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Male Human AC:15 F:+6 R:+1 W:-1 HP:14

If at first you don't succeed...

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Female Chelaxian Cleric 1

"Try not to take a swing at the captain, Malack. I'd not like to imagine what punishment he'll come up with for that."

Moving over to Cog and sitting on the mentioned barrel, Asmodia would unwrap his bindings and check on Cog's arm again, looking to see if it's infected while speaking to the man.

Heal Check:
1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27

"Well, if he killed a man, then good riddance to him. No sympathy in that case."

She'd quite openly be looking over Cog's arm, making herself available for any other crew members nearby who might have something wrong with them.

Cog's arm is healing up nicely from Asmodia's work the day before. The sailor's demeanor is gruff to anyone who comes near, but his defenses are softened in regards to the cleric.

Thanks.. He mutters. He reaches into the folds of his shirt, at the belt line, and draws out a thin blade. Keep it. I want to know you have a weapon on you if anything ever goes south.

The crew is drawn to Lorelei's song like gulls to mullet and they circle her and urge her on with smiles, winks and whistles. Mr Plugg suddenly looks past his fellow officers and focuses on the bard. His gaze is unreadable though his lips are moving along with the words of her song and he seems lost in thought. When Grok threatens to throw Scourge overboard he returns his attention to the argument and calms the conversation with a cold word and a stern look.

Meanwhile, Urk and Malack attempt to make their way into the Quartermaster's hold but the lockpick isn't playing nice. The lock is not jammed, however, and there still seems to be more time for another go. Two crew coming up from below almost notice the big man and the goblin trying to break in, but Sandara Quinn gives them a sweet smile and leads them away.

A pelican flies by and cast a squat shadow over the Wormwood. Jakes Magpie's blood is starting to dry between the boards of the deck in the harsh sun. The day continues on and time is running out..

Male Human AC:15 F:+6 R:+1 W:-1 HP:14

Malack urges Urk on from his position.

Male Goblin Rogue (Unchained/Pirate/Scout) 9

Urk mutters a few select curses in sylvan, and gives it another go.
Disable Device: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22

Female Undine Cleric / 3 || Init: +1 / HP: 18/18/ AC: 14 / FF: 13 / Touch:11 / Saves: F: +3, R: +2, W: +7

As Lorelei watches over the crowd to both gauge their reactions to her song and look for Malack and Urk's return, she notices Mr. Plugg's interest and makes note of it for future reference. Hmph, wouldn't have pegged him to be one that would know the words to this song. Though now I have an idea of what to sing if I ever need to distract him. Could be useful to remember...

If she still hasn't caught sight of Malack or Urk by the time the song ends, Lorelei will take a request from one of the crew.

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Female Chelaxian Cleric 1

"Crimson, honestly. You should know that having a weapon on you is a quick way to get lashed."

Asmodia's voice would take on a disapproving tone as she slips the dagger into her shirt, trying to keep it hidden.

"Anyway, your arm's healing up nicely. Keep it clean, and this cloth clean and you should be fine. I could do more if I had my healers kit."

The second pick is more compliant and with a skillful flick of Urk's wrist, the lock clicks and the door opens slowly..

Asmodia and Lorelei give the officers one last look, content that they remain preoccupied, before making their way to the others.

The Quartermaster's hold contains various chests, crates and boxes. A small wooden table holds various manifests, inventories, quotas and ration numbers.

With a little snoopy about the heroes may be able to find what they are looking for. Maybe more..

Male Human AC:15 F:+6 R:+1 W:-1 HP:14

Malack sighs a bit as he sees the goblin enter the quartermaster's room. He knows they're in for it if they get caught. Nothing risked, nothing gained.

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Female Chelaxian Cleric 1

Asmodia would head over, rearranging her shirt to make sure the dagger is hidden as well as possible.

"If you find my healers kit, I could do with getting the bottle of disinfectant out of it."

She'd then quickly describe what the bag looked like to Urk.

Female Undine Cleric / 3 || Init: +1 / HP: 18/18/ AC: 14 / FF: 13 / Touch:11 / Saves: F: +3, R: +2, W: +7

Lorelei follows behind Asmodia, carefully checking around to make sure they weren't followed. She'll give a description of her gear as well as asking after a violin.

Male Goblin Rogue (Unchained/Pirate/Scout) 9

After a quick scan of the room, Urk pops his head at and whispers to Malack, "Keep a look out, hooman. If anybody comes, make with the loud shouty talk, and I'll find a way oot. And seriously, don't all of you stand around here. Soomebody'll notice. One of you ladies shood 'elp me."

He scurries up to the tables and looks at the paperwork, hoping to find where the gear is stashed, and keeping an eye out for anything interesting.

Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 26

The papers are written in a sloppy hand, big sprawling loops that resemble a spinning handaxe in motion, and you assume it is Grok's penmanship. The manifests are simply organized and it doesn't take long to find one that is labeled-

"New Press Ganged Sailor list of things and their stuff."

The manifest suggests that the items were thrown without care into a shipping crate labeled "Bixboro's Salt Goods" and Urk's keen perception notices the crate stacked precariously near the back wall. Bits of weapon, armor and attire protrude out of the sides or are draped over the lip of the box. Basically everything the heroes started with

Urk also notices the small violin Lorelei has described. Either Grok likes being exceptionally sarcastic in terms of sympathy or this is the musical instrument belonging to Rosie.

When Asmodia steps in to try and find her healer's kit she notices a document, written in a much finer hand, laying at the edge of Grok's desk. Is it an order from Captain Harrigan to clear a great deal of space in the storage holds. The Captain is "expecting a ship on the horizon any day now" and "the loot will be substantial."

A ship. A raid. Piracy.

- - - - - - - -Moments pass when...

Malack, posted at the door, notices the officers broke up from their meeting and begin to return to their posts. Plugg heads into the Captain's Quarters, Scourge heads down to the hold and Grok- well- Grok is heading directly to her room.

Sjurd's eye light up as they spy their haul - albeit one that was their's in the first place - as well as the inkling that they may finally have real pirating ahead of them. "More so than any amount of vashing, roping, und climbing, making a good show in a raid vould greatly increase our respect und standing among the crew."

Female Undine Cleric / 3 || Init: +1 / HP: 18/18/ AC: 14 / FF: 13 / Touch:11 / Saves: F: +3, R: +2, W: +7

"I wonder just how "substantial" a haul of loot the ship will really have?"

Male Goblin Rogue (Unchained/Pirate/Scout) 9

Urk quickly rifles through the crate, snatching his punching dagger, bag of marbles and pack of fireworks. He looks forlornly at his old rapier, and decides to leave it behind with the rest of his things, since it would all be too difficult to conceal. Then he deftly goes about concealing the items on his person, the fireworks and marbles under his belt line and the dagger up his sleeve.

Sleight of Hand: (Fireworks) 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (12) + 8 = 20
Sleight of Hand: (Marbles) 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (2) + 8 = 10
Sleight of Hand: (Punching Dagger) 1d20 + 8 + 2 ⇒ (14) + 8 + 2 = 24

He pads himself down quick, and feeling the marbles bulk, attempts to shift them into a better position.

Sleight of Hand: (Marbles) 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27

Satisfied, Urk says, "Quickly now, and don't take anything ye can't hide on ya. He then pads up the door and whispers, "Hooman, is it safe?"

Male Human AC:15 F:+6 R:+1 W:-1 HP:14

Malack sees the ugly half-Orc moving and he starts to sing in a loud, boisterous voice songs of yore in the hope that Urk will get out of the room as fast as possible. Songs about great escapes and running away.
If the filthy, disgusting half-Orc gets close before Urk has escaped, Malack will attempt to occupy her with his considerable charms despite his profound disdain for half-Orcs.
Bluff check to seem interested 1d20 ⇒ 12
Hey there, there's something about a lady with an axe. Just gets the blood pumping. That's what I always say.

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Female Chelaxian Cleric 1

With the sudden appearance of Grok, Asmodia would quickly memorise the key points in the letter she found, then clear out, not grabbing any gear.

Grok comes striding up, her brow furrowed and her eyes red from the confrontation with the officers. They were certainly arguing about something..

When Malack steps up singing and muttering she lifts an eyebrow, stunned at first, but slowly begins to realize what this is. Human mating behavior, obviously.

As a half orc growing up on the mean streets of Port Peril she struggled to understand the way humans created bonds and her Orc blood complicated even her best attempts. But his "big'un" could throw an axe and he sang like a bloody bear. Off key and everything. Perhaps he had some Orc blood in him too.

I know what this is, sailor. At first her words sound suspicious, perhaps she knows that the heroes are up to. However...

Grok pushes Malack up against a stack of barrels and plants her mouth against his. Her shortened tusk pinch the sides of his mouth, but it isn't all together unpleasant for a man with standards as low as Malacks.

One glance at Malack and Grok would prove that there is still a moment or two to grab some gear before escaping. An opportunity not worth wasting.

Honor the sacrifice before you.

Female Undine Cleric / 3 || Init: +1 / HP: 18/18/ AC: 14 / FF: 13 / Touch:11 / Saves: F: +3, R: +2, W: +7

Lorelei will grab her dagger and hide it down in her boot. She'll look regretfully at the rest of her gear and the violin, but has no way to conceal the rest of her stuff and doesn't want tossed overboard for obviously stealing back all her stuff.

Trying hard not to snicker at Malack's sacrifice for them, Lorelei will make her way out and begin heading towards the galley. She figures she had best get down there at some point today to help cook.

Male Human AC:15 F:+6 R:+1 W:-1 HP:14

Malack cringes and squirms a bit as the toothy liplock pushes deeper and deeper into his mouth. Still it is true, Malack's standards had resulted in an embarrassingly high number of flings with females from a variety of races that by the light of day held little appeal to the ordinary man. But then that says everything about the old warhorse, he's no ordinary man.

Male Goblin Rogue (Unchained/Pirate/Scout) 9

Sneaking out the door, Urk's heart immediately sinks when he sees Grok and Malack kissing. He blushes a bit, kicks glumly at the ground, and scampers off and up to his work post.

Ahhh... new it was too much for a boy to hope for, he thinks to himself, and sets about distracting himself with work. At least I got some gear. And it looks like we'll get some piracy in soon.

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Female Chelaxian Cleric 1

With nothing available that Asmodia could really hide, or she'd want to risk losing if discovered, she'd leave her items behind and get out of the room.

Grok pins Malack to the wall and for several terrible moments her brute strength would keep him in place should he struggle. With Malack doing his best to bluff the half orc, she assumes he is enjoying himself and breaks away breathlessly. Wait here, sailor, and I will be back. We've got some time before work gets underway so we best not waste it! Grok pats his cheek hard and then rushes down below deck to her quarters for something. She does not so much as glance at the Quartermaster hold as she passes nor does she take note of the heroes who have lingered too long. The door remains unlocked..

Male Human AC:15 F:+6 R:+1 W:-1 HP:14

Catching a glimpse of Urk's disappointment, Malack wonders if he was indeed the wrong man for the job. As she leaves he breathes in deep and calls upon the vast depths of strength within his soul. And as his comrades pass out of sight the old dog drops his act. Does he find half-orcs repulsive? Sure. But Malack's travels have been far and wide and in all his days beneath the sun he's learned one truth. The sun is a poor judge of a lady's charms for when the moon is all the light that a man sees by, all wenches be the same.
When Grok returns Malack holds out his hand.
Ho there woman! You have tasted the goods but you know me not. Aye you outrank me on this vessel, but now you learn that I am master and commander of these seas. And I intend to give you a go around like you've never known.
Grapple check 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21
Malack will make good on his words. He hoists her up as though she were naught but a child. For indeed in the tree trunks he calls arms, her weight is nothing to him. He smiles as carries her off to someplace private, for today one crew member will call him captain, but he feels confident that with such an ally it is only a matter of time before all call him captain.


Grok and Malack find a nice hidden place on the boat. Oceans move so to speak...

However, all decent folk are still rather close to the Quartermaster's vulnerable hold and their possessions are within reach. Some have already decided against the risky business of sneaking out their possessions, but time has been bought if minds have changed on the matter.

The bell tolls on deck to signal work. Sailors begin to shuffle to their respected positions and take up mop, bucket, line and canvas. Old Kroop lifts a red, drunken eye down in the kitchens but has not begun to cook the meal. Scourge and Plugg are in the Captain's Quarters and no one save the wind is watching the crew.

Something big is in the air. Something grand is on the horizon. And...there it is...just a speck on the endless blue line that taunts the eye...

Ship HOOO! Shouts the swab in the crow's nest. He bellows it out a second time, eager for the additional coin he will get for spotting the vessel first.

A ship in the distance.

Hunter or Prey?

Male Goblin Rogue (Unchained/Pirate/Scout) 9

All fantasies of tragic romance quickly evaporate when Urk hears the alert. Haha! Yes! Time to show 'em what ye kin do, boyo!

Female Undine Cleric / 3 || Init: +1 / HP: 18/18/ AC: 14 / FF: 13 / Touch:11 / Saves: F: +3, R: +2, W: +7

Oh to hell with it. It can't be stealing if it's my own damn stuff and I'll be needing my weapons if there is action tomorrow.

Lorelei grabs her gear and heads quickly down below to stow it in her footlocker. She really hopes no one pays her much mind.


Next day...

Getting tired of old Kroop just laying about, Lorelei is about to start cooking the damn food again by herself when she hears someone above deck hollering out "ship ho"." Thoughts of food forgotten now, Lorelei dashes above deck to look out to sea, eager to know what kind of vessel has been spotted.

Male Human AC:15 F:+6 R:+1 W:-1 HP:14

After their coupling Malack turns to Grok and with all his roguish charm says, "Well now I'm sure you'll be wantin a second helping of that and the good news is this here establishment is a buffet and we never stop servin if ya catch my drift. On the otherhand this here pirate business seems right dangerous. I could do with a few things if I'm to keep this love engine fine-tuned and humming. Could I trouble ya fer some nice metal armor, a weapon I can swing with both hands and a flask?"

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Female Chelaxian Cleric 1

Well well.. another ship on the horizon might just keep me out of scrubbing the decks for another day.

Asmodia would rise up from her scrubbing duties and wait for an officer to appear, before shouting over to them.

"Orders sir?"

Malack the Accursed wrote:
"I could do with a few things if I'm to keep this love engine fine-tuned and humming. "[/b]

The corner of Sjurd's mouth twitches slightly and she turns away from the romantic exchange. "I think I just threw up a little in my mouth." She cocks her head upward at the cry of the lookout and scans the horizon, holding a hand to her brow to block the sun. "Bring them! Let us test our might und find who vill be the victor. The veak must make room for the strong."

The shout goes out that a ship has been spotted on the horizon. Like a word on the wind the news briskly moves from one end of the Wormwood to the other and it doesn't take long for the door to Harrigan's quarters to open and the Captain come striding out.

The massive pirate Captain makes his way to the helm with a look of unsated hunger in his features. The booming roll of his voice begins to give orders to his officers and Scourge and Mr Plugg respond by tearing into the crew with whip and word.

Grok rolls over, pulling on her attire, obviously eager to take part in the pursuit. She listens as Malack gives his speech on 'second helpings' before rolling her eyes. You weren't that impressive.. She says with a toothy grin. But when the killin starts I may see that some good steel is in your hands. Heh heh heh.. She heads off to prepare the hold and to pass out weapons. So eager is she in the moment that she does not realize anything is missing..

Asmodia, Sjurd and Urkk peer at the ship on the horizon, still a great distance away, but they can tell that it is attempting to flee.

When Lorelei makes her way back to the deck from the kitchens she would spot the look that passes Captain Harrigan's face when she steps into the sun. The Captain is staring into the distance and his tongue glides along his upper teeth.

He likes it when they run.

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Female Chelaxian Cleric 1

With no one ordering her to continue scrubbing the deck, Asmodia would watch the ship on the horizon and utter a quiet prayer to Besmara, asking for good hunting today.

Male Human AC:15 F:+6 R:+1 W:-1 HP:14

Well that's fair I suppose.
Used to that kind of response, Malack muses on his next move. He's a opportunist and survivor, he feels no attachment to a failed plan.
Malack walks to the deck and watches the captain. He's seen his kind before. Eager to kill. A right dangerous sort. The kind you give a wide berth to.
He looks for his press-ganged buddies and when he finds them he scratches his ear and asks, " So what did you get? Anything I can use? "
As he hears their report he makes no effort to hide his frown.
" Nice work team. "
Malack isn't the least bit excited about battle. The poor chaps in the other boat would be fighting for their lives so he'll take them seriously enough. He'll kill but only cause he's not good at anything else. Malack learned long ago not to be too eager to show your prowess in battle. Lots of tough dead guys out there who didn't even know why they were fighting.

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Female Chelaxian Cleric 1

"What did you expect big guy. To get some huge two-handed sword that you could just stroll around with on the deck?"

Asmodia's tone is just a little derisory.

"There's quicker and easier ways to commit suicide, Malack."

Sjurd drums her fingers on the railing, eager for action.

Male Human AC:15 F:+6 R:+1 W:-1 HP:14

"You could've hidden it somewhere. That's all I'm saying on this. Try not to get yourselves killed when we take down this boat. And forget about impressing the officers. They follow that mad dog on the deck. Seen fellas like that before. He's right dangerous, probably more than a match for all of us combined. Gives me the creeps."

Male Goblin Rogue (Unchained/Pirate/Scout) 9

Urk wants to comment, but he can't because he is too far from the conversation, and the stoopid hooman that runs him doesn't metagame.

Male Goblin Rogue (Unchained/Pirate/Scout) 9

Urk giddily hops up and down in the crows nest, stopping briefly to blow a huge snot wad out of his left nostril.

Honestly, Urk is just waiting for orders from the officers, or, being a goblin, a chance to set the other boat on fire.

Sheets of sea spray catch Captain Harrigan's twisted black hair as he heaves to and the Wormwood groans to respond to the brutal shift in direction. The sails bulge and the masts creak as the dark canvas sheets drink in the wind like mad men in an oasis.

Harrigan's voice roars out over the chaos, louder than even Scourge's whip or the low gravely threats of Mr Plugg.

Ye' bastards and whores grab a hook and blade and prepare yourself for battle! That ship, she carries gold, silk and finer things still, and for this she must be bled and bled again! Grab ye' hooks n' blades, you kings and queens of nothingness, and prepare to be made rich by your Captain's rage and your own damn boldness! Harrigan throws his head back and howls like a wolf just as a large and perilous wave crashes over the main deck. No man goes overboard and for this the sailors howl in response as they prepare grappling hooks, boarding pikes and pitted knives.

The pack is howling and it is clear what ship is the hunted. The speck in the distance begins to take shape and it does not appear quick enough to flee despite its best efforts.


Grok and several handpicked swabs begin handing out weapons. When she comes to the heroes she drops a crate down at their feet. Coin, jewelry and keepsakes have been taken, but their initial weapons are inside. There are also boarding axes, rusty daggers and a mean looking light mace included.

Ahhh, my sweet and soft swabs, take up your weapons and gather a line and hook. As greengills you will be the first to place boots on the enemy ship. Heh heh heh.. She slaps Malack hard on the face. Try not to get yourself killed, sailor, for my blood is high and hot after a battle and I may have need of you. Heh..

The howls continue, one after another, as the crew of Captain Barnabas Harrigan prepare for war.

And the heroes will be the ones to lead the charge.

Female Undine Cleric / 3 || Init: +1 / HP: 18/18/ AC: 14 / FF: 13 / Touch:11 / Saves: F: +3, R: +2, W: +7

Lorelei gets in a few practice swirls with a grappling hoor as they are still closing the distance. Never doubted for an instant that they'd be throwing us at the ship first. Most expendable and all that crap...I doubt most of us will even see into that ship's holds.

Lorelei looks over the assembled crew, attempting to spot where Plugg and Scourge are.

Mr Plugg is standing near the helm acting as a sort of liaison between the Captain and the crew. His stern looks and words keep men in some form of rank and file. Although, he seems to feel Lorelei's eyes on him, and suddenly looks directly at her. There is something terrible in that look. Something covetous and filled with dark promises.

Master Scourge is moving between the sailors, his whip lashing out and licking the knuckles and calves of any swab he thinks isn't moving fast enough. The stinging blows draw little to no blood, but seem to be more motivating than wild fire.

Male Goblin Rogue (Unchained/Pirate/Scout) 9

Urk drops down from the rigging and quickly goes through the crate, snatching up his rapier and dagger, and giddily places them in his belt. With a grin to Malack, he whispers, "Didn I say they wouldn't leave us permeenently unarmed. But yeh might ought to keep an open eye for a place to stash something away fer later. I intend ta."

Aww, no armor? Backstabby it is then, he thinks somewhat sullenly.

Female Undine Cleric / 3 || Init: +1 / HP: 18/18/ AC: 14 / FF: 13 / Touch:11 / Saves: F: +3, R: +2, W: +7

Lorelei can't help but shiver a bit as she catches that look Plugg seems to give her. I wonder what that look meant?"

She tries to stay out of Scourge's path since she'd rather not taste the whip even if he isn't laying about with it very hard. She will also try to find her fellow press-ganged pirates. "Well, you all ready for a fight? Asmodia, care to give us a bit of a blessing before we begin?"

After the prayer if given, Lorelei will begin singing a rousing pirate tune involving a lot of spilled blood and even more gold.

singing 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (6) + 8 = 14
Once the battle starts Lorelei will be using her bardic ability to inspire courage as she sings.

Male Human AC:15 F:+6 R:+1 W:-1 HP:14

Malack grunts in response to the half-orcs comment. To Urk he says "Aye you were right about that. Wouldn't hurt to pick a few extra weapons. More to hide later."
Malack picks up his great sword but also takes a look at the mace set out. He'll wrap it in with his line as a backup unless someone else wants it.

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Female Chelaxian Cleric 1

Grabbing her cutlass, Asmodia would grin over to Lorelei before speaking up, loud enough to be heard by those around her, putting on her best Chelaxian airs.

"Right lads, there's plunder a plenty over on that ship, there to be taken by the bold and the brave, all ours for the taking. Besmara herself looks favourably on raids like this one, provided you all show some balls and take what's offered!

And should you find yourself on a much bigger ship, surrounded by many fine wenches and with a cool breeze on your face, then do not worry, for you are onboard the Seawraith, and already dead!"

Sjurd waits patiently, feeling the thrumming of her magic flow through her veins as she awaits the signal to attack.

Male Goblin Rogue (Unchained/Pirate/Scout) 9

Urk quickly scampers around looking for a nice long, sturdy rope. Upon finding one, he climbs up the mast and halfway towards the edge of the sail on ther side the targeted boat should likely end up on. He then secures the rope and heads back down to the deck and finds Malack. "Oy, hooman! Ima hold on to that rope. When the time comes, launch me. Lets give some unlucky bastaard a face full o' gobbo, eh?"

DM Singer: What rolls should I make for all this fun stuff?

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