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GM Sloth's Carrion Crown (Inactive)

Game Master ThreeEyedSloth

Part II - Trial of the Beast
Roll20 Link

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Grand Lodge

The remaining two weeks in Ravengro offer a great opportunity to relax after the short and intense time of horror.
Kevin sometimes feels mobbed on his daily trip to the inn for a drink (or two) - but it is a small price to pay to be treated as a hero.
Wren becomes a favourite pasttime for the younger children of Ravengro. Being close to her becomes a daredevil game to them and Wren delights in it - for once she seems to be the center of attention for everyone.
Galadan finds some time to work with Father Grimburrow to ensure the local graveyard and Harrowstone is sealed against evil and that all remnants of undead are purged.
Nym sometimes is seen together with Kevin for a drink - albeit the villagers seem to treat him more careful. They still remember his spontaneous combustion while having a dring and better not risking anything.
Andrea has the opportunety to spend a lot of time with Kendra. Kendra is like an older sister to Andrea and tries to teach her the etiquette of a woman in the upper cicles of society.
Aldous sometimes seems strange and remote - as if some changes do bother him and he isn't yet sure to share them with his comrades.

But the time gets closer to say good-bye - and to be on the way to Lepidstadt.

Gather Information (Diplomacy) or any other skill you can think of to gain information about what lies ahead.

Father Grimburrow comes to Kendra's house the day before the group has to go on their way. "I have cleansed all the cursed items and they are save to use. I doubt there will be any need for them here in Ravengro again."

With this words he hands over the hammer, the axe, the remains of the spellbook, the flute and the collection of religious symbols.

HP 55/55; AC 13/13/10;F4,R6,W7;Appr10/Cft12/Arc18/Eng10/Geo10/Hist13/Loc17/Nat17/Pln16/R el18/Ling10/Spell18; Perc +12
Elf FeatherMage

Lol! What a nice write up for Wren! Hilarious and exactly right!

In addition to enjoying the time with her young flock ("my little chicks" as she calls them), Wren will spend the next few days re-feathering her armor and even inviting her children-friends to bring her feathers that they find so that she may identify them and use them as needed.

Wren will spend much time gossiping with her 'friends' in town, gabbling in great and gory detail about what happened at the prison. He will, of course, highlight her part in the adventure but also give credit to the rest of the party.

My friends are going to miss me *so* much!

* * *

"Thank you for the book, Father Grimburrow. Maybe I can use the remaining magic herein to do some good in the world."

Male Elf (Current Health 25 / 28) Inquisitor of Pharasma 4 / Urban Ranger (Falconer) 1

Galadan accepts the hammer back reluctantly.

"Well, I have no idea what I shall do with this. It is not exactly a tool of my profession. Perhaps the members of my order will accept any previously cursed items that no one wants, as a reminder of how powerful evil is."

Most of his time was spent in the late professor's extensive library, pursuing the forbidden knowledge that he had availed himself to, and writing on pages as a collective journal, bound loosely in a leather cover.

Grand Lodge

The hunting for feathers bcomes a pastime for the children. Even some of the oldercones - secretly sniggering behind Wrens back - do join into the sport.

Bringing Wren an unusual feather and getting her nod is like receiving a badge of honour for all of them. And while the older children seem to mock her if she isn't around - something still draws them to her again and again.

Blessings: 3/3|
oth: Detect Magic, Guidance, Read Magic; 1st: Bless, Summon Monster I
Human Traveler | AC: |HP: |Initiative: |Perception: |
Acrbtcs +3, Lngsts +4, K geo +1, K hist +1, P guide +7, Swm +7

Nym will subtlely dole out the feathers he collected earlier to children as he comes across them in his wanderings about town.

"Not sure that I have it in my to learn the ways of the bard, but I thank you for the flute Grimburrow." Nym says with a bow lest Aldous would like the flute, as I remember he was the one to actually use it.

At the tavern Nym will try to dig up some info on the town we are to go to, the land between here and there, and the folk we are to be taking the books to.
Diplomacy: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (18) + 3 = 21

Grand Lodge

One more lose end

Aldous and Galadan:

In the time you spend reading in the library you manage to glean at least some information about the strange purple book. Apparently it is a  Manual of the Order of the Palatine Eye: The rich purple cover contains a brass scarab set with a single eye in its center.
Your research about the order only results in some wake information. The order seems very secretive and of Ustalav origin. There members have deep interests in political and arcane matters.

Grand Lodge

Nym or Gather information DC10:

DC 10: The distance from Ravengro to Lepidstadt is about 100 miles. No journey in Ustalav is without risk, but the old Mountain Road is generally regarded as the best route. This road follows the southeastern foothills of the Tusk Mountains, passing through the towns of Tamrivena and Courtaud before following the Lesser Moutray River up to Lepidstadt. 

Nym or Gather information DC15:

DC 15: The city of Lepidstadt is currently the scene of intense local excitement. The dreaded Beast of Lepidstadt—a terrifying abomination that has terrorized the people of Vieland for years—has been captured. Hundreds of people have flocked to the city hoping to catch a glimpse of the horror and watch it burn for its crimes. 

HP 55/55; AC 13/13/10;F4,R6,W7;Appr10/Cft12/Arc18/Eng10/Geo10/Hist13/Loc17/Nat17/Pln16/R el18/Ling10/Spell18; Perc +12
Elf FeatherMage

Imagine a montage scene, ala Rocky for Wren's leveling up.

In addition to 'playing' with the kids, Wren will spend a bit of time in the Professor's library, both with and without the Splatterman's spellbook.

The spellbook still intrigues her (there are some spells therein that will get copied over when she has more funds), but in combination with her readings in the library allow her to piece to together the missing arcane connections between her feathery spell triggers and new spell effects.

Wren feels smarter for her efforts in Harrowstone. It is as if the experience has given her additional keys to unlock the secrets of reality.

Wren will chatter about her successes over dinner, cornering Kevin in discussion.

" see, Kevin, not only does the feather need to have a compatible nature to the spell effect, but blahblah explosion blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blahblah blah naked halfling blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blahblah blah unlimited syrup blah blah blahblah blah timely hiccup blah blah blahblah blah...right in his bum!"

I think people have come to a conclusion about what they would want from the treasure sheet. May we sell and dole out shares now?

Male Elf (Current Health 25 / 28) Inquisitor of Pharasma 4 / Urban Ranger (Falconer) 1

Galadan also pursues what knowledge he can about their intended destination at the Temple to Pharasma and its surrounding locales.

Gather Information 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7
Knowledge (Religion) 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19

Blessings: 3/3|
oth: Detect Magic, Guidance, Read Magic; 1st: Bless, Summon Monster I
Human Traveler | AC: |HP: |Initiative: |Perception: |
Acrbtcs +3, Lngsts +4, K geo +1, K hist +1, P guide +7, Swm +7

Setting down with a hot glace of cider Nym overhears the "conversation" between Wren and poor first hoping to gain greater insight into the arcane stylings of the feather mage, but quickly realizing Wren's take on magic just doesn't look to be applicable to Nym's...chuckling as quietly as he can as the topic(s) progress further and further into lunicy Nym will eventually be left biting his knuckle and have to get up and leave the room...soon after sadistic cackling can be heard coming from upstairs...
I just don't have the words Painlord, you are forever a trip

After mastering himself Nym will return to the table and politely (if assertively) enter into the "conversation", and quickly get the subject angled toward the group's future journey.

"From what I gather we have several days of travel to our destination, roughly one hundred miles, so claim the locals. They assure me the roads there are as safe as any in Ustalav, which is to say not at all. I spent a great deal of time listening to stories of flesh eating mist, miniacle fey, malicious trees, and many more horrors. All with assurances that heroes such as ourselfs will be sure to vanquish and conquor...What struck me as more interesting were recent events in Lepidstadt. Seems some local terror was recently captured, and is going to be held to court..."

Other than the potions xed out I'm not interested in any of the specific items. The keen sword would be nice, but Nym is very centred around using his rapier, and so the long sword, though uber magic, would actually be worse off for him. I think Andrea wanted the mithril dagger. Lastly, did we or did we not level? I didn't think we had, but no one has said anything to Wren I'm starting to doubt myself.

HP 55/55; AC 13/13/10;F4,R6,W7;Appr10/Cft12/Arc18/Eng10/Geo10/Hist13/Loc17/Nat17/Pln16/R el18/Ling10/Spell18; Perc +12
Elf FeatherMage

Oops. Mis-read Thod's post. See OOC. Not leveled. My apologies. Tripping, I guess. :)

Though I still do corner Kevin to discuss what I've learned...don't get me wrong...

Male Elf (Current Health 25 / 28) Inquisitor of Pharasma 4 / Urban Ranger (Falconer) 1

Galadan also would have borrowed the rope of climbing to retrieve the heavier treasure from Harrowstone (several suits of masterwork chain mail, I believe, and some other masterwork weapons) to sell in Ravengro.

I believe the masterwork chain mails should sell for 165 gp each, if we still have our +10% trust bonus.

Replying to something Wren mentioned on Discussion. Why on earth would we sell the rope of climbing?

Grand Lodge

Yes - please sell all the heavy stuff and add the money to the groups funds. You might have to wait for more exotic items to reach Lepidstadt though.

GM roll 1d100 ⇒ 92

Grand Lodge

Please let me all know onc you are ready and on your way.

HP 55/55; AC 13/13/10;F4,R6,W7;Appr10/Cft12/Arc18/Eng10/Geo10/Hist13/Loc17/Nat17/Pln16/R el18/Ling10/Spell18; Perc +12
Elf FeatherMage

Wren is ready to go once we get the treasure situation handled. Mr. Aldous, can we sell the crap? Wren doesn't need the rope of climbing...but if you want to keep it, I understand.

Blessings: 3/3|
oth: Detect Magic, Guidance, Read Magic; 1st: Bless, Summon Monster I
Human Traveler | AC: |HP: |Initiative: |Perception: |
Acrbtcs +3, Lngsts +4, K geo +1, K hist +1, P guide +7, Swm +7

Nym is ready to start traveling.

Grand Lodge


Just assume all the bulky stuff (weapons, armor) has been sold in Ravengro. Some of the more expensive bits (also the haunted items with history) are likely to fetch a better price in Lepidstadt.

I will start now and no worries - you have a few more days (real time) to figure out stuff that you like to keep. And from a GM point of view I like to have a rather non-optimal item (rope of climbing) knowing it has a history.

Grand Lodge

You are currently South of Lake Lias. Your next stop is the town of Tamrivena.

You can take the western route via Bleakwall or the eastern route via Clover Crossing.

Knowledge history 20:
4042 Count Andachi of Tamrivena, desperate in the face of mounting orc threats, entreats Zon-Kuthon for aid. The mercenary Kazavon arrives in response. 

Knowledge history 20:

4051 Count Andachi leads an army against the despotic Kazavon. Andachi is defeated and murdered.

Knowledge Local 15 Bleakwall:

Bleakwall: The remnants of ages of war and destruction, an uneven wall of stones and fallen fortresses spans the roughly 90-mile border between Ustalav and Belkzen. Formed from the scattered barricades and bulwarks of felled fortresses, the expanse is a wall in name only, generally rising no more than 2 to 4 feet high and sometimes breaking for spans of a quarter-mile or more. While a scattered number of surviving turrets still occasionally serve as watch posts for the county's militia, only the brooding ruins of Tower Valballus and Castle Andachi bear enough of their original architecture to be identifiable as the citadels they once were. Even these fastnesses are shunned, though, as tales tell of creatures worse than orcs lurking amid the shattered stones.

Knowledge Local 15 Clover's Crossing:

Clover's Crossing: It began with a shudder the whole village felt, an unprecedented but soon forgotten tremor. A week later, a sinkhole swallowed the church house during ceremonies, killing the town's priest and most devout residents. Soon after, screams filled the night, and the paths of dragged bodies led to the churchyard, where every grave bore either the mark of morbid subsidence, or yawned open, transformed into gateways into a chthonic nightmare. None can say when the ghouls came or how many lurk beneath Clover's Crossing, but what was once a peaceful refuge of the living is now a den of the dead.

Grand Lodge

Knowledge local 15 Tamrivena:

The people of Tamrivena have long known fear. Short miles to the west, the barrier of the Tusk Mountains gives way and through the crags slip bands of bloody-minded Belkzen orcs. Tamrivena was constructed as a redoubt against the orc hordes, or barbarians should they eve rage from the north. In recent years, however, the town's reassuring walls have turned cold and foreboding as paranoia creeps among the people. Although none can say exactly when, at some point within the past 5 years the Wallguard stopped being the city's well-trained constabulary and changed into an occupying army of overzealously watchful counterspies and enforcers of social standards. While they strictly enforce the letter of the law, the quickness with which they drag suspects to the dungeons of Fort Vhiled causes most citizens to avert their eyes and hurry past their precisely organized patrols. Life and commerce continues in Tamrivena with the people relying on travel and shipping upon the Lamand as well as nearby farms for their livelihoods. However, increasingly strict laws on passage through the town, what goods are permitted for sale, and what constitutes morally appropriate services have stymied many entrepreneurs, with fines levied or shops shuttered as the town's laws grow ever more restrictive and numerous. And all the while, from vague sources come word of growing criminal syndicates, mysterious saboteurs, and massing orcs in the east, leading the town's residents to hurry home from their jobs and wonder which of their neighbors might be in league with the unseen but encroaching evils

Grand Lodge

And just in case - a walking order and prepped spells / weapons carried could be useful for me. You walk along roads - so assume 4 people can walk next to each other.

Male Elf (Current Health 25 / 28) Inquisitor of Pharasma 4 / Urban Ranger (Falconer) 1

I'm not sure where I saw this, but will we be required to take different localities with our knowledge (local) skill, or is that a 3.5 thing that was changed? In other words, will knowledge (local) work for all localities, or just for one?

Walking?? I am out of contact for a few days and you expect me to walk 100 miles? I am thinking a wagon. For my kegs of course.

Male Elf (Current Health 25 / 28) Inquisitor of Pharasma 4 / Urban Ranger (Falconer) 1

Well, we can probably rent a stagecoach or something, but then again, we are in a rather dangerous land, full of all sorts of unknown and unnatural denizens, particularly at night, and a stagecoach or wagon might attract too much attention. However, some extra experience might be nice. Maybe I'll even use some of these potions. I feel like a walking laboratory.

HP 55/55; AC 13/13/10;F4,R6,W7;Appr10/Cft12/Arc18/Eng10/Geo10/Hist13/Loc17/Nat17/Pln16/R el18/Ling10/Spell18; Perc +12
Elf FeatherMage

1d20 + 9 ⇒ (4) + 9 = 13 Knowledge (history)
1d20 + 9 ⇒ (1) + 9 = 10 Knowledge (history)
1d20 + 11 ⇒ (3) + 11 = 14 Knowledge (local) Bleakwall
1d20 + 11 ⇒ (19) + 11 = 30 Knowledge (local) Clover's Crossing
1d20 + 11 ⇒ (5) + 11 = 16 Knowledge (local) Tamrivena

Wren will babble a bit about Clover's Crossing and Tamrivena, but so involved in her feathery that she doesn't know much about local history.

Wren will relate the info for Clover's Crossing & Tamrivena.

Before leaving, Wren will do some shopping.

"Going via Clover's Crossing might put us in more contact with the undead...something that may further my research into killing them. Let's go that way."

Shopping list to go in OOC.

Male Elf (Current Health 25 / 28) Inquisitor of Pharasma 4 / Urban Ranger (Falconer) 1

"I concur. Bleakwall brings us too close to Orc territory."

Female Human (Mixed race) Hedge Witch 5 (favoured class)

Andrea soon falls into a routine..deportment with Kendra in the mornings in the afternoon and in the evening she attempts to broaden her knowledge with the help of the large stock of books in the house.She spends long hours just sitting reading silently though it may be noted that she does choose to sit close to Kevin a lot.

She also spends time repairing her clothing and making ready for the long journey to Lepidstadt.

She suggests that the party purchase or hire a mule at least to carry the baggage and supplies.She reckons a week should see them but suggests also that they avoid entering Tamrivena as the law there sounds as if it might be inimical to them.

Grand Lodge

Knowledge local is universal. So your skill applies to any Knowledge Local check. I split it into 5 pieces of information as they are unrelated and you therefore would have to roll for each individually (as Wren did).
So a good roll on Bleakwall wouldn't automatically give you the information for Clover's Crossing and Tamivera. And vice versa - so Wren's roll of 14 on Bleakwall didn't mean she was unable to tell you about Clover Crossing.
I could argue the first two tidbits from history are related - so knowing the first gives a bonus to know the second but I didn't wanted to complicate it.

No worries - I don't expect too much happening (apart maybe of a fight or two :) Thanks for letting me know.

Male Elf (Current Health 25 / 28) Inquisitor of Pharasma 4 / Urban Ranger (Falconer) 1

Oh, sorry. I had rolled a Local Knowledge check in that post, or thought I did.

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27

Galadan lets everyone know about Bleakwall.

Grand Lodge

So right now I assume you take the eastern route.

Do you use a coach or not (can be rented if you want - just look up the cost in the Rule Book).

Any preferences I should know when you pass Clover's Crossing. And if I got it right - you like to stay out of Tamrivena. Is this correct?

It takes (by foot) 3 days to Tamrivena with Clover's Crossing at half way which would make it lunch time day 2. Tamrivena is half way to Lepidstadt.

Let me know if I should adjust timings (shorter) because of Force March or wagon / stage coach. I assume you start in the morning.

The main difference is flavour - and time of day you 'encounter' anyone else.

"I vote coach! Do you know how much I paid for these boots?"

Grand Lodge

The coach is 3 gp a single person. As group it will be 12 gp total including baggage. It runs once a week and conveniently takes the eastern route.

It won't transport the mule in case Wren wants to buy one. But it won't be needed in this case.

Male Elf (Current Health 25 / 28) Inquisitor of Pharasma 4 / Urban Ranger (Falconer) 1

Galadan will rent a coach cab for 3 cp per mile... He'll even spring another 3 cp per mile for someone else who wants to join him. However, the carriage may stop in Tamrivena.

Thod ninja'd me. I'll pay 6 gp for two of us.

Edit: Okay, I'll pay half if the whole group wants to go by stage coach. :P I'll still need to get a birdcage for Black Falcon though.

Grand Lodge

Indeed - the coach will be stopping in Tamrivena and you need to change there (next morning) to get another one to Lepidstadt.

The cost above is already for the whole journey (100 miles - rebate for a large group).


In case you do the Knowledge History checks - the knowledge about Bleakwall should give you a +2.

HP 55/55; AC 13/13/10;F4,R6,W7;Appr10/Cft12/Arc18/Eng10/Geo10/Hist13/Loc17/Nat17/Pln16/R el18/Ling10/Spell18; Perc +12
Elf FeatherMage

Coach!? Wren is not buying a mule. I thought we were going to 'hump it' over to Leipstadt.

Wren is delighted to hear there is a coach transport available to doubt her friends will be ever-so-happy to have Wren 'shorten' the trip with her tales and discussions in close quarters.

Wren would prefer to avoid Tamrivena, but whatever works.

Blessings: 3/3|
oth: Detect Magic, Guidance, Read Magic; 1st: Bless, Summon Monster I
Human Traveler | AC: |HP: |Initiative: |Perception: |
Acrbtcs +3, Lngsts +4, K geo +1, K hist +1, P guide +7, Swm +7

Nym makes every civilized effort to ride "shotgun" on the coach...
Will happily pay the other half of the trip.
Prepared spells for the average traveling day will be those marked in profile. Having heard Wren's tales of ghouls, Nym will memorize the spoilered spells when we near Clover's Crossing.

CC Spells:

0th: Acid Splash, Dacning Lights, Spark
1st: Shield, Shocking Graspx2

Kevin is greatly pleased by the groups descision. "Travel by coach is the only way to go. Crossing miles and miles of country while someone elese does all the work, marvelouse! And have you ever tried to drink from a flask while walking with everything you own on your back? Much easier to celibrate while riding in style."
As a matter of fact Kevin seems a totaly different person since the group has stopped going to the prison and undead quit trying to eat his face.

Male Elf (Current Health 25 / 28) Inquisitor of Pharasma 4 / Urban Ranger (Falconer) 1

Galadan nods in agreement and looks over at Kevin. "Never touch the stuff myself, but please don't let that keep you from partaking."

On the evening before their departure, Galadan leaves the house for some time and returns later with a silver metal cage holding a large black raven. "This is Black Falcon"

Male 'Human' Summoner 2

Sorry for the delay in posting; I did not realise that there was a new thread :-/

After being brought close to death by the Ghost of the Splatterman, Aldous is even more morose and withdrawn than usual; he feels that something has changed, something just beyond the veil of perception, and the edge of consciousness... He was sure that he felt Hastur's presence, but every time he concentrated, the feeling slipped away.

Abiding by the Professor's final wishes, Aldous remained with his daughter for the required period, but he spent much of that time keeping to himself, rummaging through the Professor's library...

...Then the dreams began; he saw himself viewing the world through Hastur's eyes; for the first time in his life, he felt strong... but then the dreams turned to nightmares; he saw how others feared him, and experienced the hatred of the mob, causing him to flee, or be destroyed. Aldous would then wake in a cold sweat, only to discover that his bed had been damaged, as if by large, rending claws, a fact that he attempted to keep hidden from the others...

Knowledge(History): 1d20 + 9 + 2 ⇒ (18) + 9 + 2 = 29.
Knowledge(History): 1d20 + 9 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 9 + 2 = 12.

When the time came to leave, Aldous concurs with the decision to take the Easterly route.

"If I remember correctly, in 4042 Count Andachi of Tamrivena, desperate in the face of mounting orc threats, entreated Zon-Kuthon for aid, and the mercenary Kazavon arrived in response. I doubt that we will find it a particularly welcoming place."

Kevin smirks and puts his finger tip into the cage. "Looks more like a crow to me." He yelps and snatches his hand back as the bird pecks at his finger. He turns and raises an eyebrow at Galadan. "I knew a Blue Falcon once. Any relation?"

Male Elf (Current Health 25 / 28) Inquisitor of Pharasma 4 / Urban Ranger (Falconer) 1

"Crows have yellow beaks. Ravens have black." Galadan says with a smile. "No relation to Blue Falcon though, as far as I know."

HP 55/55; AC 13/13/10;F4,R6,W7;Appr10/Cft12/Arc18/Eng10/Geo10/Hist13/Loc17/Nat17/Pln16/R el18/Ling10/Spell18; Perc +12
Elf FeatherMage

Wren takes a few moments to stare intently at Black Falcon, as if to study the hostility of the bird.

Not seeing the bird make any threatening gestures to her dear Plumie from inside its cage, Wren is momentarily mollified.

Grand Lodge

Your are not alone on the coach. Together with you are a young merchant and an old retired soldier.

Making them friendly let's them chat with you.

Merchant - starting attitude indifferent:

Tamrivena really is a bad place for trade. All the laws and every time you visit they have a new one. Still - there is money to be made. I just stick to them and keep my head down. And I never go out during night - I don't want throat cut.

Riverhouse: Beneath the green shingles and bell tower of Tamrivena's town hall the council of Canterwall meets to direct the fate of the palatinate's citizens. Over the past years, many have succumbed to Captain Rhasrakin's constant fearmongering, and fearing orc incursions or the plots of faceless criminal elements have forced the adoption of strict laws proscribing immorality, public privacy, magic, free entry into the city, and any number of other basic rights widely enjoyed elsewhere in the country. While many of the councilors are unsettled by the increasing similarities between their city and a mass prison, the vicious orator Taladda Jhovanki possesses an unsettling skill for recasting criticism as laxity, perfidy, or even treason

Burke and Glass: Over the past 18 months, nine bodies have been discovered at the corner of Burke Way and Glass Street, each an upright citizen with his or her throat neatly cut and bearing the same note pinned to their flesh. Although the Wallguard has tried to suppress rumors about a killer stalking the town and made placebo arrests they claim close the case, the deaths continue. Now, members of the Wallguard maintain nightly vigil at Burke and Glass, and thrice officers have captured otherwise ordinary people dragging corpses to the corner, seemingly in their sleep. In these cases, as in all previous, the corpses come with the same message: “Regards from K.”

Old Soldier - starting attitude indifferent - Pharasma worshipper get a +2:

I did serve under the old captain Brosheilov. These were better times. If you like an advice - stay out of the inner city. Stay on the Southern island close to Palestone and the Soldiers rest. There are several inns there and they offer a good price.
I wouldn't go anywhere close to Fort Vhiled as a stranger like you are just to save a few coppers.

Fort Vhiled: The headquarters of the Wallguard, Tamrivena's military police force, Fort Vhiled guards the north and west entrances to the town—a hidden artery running through the thick western wall connects the fortress proper with these adjoining fortifications. Although the fortress was constructed to defend against orc invasions, its merciless stone towers now seem to turn their scrutiny inward, toward the town's residents. Alongside barracks and armories for the nearly 200 Wallguard, from the fortress rises the infamous Traitor's Tower, site of the merciless Captain Balton Rhasrakin's offices, the Wallguard's interrogation chambers, and— supposedly—several levels of hidden dungeons and oubliettes where those who oppose Rhasrakin disappear. 

Palestone: Home of the Foreguard and its commander Captain Daladmin Quin, Fort Palestone—typically referred to simply as Palestone for its walls of white granite—watches over the southern entrance to Tamrivena. As members of the Foreguard, who are generally less likely to subscribe to the Wallguard's theories of disguised orc agents and anarchic Kellid cultists, man its walls, travelers find entry through Palestone by far the least invasive way to enter the town and least likely to confront travelers with hours or days of bureaucratic hindrances.

Soldier's Rest: Unusual among Ustalav's temples and cathedrals of Pharasma, Soldier's Rest harbors shrines to Erastil, Gorum, Iomedae, and Torag beneath its spiked onion dome. Father Onmanun Brosheilov served in the Wallguard decades ago before answering Pharasma's call, and though it is his goddess's will to stoically endure hardship, he has little patience for the overzealousness of the modern militia and his former subordinate, Captain Rhasrakin.

Grand Lodge

Your coach leaves early in the morning. It follows the roads south of Lake Lias and the southern bank of the Vistear River. You reach Clovers Crossing in the late afternoon. To Wrens dismay it seems the coach driver is in a hurry.
While he seemed relaxed during the whole day you notice the change even before you are aware that it is Clovrs Crossing that you approach.
The horses start a fast trot. You hear the driver using his whip, Derelict houses fly past as the driver isn't slowing down until nearly half a mile after the place.

The travel returns to normal again and you stop an hour later at a wayside inn.

The travel next morning is fast and uneventful.

You arrive from the South via Palrstone. The first stop is outside Soldiers Rest - a temple to Pharasma. The two other stops are Riverhouse - the town hall and Fort Vhiled - the headquarter of the town guard.

The old soldier exits here while the merchant will travel on to the next stop.

Male 'Human' Summoner 2

Diplomacy(Merchant): 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (15) + 15 = 30.
Diplomacy(Soldier): 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (20) + 15 = 35.

During the coach ride, Aldous practices what he does best - making sure that the strangers do not view him as a threat, or even with vague suspicion. By the time the town is reached, both the merchant and the soldier have warmed to him...

Everyone, feel free to read the spoilers above :-)

I recommend getting off the coach at the Soldier's Rest, and looking for accommodation near there for the night.

Grand Lodge

Both the merchant and the soldier seem to be irritated by the constant prattle from the feather wearing odd person in the coach.

They seem keen to move closer to Aldous to have someone serious and respectable to talk to to bide their time.

Wren - please just don't roll diplomacy now and proof me right or wrong. This is just how I see a 1 1/2 day coach ride with Wren. And Aldous did a splendid job here. Yes - everyone - feel free to read the spoiler as the coach is small and it takes effort NOT to listen to others in the coach.

Kevin arrives at the coach platform in his best clothes with Warden Hawkran's dueling sword on his hip. His pack and gear is carried by two young boys and a small wiskey keg by a third. "Ah what a wonderouse day to be leaving! Actualy any day leaving this town is a wonderouse day." He turns to the boys and pulls 3 silver peices from his pouch. "Here you go my good men, as promised. Now run along and try not to spend it all on young women, you will have plenty of time for that later.

Once the coach arrives he will have his gear placed with the rest of the baggage and the keg underneath his seat. "A window seat if you please, I will so love to watch this town disapear behind us."

Kevin will drink for most of the trip. Refilling his flask when needed from his keg and trying to make himself aquainted with his fellow passengers.

Diplomacy Merchant: 1d20 ⇒ 16
Diplomacy Soldier: 1d20 ⇒ 7

Blessings: 3/3|
oth: Detect Magic, Guidance, Read Magic; 1st: Bless, Summon Monster I
Human Traveler | AC: |HP: |Initiative: |Perception: |
Acrbtcs +3, Lngsts +4, K geo +1, K hist +1, P guide +7, Swm +7

Nym spends the first small part of the journey riding next to the coachman, whom he is civil, if curt to. After only a few hours free of the soul crushing influence of Ravengro, seeing the open country and filling his nose with fresh air, he lowers his guard a bit and strikes up a conversation with the human (I assume) next to him. Though long removed from his kin, and forever possessing the heart of a city dweller, travel on the open road seems to sit very well with the lost elf.

When not talking with the coachman Nym will listen to the discussion going on in the cabin, interested in the dark history of this country. "I wonder what manner of secrets a fellow could dig up there... he says to himself when Aldous brings up the count of Tamrivena recieving aid from Zon Kuthon...

The first evening the group stops, after assisting with setting up camp in any meaningful way needed, Nym excuses himself and spends a few hours in the nearest wooded area. When he returns, he does not do so alone. A rather large ball of velvety soft fur, coming to just below the elfs knee in height, makes its way along with him. The creature's face is similar to a rabit, with long silver whiskers, front limbs that end in thickly padded fingers, hind legs also like a rabit, and an impressive fluffy tail of bristles. It is a very pale grey. "My friends, I would like you to meet Voltaire. I can't say that I've ever seen the like before, but he has, in his way, shown interest in joining us on our journey." This being Nym's familiar. I've reskinned the donkey rat to be something of a dire chinchilla if that's alright.

Male Elf (Current Health 25 / 28) Inquisitor of Pharasma 4 / Urban Ranger (Falconer) 1

Galadan remains mostly silent through the trip, and does not initiate conversation. He is polite, however, to those who ask him questions or begin a conversation with him. The silver spiral buckle on his tall hat might be an inspiration for discussion for any Pharasmites, but for the most part he simply attempts to enjoy the quiet and uneventful experience the coach ride was sure to be.

His weapons and armor stowed away, he felt a little less himself, but Black Falcon's occasional screech did remind him that he was indeed still a Servant of Pharasma in the fight against Ustalav's most heinous and evil creatures.

HP 55/55; AC 13/13/10;F4,R6,W7;Appr10/Cft12/Arc18/Eng10/Geo10/Hist13/Loc17/Nat17/Pln16/R el18/Ling10/Spell18; Perc +12
Elf FeatherMage
Thod wrote:
Wren - please just don't roll diplomacy now and proof me right or wrong. This is just how I see a 1 1/2 day coach ride with Wren. And Aldous did a splendid job here.

Lol, no, not going to argue with your interpretation. The only time Wren stops chirping is probably when the others are talking so she can talk about them next time she's chatting with someone else.

Wren will bend to inspect Voltaire with the same discerning and concerned eye that she used on Black Falcon, as if expecting the familiar to immediately jump from the ground to attack her beloved Plume.

Don't worry Plumie, you're safe. I'll make sure you're safe.

When not gossiping and talking with her new 'friends' (the merchant and soldier), Wren will idle away the trip hours with her jewelry making kit spread across her legs, absentmindedly crafting a feather broach.

1d20 + 11 ⇒ (16) + 11 = 27 Craft (Jewelry)

Grand Lodge

Tramivera once seemed to have been a bustling town. But you notice that the mood seems subdued. You feel reminded of Ravengro in he monings when people woke up after a bad dream.

You feel glad when you are back on your journey. Just 1 1/2 more days to Lepidstadt. Your next stop will be Courtaud - a nondescript village at a River crossing. It is less than half way as the crow flies - but the road goes up and down as you cross the hilly terrain that slowly rises up to the west and forms the Tusk mountains.

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