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GM Rapscallion's Skull and Shackles

Game Master Nayr Trebrot

Tales of piracy, power struggles, and treachery on the high seas. Are there any that can turn their fallen luck to real pirate gold?

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Male Human Taskmaster and Overlord / 10

For discussing your booty...

Please post a quick hello once selected

I'm a hired hand...but I'm a damn good one. I've led many a crew through many a perilous journey. Every man I've led has sworn to follow me to their graves if necessary. But they know it will not come to that. Not on my watch. Not ever.

A ship to call my own is all I've ever make my own way in the world. No more errand running for petty lords and spoiled rich people. And I came damned close. Alas it was not meant to be.

All I have left can be carried in a sack. But it's enough for a start. Enough to start over again.

But not tonight. This is a night to drink and erase the past from my memory. Tomorrow is the day for a new beginning. A fresh start. A new day.

Here's to tomorrow! Gregor raises his cup to the barkeep and drains it on one hearty gulp. Keep 'em coming!

Male Human Swashbuckling Rogue 2

"Aye Gregor, a drink to tomorrow always be fittin' and I'll drink ta today as well!", The Moon raises a glass in toast from the other table, then tilts it back and slugs it down.

"Let's find us a ship, a good Bosun I be an just needin' a captain to lead the way. Skills I 'ave at sailin' and siege engineerin', show me a cannon and I'll show ye an enemy ship with a 'ole in its side", boasts the Bosun, "but keep tha sharks away, they already ate me leg and I fear it just be an appetizer for their greedy gullets."

Tucked away in his clothes is a set of lockpicks, the only item the Moon retains after being press ganged into crew on the Wormwood.

Male Human Taskmaster and Overlord / 10

An aging maid whirls in a tight and practiced spin as she passes Gregor's table, her hips tiltling just far enough away from the tables to avoid any grasping doubt an action that she'd grown accustomed to in the Formidably Maid. Being one of the more notorious drinking establishments in Port Peril, the Maid often catered to some of the most unruly pirate crews in the shackles, many at port simply to find themselves a salt wife.

The maid nods to Gregor with a suggestive smile that shows teeth touched with the dark brown of a narcotic snuff known to be a quiet commodity among the enterprising pirates of the Shackles. Long as that coin keeps clinkin', handsome. Best grog this side o' the Eye, right? She lets her rhetorical question hang in the air as she skips back to the kitchen with an empty tray.

A surly old seadog guffaws, and then sets his tankard down with a heavy thud, sloshing its contents. An' wha' in tha' 'ells ya' got ta' be so 'appy about, eh? Say ya' need a ship, do ya'? An' wha's so special 'bout ya' ta' make yer stinkin' hides worthy of anythin' more than a raft tied together wit' waxy seaweed?

Male Human Taskmaster and Overlord / 10

If you guys want to lay out your backstories and motivation in this manner...i.e. RPing; that's fine with me. I alway find it easier to build a background through RP, but it's not for everyone. Alternatively, if you'd like to simply add it to your character, feel free.

Male Human Swashbuckling Rogue 2

"Oye, ye old sea dog, I's been ridin' the waves since I was a wee lad, me home is on tha seas. Even if I try to stick to the land, she calls to me and I ca'not resist." Rapping his knuckles on his peg leg for emphasis, the Moon continues, "Even after tha shark took me leg as a boy, I still loved tha sea. Maybe it's pirate blood in me veins, maybe Besmara chose me at birth, I don't be questionin' tha whys, I just be following the salty air and the sunset over tha waves. If'n it be true sea dogs ya want then look no further than tha Moon."

Female Human Alchemist (beastmorph) 1 / Gunslinger 1

Louly looks around as she enters the Formidably Maid.

I can't imagine ever finding a more wretched hive of scum and villainy, she thinks to herself. If I can't find out more about the Daunting Mermaid or my father here, I don't know where I can go.

Oooh, and that looks like the perfect place to start, she thinks as she makes her way to a handsome young man at a table. Plopping herself down, her bright white teeth contrasting her dark skin as she grins at the sailor, Howdy, sailor, buy a girl a drink?

Howdy all; DM Rapscallion invited me to join. Louly's not quite finished crunch wise (and is missing a few names fluff-wise) but I should get those ship-shape tomorrow morning. Her basic background's in the profile if you want a few more details. In combat, I envision her as mostly a ranged combatant, an alchemist/gunslinger (and may even throw in a level of Magus or two depending on the party and how things develop). I'd been thinking she'd be the eventually siege engineer, but if Bosun Moon's planning for that job, I can try to tweak that role a little.

Should we bother with buying gear? I know we start by getting press-ganged, so wasn't sure about that part. Looks like just get the one item we plan to keep? Does that include spellbooks, or will those be replaced with any other gear later on too?

Male Human Swashbuckling Rogue 2

Louly can be the siege engineer, I'll keep a few skill ranks in it (I've enough as a rogue) as it might be good to have two characters that can fire siege equipment, but I'll change the profession focus to craft:sails and craft:ships in case we need ship repairs at some point. I'll be adjusting Bosun Moon for the point buy and character background in the next day or two. Glad to see you on board Jacob!

RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16, RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16

Thanks. Louly likes seeing things go boom!

Male Human Taskmaster and Overlord / 10

Welcome Louly! Please buy gear as normal; then select one concealed item that you'd have kept with you when press ganged into service. Alas, I don't think that a spellbook would make sense, unless you can find a way to RP it so. That would be tricky to conceal when searched. Not to give too much away, but let's just say there's a fine chance that you'll have the opportunity to get your gear back.

Male Human Fighter (Corsair)/2

Bendrauss, stepping into the Formidably Maid allows his eyes to adjust to the dim light inside. He sniffs as he takes in the vagrants who deem themselves pirates. " 'Spose this be as good a place as any to start looking for pay" Ben unconsciously checks that his flat dagger is still hidden in his bracer and pushes through the crowd to the bar. "Barkeep! Black kelp beer if'n you have some!"

Hi everyone. Bendrauss is going to be a melee geared Corsair as you would have guessed. His story is a work in progress and hoping to develop it during play as well as create it in the off time. Nice to be here btw!

Gregor's crunch should be good at this point; he has his dagger concealed in his left boot and carries only enough coin to pay his bar tab.

Gregor nods to the newcomers and pushes out a chair at his table as an invitation for Louly.

Male Human Taskmaster and Overlord / 10

Welcome Bendrauss! Feel free to keep developing your backstory in here with RP; this is an excellent way to flesh out your character.

Several eyes track up at the new arrivals, taking in the newcomers and seeming to immediately identify them as threats or marks. Rarely is there a classification in between the two among the scoundrels that frequent the Formidably Maid.

The barkeep, a dark-skinned man with a shaved pate and a multitude of gold rings adorning his face and ears, grunts from behind the half-height counter. Got it, if that's yer likin'. Ain't gonna' be cheap though, fella'; ya' got somethin' against our good 'ol grog, then?

Figuring Louly was addressing Moon or Gregor; let me know if not and I'll insert the appropriate NPC scoundrel. EDIT - ninja'd post! Have at it Louly and Gregor

Male Human Fighter (Corsair)/2

Ben swipes his drink from the bar"Ah, it's but a last taste of home before hire'n on with a crew in the morn. By days end I'll be back at sea, back in the mothers embrace. By years end I'll be loaded with the finest silks and goods to be sure!" "And then it'll be a ship of my own." He then tilts his mug back and drains the dark brew. Wiping any foam from his mouth he casually leans against the bar and begins to watch the crowd for perspective employers.

Female Human Alchemist (beastmorph) 1 / Gunslinger 1

The Mwangi woman smiles as she sits down next to the grizzled sailor. Is he a pirate? He seems old enough he might have known my father...

"Thank you," she says, scooping up a mug and quickly quaffing it. "I'm Louly mutter mutter must come up with last name soon."

Don't see it in the recruitment thread, are we starting with average or max gold for first level?

I was assuming Louly sat down next to a handsome rake -- the one who'll end up press-ganging her -- but no reason she couldn't join Gregor first and/or the other PCs first.

Male Human Taskmaster and Overlord / 10

The barkeep nods, his face a sickly snarl that could only be barely seen as a smile. Outta' Drenchport, then? Best place ta' get it, that's for certain. But, out here, ya' gotta' pay for the trip, like anyone else. We'll be settlin' up ba'fore yer leavin'.

Average, please. Fair enough; no problem with a little PC introduction, I'd say. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to be forced into servitude later.

Male Human Taskmaster and Overlord / 10

Now that we have the crew worked out, would everyone please update their characters as needed and add backstories and motivation. I'm planning to start the game thread soon, but I'm in training on Monday and Tuesday of next week, so I'm loathe to start a game and then immediately miss two days. That being said, I think that we should start the game thread on Tuesday; that will give us time to work out the kinks with any characters prior to your becoming unwilling crewmembers of the Wormwood.

RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16, RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16

Hmm, any thought my fellow gamers on a good trait for Louly? She's got a fairly complex background, what with being taken in by Mwangi gorillas, abandoned in the Mana Wastes and then adopted by an Alkenstar gunsmith... I'm trying to think of something that would capture that flavor...

Male Human Swashbuckling Rogue 2

Bosun Moon is updated and complete stat wise. I've only put together two paragraphs of background, will try to add more by this weekend.

Reactionary wouldn't be a bad trait for Louly, she often had to react to adverse situations and roll with the punches.

Gregor raises his cup to his new tablemate and is impresses as she downs her drink a half a second before he finishes his. He raises his hand to order two more.

You do look like you can handle yourself well enough...but no man with honor would allow a lady to drink alone in a place like this. I'm called Gregor, and I intend to continue drinking until I forget everything that has happened in my life up until this moment. Since I have a memory like a steel trap and an uncanny ability to handle my liqour it should take a good long while....

Male Human Anti-Paladin (Lord of Darkness) / 1

The door to the bar opening, a fairly attractive, and clean, man steps into the common room. Clothed in what appears to be an a coat of thick leather with a rapier belted at his waist, it is obvious that this man isn't one of the usuals that visit the Formidably Maid. He looks around the room. Fair bunch of folk we have here. Just the type that might be able to provide some answers. With that, he moves into the room, his gait betraying some familiarity with the motions of the sea. Taking a seat and motioning for a bar maid he says, "I'll have some rum, please." Not the greatest tasting mess of a drink, but gotta follow with what I was told.

Still working on some of the crunch, but couldn't help but start interacting.

Male Human Taskmaster and Overlord / 10

Welcome Karn! Take your time on the crunch.

Thanks Bosun Moon! Reactionary, while a bit of a vanilla trait, would be a good fit. It indicates adaptability, which she would have in spades after all she's gone through.

Reactionary was on my list of trait possibilities for well as Courageous or Resilient. Even Adopted + Alkenstar Defender could fit given the backstory...just a matter of which bonus complements the crunch best.

Male Gillman Aberrant-bloodline Sorcerer/1 l AC 13/17* T 12 FF 11/15* l HP 7/7 l F +1 R +2 W +2/+4*/+0* l Init +2 l Perc +2

A young man, looking most likely to be a fishmonger, quietly enters and makes his way across the room to the bar. His head and face are completely hairless, his skin bearing a wet sheen like lamp oil on water. His oddly luminous eyes are a little too large for his narrow face and small nose. His expression shows no emotion.

He wears a loose robe, stained, weathered and smelling of sea salt and fish. A dagger is tucked behind the knot of his sash, and he carries a small bag made of fishnetting over one shoulder.

He makes an awkward gesture to the barkeep.

A bottle of rum," he says flatly, as if reading the words from a page, "and I need to speak with a captain about getting on to a ship."

Female Human Alchemist (beastmorph) 1 / Gunslinger 1

Strange, he's here to forget, when I come for someone who remembers. Still, he says he's got a memory like a steel trap, so maybe he can help me.

"Hello, Gregor, I'm glad to meet a man of honor. I'm actually come in search of someone, a man who used to sail out of this port, named Adamar Voulge. I'm hoping to find someone who knew him or of what happened to him."

OK, I think Louly's done. I ended up going with a version of adopted (though I called it highly adaptive) -- basically she's got the half-elf's multitalented racial trait, giving her two favored classes. Also considered trying to come up with a good trait called foundling, but I was having trouble coming up with a crunch -- was trying to go for something in which people instinctively like her, maybe the standard +1 to Diplomacy and it's a class skill, but I figured the two favored classes work, as long as you're OK with it Rapscallion...

Also, in her gear, I gave her a broken pistol, which used to belong to her adopted father. At this point, it's useless as anything but a paperweight, but if you're OK with it, I figure it'll be the gun she starts with when she multiclasses to Gunslinger at second level. (She's also got a flag from her birth father, per the back story; I figure the gun is wrapped in said flag.)

And, lastly, her item I figure she keeps with her is a dose of her mutagen.

Male Human Anti-Paladin (Lord of Darkness) / 1

After his rum arrives, the coated man takes a swig, his face scrunching up at the taste of the liquor, an obvious indication that he was not too familiar with the drink as a whole. Scanning the room, he notes a group group consisting of a darker skinned woman and a bearded man talking. Taking one more swig, he moves over with his bottle, stopping at their table and giving a brief nod, reminiscent of the usual greeting etiquette of one form Magnimar for those familiar with that region. "Greetings, my name is Karn and I just came into port. Mind if I sit with you a spell?"

Male Human Fighter (Corsair)/2

Bendrauss upends his empty mug letting the last drips dribble onto the counter. " Another beer if'n you will. I've coin enough. Don'cha be worry'n 'bout that. When he catches the barkeeps eye he motions toward the table where all the newcomers seem to be gathering. "Who might they be?"

Male Human Taskmaster and Overlord / 10

Karn's rum proves to be a bit strong...the first drinks of the night usually are; and it burns as it finds its way down his gullet. The warmth that follows it ignites his belly, then makes his head feel about ten pounds lighter. The serving woman wheels away with a smile, after indicating that she'd be at his call if needed.

The gold-adorned barkeep's eyebrows raise at Kehlysch's entrance, and he actually has to stammer our his greeting. It's obvious that he doesn't get many of Kehlysch's unique but alluring appearance in a dive such as this. Rum, ya...a whole bottle it is. As for a captain...careful what ya' wish for, friend. He offers a wink with a bloodshot eye. May jus' get it, right?

The barkeep nods at Bendrauss, then shrugs. Sure 'nuff they're more needin' work, like yerself. Fine place ta' get it, if you're willin' ta' get the hands dirty.

Though the woman before you is pleasant enough, and you do fully intend to live up to your word by drinking about your memories, you can't help but feel enclosed in this building. What you'd give to look upon the majesty of the sea, which you consider to be your home; maybe after another drink or two you'd take a walk down to the docks...

Bosun Moon:
As often happens to you, the spirits seem to have gone straight to the part of you that controls your balance...particularly on your peg leg. Standing could soon become a bit tricky...

Karn Lathern:
The rum has hit you very quickly...almost immediately your words seem to come out with an additional syllable at the end that you did not anticipate.

Louly a'Maris:
As you sit, engaged in conversation with Gregor, you catch the eye of a rather dashing young man in the far corner. His eyes lock with yours, and his look of obvious wanting instantly brings heat to your cheeks. Quite handsome, too...

Bendrauss Seaborn:
Odd...while you scan the room, you can't help but notice a young woman watching you quite closely. As you lock eyes with her, she touches a finger to her lip, then taps it lightly, as if in consideration. Her eyes roam up and down your muscled form, and she raises an eyebrow in appreciation.

The closeness of the inn immediately makes you yearn for open water. What you'd give to look upon the majesty of the sea, which you consider to be your home; maybe after another drink or two you'd take a walk down to the docks...

Female Human Alchemist (beastmorph) 1 / Gunslinger 1

"Suit yourself," Louly says, glancing at the newcomer to the table and returning his nod.

She seems distracted, her eye caught by another sailor. I'm sure I can find someone else who might know my Voulge another night, she thinks.

"Actually, I just remembered something I have to do," she says with an apologetic grin. She gets up, sauntering across the bar to a dashing young man.

"Hi there, buy a girl a drink?" she says with a wink.

Male Human Fighter (Corsair)/2

Bendrauss flushes, barely noticeable on his dark skin. Who's this now? Surely she will be more entertaining than a table of deck hands! Clearing his throat he downs his next beer as fast as he can. Ben attempts to casually adjust his sword belt and begins to head toward the young woman. Damn! Forgot to pay! Awkwardly he stumbles and turns around to lay two tarnished pieces of gold onto the counter. "Keep 'em comin barkeep." Again attempting to be casual he makes his way through the jostling crowd to the woman. "'Ello lass, they call me Bendrauss."

Male Human Fighter (Corsair)/2

I just want to let everyone know that I am going to be having a minor abdominal surgery tomorrow morning. I may have a tough time posting for a few days. But as we have yet to start I imagine it will be fine. I have no wireless right now so can't do it from bed lol.

Male Human Taskmaster and Overlord / 10

No worries at all, Bendrauss! Good luck and get well post-haste!

Male Gillman Aberrant-bloodline Sorcerer/1 l AC 13/17* T 12 FF 11/15* l HP 7/7 l F +1 R +2 W +2/+4*/+0* l Init +2 l Perc +2

Best wishes for a quick recovery!

Kehlsych lifts the rum bottle to his lips and hesitantly turns it upwards. The second drink burns every bit as much as the first.

"She never explained why they would drink this, but they always did in her tastes like fire and water at once."

He turns and looks around at the patrons scattered throughout the common room.

"No captains are here," he says with a thick-tongued mumble as the potent drink sears into his brain and the room starts to swim before him.

"...swim...yes..." he says as he staggers out into the night.

Male Human Swashbuckling Rogue 2

good luck with the procedure Nacona!

Bosun Moon swigs down his cup of rum and reaches for the bottle to pour another, but his drunken grasp wavers and he knocks the bottle off the table, amazingly it doesn't shatter as it bounces off a chair and rolls across the floor.

"Ye spinnin' bottle, there be a few drops left in ye I reckon." mutters the Moon as he staggers from his seat to retrieve the wayward vessel. But he's underestimated his state of inebriation, as he stands his head swims with rum and with a lurch he staggers into the table, knocking mugs to the floor. Trying to steady himself, he reaches for the back of a chair, misses it completely, and his peg leg slides in the spilt liquor, upending his balance and sending him crashing to the floor.

He lies there for a moment, eyes focusing on the beams of the ceiling to stop his spinning vision. With a grunt, Bosun Moon scrabbles to pick himself up off the floor, struggling to get his peg leg beneath him and regain his balance, or at least the seat of a chair.

Male Human Anti-Paladin (Lord of Darkness) / 1

Seeing Bosun's tumble, Karn diverts his course, moving over to the fallen man and offering a hand up. "Are you all righch? That was a mighty acrobatic tumble you took theresh." An expression crossing his face for a split second, the man snaps out of it and helps the man to his feet if he is allowed to. Lander said this stuff was strong, but it can't really just be one drink can it. Once the man is too his feet, Karn extends his hand. "Pleasure to meet yoooou. Tha nam'sh Karn." Where are these extra syllables coming from? Without necessarily making the connection, Karn takes another drink of the rum, his face once more reacting to the taste of the alcohol, though not as sour as the last one.

A bit of delirium washes over Gregor...granted it's exactly what he wanted but he feels the sea air may do him some good. He tosses a few coins at the barkeep and tips his hat to Louly. She's found a younger man. Gregor thinks to himself amusedly.

He leaves the tavern and heads for the docks, the salt in the crisp night air energizing him as he goes.

Male Human Taskmaster and Overlord / 10

The young man grins, showing square, white teeth above his trimmed and waxed, pointed goatee. He whistles for a drink, and the maid sets down two glass tumblers full of a rum drink with cinnamon and nutmeg. A bumbo, then…sweet drink for a sweet lady. The man’s voice is confident and steady, but harsh as well...the strong voice of a leader. My lady; I plan to finish this here bit handsomely, then escape upstairs for a nightcap. Perhaps you’d do me the honor of sharing some fine tales in a more private setting?

The young woman…no maid in this place…whispers the name slowly, as if committing it to memory. Her voice is soft, the very sound of femininity, though with a wickedness that speaks to her intent. Bendrauss…strong name. You look like you…handle…yourself pretty well, sailor. What do you say you buy me a drink more to my tastes… She glances at the beer, as if indicating that it wouldn’t do. …and you and I can head upstairs to celebrate…well, we’ll find something.

The weather outside is balmy, and the air smells of salt…the perfect environment, in your opinion. As you make your way to the docks, the raucous dockside establishments spill into the streets, as if the town were one large celebration of debauchery and drinking to excess. Such was the nature of Port Peril, a town driven in the moral directions of its Pirate king. You find your way through the masses, your hand never straying far from your weapon, and soon you feel the soft, moist spray of ocean mist on your face.

As you gaze out into the darkness of a starry sky and the whitecaps just illuminated by a Desnus moon, you see another figure, seemingly of like mind, standing not far off watching the waves. You recognize him from the Formidably Maid…he had been sitting at the table with the dark-skinned woman and another. He wears a wide-brimmed hat over dark hair, and keeps a well-trimmed beard.

The damnable leg doesn’t seem to be getting any better, but the seemingly inhebriated Karn helps you get back into your seat while still retaining a shred of dignity. Odd...rum has never hit you quite that hard before…

After getting the peg-legged fellow back into his seat, you stand up…perhaps a bit too quickly…and your vision narrows to a tunnel. You’re able to blink the feeling away, but something still nags at you…you’d never heard of rum quite this strong…

The weather outside is balmy, and the air smells of salt…the perfect environment, in your opinion. As you make your way to the docks, the raucous dockside establishments spill into the streets, as if the town were one large celebration of debauchery and drinking to excess. Such was the nature of Port Peril, a town driven in the moral directions of its Pirate king. You find your way through the masses, your hand never straying far from your weapon, and soon you feel the soft, moist spray of ocean mist on your face.

As you gaze out into the darkness of a starry sky and the whitecaps just illuminated by a Desnus moon, you see another figure, seemingly of like mind, standing not far off watching the waves. You recognize him from the Formidably Maid…he is the exotically attractive man who entered just before you left. He has an odd shaped head, somehow more sleek than normal, and his ears are little more than mounds that jut out slightly from his head.

Male Human Anti-Paladin (Lord of Darkness) / 1

Squinting away the tunnel vision, Karn closes his eyes, taking a seat across from the peg legged man he had just helped to his feet. Mumbling almost inaudible words, Karn places his hand on his own chest as he speaks. after a few moments of tenseness, he seems to calm and relax considerable, nearly sliding from his seat before doing his best to set himself upright. Looking to the man he had just helped, he says, "Perdon me. I am new ta the area and was wondering if the drink is normully sooooo strong." After his question/statement Karn simply stares blearily at the man, waiting for a response.

Male Human Swashbuckling Rogue 2

Bosun Moon's eyes cross as he tries to focus on the man that helped him back into his seat and now sits across from him at the table. The stranger asks him about the strength of the drinks in this tavern, but the Bosun can't tell if the man is slurring his words or if it's his own hearing playing tricks on him. Everything seems to be off with his senses and he struggles to maintain consciousness.

"Aye, I's not remember it being so, me head feels like it's been squished inta tha bottle. Maybe I's just need some dinner, tha must be it, too much rum on an empty belly."

The Moon turns to wave down the waitress, but his sense of balance spins away and he nearly tumbles from the chair back onto the floor. Gripping the edge of the table for support, the Bosun begins to fear the worst.

"Oye, me friend, I's think we's may be in trouble, no rum I's swilled ever been this strong!"

Male Human Anti-Paladin (Lord of Darkness) / 1

Not liking the man's answer, Karn goes silent for a moment. He had originally come here to learn more about Besmara's Blessing. The strange feeling he had followed had definitely led him here...or had he just stopped in to ask for directions? He would think about it a bit after the room stopped spinning. Instead though, it seems he had just found a place to get drunk on double strength local brew. Thinking back, he hears Lander's words muffled through the same feeling that was now making it hard to speak. Watch fer the locals lad. Some just bee looking fer a free drink, but others be looking ta take more.

Pushing his glass away, Karn nods at Bosun's response, "Mebbe some food w'll do some good." Waving to the barmaid, he waits for her to arrive before saying politely, "'Scuse me m'ss. Can ya plz bring out some food fer m' friend and I. This drink 's makin' me a touch hangry."

Gregor considers the familiar stranger across the way. He keeps a cautious eye on him for a few moments before concluding that the man is after the same thing Gregor is. Enough fresh air for the both of us I reckon.

Female Human Alchemist (beastmorph) 1 / Gunslinger 1

Louly slowly looks over the sailor, her eyes roaming up and down his body, as she smiles. "I wouldn't mind exchanging some ... stories ... in a quieter spot."

Do we want to move this over to the game thread, since we're basically just gaming?

Male Human Taskmaster and Overlord / 10

Very soon, indeed. There will be one more post by me in this thread before the game begins in the Game thread. I'm sorry if it's a bit unorthodox. I actually didn't expect this much RP to be had in what I would consider character creation, but it took a life of its own. I hope that it was useful and or enjoyable to some level.

Female Human Alchemist (beastmorph) 1 / Gunslinger 1

Definitely no problem. I just figured we got an early start on our gaming.

Male Gillman Aberrant-bloodline Sorcerer/1 l AC 13/17* T 12 FF 11/15* l HP 7/7 l F +1 R +2 W +2/+4*/+0* l Init +2 l Perc +2

Kehlysch takes a final swig from his rum bottle, then hurls it out into the water; watching as it skips across the surface and finally comes to an awkward bob upon the surface. He speaks softly, but makes no motion to look at the stranger from the tavern.

"She told me I should...just jump in and start...swimming. Not like I could drown...plenty of food to be had...but who would wander into a jungle without a guide? Or venture into a mine without a map? I could...go alone...but I do not know where to go."

He stares out across the water, eyes reflecting the watery moonlight.

"Who. Am. I.?"

Male Human Fighter (Corsair)/2

Grabbing the girl by the hand Bendrauss pulls her toward the stairs. He loudly calls over his should "Have a bottle brought to her room!"
Hey thanks for all the best wishes. So far it seems to have gone well. I have a ton of pain but I'm up and moving around some. Thanks again.

Male Human Taskmaster and Overlord / 10

My apologies for the wait, everyone, but thus ends our preemptory RP session. The training was a bit more intensive today than I thought it'd be. Seems like tomorrow will be the same, so we'll be starting in the game thread on Tuesday like I had originally planned. I've looked over your sheets, but have left little things like the number crunching up to you. For those of you who were in Ryuko's recruitment thread, please remember that you need to change to 20-pt buy and delete that extra feat that he was giving.

Thanks, and looking forward to getting started!

Female Human Alchemist (beastmorph) 1 / Gunslinger 1

Sounds good to me. Looking forward to starting.

Male Human Anti-Paladin (Lord of Darkness) / 1

Starting to panic a little, Karn calms as the bowl of stew arrives. Hopefully, just what I need to clear my head. I came here to learn of Besmara's Blessing and I have only succeeded in drowning myself in the pirate's brew.

Though he could hardly taste the broth, he starts gulping down the food as quick as he could. However, it isn't enough as Karn leans forward slightly, his spoon hand hitting the table as he mutters something unintelligible before his face falls full on into the lukewarm soup.

I am looking forward to the game

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