound.
My daughter would bring a level 2 oracle of whimsy from the Sovereign Court
And my husband would bring a level 1 slayer from the Grand Lodge

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to send me a PM.


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Angie Sen bows I would be most honored to be part of the party

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Not new, but newish to PBP

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"New to Play by Post" is new enough for this game.

"Somewhat new" is also new.

The intent is to allow players who normally get shut out because they're not regulars on the boards.

That's new enough!

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I'm sure as hell not 'new' by now, and my one committed Silver Crusader is currently, umm...playing pirate in the Shackles, and will be (barring the unthinkable) AT LEAST level 6 once he returns.

Just the same, I can presently offer:

- a level 4 Kensei (Dark Archive)

- a level 4 Psychic (Dark Archive)

- a level 3 Skald Dark Lord (Sovereign Court)

- a level 2 Mesmerist Psychic Warrior (Sovereign Court)

- a level 3 Investigator (Exchange)

- a level 2 Rogue Thief (Exchange)

- a level 3 Shaman True Silvered Throne (Scarab Sages)

- a level 3 Fighter (Grand Lodge)

A few more who are presently busy, but might be available by then, include:

- a level 3 Druid (Grand Lodge)

- a going-on level 5 Occultist (Scarab Sages)

- a going-on level 2 Spiritualist (Dark Archive)

WOuld love a spot too.
Either with a Bard level 2 or my heaven´s shaman lv 1

Okay, folks, RECRUITMENT IS CLOSED. Thank you everbody for applying!

Our team will be:

1) Meloriel's Level 1 occultist (Silver Crusade)
2) Meloriel's son's level ? paladin (Silver Crusade)
3) Meloriel's daughter's level 2 oracle (Sovereign Court)
4) Meloriel's husband's level 1 slayer (Grand Lodge)
5) Angie-Sen - level 3 samurai (Silver Crusade)
6) Helikon's level 2 bard (Silver Crusade)

Ashwell and Hiding in your Closet, I'll list you as alternates if you'd like.

Players, feel free to dot the gameplay thread. We'll get started in (geez!) two months.

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Thanks for the consideration, GM. Good luck to everyone!

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You may do that.

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