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GM Singer's Jade Regent Campaign

Game Master Vuvu


Silver Crusade Ikoma Gohei

Male Human (Xian-Min) Samurai 1
AC 17/T11/FF16 HP 12/12 F+5 R+1 W+0 Init +1 Perception +5

(305 posts)


Aloria Adu

Current Castle Map HP 26 / 26, AC 21 (19 FF, 13 Touch) Fort +5, Ref +3, Will +6
(96 posts)
Jakardros Sovark
Tohall of Erastil

HP 36 of 38 AC: 23 (19 Flat-footed / 12 Touch) w/ shield +2 defensive fighting Fort +5 , Ref +3, Will +9
(161 posts)


Mithral Scarab
Emerald Castrovei

Female Aasimar (Musetouched) Tattoed Sorcerer 1 (Starsoul Bloodline) (AC: 12 T: 12 FF: 10 | HP: 7/7 | F: +1 R: +1 W: +2 | Init: +2 | Per: +2 [Darkvision])
(22 posts)


Barl Breakbones

Dead Goblins, Dead Geckos
(1,077 posts)
Ulfen Raider
Engir Wolfeye

Male Human (Ulfen) Fighter 1 (HP 13/13; AC16,T 11, FF 15, F+ 4, R+1, W+1, Init +5, Perc +1)
(28 posts)


The Cinderlander

Craft Weapons +7 Heal +9; Climb +1Sense Motive +12;Arcana +7; ; Nature+6; Religion+6; Perception +11;Engineering +10 ;Survival +10; Spellcraft +11 Stealth +3
Map Link Inquisitor (Witchunter)HP 15/15; AC 18/13/15; CMD 15; Init +7; Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +7; Lvl1: 3/3 Bolts 11/15 CI
(750 posts)

(17,693 posts)

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